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"Lets others talk the talk, Mute can walk the walk!"
Jonathan Pearce introducing Mute in Extreme 2

Mute was a wedge-shaped robot which competed in Series 7 of Robot Wars, as well as the New Blood Championship in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2. Mute was well known for its powerful front-hinged flipper, which was so powerful that the robot's self-righting attempts often resulted in it landing upside-down again.

Mute achieved a reasonable amount of success in its relatively short Robot Wars career. It won its heat in the New Blood Championship by defeating Roobarb in the Heat Final, and ultimately finished second in that tournament after losing an extremely close Judges' decision against champion Storm 2. In The Seventh Wars, Mute fought in Heat L and won its Heat after defeating the seeded Behemoth, and Judge Shred 3. However, in the Semi-Finals, it was thrown out of the arena and eliminated in the first round against Firestorm 5.


"Extremely Self Right-eous!"
— Craig Charles

Mute, with its flipper open

Mute was designed to be small, powerful and heavily armoured. The team opted for a front-hinged flipper because it had good attack and defence capabilities, as the robot would always have its internals protected by the flipper. The flipper was often unreliable in its power, as it often launched Mute high into the air whilst self-righting, unlike most self-righting mechanisms that only push robots onto their wheels. It would often throw itself around and onto its back again. This gave it trouble in all three of its Series 7 one-on-one fights, though it was still able to win the first two.

"The main design was centred around a small compact robot with heavy armour, even if our flippers broke we could still survive to the end. Mute was very small compare to a lot of bots when we 1st went to live events, most thought it was a middleweight."
— Adam Emmett[1]

Side view of Mute

Mute in the arena for Series 7

The front flipper was capable of lifting 200kg at full pressure, ran on a two ton ram and opened outwards in a similar fashion to Cassius and Firestorm. It had titanium barbs on the top to stop other robots driving off. The show often referred to Mute's flipper as "Opening the wrong way", as Mute's shape, size and the way the flipper looks confuses people, making them think it's a rear-hinged flipper. Also, Jonathan Pearce claimed in the New Blood competition that Mute's flipper design was 'poor' as it would have to wedge far underneath an opponent for it to flip them, despite robots such as Cassius and Firestorm using this form of attack to great effect.

Rear view of Mute

Close-up of Mute's rear flipper

The robot also featured a much smaller top-hinged flipper on the back of the robot. Due to its small size, the flipper did not boast anywhere near the same power as the front-hinged flipper, but was powered by the same system, causing it to release lots of CO2 when fired. This relatively concealed weapon allowed Mute to complete more controlled flipping attacks, as it required far less purchase underneath opponents in order to lift them.

"we also went for the top hinged flipper on the rear just to give a little kick in tail. In some of early live event fights most didn't know about the rear flipper so it was fun to see them chasing us and suddenly go up in the air."
— Adam Emmett[2]

The insides of Mute

The armour was extreme-composite 12mm polycarbonate and 2mm stainless steel and the robot carried 4kg of CO2 to power both flippers. The Series 7 model featured "more armour, more power and more gas" than the Extreme 2 model. Mute's armour resilience was demonstrated after the first round, where a blow from Shunt merely scratched the paint.


Mute was originally called Kick Robutt, but the show informed the team that the name was already taken, possibly to avoid confusion with the super heavyweight champion of the same name.[3] Instead, the name Mute references the complete absence of sound.

The Team[]

Team Mute in 2003

Main article: Team Mute

Mute was built by Staffordshire-based brothers, Adam and Daniel Emmett, with Adam Emmett being listed as the team captain. Their father Peter Emmett was also present on the team in the second series of Extreme, while Jeremy Honcox took his place during the Seventh Wars.

Team Mute also entered the Featherweight Championship of Extreme 2 and Series 7 with Micro Mute, and later Series 8 with Bonk.


Mute was originally due to attempt to qualify for Series 4, but the robot wasn't finished in time, so the team withdrew from the qualifiers.

In Series 5, the same Mute was completed and slightly modified from its Series 4 appearance, this time resembling the televised model much more, but failed to qualify. At the qualifiers, it lost to The Stag, and also fought General Carnage 2 in another battle, which ended in a draw.

