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"...we've found a robot who is quite simply colossal! With evil flowing through his metal veins, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, with his bulldog Growler, meet the deadly Mr. Psycho!"
Craig Charles introduces Mr. Psycho for the first time in Heat A of Series 6

Mr. Psycho was a House Robot who made his debut in the sixth series and was designed by Robin Englebright. Mr. Psycho was by far the heaviest of the House Robots in the original run, weighing in at 750kg, and the largest robot ever to appear in Robot Wars history. He was based on Bill Sykes, a character from the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist, and his original working name during the design process was Psychsy. This became Mr. Psyches during filming for Series 6, a direct homonym for the Dickens villain.[1] Mr. Psycho was also introduced with Growler, a robot which was a take on Bill Sykes' dog, Bullseye.

As the heaviest House Robot, Mr. Psycho could be seen as the leader of the House Robots across Series 6-7, directly replacing Sir Killalot - however, he did not return when Robot Wars was rebooted in 2016.


"We wanted to create a robot that was even more mean and frightening than Sir Killalot. And the reaction to Psycho when he first went out into the arena was amazing, because he looks so big and imposing. Plus he's really, really heavy, so the competitors don't stand a chance!"
Chris Reynolds in Robot Wars: The Official Magazine[2]

Design sketches for Mr. Psycho, some of which featured two claws

Mr. Psycho was powered by thirty-six volt Lynch motors and 12 batteries and was armed with a 30kg heavy hydraulic hammer that travelled at over 60mph and a hydraulic claw capable of exerting pressures of up to nine tonnes. Some of Mr. Psycho's early design sketches featured two hydraulic claws and no hammer, but this was rejected. Although Mr. Psycho's full hammer setup weighed 30kg, the hammer itself was hollow. This caused not only heavy internal damage to competitors, but also the arena floor, and Mr. Psycho often struggled to retract the weapon after a swing.

A close-up shot of Mr. Psycho, in a promotional photo for Series 7

His design was very similar to that of Sir Killalot, featuring caterpillar tracks and a powerful claw weapon. The design differed from Sir Killalot in that Mr. Psycho had a swinging hammer weapon instead of the lance that Sir Killalot wielded; the head of the hammer alone weighed 30kg and had a hydraulic accumulator and was powered by a 9 ton shoulder and elbow ram. His claw was powered by two 9 ton hydraulic rams running at 3000 psi (21 MPa). Both of the weapons were made from steel. He ran on caterpillar tracks of the same type used for Sir Killalot. These tracks were powered by two Briggs and Stratton 5hp electric motors run at forty-eight volts, which were controlled by two three 100A speed controllers. The chassis was constructed from thick walled steel box section and the head was fabricated in fibreglass.

The size of Mr. Psycho, in comparison to the Robot Wars technical team and Judges.

Official side profile of Mr. Psycho

At 750kg, Mr. Psycho was the heaviest robot in the original series of Robot Wars, though this would be equaled when Sir Killalot was upgraded for the reboot. Despite this, he was not invulnerable to being toppled over, having been flipped by Firestorm 4 in Extreme Series 2 and toppling over while carrying Junkyard Queen in the German Series. Mr. Psycho is not known to have a designated driver, unlike the first five House Robots.

Robot History[]

Series 6[]

Mr. Psycho and Growler alongside each other during their introduction

"One man and his dog - Robot Wars' most powerful punishing pair EVER!"
— Jonathan Pearce during Mr. Psycho and Growler's introduction

Mr. Psycho was introduced along with Growler at the start of Heat A, as part of the house robot introductions. Mr. Psycho entered the arena along with Growler, where the two spun around and demonstrated their weaponry for the crowd. The two new House Robots made their combat débuts together during Razer's Round 2 battle against Cyrax.

"And here, for the first time ever in Robot Wars, the giant new House Robots Mr. Psycho and Growler, weighing in at over one thousand kilos between them! Mighty, menacing, fearsome, formidable!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the new House Robots enter the arena before the battle

Razer and Cyrax back away from Mr. Psycho's claw

Cyrax becomes Mr. Psycho's first victim

In the battle, Cyrax drove dangerously close to Mr. Psycho whilst reversing away from Razer, but not close enough for him to attack before Razer got under Cyrax and pushed it onto the flame pit.

"Oh, please, don't go there - don't go towards Mr. Psycho."
— Jonathan Pearce gives Cyrax some key advice

Razer then steered Cyrax into his CPZ, allowing Mr. Psycho to make his first proper attack. He slammed the hammer on the top of Cyrax, smashing the outer lens cap on the blue robot's blinking light, then landed another blow, hitting the rear armour. Afterwards, he had problems retreating his hammer, resulting in it becoming stuck.

"Oh, down it comes! The huge thirty kilo club, and literally smashing Cyrax to pieces."
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho attacks Cyrax

Mr. Psycho and Growler were also used in the next battle, between Tetanus 2 and Raging Reality. However, Mr. Psycho did not play a part, despite driving towards the two competitors when they drove into an empty CPZ, Growler got there before him, so Mr. Psycho held back, then returned to the CPZ.

Mr. Psycho's next appearance was in another Round 2 battle, and was teamed with Growler again, in the Heat B battle between Firestorm 4 and Barbaric Response. The House Robots were not involved in this battle, and although Mr. Psycho did approach the immobile Barbaric Response, cease was called before he could attack it.

