"Will Ming be gone in a flash, or will it prove to be an emperor of robots?"
— Jonathan Pearce upon Ming's debut

Ming was the base name given to a series of four robots across the history of Robot Wars. The team competed with the Ming robots from Series 3-7 whilst also entering in the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. Though never achieving much success in the main series, having lost in Round 1 or 2 in all five of its British appearances, Ming 3 won the International Tag Team as part of Nickelodeon Robot Wars alongside Rick.

Versions of MingEdit



Team Ming with the original Ming in the Pits

The original Ming, also known as Ming the Merciless, was a box wedge shaped robot, built over five weeks in the Cotterell family's garage, made from aluminium, steel and titanium armed with a serrated 23' circular saw (mistakenly quoted as 22' by Jonathan Pearce) that covered the robot's entire back. This disc spun counter-clockwise at 3200 RPM. The robot also had a "quaint" sound producing device that was supposed to distract enemy robots.

"Ming I (a wedge with a 24” Circular saw at the rear) was our first attempt at building a robot (for series 3) and it really wasn’t very good. It was cobbled together from whatever we could get hold of in a fairly short space of time and it just wasn’t strong enough for the job...we learnt a lot though."
— The Ming website on the original Ming[1]

Ming broke down early in its first fight, and when flipped over, the disc came off its axle on contact with the arena floor, shearing it off and causing it to fly across the arena.

"Ming the Merciless? I doubt it, what about you?"
— Jonathan Pearce's predictions of Ming 2, based on prior performances

Ming 2Edit

"Ming II was a much better engineered machine - long and relatively low with a wedge nose and an air powered flipper that was situated in the middle of the robot – it worked both ways up so it didn’t need a self righter. The problem with it was that the air rams were too slow and I kept having trouble with the P&G controller tripping."
— The Ming website on Ming 2
Ming2 arena

Ming 2 from the front in the arena

Ming 2 was a long metallic wedge shaped robot that entered Series 4. The machine weighed in at precisely 80.2kg, making it the heaviest in its heat, and the joint fastest at 15mph. Its wedge lead on to a front-hinged flipping panel. It was also invertible, and had two air-driven spikes, one on each side, for glancing blows. It performed much stronger than its predecessor, easily dispatching the seeded Diotoir before falling in the second round to The Morgue after suddenly breaking down. It also represented the UK in the War of Independence during the Christmas season of the Fourth Wars, although the Ultimate Guide makes the false statement that it was actually Ming 3 who took part.


Ming 2 from overhead in the arena

"Well, we were here in the last wars and we were up against Mortis. We didn't really have a good crack at it, we didn't do very well, to cut a long story short, we lost. Arthur (Chilcott) said to us: "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't know why they put people like you against guys like us" So I thought right, that's it, I'm going to come back and I'm going to show 'em who's the best."
— Andrew Cotterell before Round 2 of the Fourth Wars

As revealed during an interview, Ming 2 had largely been created to get revenge over Mortis for the previous year's loss, and Andrew Cotterell expressed a desire to fight them again. However, the grudge ultimately went unresolved as both robots fell in separate heats and Ming 2 was eliminated in the second round of the War of Independence, losing to frenZy, whereas Mortis would go on to win the competition.

"We'll be back, Mortis, so watch out!"
— Andrew Cotterell after Ming 2's defeat

Ming 3Edit

"Ming III – is basically the same chassis as Ming II but I have lost the air rams and fitted a crushing arm. I spent a good deal of time thinking about how to improve Ming II without producing something that was boring whilst maintaining the same basic chassis. It seemed to me that flippers were becoming more common and small blades and drills do nothing significant but that crushing or piercing devices could be fun. The problem was to produce something that didn’t look like Razer! Big problem really as what ever I did I knew people would say it looks like Razer. How can one produce a successful penetrating robot that doesn’t? So, I used the same chassis and just ‘plonked’ a crusher on it - at least now we should be able to have some fun!"
— The Ming website on Ming 3
Ming 3 Extreme Arena

