"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the master of mayhem, Mick Foley!"
Stefan Frank's standard introduction of Mick Foley

Mick Foley (born June 7, 1965) is a professional wrestler, actor, writer and presenter of both series of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.

Robot Wars

Mick Foley hosted the two Robot Wars Extreme Warriors series, introducing the show, the battles and handing over to Rebecca Grant (Season 1) or Carol Grow (Season 2) in the pits and Stefan Frank in the commentary box.

Career outside of Robot Wars

Mick Foley is best known for his role as a professional wrestler under many aliases, "Cactus Jack" and "Mankind" amongst them. In 2000, after retiring from active competition, Mick became a storyline commissioner for WWE, before becoming a commentator for the franchise. In 2008, Mick left WWE.

Mick has also penned 3 memoirs, 3 books for children and two for adults, achieving varying success with each. Mick is also known to dabble in acting from time to time, and has cameoed in several films.

Personal life

Foley and his wife Colette have four children, three sons and a daughter: Dewey Francis (born in 1992), Michael Francis, Jr. (born in 2001), Hughie (born in 2003), and Noelle Margaret (born in 1993).

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