"The time has come to ACTIVATE! Unless you are a competitor, then you will need to prepare to be DE-ACTIVATED!"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Mr. Psycho pullback was one of the last House Robots made into a pullback along with Growler.


  • Side view from the Robot Wars Magazine
  • Front view with hammer raised
  • Left-hand side with hammer down

It is easily the biggest of the pullbacks, measuring roughly 5 inches high. This pullback was very well detailed with both weapons working like the actual robot. The hammer is activated by pulling the extension on the side down. Pushing the extension up will help return the hammer back to its original position, though it may take more force. His claw is activated similarly to the Sir Killalot pullback by pulling back on a spring-loaded lever behind the claw itself. When released, the claw returns to its original position.

Similar to the pullback version of Sir Killalot, this pullback toy uses four wheels underneath a static set of tracks but has a normal pullback motor instead of a friction motor.

The claw can be easily broken at the joint by the "elbow" of the robot, however. The side and back panels can be easily broken, as they are rather hollow. Another common fault in the design is that the hammer arm tends to snap off. The box for the Mr. Psycho pullback was different and a fair amount larger than the boxes of the other pullbacks.


  • The Mr. Psycho pullback, still in its box
  • The black breeze blocks bundled with Mr. Psycho
  • The orange barrels bundled with Mr. Psycho
  • The prototype being made

The Mr. Psycho pullback came with a breeze block wall darker than the one packaged with the Hypno-Disc pullback, and orange barrels, similar to the yellow barrels bundled with the Razer pullback.


  • This is the rarest of the pullbacks, with toys scarcely being sold online, at the highest costs.


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