Mr. Psycho slams the remains of Mega Hurts 2's monitor

Mr. Psycho waits in his CPZ to attack while Growler rams X-Terminator

Mr. Psycho pins down Mega Hurts 2

Mr. Psycho also appeared in the other Round 2 battle, again paired with Growler, during the battle between X-Terminator and Mega Hurts 2. After Mega Hurts 2 was pushed into an empty CPZ by X-Terminator, Mega Hurts 2 was too slow to get away, and Mr. Psycho hit the computer monitor and the robot's front with his hammer, but did no major damage. X-Terminator pushed Mega Hurts 2 into Mr. Psycho again in the last few seconds, who hammered it again, and tried to grab it with his claw, but could not grip it due to its shape, though it did manage to pin Mega Hurts 2 down, and ripped the side a little.

"That's the power of these robots in this series."
— Jonathan Pearce during the battle between X-Terminator and Mega Hurts 2

Mr. Psycho made two more second round appearances in Heat C, this time with the second-heaviest House Robot, Sir Killalot, but did not play any role in either battle.

"Message here: don't mix it with the House Robots!"
— Jonathan Pearce in one of the second round battles in Heat C

Mr. Psycho hammers Roobarb, splitting the armour

Mr. Psycho worries S3

Mr. Psycho hammers S3 who breaks another arena wall

He appeared in a first round melee for the first time in Heat D, where he hammered the immobile Roobarb after it broke down in a CPZ, breaking the top armour. However, the hammer did not retract properly, and was left dangling halfway up, until he fired it again, after which it did retract. Later in the same battle, Mr. Psycho pinned S3 in a CPZ after Shredder pushed it in, also hammering the wheel and armour of S3, damaging a gearbox shaft. Although Mr. Psycho did not immobilise S3, it caused significant damage which took heavy repairs to fix.

Mr. Psycho hammers Fluffy

Fluffy is pushed onto the Floor Flipper by Mr. Psycho

Heat E was the first episode Mr. Psycho did not appear in since his debut, and he made only one appearance in Heat F, during the Round 2 fight between Stinger and Fluffy. After Fluffy limped into an empty CPZ, Mr. Psycho rushed in and hammered it, then missed another blow as Fluffy escaped. Later in the same battle, he pushed the immobile Fluffy onto the floor flipper.

Mr. Psycho hammers Riptilion

Mr. Psycho hammers Major Tom

Mr. Psycho was absent for the next five heats, until he appeared in the first round of the last heat of The Sixth Wars, Heat L, where he was again paired with Sir Killalot in the first round melee between Bigger Brother, Killer Carrot 2, Major Tom and Riptilion. In this battle, Mr. Psycho hammered Riptilion after Bigger Brother pushed it towards him, then went for Major Tom after Bigger Brother pushed it into the CPZ, completely buckling the rollbars with his hammer.

"it's not the quickest around the arena, but when he has you in his sights, oh! That hammer is genuinely awful!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho hammers Major Tom

Mr. Psycho in the background waits for his moment to attack

Dantomkia is hammered by Mr. Psycho

In the first Semi-Final, Mr. Psycho appeared in the battle between Dantomkia and Razer, again partnered with Sir Killalot. In this battle, Razer forced Dantomkia into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, and although Dantomkia managed to turn Razer in as well, Mr. Psycho hammered Dantomkia. However, once again, his hammer failed to retreat leaving it stuck.

Mr. Psycho lifts Spawn Again up into the air

Mr. Psycho remains out of the action in the losers' melee

In the second Semi-Final, Mr. Psycho was paired with Dead Metal for the fight between Tornado and Hypno-Disc, but was not involved in the fight. He also helped finish off a battered Spawn Again during its battle against Terrorhurtz, as he picked it up and paraded it around, before dropping it by the pit and allowing Dead Metal to nudge it down.

"Mr. ugly, is Mr. Psycho of course. Mr. Gruesome, is Mr. Psycho. Mr. Merciless, is Mr. Psycho. Imagine him as your Uncle. Imagine him as your teacher. Imagine him as the boy next door."
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho puts Spawn Again on the pit's edge before letting Dead Metal push it in

He was paired with Sir Killalot for the losers' melee, but played no part in that battle.

Mr. Psycho's only appearance in the Grand Final was in the battle between Tornado and Firestorm 4, but again, he remained out of the action.

"The mightiest machine ever in Robot Wars!"
— Jonathan Pearce during the UK vs Germany Special

Mr. Psycho prepares to slam down onto 259

Mr. Psycho smashes Delldog off Sgt. Bash's pincer

Mr. Psycho also appeared in the UK vs Germany Special, where it hammered the side of the beaten 259 machine during its battle with Fluffy, bending the chassis. Mr. Psycho also used its hammer to help loosen Sgt. Bash's grip on Delldog in its fight against Das Gepäck, before reigning down blows on the immobile robot.

"Teamwork from the House Robots! Now, you understand that they're totally neutral in all this. They don't mind if UK or Germany wins this."
— Jonathan Pearce on the House Robots during the UK vs Germany Special

In the Final, Mr. Psycho appeared alongside Sgt. Bash, but was not involved.

Extreme 2[]

"Gruesome as ever!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Mr. Psycho in Heat B of the All-Stars

Mr. Psycho's first appearance this series was in Heat A of the All-Stars tournament, in the battle between Bigger Brother, Firestorm 4 and S3 along with Dead Metal, but the House Robots were not involved in the battle.

Mr. Psycho holds Chaos 2 in his grip

Chaos 2 is pitted by Mr. Psycho

"That just gives you some sense of Mr. Psycho's size out there. He is immense! It's [Chaos 2] just a mere bauble, a toy, in the grip of Psycho!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho carries Chaos 2 to the pit

In the Heat B of the All-Stars tournament, Mr. Psycho featured in the battle between Chaos 2, Razer and 13 Black, and after Chaos 2 was counted out, he pushed the former champion on the floor flipper where it was thrown, before hitting it with his hammer and then plucking it from the ground, parading it around the arena, before dropping Chaos 2 by the pit and pushing it in.