Ming 3 in the arena during the first series of Extreme

Ming 3 s5 arena

Ming 3 in the arena during Series 5

Ming 3 was the most successful of the Ming robots, retaining the same motor-driven nose cone as Ming 2 as well as its body shape and speed, but the wheel guards were removed to save weight (this cost it significantly during its life). Ming 3's primary weapon was a large piercing claw added on top, very similar to Razer, powered by two screwdriver electric motors. It could double as a lifter at the rear, and had self-righting rods on the side of the piercer. The front wedge also raised, but it was likely unable to lift other robots, and was most likely active purely for Ming 3 to be able to move around the arena floor freely without getting its wedge stuck in the arena floor or a hazard. Just as Razer's was, the beak was drilled with holes to fit the weight constraints. Ming 3 first appeared in Extreme 1, and was upgraded for in Series 5.

"At first I used two Warner linear drive rams (electric) to produce the force required to crush but after the ‘Extreme’ session at Earls’ court I decided to change this – I now use Hydraulics. I have used a lorry tailgate lifting mechanism (because it’s small and powerful) and after unsuccessfully faffing around with a few old rams I have ended up making a new one that fits the requirements exactly. We have estimated that it should produce about two tonnes of force at the end of the arm and about six at the hinge. During testing we managed to split logs quite nicely and have had no trouble going through 5mm aluminium or Polycarbonate of any size that’s likely to be on a robot. It’s certainly much stronger than the linear drive activated arm – the main concern I have now is that it will crush itself!"
— The Ming website on the upgrades to Ming 3[2]
Ming 3 NRW

Ming 3 in the Nickelodeon series

Ming 3 Arena

Ming 3 in the arena during Series 6

The robot was upgraded again for Series 6 with 3 tonnes of pressure behind the claw, a tough exterior of titanium T6 aluminium and stainless steel but was only two-wheel driven, front-heavy and did not like being damaged as shown against the likes of Hypno-Disc and Supernova, despite improvements to the wheels for Series 6 to make them less likely to be torn off entirely.

Ming 3 lost in the first round of Series 5 after a controversial intervention from Matilda, and did not achieve any major success in Extreme 1 or Series 6. However, it earned considerable success in Nickelodeon Robot Wars where it won the International Tag Team alongside Rick, both representing the United Kingdom.

"...we now have a robot that looks good and has an awesome weapon but is not the most controllable of the clan. The main problem being that now we can build the robot up to 100kg, with a rear wheel driven Bot which has most of the weight forward of the drive one has much more of a problem with ‘over-swing’. It’s just not really practical or nimble enough with two wheel drive. I guess the next Bot will be pretty much the same but with Four-Wheel drive and less obvious targets for wheels!"
— The Ming website on the problems with Ming 3[3]

Ming DienastyEdit

"Now it's a bit different, last few years we've learned a few things; smaller wheels this time, four wheel drive, skid steer, with a very big drilling mechanism on the front here."
— Andrew Cotterell describes Ming Dienasty
Ming Dienasty S7

Ming Dienasty in the arena

The team's final robot was named Ming Dienasty, which entered in Series 7. The robot was constructed from an RCV (Radio Controlled Vehicle), which were produced by Andrew Cotterell's new company Robogeddon. The main reason that Ming 3 was set aside for this machine was because Cotterell wanted to gain publicity for his new company, but was forbidden from publishing corporate logos. Interestingly, Cotterell listed his robot's weakness as "temper tantrums". The RCV was given a Ming-theme paint job, and a powerful drill was added to the lifting arm that was built into each standard RCV, enabling it to self-right. Ming Dienasty had the special features of the RCVs - skid steering and four-wheel drive making it very manoeuvrable and controllable. The drill could spin at 3000rpm, but was unable to gain considerable purchase in its only Series 7 battle. The robot could reach speeds of 20mph, and had a 3cm ground clearance.