"We went to the Series 5 qualifiers and fought against General Carnage but didn't get onto the show, we were told at a later date that we should have been on but there was a mix up with robots. Not sure if its true but was a pity if it was a mix up."
— Team Mute's Facebook page

Mute also failed to qualify for Series 6, as its aerial fell off during the battle, although open applications for the New Blood Championship allowed Mute to debut in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2.

Mute finally qualified for a main championship in Series 7, defeating two robots in a battle alongside Iron-Awe 2.1, where both robots were deemed victors, and qualified for the Seventh Wars.

Team Mute also planned to enter Mute into Series 8, but the robot began to suffer from warm motors as a result of the battery and speed controller upgrades it received prior to that series. As its revised electronics required further testing, the team elected to enter Bonk instead, although they stated their intentions to enter Mute into a hypothetical future series. Regardless, Team Mute attempted to enter Series 9 with Bonk instead, and did not apply for Series 10 with either machine.

Robot History[]

Extreme 2[]

Mute fought in Heat A of the New Blood Championship in Extreme Series 2. In Mute’s first fight, it fought Terror Turtle and Roobarb.

"Mute looks very effective - can get up to 15 miles an hour - is working hard to get underneath Roobarb."
— Jonathan Pearce during the battle

Mute throws Roobarb across the arena

Mute began by engaging with Terror Turtle, missing with its first flip before Terror Turtle was flipped by Roobarb. It then proceeded to launch Roobarb across the arena and turned them over in the process. A second attack on Roobarb resulted in a missed flip, as Roobarb activated the pit release and then briefly pushed Mute backwards. Mute dodged some minor attacks from Roobarb, who were unable to get their flipper under Mute. Mute then drove underneath Roobarb, but missed its flip again. Mute drove dangerously near to the pit, stopping beside it. As Roobarb drove towards them, Mute turned and drove straight into the pit.

Mute turns into the pit

"Mute very dangerously near the pit - oh and Mute's gone in! Mute has gone into the pit and they were by far the best machine in the melee! Now, was Terror Turtle immobilised before Mute went in?"
— Jonathan Pearce, as Mute pits itself and cease is called

However, Mute was relieved of this attack, as the Judges rendered that Terror Turtle had already been immobilised for over thirty seconds, after being stranded on the arena wall by Roobarb. Mute qualified for the second round alongside Roobarb, and then fought Mr Nasty.

Mute wedges underneath Mr Nasty

Mute fought Mr Nasty in the next round. Mr Nasty drove over Mute's flipper at an angle, but Mute were slow to respond and didn't flip until the boxy machine was off again. They had a second opportunity though, as Mr Nasty drove straight onto the flipper, allowing Mute to flip them over. Mute were circled by Mr Nasty, before Mr Nasty slammed into Mute. Mute was briefly pushed around, although its armour was too strong for Mr Nasty's spike to penetrate.

Mute flips Mr Nasty

"I was a little bit worried by Mute, that that front flipper was the wrong way round earlier on in the show, but Mute is doing very well here, certainly, I think, the more stylish and controlled of the robots."
— Jonathan Pearce

Both machines eventually separated, before Mr Nasty reversed onto Mute's wedge. Mute took its time to fire the flipper, but managed to flip the invertible machine over. Mute quickly came in for another attack, flicking Mr Nasty up, and Mr Nasty appeared to lose drive on one side. Mute slammed into Mr Nasty as Sgt. Bash and Refbot began to tussle in the background.

"Mute dominant, the Sergeant dominant, the ref's in trouble!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Refbot and Sgt. Bash continue to engage with each other

Mute drives under Mr Nasty again

Mr Nasty was only spinning in circles by this point, and Mute activated the pit release, before pushing Mr Nasty around further, but were unable to get their flipper underneath Mr Nasty's side. Mute allowed Mr Nasty to drive onto its wedge again late on, and shoved them into the clutches of Dead Metal. Time ran out before Dead Metal could do anything with Mr Nasty other than drag them over the Flame Pit, and the judges unsurprisingly voted Mute through to the Heat Final.

Here, Mute faced Roobarb once again, to earn a place in the Grand Final.

Mute is flipped over by Roobarb

Mute began by knocking Roobarb onto one wheel, as they drove straight under the larger's machines 3cm ground clearance. Mute and Roobarb began to circle, but Mute eventually wedged underneath Roobarb and pushed them around for a few moments, before flipping Roobarb over near Shunt's CPZ. After dodging a flip by Roobarb, Mute exploited their opponent's ground clearance again, but couldn't get a flip in before Roobarb drove off.