Mr. Psycho hammers Major Tom

Mr. Psycho placing the tattered Major Tom on the Drop Zone

Mr. Psycho and Matilda carried out a merciless assault on Major Tom after it broke down in Round 4 of the Annihilator, with Mr. Psycho using his hammer to bend and break the roll-cage, and hammer the top, causing the face and crown to fall off, then ripped the head with his claw. Mr. Psycho then picked up Major Tom and placed it on the Drop Zone.

Mr. Psycho holds up Killer Carrot 2's lost wheel

Mr. Psycho overpowers Killer Carrot 2

In the Minor Meltdown, Killer Carrot 2 lost one of its wheels during its battle against Lambsy, which Mr. Psycho picked up. Mr. Psycho then drove at the struggling competitor, so Killer Carrot 2 tried getting its lifter under Mr. Psycho.

"Killer Carrot are in trouble, major trouble here. Mr. Psycho has them in his sights. Turning, trundling, climbing up."
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho closes in on Killer Carrot 2

Completely unable to flip the colossal House Robot, it overbalanced itself as it tried, and Mr. Psycho proceeded to hammer Killer Carrot 2 and ride up the front of it.

Mr Psycho whacks Nasty Humphrey with his hammer

Mr. Psycho holds Hydra in the flames

Mr. Psycho knocks Barbaric Response's back panel loose and bends its weapon

Mr. Psycho appeared in two battles in the Tag Team Terror, the first of which was when Lightning pushed Nasty Humphrey into Mr. Psycho who whacked it with his hammer. He also appeared in the final, a battle in which he wrecked havoc on the beaten pair. First, he hammered Hydra, then picked it up, holding over the flame pit before dropping it into the pit. He also struck the rear of Barbaric Response with his hammer, which knocked a whole panel off and buckled the top part of its weapon.

For the New Blood Championship, Mr. Psycho and the other House Robots were allowed to do more damage than usual to immobilised competitors.

"A real baptism of fire - none of the "Mercy Clauses" that the usual competitors get to sign, if you lost in this your machine was going to be thoroughly trashed by the House Robots, there was even a briefing given before the competition explaining what was in store."
— Team Storm Website[3]

Maximus is hammered by Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho played a very active role throughout the New Blood Championship, starting in Heat A, where he bent the spikes of Maximus with his hammer and buckled its flipper as he grabbed it with the claw.

Night Raider, stuck between the jaw of Sir Killalot and the claw of Mr. Psycho

He then enjoyed a very busy Heat B, as he consigned Night Raider to multiple damaging hits from his hammer before it was counted out. Mr. Psycho picked it on with his claw, placing it onto the floor flipper where it was thrown, actually hitting Mr. Psycho as the House Robot tried to reverse. One last hammer blow saw more pieces of armour fall off.

"RT81 pushed out into the arena centre, give it a chance to get out there amongst the melee otherwise it would have taken to the year 2086."
— Jonathan Pearce on Mr. Psycho assisting RT81

Mr. Psycho pushes RT81 into the centre of the arena

Mr. Psycho drives Edge Hog across the arena floor

In the other Round 1 melee in that heat, Mr. Psycho pushed the walker RT81 into the centre of the arena where its opponents were fighting. Mr. Psycho pushed it straight into the front of Edge Hog, which axed it repeatedly, until the two got stuck together, at which point Mr. Psycho and Sir Killalot pushed the two in an attempt to separate them. Edge Hog eventually got its axe free, but was left moving on one wheel by Mr. Psycho's CPZ. Mr. Psycho hammered Edge Hog, and with Edge Hog unable to move away, it reversed into the giant House Robot, lifting the head as it raised the axe. Mr. Psycho rammed Edge Hog into the opposite arena wall in return. Mr. Psycho then turned back to RT81, which was not moving, slamming it into the arena side wall, where it was counted out.

"Took one on the chin there, he doesn't look very happy - he's after you!"
— Jonathan Pearce warns Edge Hog of Mr. Psycho's wrath

Chip is hammered by Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho almost falls into the pit after reversing

Mr. Psycho appeared with his dog Growler in the Round 2 battle between Chip and Thor. Mr. Psycho hammered the immobile Chip, then rammed it to the top of the arena where Growler was fighting Thor, before ramming Chip into an angle grinder. As the pit opened, Mr. Psycho nearly reversed in.

"Get down there! You'd never get him out!"
— Jonathan Pearce encourages Mr. Psycho to drive into the pit during the battle between Thor and Chip

Direct Action cuts into Mr. Psycho's hammer

In Heat C, Direct Action turned into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, after being slammed into the arena wall by Storm 2. Mr. Psycho missed a hammer blow on Direct Action, and Direct Action turned around, trying to escape, it turned into Mr. Psycho's hammer, cutting a gash in it. This cut was never repaired, and can be seen in Series 7.

Mr. Psycho attacks the stationary ICU

ICU is hammered by Mr. Psycho

In the same battle, Mr. Psycho managed to land a hammer blow on Storm 2 as it passed, but the hammer did no damage. In the Heat Final, Mr. Psycho subjected ICU to multiple blows and placed it on the floor flipper after it was immobilised.

Mr. Psycho accidentally hammers Matilda

Doctor Fist is roasted and hammered

In the first round of Heat D, after Doctor Fist had broken down, he came in, missing a hammer blow. As he tried again, Matilda charged again, hitting Doctor Fist with the flywheel. This caused Mr. Psycho to miss the competitor and hit the angle grinder instead, also catching Matilda a little. Mr. Psycho then picked Doctor Fist up with the claw by one of its wheels, and held it over the flame pit. As the House Robot tried to drop Doctor Fist, the whole body fell off the wheel. As Doctor Fist burnt, Mr. Psycho hammered it again.

