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"How crazy are you, if you fight with an F-16’s flywheel powered by a chainsaw motor?!"
— Eric Corton (translated from Dutch; 'crazy' is pronounced similarly to 'Meshuggah' in Dutch)

Meshuggah was a competitor robot that fought in both series of Dutch Robot Wars. It lost in the Heats in both of its appearances, but received a wildcard into the Series 2 Grand Final, where it was defeated by Scrap-2-Saur despite causing severe damage to it.

The team were good friends with the Twisted Metal team. Two of Twisted Metal's team members humorously acted as Meshuggah's "bodyguards" in the Grand Final, and blocked the camera in the control booth after Meshuggah's final loss.


"Our beast has a weapon: a titanium disc out of an F-16, powered by a 2 HP chainsaw motor, and it rotates at 2000 rpm, so it’s gonna do some damage!"
— Team Meshuggah describe their weaponry in Dutch Series 1 (translated from Dutch)

Side view of Meshuggah for Dutch Series 2

Top view of Meshuggah for Dutch Series 2

Meshuggah in the arena in Dutch Series 2

Meshuggah's appearance in Dutch Series 2

Meshuggah was a large invertible robot which was similar in design and build to the Series 6 incarnation of UK competitor Wild Thing, with two-wheel invertible drive and a vertical spinning disc made out of titanium from a fighter jet. The team claimed that it could spin up to 2000rpm, powered by a chainsaw motor. The disc was unreliable and prone to failure, even failing to work before its first ever match. However, when it did work, it was capable of causing major damage and flipping other robots over.

In Dutch Series 2, Meshuggah featured a pair of wheelguards either side of its chassis, in order to protect the wheels from being damaged. Its top armour also received a new design, sporting a larger skull in place of the robot's name.


"What a lovely name, Meshuggah."
Rob Kamphues praises Meshuggah's name in Heat C of Dutch Series 1

Meshuggah was likely named after the popular Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah. Said name is originally derived from a word from the Yiddish language that roughly translates to "crazy" or "ridiculous" - in fact, 'mesjogge' remains the Dutch word for 'crazy', with much the same pronunciation, which led the presenters to make repeated jokes about the 'crazy' nature of Meshuggah during fights.

"Okay, it’s called Meshuggah, but it seems to me that it’s completely 'mesjogge' (crazy)."
— Bridget Maasland (translated from Dutch)

Robot History[]

Series 1[]

Team Meshuggah: "Today will be our first time steering that thing, so, uh, we haven’t really gotten to test it yet."
Bridget Maasland: "That could seriously mess things up for you!"
Team Meshuggah: "Yeah, if we steer it into the pit, it’s obviously over!"
— The team note their lack of driving practice before Round 1 (translated from Dutch)

In its first round battle, Meshuggah faced X-Bot. Its disc was not working prior to the fight, so the team kept its locking pin in place to prevent it from being damaged.

"Well, fighting with a robot you haven’t steered before-- that means you really are 'Meshuggah'!"
— Eric Corton, joking about the similarities between the name Meshuggah and the word 'mesjogge' (crazy)

Meshuggah pushes X-Bot sideways

Meshuggah is cut into by Dead Metal

Both robots got off to a slow start. Weaponless, Meshuggah was briefly wedged under by X-Bot, but it managed to reverse away, unharmed. It tried to push X-Bot side-on, and edged it towards the closed pit, but broke down in the process and was counted out by Refbot. Meshuggah was placed on the Floor Flipper and thrown, before Dead Metal grabbed it and pushed it into the pit, driving in itself.

"3...2...1...Flyyyyy like an eagle! Yeehaw!"
— Eric Corton, as Meshuggah flies on the floor flipper

After the battle, Meshuggah had technical problems, and was forced to withdraw from the Losers' Melee, leaving Maximum Torque and Pika 2 to fight alone. As a result, Meshuggah exited the competition after only one battle. Having now withdrawn, one of Meshuggah's wheels was lent to Pika 2 for the remainder of the competition.

"Meshuggah isn’t joining, and it seems you guys don’t mind that one bit, because it was a very strong one!"
— Bridget Maasland to the remaining competitors in the losers' melee (translated from Dutch)

Series 2[]

Meshuggah rips away The Lethal Swan's tail

Meshuggah throws The Lethal Swan over

Meshuggah returned for Series 2, and faced The Lethal Swan in its first round battle. It started more impressively here, using its flywheel to tear into The Lethal Swan's front armour and rip its tail off. Another couple of hits resulted in Meshuggah flipping The Lethal Swan over, before tearing off one of its self-righting wings in the process. The Lethal Swan could not self-right using its axe, so Meshuggah advanced to the second round.

Meshuggah and Lizzard in a battle of strength

Lizzard pushes Meshuggah towards the CPZ

There, it met Lizzard, the unofficial first seed. Meshuggah came in with its flywheel spinning, and managed to tear Lizzard's tail off. However, the impact caused its flywheel to stop spinning, leaving it defenseless. Meshuggah spent the rest of the match being pushed around by Lizzard and whacked by its tail, until the battle ended and went to the jury's decision. The jury ruled that Lizzard won, with Meshuggah temporarily eliminated.

Meshuggah is attacked by Scrap-2-Saur

The pit descends below Meshuggah.

Despite this defeat, Meshuggah was reinstated in the Grand Final after being given a wildcard. In its first Grand Final battle against Scrap-2-Saur, Meshuggah used its flywheel to shred away at Scrap-2-Saur while flipping it over. Scrap-2-Saur self-righted, and managed to flip Meshuggah, but Meshuggah was not affected and continued tearing away at Scrap-2-Saur, catching it each time Scrap-2-Saur tried to flip it. Successive attacks forced Scrap-2-Saur's polycarbonate panels loose, before Scrap-2-Saur pressed the pit release button just as Meshuggah drove over the pit square. The pit descended, and Meshuggah descended with it, eliminating it from the championship once again.


Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heats, Round 1
Heat C, Round 1 vs. X-Bot Lost
Heat C, Losers Melee vs. Maximum Torque, Pika 2 Withdrew
NOTE: Before the battle had started, technical problems forced Meshuggah out of the competition, leaving Maximum Torque and Pika 2 to fight alone.
Series 2
Dutch Championship
Grand Final, Round 1
Heat A, Round 1 vs. The Lethal Swan Won
Heat A, Semi-Final vs. Lizzard Lost
NOTE: Meshuggah received one of three wildcards into the Grand Final
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Scrap-2-Saur Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 3

Series Record[]

Top view of Meshuggah in the arena during Dutch Series 2

Dutch Series Meshuggah Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 1
Series 2 Grand Final, Round 1


"Well, here next to us our opponent is located, so we had a bit of a look, and we think we’ll be alright if we take it from behind."
— Team Meshuggah make an innuendo in Dutch Series 1 (translated from Dutch)

Meshuggah in a weapons test

  • Team Meshuggah made an innuendo before their battle with X-Bot, stating that they would 'van achter pakken' (take it from behind). Eric Corton would later state before Meshuggah's debut fight: "Meshuggah wants to take X-Bot from behind, hmm?".
  • After Meshuggah withdrew from its Series 1 campaign, Pika 2 used one of its wheels for the rest of the competition.
  • Like Rammstein, Meshuggah shares its name with a metal band.
    • This makes Meshuggah one of three robots to be named after a hardcore band, the third being Suicidal Tendencies.
  • Meshuggah's vertical disc weapon was made of titanium, and originated from an F-16 fighter jet.

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