Side view of Ming Dienasty

Construction of the robot began in October 2001, but the robot was not finished in time for Series 6, so Ming 3 was used instead.[4]

Ming Dienasty was given the number 15 seeding for Series 7, after the intended number 4 seed Dominator 2 was unable to compete in the main competition due to a technical malfunction, before filming. It lost in the first round on a judges' decision. For unconfirmed reasons, despite its eligibility, Ming Dienasty did not participate in the All-Stars tournament in the Seventh Wars.


Ming was named after a villain from Flash Gordon, Ming the Merciless, and the team wore outfits in later series to fit the theme, and also claimed to originate from the planet Mongo, the home planet of Ming the Merciless. In turn, the fictional character Ming the Merciless was named after the Ming dynasty of China, which Team Ming referenced in Series 7 with their robot Ming Dienasty.

The TeamEdit

Main article: Team Ming
Team ming

The Ming Dienasty team in Series 7

Team Ming was captained by Andrew Cotterell, who was present in all five series where Ming competed. His son Alexander was present in every series of Robot Wars that his father competed in, although he was not part of the Ming Dienasty team in Series 7, instead competing with Zorro. Oliver Cotterell was also present from Series 4 through to 7, while Elliot Cotterell competed only as part of the Ming Dienasty team in Series 7, with the young Fox Abrahams also joining the Ming Dienasty and Zorro teams in Series 7. As the only adult member of the team, Andrew Cotterell was responsible for the repairs and maintenance of Ming, and was the driver of the robot in all of its appearances.


The original Ming successfully qualified for Series 3 through attending the auditions.

For Series 4, Ming 2 was originally due to fight V.I.P.E.R. 01, however technical difficulties forced its opponent to be replaced by Hard Cheese, their team’s middleweight, at the last minute. As a result, Ming 2 won the battle by flipping Hard Cheese over, leaving it unable to self-right, and qualified for the main competition. Ming 3 would also be selected to compete in the Fifth Wars.

"The others scheduled for our battle were two first timers like myself, and one experienced roboteer, Ming. The first timers were "Immortalis" and "Revolution 2" and it wasn't long before they came round to have a look at the Hog and have a chat. Both teams were very friendly and suggested quietly that because Ming was an experienced roboteer, that maybe we should all work together and all go for Ming at the start of the battle. Once he was immobilised, it would be a free for all, with no holds barred. It seemed like a good plan, but it seemed that Ming had similar ideas as well, because he approached the other teams and suggested that he and they ganged up against the other two robots. I presume this is a fairly common situation in Robot Wars, and I wasn't too surprised."
— The Hassocks Hog website

Ming 3 in the pits during Series 6

For Series 6, Ming 3 was placed up against The Hassocks Hog, Devil Rider and Revolution 2. At the start of the battle, Ming 3 was immediately attacked by the other three competitors, and quickly found itself immobile after its safety link was removed by a hit from Devil Rider's bar spinner. The Hassocks Hog went on to win the battle on a judges’ decision. However, Ming 3, along with Revolution 2, received discretionary places into the Sixth Wars.

"I drove straight at Ming 3 and took out his removable link within seconds and he was immobilised ... Ming 3 and the other two robots were invited to the show (Series 6) but we were not, which I thought was unfair."
— Colin Scott on Devil Rider immobilising Ming 3[5] (edited)

Unlike the remaining seeds for Series 7, Ming Dienasty did have to attend the qualifiers for a place on the show, as it would only be granted a seeding later, following the withdrawal of Dominator 2. As with Team Mouse and Team Vader, Team Ming was able to qualify for the main competition with two robots, also qualifying with Zorro.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit


"You're taking the mickey just a little"

Ming's first round battle saw them go up against heat favourites Mortis. Prior to the fight, Alex Cotterell put on a huge white beard in an imitation of Mortis team's Arthur Chilcott.

"We've got a chance, I reckon"
— Andrew Cotterell prior to the fight
Ming vs mortis

Mortis' lifter smacks down on Ming's blade

At the start of the battle, Ming attempted to turn around and use its spinning disc, but after one blow from Mortis' axe, Ming's mobility completely ceased, but the disc was still spinning. Mortis then slowly flipped Ming onto its side using its lifting arm, and Ming's disc flew off and across the arena on contact with the arena floor.