"Huge power, hoisted way, way above the arena. Mr. Psycho, when standing like that, towers over me"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho holds Doctor Fist over the flames

Thor is hammered

Mr Psycho carries Cedric Slammer

Mr. Psycho appeared twice in the New Blood Grand Final, first in the eliminator battle between Storm 2 and Thor, where, after reversing too close to the CPZ, Storm 2 pushed Thor into Mr. Psycho, who blocked its escape and hammered it. In the other eliminator between Mute and Cedric Slammer, after both robots had stopped moving, he picked Cedric Slammer up and carried it around the arena in the last few seconds before the battle went to the judges.

"...Mr. Psycho thinks Cedric Slammer is still fighting and therefore he can attack Cedric Slammer! So does the contest go on? This is very controversial!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho carries Cedric Slammer

Mr. Psycho did not appear in any of the lower weight class events shown in the Robot Rampage, and was also absent from the University Challenge.

Dantomkia flips Hypno-Disc out of the arena before Mr. Psycho comes and pins it

Mr. Psycho presses Dantomkia up against the arena wall

Mr. Psycho played an active role in a first round melee involving Dantomkia, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Sir Chromalot and Hypno-Disc in the Challenge Belt. First, after Dantomkia pushed Hypno-Disc into the CPZ and flipped it out of the arena, he rammed Dantomkia against the arena wall a couple of times and blocked its escape for a while.

"Dantomkia needs to get away from Mr. Psycho, could literally crush it in that CPZ!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Dantomkia attempts to escape the CPZ

S.M.I.D.S.Y. is thrown aside

Mr. Psycho drives over S.M.I.D.S.Y.

Later, after Dantomkia flipped S.M.I.D.S.Y. onto the arena entry gates in one of the top CPZ's, Mr. Psycho picked it up and threw it aside, nearly throwing it out of the arena. S.M.I.D.S.Y. fled to a CPZ on the other side of the arena, but Mr. Psycho followed it there and drove on top of it.

Riptilion is slammed into submission

Riptilion was involved in another encounter with Mr. Psycho in the Iron Maidens, as the House Robot hammered it after it was counted out. Kat 3 tried pushing it into the pit, but Riptilion's wide shape and side spikes stopped it from falling in, so Mr. Psycho pushed it in fully, then gave it another hammer blow.

Mr. Psycho attacks Bondi Titch

In Round 1 of the Commonwealth Carnage, after Bondi Titch was flipped against the arena wall in the CPZ by Firestorm 4, Mr. Psycho blocked its escape and hammered it. After a number of hammer blows, Bondi Titch manage to swerve around the huge House Robot and escape.

"Battle of the hammers. Ha! There is no match! Hammer? That's a hammer on Mr. Psycho!"
— Jonathan Pearce compares the hammers of Bondi Titch and Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho carries Panic Attack to the pit

During the semi-final, after Panic Attack was unable to self-right, Mr. Psycho picked it up, carried it around the arena, and held it over the flame pit. Firestorm then started trying to get under the colossal House Robot, so Mr. Psycho dropped Panic Attack and chased after Firestorm.

"Six foot two, eyes of blue, Mr. Psycho's after you!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho exacts revenge on Firestorm 4

Firestorm 4 tips Mr. Psycho over

Mr. Psycho then went back to attacking Panic Attack, picking it up and carrying it to the pit, into which it was dropped. Firestorm managed to topple Mr. Psycho over when he reversed onto the wedge whilst driving away from the pit, becoming one of only two robots to do so, and the only one to do it intentionally.

"Can they do it? Look at Mr. Psycho, that is a huge weight! Mr. Psycho saved by the cease? NO! Timber! That's a first! Who on Earth is gonna to raise Mr. Psycho up onto his feet? It'll take an army!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Firestorm 4 flips Mr. Psycho over

Before this, Firestorm 4 flipped over Sergeant Bash, and with Panic Attack already immobilised, Refbot was the only robot still mobile at the end of the battle bar Firestorm 4. After the battle, the technical crew were shown lifting Mr. Psycho back up, taking eight men to lift him.

Mr Psycho carries Zeus

Mr. Psycho also appeared in the final episode of Extreme 2, and finished off the series with a strong showing. In the battle between Black Hole and Zeus, he hammered beaten Zeus, before picking it up and dropping it into the pit.

"That's Signore Psycho to you!"
— Jonathan Pearce uses a little Italian as Mr. Psycho pits Zeus

Snake Bite suffers damage from the hammer of Mr. Psycho

Then, in the battle between Tornado and Snake Bite, he drove up the Swiss robot's wedge after it broke down, and slammed a significant dent into the back after it had been pitted.

"Oh, that's unfair!"
— Andrew Marchant while Mr. Psycho attacks Snake Bite

Series 7[]

"Takes no prisoners!"
— One of Jonathan Pearce's introductions of Mr. Psycho, from the battle between Storm 2 and Trax

Mr. Psycho's first appearance in Series 7 was in Heat B where he appeared in the first Round 1 battle between Kan-Opener, Barbaric Response, The Grim Reaper and Big Nipper. However he was not involved in the battle.

Mr. Psycho crumples Rip with his claw

Cygnus X3 is hammered

Mr. Psycho's first notable involvement in came in the Featherweight Championship, during the first battle, shown as the special event for Heat B. He joined Sir Killalot and Growler in the arena. The House Robots were given a significant amount of freedom to do as they pleased throughout the battle, and Mr. Psycho took advantage of this as he grabbed and buckled Rip with his claw before slamming down onto Cygnus X3.

