Micke Dubois is a Swedish comedian, TV presenter and actor who hosted the Swedish dub of the the Fourth Wars of Robot Wars. He was born in Solna, Stockholm in 1959 and passed away in 2005 by suicide.

Robot WarsEdit

Micke dubois rw

Micke Dubois presenting Robot Wars

For the Swedish dub of Robot Wars, Micke Dubois and fellow presenter Janne Blomqvist would take the role of duel presenters and commentators, with Micke taking a more commanding and being the more comical presenter. Micke Dubois also served as pit reporter and interviewer, which would be conducted between matches. He would often interview roboteers, audience members, other presenters such as Julia Reed and the technical crew such as Derek Foxwell about the robots and details of the show itself, often with comedic results. Micke Dubois would often do gags through these pit reporting segments such as when he interviewed the Blue team who stayed mute every time a question was asked. However, he also showed off behind the scenes details such as the food tailor, the House Roboteers controlling the House Robots and even the weighing process of robots.

Outside Robot Wars Edit

Micke Dubois started his career as a air guitar competitor, before performing at various rock clubs under the alias "Captain Freak". He soon started a television career alongside fellow comedian Hans Crispin, in comedy act called "Angne & Svullo" In the early, 2000s Micke Dubis started working for TV4 where he landed his role as Robot Wars presenter, he also was a judge for the show "Sweden's Worst".

Sadly, Micke Dubois committed suicide in 2005.

Trivia Edit

  • Micke Dubois' face is used for the scene transition clog.
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