"We lost signal, something interfered, and we just lost total control and it just stopped going."
— Andrew Cotterell post-battle

However, Mortis then attacked the House Robots, and was overturned by Shunt and then pitted instead, leaving Ming totally unharmed (further) by the end of the fight when cease was called. However, the result still stood and Ming was eliminated from the competition.

Mortis vs ming

Mortis lifts Ming

Philippa Forrester: "And how did the beard perform?"
Alex Cotterell: "It was in the way a bit"
Philippa Forrester: "Let's get rid of it. Cast it away, that's much better"
— Philippa Forrester "shaves" Alex after the battle

Series 4Edit

Competing in Heat C of the Fourth Wars, Ming 2 was placed up against newcomers Bolt from the Blue and the handicapped number 21 seeds Diotoir in its first round melee.

"I hope we'll be a bit more successful than the last one - we've got a much meaner machine!"
— Andrew Cotterell
Diotoir quickly flipped

Ming 2 flips Diotoir over

Ming 2 immediately flipped the weaponless and armourless Diotoir machine in the opening seconds of the battle. Diotoir could not self-right since the flipping arm of Diotoir was deactivated before the battle began; the robot then caught fire as it was right over the flame pit. This was enough for Ming 2 to go through to the next round of the heat along with Bolt from the Blue, however this did not stop Ming 2 from trying to shove Bolt from the Blue onto the flame pit as well before cease was called.

In the Heat Semi-final, Ming 2 began as the favourites for its battle, going up against the reinstated The Morgue, who had already lost to a robot with a front-hinged flipper once already in this heat.

Ming 2 fips the morque

Ming 2 gets off to a strong start against The Morgue

Morgue Ming 2

The Morgue penetrates Ming 2 and begins to lift it

Sir Killalot pits Ming 2

Sir Killalot dumps the defeated Ming 2 into the pit

The Morgue got underneath Ming 2, but could not lift it. Ming 2 then got underneath The Morgue, and flipped it, but The Morgue rolled back onto its wheels thanks to its barrel shape. Ming 2 then once again flipped The Morgue, but not over this time. The robots charged into each other, and The Morgue impaled its spikes into Ming 2's front and pushed it into Matilda's CPZ. They separated, and Morgue rammed Ming 2 once more, which surprisingly caused Ming 2 to stop moving. Ming 2 was then pitted by Sir Killalot and eliminated from the competition.

Ming 2 returned for the War of Independence during the Christmas season of the Fourth Wars, representing the UK. In the first round of the competition, Ming 2 was drawn up against The Mangulator, representing the USA.

"We're here to fight the Americans, which is rather good really because I deal with Americans on a daily basis and it'd be really nice to kick their butts!"
— Andrew Cotterell
Mangulator vs ming

Ming 2 gets underneath The Mangulator


Ming 2 breaks The Mangulator's wheel off

In the battle, the two robots drove at each other several times in the early stages of the battle, but Ming 2 couldn't use its flipper effectively, since The Mangulator was an invertible machine. After a few more charges, Ming 2 rammed into The Mangulator side-on up against the arena side wall at speed, breaking off one of its wheels. The Mangulator could then only move in tight circles, and therefore could not get away from the incoming house robots, who then attacked and pitted the US machine, putting Ming 2 through to the semi-final round of the competition.

In this battle, Ming 2 was to go to battle with the only first round winner from the United States, frenZy. Before the battle, the Ming 2 team figured that the best tactic would be to hit the axe full on, knocking off the chain and preventing it from self-righting if it was then flipped over by their flipper.


frenZy immobilises Ming 2

Frenzy vs ming

frenZy keeps hammering Ming 2

Ming 2 vs house robots

The House Robots close in on Ming 2

However, in the battle itself, as Ming 2 charged in, frenZy struck Ming 2's body, breaking the receiver on/off switch. Ming 2's mobility completely ceased, only the flipper was left working on the robot. frenZy continued to hit Ming 2 until Dead Metal closed in and placed the immobilised machine on the arena floor flipper, where it was thrown into the air. Cease was soon called and Ming 2 was eliminated from the competition.