"Look at the size comparison! Oh dear! Poor Rip! It's like, just crumpling up a … a sweet packet!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho picks up Rip

Mr. Psycho hammers Dantomkia

Mr. Psycho drops Hassocks Hog 2 out of the arena

During one of the first round melees in Heat C, Mr. Psycho hammered Dantomkia when it pushed King B Powerworks into the CPZ, bending the chassis and flipper of Dantomkia. Later in the same battle, he hammered Rick when Dantomkia pushed it into the CPZ. Mr. Psycho achieved his only Out of the Arena during the same battle, after dropping Hassocks Hog 2 over the fence. He originally dropped Hassocks Hog on the Drop Zone, but it was unintentionally knocked away by the competitors before an item could drop.

Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit is swept into the pit by Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho prepares to drop Infernal Contraption into the pit

Mr. Psycho was involved in another special event in Heat C, as he took damage to his front end from the spinners of Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit and Infernal Contraption in the CPZ during the Battle of the Spinners. Following this, he inadvertently swept Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit into the pit, eliminating it. Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit had been fighting Infernal Contraption in the CPZ, and Mr. Psycho hammered it (missing his first attempt), then pushed him out of the CPZ, knocking it into the pit in the process. Later in the same battle, after Infernal Contraption was counted out, Mr. Psycho picked up the beaten competitor and held it over the flame pit, before carrying it to the pit and dropping it in.

"Mr. Psycho wants the feel of rubber and metal in those giant claws, and Infernal Contraption, that's 97 kilos and three quarters of a metre in length, give you some sense of size of Mr. Psycho!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho carries Infernal Contraption

Matilda and Mr. Psycho attack Devastator

Devastator is pinned against the wall

In Heat E, Mr. Psycho pinned Devastator against the arena wall, after it was pushed there by Tornado and failed to get away before Mr. Psycho came in. Strangely however, he did not use his hammer. Later in the same battle, Devastator found itself in another CPZ, and Mr. Psycho came in, but still did not use the hammer. With his hammer seemingly not working, Mr. Psycho instead blocked Devastator's escape, and tried to grab it, but the competitor wasn't the right shape, so the claw slid off the top, and after Matilda left the CPZ, Devastator escaped.

"Mr. Psycho, go on, get your hammer to work! It's not just to be held up aloft like some bauble on a Christmas tree! What's wrong with your hammer? Get your hammer down sir!"
— Jonathan Pearce while Mr. Psycho's hammer wasn't working

Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit is held above the pit

He also pitted Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit for a second time in the series after its loss in the first round in the same episode. Before that, he pushed it onto the floor flipper, where it was thrown. Mr. Psycho then picked Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit up and carried it to the pit, which opened without Mr. Psycho pressing the button, and Mr. Psycho dropped the beaten competitor down.

"Where will it go; out of the arena, in the pit, what do you fancy? Drop Zone? I'll have a word with Mr. Psycho for you, and try and … er, persuade him. Uh, pt it on the floor flipper. Uh, the Drop Zone. Oh no, don't put it down the pit! Oh. I'm not going to argue with you!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho holds up Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit and pits it

Mr. Psycho takes Mean Streak to the floor flipper. Note that his hammer is stuck out.

Mr. Psycho attacks Mean Streak

During the battle between S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Mean Streak in Heat G, S.M.I.D.S.Y. pushed Mean Streak into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, where it was hammered, but despite the top being dented, Mean Streak managed to escape the CPZ. Mr. Psycho's hammer became stuck, hanging half-way up, unable to retract fully or fire. After Mean Streak was counted out, Mr. Psycho picked it up, puncturing the base, and placed it on the floor flipper.

"I'll tell you what, Mean Streak, that's no mean feat to escape from that."
— Jonathan Pearce as Mean Streak escaped from Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho pins down R.O.C.S. with his claw

R.O.C.S. receives a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho

During the Crusher Crunch Up, the special event of Heat H, Mantis pushed R.O.C.S. into his CPZ, but when Mr. Psycho tried hammering it, the srimech arms of R.O.C.S. blocked the hammer. When R.O.C.S. tried to escape the CPZ, Mr. Psycho's claw pinned it down by its own self-righting mechanism. Mr. Psycho hammered R.O.C.S. and pinned it in the corner, before dragging it out. He also appeared in the heat final between St. Agro and Ceros but played no part at all in the battle.

Trax narrowly avoids a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho appeared in both second round battles in Heat I and tried to hit Trax and Rhino respectively but missed.

"Pinser, wakey-wakey, you too. Okay, look, now, you've beaten Cobra, but that thing there - see it? Little thing there? It's Mr. Psycho - get out of the way!"
— Jonathan Pearce tries to warn Pinser of Mr. Psycho's presence

Mr. Psycho drives on top of Cobra

Cobra and Pinser being pushed together onto the Drop Zone

In Round 1 of Heat J, after Pinser broke down whilst crushing Cobra, Mr. Psycho drove on top of Cobra. Then, after the two competitors were counted out, he hammered them both. He then pushed them together onto the floor flipper, and after they were flipped together, he pushed them together onto the Drop Zone.

Mr. Psycho in the battle between Thermidor 2 and The Kraken

Mr. Psycho and Growler attack Kronic the Wedgehog

Mr. Psycho rides up the immobile Kronic the Wedgehog

He appeared in both second round battles of that heat. In the first, The Kraken managed to avoid a hammer blow from him while constantly being flipped by Thermidor 2 before finally being pitted. In the other, after Kronic the Wedgehog broke down in its battle with Mighty Mouse, Mr. Psycho hammered Kronic the Wedgehog, then drove up the wedge. Kronic tried to use its top flipper to get Mr. Psycho off, and while the House Robot was far too heavy, Kronic the Wedgehog did manage to dent the front armour of Mr. Psycho with the flipper.

