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Mjollnir was an American competitor robot that applied for the unaired Robot Wars pilot episode American Robot Wars 2000. While it travelled to England in order to attend the auditions, it was not chosen to compete in the pilot, and thus did not appear in any televised Robot Wars battles.

Mjollnir's builder, Don Lariviere, was not able to attend filming for the MTV Pilot, so he entrusted Todd Mendenhall, future builder of the Panzer Mk series of robots, with it for the pilot. Lariviere would later join Mendenhall as part of Team Stealth for Panzer Mk 2's appearances in Season 1 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and The Second World Championship.


Mjollnir was a two-wheeled axlebot with a box-shaped body and a large pole with a set of spikes on the end. The overhead spike was designed to swing over and act like a torque-reaction weapon, while the side spikes were intended to cause damage to opponents when the robot spun around on the spot. Both Mjollnir's wheels and pole were fragile and vulnerable to being damaged when it fought in competitions outside of Robot Wars.


The robot's name is derived from the name of Thor's hammer in Norse mythology, most commonly spelled as Mjölnir (although Mjǫllnir is the Old Norse spelling).

Robot History[]

American Robot Wars 2000[]

Mjollnir was one of eight robots originally selected to compete in the American Robot Wars 2000 pilot commissioned by MTV in July 2000. However, when one robot withdrew from the competition, the field of competitors was reduced to four. This led to Mjollnir losing its place in the competition despite being present at filming, to the dismay of Todd Mendenhall.

Outside Robot Wars[]

Mjollnir in BattleBots

Mjollnir also fought in four BattleBots competitions, but with limited success. It forfeited its first battle to Ronin in the 1999 Las Vegas event, before losing to BioHazard on a judges' decision in Season 1.0. In Season 2.0, Mjollnir won its first and only battle against Bender, but lost to Vlad the Impaler in its next battle. Mjollnir made one last appearance in Season 3.0, but again lost its first battle to Surgeon General after having one of its wheels ripped off by the latter.


Don Lariviere also entered the middleweight division of BattleBots Season 3.0 with Garm, which was armed with a three-toothed vertical flywheel that was later used by US Season 2 Grand Finalist Destructive Criticism. Garm was slightly more successful, defeating Shovit and The Orlando Commando in its first two battles of its only season, before losing to Bad Attitude via knock-out.

Don Lariviere also built Slappy the Squirrel, the other half of SlapPest.

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