Extreme 1Edit

"Hi I'm Andrew. This is Alexander. This is Oliver, and we are Team Ming. We're here fresh from the Planet Mongo, ready to wreck havoc on any pathetic earthling that should happen to get in our way."
— Andrew Cotterell

Ming 3 made two appearances in the first series of Extreme. Its first was a Mayhem qualifier battle, for a right to fight in the first Annihilator of the series. It went up against Wheely Big Cheese and Hypno-Disc, and it went in as the clear underdogs.


The three robots do battle

Ming 3 wheel

Hypno-Disc strikes Ming 3 with its disc

Hypno-Disc dominated this battle as it focused its attacks on both opposing robots' exposed wheels. Ming 3 suffered especially, with its wheel sheared into pieces by the disc weapon very early on, right before a light flip from Wheely Big Cheese. As Hypno-Disc then sliced into Wheely Big Cheese, whilst also dodging the flipper, Ming 3 tried to bring its clamp down on Team Big Cheese's limping machine. This was all before one wheel after the other were completely severed by the spinning flywheel of Hypno-Disc.

Ming no wheels

Ming 3 is left with no wheels

"There goes a whole wheel! A whole wheel has come off! Oh, there goes the other one! Well, why not?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Hypno-Disc cleaves off Ming 3's wheels

Refbot counted it out, along with the still-mobile Wheely Big Cheese, who was only moving around in circles at this point, declaring Hypno-Disc the winner of the mayhem. Ming 3 was thrown by the arena floor flipper and landed next to Wheely Big Cheese, who then tried to use what life it had left in flipping it. Ming 3's remnants were then pitted alongside Wheely Big Cheese, who didn't even fit in.

"Suicidal behaviour by Ming 3, to enter the arena, at all, with the truly awesome Hypno-Disc!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Ming 3 also fought in a vengeance battle during the first series of Extreme, where it went up against Mega Morg. Team Ming was seeking revenge after Ming 2 was bested by the Welsh robot's predecessor The Morgue, in the Fourth Wars. Andrew Cotterell claimed this victory was 'by default', claiming Ming 2 broke down for no reason involving The Morgue.


Ming 3 tries to claw into Mega Morg's barrel shell

In this battle, Ming 3 started by repeatedly charging at the Welsh machine side on and burying its beak into Mega Morg's enormous barrel-shaped body, but causing minimal damage to Mega Morg's mobility or weaponry. Mega Morg then escaped Ming 3's grasp, only to accidentally drive into Sir Killalot's CPZ and be attacked by the house robot. Mega Morg then escaped from Sir Killalot and lightly rammed Ming 3, before cease was called for a judges' decision. The decision went in favour of Ming 3.

"For fairness' sake really, we let him win."
— Dorian Caudy, after the battle

Series 5Edit

"I can't for the life of me guess which robot they've borrowed a few design features from for the Fifth Wars, who do you think?"
Philippa Forrester, continuing the trend of calling Ming 3 a copycat Razer

Fighting in Heat L, Ming 3 was placed up against Team Hurtz's new machine Terrorhurtz, in the first round.


Terrorhurtz axes Ming 3


Ming 3 bites down on Terrorhurtz


Ming 3 suffers major damage from Matilda

Ming 3 was unable to get a grip on the axe-wielding machine at all at first and got hit several times by the double-headed weapon of Terrorhurtz, fortunately, little to no damage was caused to Ming 3. Eventually, Ming 3 managed to grab hold of Terrorhurtz and started to drag it around the arena. However, as it was crossing an arena flame jet into the arena side wall, Matilda came out of her CPZ and hit Ming 3 with her flywheel weapon, immobilising Ming 3 completely. Terrorhurtz was able to escape, but cease was called, the judges intervened and the battle went to a judges' decision due to Matilda intervening unfairly before hand. The judges gave Terrorhurtz the victory nonetheless, whilst Team Ming was given an apology for what happened, but were still eliminated from the competition. Matilda was given a red card and "a good telling off" afterwards, according to Craig Charles.