In Heat K, during the first-round melee between Bulldog Breed, Infernal Contraption, Jabber and Mantis, Mr. Psycho came out of his CPZ, chasing after Mantis as it held Jabber, but strangely moved away without doing any damage or separating them. Mr. Psycho stayed out of his CPZ, but away from the other competitors, until Jabber stopped moving on one side. Mr. Psycho approached the struggling robot, but the camera focused on the other competitors.

Mr. Psycho hammers T-Wrecks

Mr. Psycho holds Hard high

He also appeared in two more battles in this heat, hammering T-Wrecks in the second Round 1 melee, and after Hard broke down in its Round 2 battle with Bulldog Breed, he came in to hammer Hard, missing on the first blow, then hitting the side wall. He then held Hard up, but Hard slipped from his grasp as he was carrying it to the floor flipper, so Mr. Psycho pushed it to the floor flipper. He picked up Hard again and dropped it on the Drop Zone.

"People ask us "How big is Mr. Psycho?", we once saw him destroy the war zone plexiglass side walls, he is that big, and that destructive."
— Jonathan Pearce, comparing the sizes of Mr. Psycho and Hard

Mr. Psycho brings his hammer down on Behemoth

Mr. Psycho appeared in both Round 2 battles in Heat L. In the first, after Behemoth became stuck in forward drive when Mute landed on top of it and clipped its aerial, it charged into a CPZ, from which it could not escape. Mr. Psycho came in to hammer it, and then pushed it off the wall. However, due to being stuck in forward drive, Behemoth drove straight into Mr. Psycho, and actually tried lifting the House Robot, but Mr. Psycho was far too heavy.

"They're not gonna to try and lift him up? No no no no! That is a little bit … silly."
— Jonathan Pearce notes the futility of Behemoth's attempt to lift Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho holds UFO a little too close to the camera

In the other Round 2 battle, after UFO was flipped onto its side by Judge Shred 3, Mr. Psycho picked the beaten competitor up, held it over the flame pit, and after carrying it around the arena, showing it to the audience, dropped it into the pit, hammering the pitted competitor. Along the way, he held UFO up to the camera, almost hitting it.

Mr. Psycho takes Spin Doctor to the floor flipper

Mr. Psycho appeared in three battles in Heat M. In the opening Round 1 melee, Mr. Psycho hammered Spin Doctor after it was flipped over by Panic Attack and counted out. His hammer became stuck again, so he picked up Spin Doctor and took it to the floor flipper, but Panic Attack happened to be there, still mobile, as Mr. Psycho dropped Spin Doctor, so Spin Doctor bounced off the top, landing on its side. Mr. Psycho righted Spin Doctor as he tried grabbing it in the claw again, and it tried to escape, but Mega Morg flipped it back over. Mr. Psycho plucked up Spin Doctor again, and placed it on the floor flipper.

Mr. Psycho comes out of his CPZ whilst Tough as Nails and Panic Attack are fighting

He appeared in both Round 2 battles, first in the battle between Tough as Nails and Panic Attack, where Tough as Nails reversed too close to Mr. Psycho's CPZ whilst pulling Panic Attack, and was hammered. Later in that battle, Tough as Nails forced Panic Attack into a CPZ, where it was held by Sergeant Bash's claw. Mr. Psycho came in and hammered Panic Attack, narrowly missing, the hammer glancing off the side. Mr. Psycho tried hammering Panic Attack again as Sgt. Bash released it, but Panic Attack managed to escape in time.

"Panic Attack just dodged, I don't know how they managed to do that, and dodged again. That's good driving."
— Jonathan Pearce credits Panic Attack's avoidance of Mr. Psycho

Mega Morg is counted out, and punished by Mr. Psycho

Mega Morg was hammered by Mr. Psycho after it was flipped over by Robochicken in the other Round 2 battle, before Mr. Psycho pushed it onto the Drop Zone.

Mr. Psycho pits NEATer Machine

Heat N was a busy heat for Mr. Psycho, as he appeared in four battles. In the opening Round 1 melee, he hammered the immobile NEATer Machine and pushed it onto the floor flipper. After it was flipped, Mr. Psycho pushed it into the pit.

"When all around you are losing their head, you must keep yours in the arena! And Psycho's lost... what little brains he had."
— Jonathan Pearce when Mr. Psycho's head falls off in the second eliminator of Heat N

Mr. Psycho loses his head

The Exectutioner is hammered by the headless Mr. Psycho

The Executioner is dropped into the pit by Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho stays out of the action as Spawn Again duels with Raging Knightmare

During the other eliminator in Heat N, a strike from Mr. Psycho's hammer on Topbot caused his already wobbling head to fall off. Mr. Psycho went berserk for a while, hammering The Executioner into submission with his hammer, before picking it up and dropping it into the pit.

"Mr. Psycho doesn't need a head, he does it all by instinct!"
— Craig Charles after the battle

Mr. Psycho also appeared in the Round 2 battle between Spawn Again and R.O.C.S, and the Heat Final between Spawn Again and Raging Knightmare, but played no part in either battle.

Mr. Psycho drops Zorro on the Drop Zone

After being absent from Heat O, Mr. Psycho was used in both Round 1 melees in Heat P. He did not make an impact in the first, but in the second, Mr. Psycho dropped Zorro on the Drop Zone after it had been counted out, but Zorro landed on its wheels and drove away. Mr. Psycho eventually caught it, and dropped it into the pit.

