Car Factory

Car Factory

"A wealth of machinery to reduce even the toughest robots to waste material. The furnace is a sure fire way out of this German Car Factory."
— In-game Description

The Munich Car Factory is one of the eight playable arenas in the PC and Xbox versions of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It features four CPZs, housing Shunt, Matilda, Sergeant Bash and Sir Killalot respectively. The arena, for the most part, is fully enclosed. However, one side of the arena is bordered with a metallic fence which can be destroyed. If this fence is destroyed, a robot could drive off the side of the arena and be considered as out of the arena.

Appearance and Hazards

This impromptu arena is set inside a car factory in Munich, Germany. In particular, it is on a raised gantry with racks of car doors, spare parts and other such items littered around, along with a wide variety of industrial-based hazards.

The most notable hazard here is a huge furnace, that if entered, will instantly eliminate and proceed to destroy any robot that is pushed into it. A huge conveyor belt feeds into it, making it all too easy to get caught on by mistake. Sometimes, an empty chassis of a car will be dropped onto this conveyor belt. If it lands on a robot, the robot will suffer damage, and most likely be pinned underneath it due to its size and weight.

The other most unique hazards of this arena include the multiple robotic Welding Arms, used for the factory's production lines. If a robot drives in front of one, it will reach down and blast it with its Welding Torch- prolonged exposure can quickly cause significant armour damage, and can even set flammable robots on fire. These are also situated near a weak fence overlooking the edge of the Gantry that can be broken by ramming it repeatedly. If the fence breaks, the tank of Car Paint far below acts like a Pit, instantly eliminating any robot that falls into it.

The arena also features a smaller pool of Car Paint on the Gantry itself. If a robot falls into it, a crane will reach in after a short delay, pick up the robot and place it back into the arena. If a robot is left inside it for too long however, the paint will seep into the robot and destroy its power source, immobilising it. The Paint Pool also has the additional effect of giving a robot that falls in a dark grey/black colour scheme. If this occurs during a tournament, the robot will retain this colour scheme for the remainder of the competition.

One other feature of the arena is the shelving complete with boxes at the opposite end to the furnace- if rammed into, the boxes can fall down into the arena, more often than not landing on top of any robots below. However, much like the Drinks Machine in the New York Subway, this is mostly for show and does not cause damage, although it can still impede mobility.

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