"We're tagged up with Ming, because we're going to beat the Americans!"
— Francis Gallagher of Rick's team

In between its appearances in Series 5 and Series 6, Ming 3 made a one-off appearance in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, representing the UK in the International Tag Team alongside partner Rick. Together, the duo faced Series 5 runner-up Bigger Brother and Heat Finalist Kat 3 in the UK qualifier.

"They're all in on the action now, as Ming 3 drags Kat 3 right out into the center of the arena!"
— Stefan Frank
Ming 3 vs Bigger Brother

Ming 3 clamps Bigger Brother

Bigger Brother vs Ming 3

Ming 3 stays inside the arena

Although the battle started with a head-to-head between Rick and Kat 3, Ming 3 quickly got itself involved in the battle by using its crusher on the exposed wheels of the overturned Kat 3. This was avenged by Bigger Brother, which flipped Ming 3 onto the wall, and then over. When left alone, Ming 3 quickly used its self-righting mechanism to right itself, and launch a crucial crushing attack on Bigger Brother. Ming 3 would later be flipped over again by Bigger Brother, and lifted onto the side wall once more, but Ming 3's exposed wheels allowed it to drive away. Bigger Brother wedged under Ming 3 and drove it into the pit release button, but Rick almost managed to lift Bigger Brother out of the arena before 'cease' was called on a very close battle.

"The judges took a long time to decide that match!"
Dave Aizer

After much deliberation, the judges declared that Ming 3 and Rick had won the match, so they progressed to the final of the tournament to face the American team of The Revolutionist and Spin Doctor.

Ming 3 vs Spin Doctor

Ming 3 engages with Spin Doctor

Ming 3 vs Sir Killalot

Ming 3 is dropped by Sir K

Ming 3 opened the battle by facing Spin Doctor, and it successfully withstood the blows of the horizontal spinner as Ming 3 edged it towards the arena entry gates. However, The Revolutionist was nearby at full spinning speed, and it struck the exposed wheel of Ming 3. A damaged Ming 3 retreated in favour of its partner Rick, although The Revolutionist would later jump into the air upon contact with Ming 3's wedge, allowing Rick to flip the American entry over, immobilising it. Ming 3 attempted to crush the baseplate of The Revolutionist, although no meaningful damage was caused, and Sir K grabbed Ming 3 by the wheel, dragging it across the arena. When dropped by Sir K , Ming 3 was left on its side, and had lost mobility to its wheels. Additionally, Sir K then dropped Rick out of the arena in an unprovoked attack, leaving the British side with no mobile robots when time expired, although the battle still progressed to a Judges' decision.

"The Judges have ruled that Sir K's ejection of the Rick robot was an illegal ejection, they've ruled that. They've also ruled that the amount of damage to these teams, Spin Doctor and Revolutionist was greater than the amount of damage inflicted to [Ming 3 and Rick], so that's why they decided to go in that direction."
— Dave Aizer

The Judges elected to ignore the illegal attacks of Sir K, and based on the performances of Ming 3 and Rick while both robots were still active, they were declared to have won the International Tag Team competition over the American teams.

Series 6Edit

Ming 3 participated in Heat H of the Sixth Wars. For the first round of the heat, Ming 3 was drawn up against newcomers The Hassocks Hog, along with two returning teams to the wars: Spam and Hot Pants.