Mr. Psycho did not appear in any battles in either of the Semi-Finals, or the Grand Final.

Mr. Psycho flattens Gravity

Along with Growler, Cassius Chrome and Refbot, Mr. Psycho appeared in the Series 7 House Robot Rebellion as the House Robots faced off against Gravity and Behemoth. This battle was held as the special event in the Annihilator. Mr. Psycho started by trying to hammer Gravity, but Gravity moved out of the way before the hammer fell. Whilst Growler and Cassius Chrome were flipped over by Gravity, Behemoth got behind Mr. Psycho and tried to lift him, but the House Robot was far too heavy, so Behemoth merely lifted itself up. Mr. Psycho reversed Behemoth into a CPZ, whilst Behemoth tried ineffectually to axe and lift Mr. Psycho, but after cornering Behemoth, Mr. Psycho went after Gravity, allowing Behemoth to escape.

Behemoth attacks Mr. Psycho

Behemoth is pushed back by Mr. Psycho as it begins axing his back armour

Behemoth tries again to lift Mr. Psycho

"That's a puny little axe compared to Mr. Psycho's weaponry, but I tell you, if Behemoth can get in behind, they can lift Mr. Psycho up and over!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Gravity got under one of Mr. Psycho's tracks, but Mr. Psycho quickly reversed off before Gravity could flip, then landed a couple of hammer blows on the top of Gravity, immobilising it.

"...and I think the House Robots are just now beginning to get to grips, aren't they? With the rebellious duo."
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho hammered the immobile Gravity and Cassius Chrome, having been righted by Refbot, fought Behemoth

Behemoth tried getting under the side of Mr. Psycho as the House Robot continued to hammer Gravity, but could not lift him, and attacking with its axe also caused no damage. Gravity started using its flipper to lift up Mr. Psycho's hammer, and Mr. Psycho left it when Behemoth got behind him again and tried axing him. Behemoth managed to dent Mr. Psycho's rear armour, but the axe snapped off when it axed the side of Mr. Psycho.

"Behemoth, nagging away there, like a little gnat. Mr. Psycho turns, "What on Earth was that tickling me?" he says"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth tries axing Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho immobile in the last few seconds

Behemoth fled, but drove onto the floor flipper, which fired, leaving Behemoth stuck on its side. Mr. Psycho closed in, but missed a hammer blow, and Behemoth righted itself. Mr. Psycho managed to land a glancing blow with the hammer as Behemoth drove past, then Behemoth tried to use Gravity as a shield against Mr. Psycho, but couldn't move its immobile fellow competitor. However, Mr. Psycho broke down near the end of the battle, and Behemoth and Gravity were given the victory via a decision from the audience.

"I wonder if there is any life left in Gravity, or Mr. Psycho for that matter, you can see sparking at the bottom"
— Jonathan Pearce notes Mr. Psycho's lack of movement in the last few seconds

Mr. Psycho was used in the final of the Annihilator. After Kan-Opener pushed Ripper close to his CPZ, Mr. Psycho tried to hammer it, but missed. Ripper was only moving on one wheel, so Mr. Psycho rammed it into the CPZ and hammered it. Ripper stayed stuck under the tracks as Mr. Psycho reversed, and Mr. Psycho continued hammering it. This confrontation caused one of Mr. Psycho's tracks to become dislodged.

"Mr. Psycho came out of the CPZ, and tried to have a hammer blow on Ripper, that was a bit naughty, because Ripper was not in that CPZ! So you go and tell Mr. Psycho off. I'm not!"
— Jonathan Pearce during the Annihilator final

Ripper gets hammered by Mr. Psycho

Dantomkia throws Pussycat into Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho punishes Pussycat

Mr. Psycho accidentally hits Cassius Chrome

Mr. Psycho appeared alongside Cassius Chrome in the All-Stars final, a battle in which both House Robots fought back against the winner, Pussycat, after it decided to attack them. As it chased after Pussycat, which was attacking Cassius Chrome, Mr. Psycho accidentally drove into Cassius Chrome, hitting him with the claw.

"Did you see the glare afterwards?"
— Jonathan Pearce during the All-Stars final

Mr. Psycho prepares to pit Dantomkia, but Pussycat has other ideas

The victorious Pussycat is hammered in the pit

At the end of the battle, Mr. Psycho pushed Dantomkia by the open pit, ready to nudge it in. As it did, Pussycat charged in, also wanting to do the honours of pitting Dantomkia, but fell in itself as Mr. Psycho pitted Dantomkia just before it could reach it.

Mr. Psycho hammers Tough as Nails

The last episode of the original series, The Third World Championship, included two battles were Mr. Psycho was one of the House Robots; first Rawbot versus Tough as Nails, where the House Robots played no part in what was a very brief battle, and then in the semi-final between Storm 2 and Tough as Nails, where Storm 2 pushed Tough as Nails into Mr. Psycho, who hammered the Dutch representative, held in place by Storm 2. This was Mr. Psycho's last appearance.

Dutch Series 2[]

The Lethal Swan is hammered

Mr. Psycho also appeared in the second series of Dutch Robot Wars. His introduction with Growler from Series 6 Heat A was replayed as part of the House Robot introduction in Heat A, albeit not in full, cutting out their entrance. His first battle was between Meshuggah and The Lethal Swan, partnered with Sir Killalot. After The Lethal Swan was immobilised, the House Robots came in to attack, with Mr. Psycho hammering the beaten competitor a couple of times.

Mr. Psycho hammers N A M A Z U whilst Growler holds it still

He appeared again in the next battle, partnered with Growler in the battle between Blackdevil Warzone and N A M A Z U. After N A M A Z U was counted out, Growler pushed it around the arena, and Mr. Psycho hammered it, before Growler pitted the beaten competitor.

