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[[Category:Robots that are still Competing Today]]
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Merlin was the heavyweight robot that was entered for the Seventh series of Robot Wars by Team BlazerBotics. The robot was armed with a very powerful full-pressure flipper, but was also invertible, similar to Raging Knightmare, another robot from Leicestershire (also a robot that the team would later own).

However, Merlin suffered from technical issues the day before the qualifiers, so had to pull out, meaning that it failed to qualify for the series and was not seen on the televised show. Despite this, Merlin was still well known within the roboteering community for its powerful flipper.

Since Robot Wars, Merlin has been rebuilt several times, but has experienced great success, particularly in the Roaming Robots circuit. Arguably Merlin's greatest triumph to date was when it won the Tag Team Terror Competition alongside Velocirippa in 2006.

Merlin still fights competitvely today, most recently it reached the Quarter-Finals of the 2011 UK Championships, after beating Dantomkia and Iron-Awe 6 in its heat, but then Merlin lost to Iron-Awe 5.

Series Record

  • Series 1-6: Did not enter
  • Series 7: Withdrew before qualifiers


  • Despite Team BlazerBotics making several robots for Robot Wars, Merlin was the only heavyweight.
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