"You should be alright, shouldn't you? Whatever happens. Just don't get a puncture..."
— Philippa Forrester to Alexander and Oliver Cotterell
Ming 3 vs Hot Pants

Ming crushes Hot Pants

Spam pitted

Ming 3 puts Spam in the pit

It immediately attacked The Hassocks Hog, but could not get a grip on it with its crusher. Hot Pants came into the fray, attacking the Hog with its pickaxe. Ming 3 then buried its beak behind Hot Pants' fired axe, while the other two competitors rammed it. Hot Pants was then pushed away onto the flame pit by Ming 3 and was completely immobilised, and was subsequently counted out. Sergeant Bash then swooped in and dumped Hot Pants into the pit of oblivion, and Ming 3 followed suit, targeting and soon pitting Spam. It appeared as though Ming 3 and The Hassocks Hog would go through to the next round, but the judges ruled that The Hassocks Hog has lost drive to one side long before Spam was pitted, so Spam took The Hassocks Hog's place in the second round, either way, Ming 3 was still through.

"The problem is, my wheels are spinning disc magnets, and every time I come up against spinning discs, they go straight for the wheels. I know I should do something about it, but now I can't!"
— Andrew Cotterell before the fight with Supernova

In the second round of the heat, Ming 3 was placed up against rising heat favourites Supernova.

Supernova vs Ming 3

Supernova tears through Ming 3's self-righting mechanism

Ming 3 vs Supernova

Ming 3 is knocked out by Supernova

In this battle, Supernova immediately targeted the wheels of Ming 3 and damaged them on the very first hit of Supernova's flywheel weapon. Supernova continued its attack on Ming 3, destroying the other wheel and Ming 3's self-righting arms on the claw as well, also loosening its tyres from its wheels. Ming 3 was soon immobilised to a halt and was later counted out by Refbot. To finish the battle, Ming 3 was thrown by the floor flipper and pitted by Shunt. Ming 3 was subsequently eliminated from the competition following this.

"Ming 3...beaten in the heats...again"
— Jonathan Pearce, as Ming 3 is counted out

Series 7Edit

In its first round melee for the Seventh Wars, the number fifteen seeds Ming Dienasty were placed up against newcomers Ceros, Team Death's Metalis and the Dutch entrant Scraptosaur.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Nobody ever tries their robots, but I suppose they're so big and so nasty that this is the only arena you can actually try them in, is that correct?"
Andrew Cotterell: "Well, we did try it a little bit, but the only opponent we could find to fight against was a vacuum cleaner. Err... and we beat it, we beat it."
Jayne Middlemiss: "I'm not surprised!"
— Discussing Ming Dienasty
Ceros Ming

Ming Dienasty is thrown by Ceros

Ming Dienasty

Ming Dienasty self-rights

In the battle, Ming Dienasty was almost immediately flipped by Ceros, but was eventually able to self-right using its lifting arm. Scraptosaur then flipped Ming Dienasty into the arena side wall and onto the flame pit, where it was positioned in a way that the lifting arm couldn't right it. Ceros then righted Ming Dienasty and chased the seeded machine down along with Scraptosaur. Ming Dienasty was harassed by Scraptosaur and Ceros, but managed to dodge away from their flippers, and then activated the pit release button. However, Ming Dienasty was managing to drill away at both machines and avoid their flippers at the same time, Ming Dienasty then drilled into Ceros' flipper, but then ran away from the incoming Scraptosaur. Ceros then began to leave the action as Ming Dienasty started shoving, drilling into and manoeuvring around Scraptosaur, who then got a light flick in on Ming Dienasty.

"Tremendous work from Ming Dienasty...too little too late, I think...they put in a good late effort"
— Jonathan Pearce
Ceros vs Scraptosaur

Ceros and Scraptosaur conspire against Ming Dienasty

Ming Ceros

Ming Dienasty brings its drill into play on Ceros

Ming dienasty and scraptosaur

Ming Dienasty attempts to drill Scraptosaur

Metalis then ended up being shoved by the Refbot into the pit of oblivion, right before cease was called. The battle subsequently resulted in a judges' decision, between the remaining three competitors, as time ran out. After much deliberation, the judges went in favour of both newcomers: Scraptosaur and Ceros.

