"The robot everyone loves to hate- Mortis, one of the most expensive and most competitive robots ever. It has a lifting arm as well as that powerful axe, let's see if all that money will pay off"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Mortis was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 1-4 of the UK Robot Wars. It reached the Semi-Finals of Series 2 and won the Series 4 War of Independence in its final appearance, while also winning the 'Best Engineered Robot' award in Series 1. However, it was unable to win its heat in all of its other appearances.

Mortis was notable for its innovative technology and high perceived cost. The latter was especially reflected in its appearance in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, where it is the most expensive competitor robot to obtain in the game, at a cost of 40,800 credits - approximately two to three times the cost of most other TV series competitors. Arenas of Destruction marked Mortis' first appearance in a Robot Wars video game; it would also appear in Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction.

Appearence and ArmamentEdit

As in real life, Mortis is a black and grey, roughly box wedge-shaped tracked robot with a large tanto axe and lifting arm. Due to the higher graphical potential of the PC and PlayStation 2 platforms over the Game Boy Advance, Mortis is more detailed than its later appearance in Advanced Destruction. Mortis' stats are impeccable, and as a result, for any tournament it takes part in it will be seeded first.


Using MortisEdit

Mortis works quite well as a pushing robot, but its axe is also useful for causing damage, but more effective is to push opponents into the various traps around the arena, or lure them into the hazards. The lifting arm is also useful, but it is difficult to get the killer flip on an opponent. However, luck will also have to be on the player's side, as Mortis can break down quite regularly, as a sign of its poor reliability record in real life.

Against MortisEdit

Mortis is quite hard to push around, but the kevlar armour is vulnerable to flame. As a result, pushing Mortis into flame pits will damage it. Watch out for the axe, which is capable of causing considerable damage due to the high rate of fire. For some reason, however, Mortis will never use the lifting arm in an offensive role, even if the axe is broken, only using it to self right, so there's no real need to worry about using a srimech. However, the player may have the fortune of Mortis suddenly breaking down during the fight, as Mortis does break down in the game on a fairly regular basis.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • In the game, Mortis is slightly shorter.
  • The axe fires slightly slower and can actually self-right the machine in the game, unlike in real-life.
  • The lifting arm fires faster in the game.
  • The armour is much weaker than in real-life.


  • Mortis is eligible for the Hamburg Heavyweight tournament, despite the regulation that axes are the only weapon allowed in that contest.

Mortis' stats on Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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