Mr. Psycho attacks The Black Beast

In Heat B, Mr. Psycho hammered The Black Beast after it broke down, but had some problems retracting his hammer. Unable to pull the hammer back fully, Mr. Psycho instead grabbed The Black Beast with his claw, holding it up and dropping it. Following this, Mr. Psycho appeared to break down and remained in place as the Drop Zone dropped an oven onto The Black Beast, which also struck his back but didn't damage him greatly. This was his only appearance in that Heat.

Mr. Psycho carries Slamtilt

Mr. Psycho appeared with Growler in the first battle of Heat C, between Flepser and Bamm Bamm, but was not involved in the battle. In the next fight, which was between Twisted Metal Evo and Slamtilt, Mr. Psycho hammered Slamtilt after one of its wheels was ripped off, then picked it up by the mace, placing it on the Drop Zone.

Mr. Psycho grabs Tough as Nails

Mr. Psycho appeared in two battles in Heat D, first in the battle between Scrap-2-Saur and Tough as Nails. Tough as Nails was counted out, and Mr. Psycho picked it up by one of the wheels and carried it to the Drop Zone. After having two barrels dropped on it, Tough as Nails started moving again, and Mr. Psycho hammered it.

Infinity axes Mr. Psycho

In the next battle, after Infinity broke down, Mr. Psycho came in, but whilst pushing the immobile competitor, Infinity fired its axe at the House Robot, getting the axe into Mr. Psycho's face, causing minor damage. In response, Mr. Psycho landed its own hammer blow on Infinity, and after Infinity was overturned by the floor flipper, Mr. Psycho hammered the underbelly.

Mr. Psycho hammers Bluemax

Elevation is hammered

Throughout Heat E, Mr. Psycho appeared in three battles, first hammering Bluemax after it was immobilised by PulverizeR, then in the battle between ODT-Zero and √3², where, whilst competitors fought in Shunt's CPZ, Mr. Psycho blocked their escape. He tried to hammer one of the parts of √3² but missed. Then, in the Heat Final between PulverizeR and √3², he hammered one of the parts of √3² after it was immobilised.

PulverizeR gets hammered by Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho appeared twice in the Grand Final. First in the Semi-Final battle between PulverizeR and Scrap-2-Saur, where Scrap-2-Saur pushed PulverizeR into his CPZ. Mr. Psycho hit PulverizeR's flywheel with his hammer, but PulverizeR was able to reverse away before the House Robot could get another blow in. He also appeared in the final between PulverizeR and Philipper 2, but the House Robots were not involved in the battle.

German Robot Wars[]

Mr. Psycho also appeared in German Robot Wars. His introduction from Heat A of Series 6 was shown as part of the House Robot introductions, with the arena entrance. Unusually, the House Robot intros were shown at the start of each episode.

Golem is picked up by Mr. Psycho

His first appearance in a battle was in the last battle of Heat A, between Tyke and Golem. After Golem was counted out, Mr. Psycho hammered it, before Shunt pushed it onto the floor flipper. After being flipped, Golem bounced across the arena onto Mr. Psycho's claw. Mr. Psycho plucked up the beaten competitor and carried it around, only for Golem to slip from its grip as the House Robot turned. After Golem was put on the Drop Zone and had a lot of balls dropped on it, Mr. Psycho pushed it into the pit, using its front to bulldoze Golem into the pit.

Mr. Psycho hammers Hydrotec

In Heat B, after Hydrotec was immobilised, Mr. Psycho hammered it a couple of times, dislodging one of the top panels. He was also involved in the other Final, between Tsunami and Not Perfect, Tsunami pushed Not Perfect into Dead Metal, who pushed Not Perfect to Mr. Psycho, but Not Perfect was able to reverse, dodging the hammer blow.

The first defeat of Mr. Psycho.

The most memorable moment for Mr. Psycho in this series, occurred in the Losers’ Melee during Grand Final, when Mr. Psycho picked up Junkyard Queen during its battle against Not Perfect. The two competitors had become stuck together, with the bludgeoner on Junkyard Queen stopping Not Perfect’s wheels from touching the ground. Mr. Psycho broke the stalemate by lifting them both up, causing Not Perfect to drop down. Mr. Psycho paraded Junkyard Queen around the arena until he took a corner too quickly and toppled over. This was the first of two times the giant House Robot was toppled.

Mr. Psycho rushes out to separate Black Hole and Tsunami

Mr. Psycho also appeared in the final between Tsunami and Black Hole, where he came out of his CPZ to separate the two competitors when they became stuck together after Tsunami drove up Black Hole's wedge. He pushed the two apart, pushing Black Hole up the arena, before moving on to another CPZ.

Appearances in Merchandise[]

The Mr. Psycho pullback



  • Rob Englebright, the man who first conceptualised Mr. Psycho, entered his own competitor robot, and also sketched Growler and Cassius Chrome before they were fully realised by the producers.
  • For a French member of the Robot Wars crew's birthday, Francois, during a break in filming, Mr. Psycho was driven into the arena wearing a beret, a blue-and-white striped shirt, a moustache and a cloth on his claw, on which was the birthday cake.
  • Mr. Psycho was the only house robot to be hit by an object from the Drop Zone, this happening in Heat B of Dutch Series 2 where he and The Black Beast were hit by an oven but neither of them were damaged greatly.
  • Mr. Psycho was once said to have "destroyed the war zone plexiglass side walls", despite the fact that he never caused damage to the arena at any point.
  • The power of Mr. Psycho's hammer was reduced in Series 7 so it wouldn't damage the arena floor.