"And the judges have made their decision. They were looking at style, control, damage and aggression. It's a bit controversial. The fifteenth seed, Ming Dienasty, they go out. Scraptosaur and Ceros, they go through!"
— Craig Charles announces the judges' decision

Ming Dienasty was not invited to compete in any side events for Series 7, and this proved to be the final appearance of the Ming machines.


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat F, Eliminator vs. Mortis Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat C, Eliminator vs. Bolt from the Blue, Diotoir (21) Qualified
Heat C, Semi-Final vs. The Morgue Lost
War of Independence
Representing UK, Semi-Finalist
Round 1 vs. The Mangulator (USA) Won
Round 2 vs. frenZy (USA) Lost
UK Series
Extreme Series 1
Mayhem vs. Hypno-Disc, Wheely Big Cheese Lost
Vengeance vs. Mega Morg Won
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat L, Eliminator vs. Terrorhurtz Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Hot Pants, Spam, The Hassocks Hog Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. Supernova Lost
US Series
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
International Tag Team
Competing with Rick, representing the UK, Champion
Eliminator vs. Bigger Brother & Kat 3 (UK) Won
Final vs. Spin Doctor & The Revolutionist (USA) Won
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
15th Seed, Heat, Round 1
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Ceros, Metalis, Scraptosaur Eliminated


  • UK Wins: 4
  • UK Losses: 7
  • US Wins: 2
  • US Losses: 0

Series RecordEdit

UK SeriesEdit

Rick and Ming III

Ming 3 with its International Tag Team partner Rick

Main Series Ming Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Heat, Round 1 as Ming
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 2 as Ming 2
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 1 as Ming 3
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2 as Ming 3
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1 as Ming Dienasty
Entered with Zorro
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered as Ming 3
Series 2 Did not enter

US SeriesEdit

US Series Ming 3 Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Did not enter
Nickelodeon International Tag Team Champion

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Ming III Debenham

Ming 3 at the Debenham Robot Rumble 2002

Ming 3 made an appearance at the Debenham Robot Rumble 2002, with team captain Andrew Cotterell attending in full costume.


Robogeddon Unit

The RCV that Ming Dienasty was based on

  • Ming Dienasty was one of nine competitors in The Seventh Wars that competed in at least five series of Robot Wars but were excluded from the All-Stars tournament line-up later in the series.
  • Like the Plunderbird series and the robots entered by Adam Clark, Ming always lost in the first round of the main competition in the odd-numbered series.
  • In almost all of Ming's losses, the winner of the fight lost its next battle, with the only exceptions being Hypno-Disc and Ceros.
  • Ming 3's first round melee victory over The Hassocks Hog in Series 6 was essentially a vengeance match for its qualifier battle ahead of the same series, where The Hassocks Hog won the melee and Ming 3 was defeated.
  • Ming Dienasty and Terrorhurtz were the only seeds in Series 7 to fail to pass the first round (although technically Terrorhurtz withdrew before the tournament started). Interestingly, they also battled each other in the first round of the Fifth Wars.
    • Ming Dienasty is one of eleven seeded robots to lose in the first round of a UK Championship. It was also the last robot to have suffered this fate.
    • Ming Dienasty lost via a judges' decision, becoming only the second and last seed in history to lose in the first round via the judges, after 101 in Series 5.
    • Incidentally, Ming appeared in the same heat as 101 in Series 5, with both losing in the first round.
  • Ming ties with Lambsy for the greatest number of alliterative robots fought (Bigger Brother, Bolt from the Blue, The Hassocks Hog, and Mega Morg). Coincidentally, Ming itself started out as one; Ming the Merciless.
  • Spawned by some of Jonathan Pearce's introductions, Ming 3 has acquired a reputation as a "Razer clone". However, the Ming team have openly stated that Razer did not, in fact, have anything to do with the inspiration for the crusher.
  • Ming is one of three UK machines to be unbeaten in the US seasons of Robot Wars, the other two being its Tag Team partner, Rick, and Pussycat, who won the War of Independence.
  • Throughout the series that it appeared in, Ming never shared the arena with Mr. Psycho or Cassius Chrome.


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