"Now when I went for Roobarb to win this, I've got to be honest, I forgot that ground clearance, and Mute has already taken advantage and has got the flipper in!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Mute dodged a second attack by Roobarb and retaliated by flipping Roobarb up onto the arena wall, and almost out of the arena, but Roobarb used its flipper to get off the arena wall. Mute were then flipped over by Roobarb. Mute tried to self-right, but Roobarb caught Mute's flipper, nearly sending Roobarb over. Mute's flipper remained open for several seconds, before closing again as Roobarb came in to push Mute around. After being pushed onto the pit, Mute tried to self-right again, springing up and righting itself at last.

"This is balletic stuff so far. Mute being pushed by Roobarb. Mute on its side. Now if Roobarb can actually get Mute on its side, I'm not too sure they'd be able to self-right like they've just done, springing back spectacularly. Have another look, hopping like a rabbit out there, Mute."
— Jonathan Pearce

Mute wedges under Roobarb

Mute was pushed near the arena wall by Roobarb, but came back and got underneath Roobarb again, just as the Disc of Doom button was hit by Roobarb. Mute drove across the arena floor and back again, with Roobarb still caught on its flipper. However, Mute had run out of flips by this point, so they slammed Roobarb into the pit release button, ripping it off of the wall, and Roobarb pushed backwards into the side of Mute. Roobarb then drove onto Mute's wedge again, giving Mute the opportunity to push their opponent into Sgt. Bash. As Shunt came in to attack Roobarb, Mute escaped from the CPZ, leaving Roobarb to take punishment from the House Robots.

"In the real heats of Robot Wars seven, should Mute get that far - in the Seventh UK Championship - Mute will have to go in for the kill - or Roobarb will - far more effectively. They'll have to learn from this New Blood affair."
— Jonathan Pearce as time runs out

Mute ends the battle on the Flame Pit

As Roobarb escaped, Mute dug under Roobarb again, driving them near to another CPZ, and the two machines became trapped between Sgt. Bash and Shunt. Mute and Roobarb circled each other tentatively, before Mute lifted Roobarb up with its rear flipper twice in succession. As the battle came to a close, Mute were pushed onto the Flame Pit by Roobarb and appeared to lose mobility, remaining there until cease was called. Nevertheless, Mute, was given the victory by the Judges, and reached the Grand Final.

"Cedric Slammer the more potent, I think Mute is the more durable, and perhaps the cleverer of the two. Perhaps has the more astute driving skills."
— Jonathan Pearce assesses the Grand Finalists strengths

Mute's first round battle in the grand final against Cedric Slammer was quite controversial.

The killer flip from Mute

On activate, Mute was quicker off the line and charged at Cedric Slammer, clipping the spinner and creating some sparks in the process. Mute tried to drive under the front corner of Cedric Slammer, but couldn't get enough of a purchase underneath, and the two machines circled each other. More sparks flew as Mute were grazed on the side by Cedric Slammer's spinner, with no great damage caused. Mute were cut by the disc again, before turning away from Cedric Slammer. They then turned into Cedric Slammer's spinner and flipped Cedric Slammer away from them, the two weapons colliding, but then both robots seemed to break down simultaneously. Cedric Slammer was limping in circles whilst Mute had stopped altogether. As Sgt. Bash closed in, Mute's flipper activated, but the robot still wasn't moving.

Refbot counts both robots out

"Mute, are you mobile? Hello? Hello? Wake up! This is for a place in the New Blood Grand Final! Is there anyone there?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Refbot counted out both robots, before the House Robots took over, with Mr. Psycho parading Cedric Slammer around the arena while Mute remained untouched. The battle went to a Judges' decision, awarding a split decision (two to one) in favour of Mute based on the battle up until both machines were deemed immobilised, much to the displeasure of some of the crowd.

Mute had reached the final battle of the Grand Final, where it fought Storm 2 in its attempt to earn a place in the Seventh Wars.

Mute wedges under Storm 2

Both machines began quickly, dodging and turning away from the other's front wedges early on. Storm 2 drove side on at Mute, which prevented Mute from using its flipper, and pushed them into the arena wall. Mute then managed to get slightly under Storm 2's side, but Storm 2 were quick to escape before Mute could get a chance to flip. Storm 2 began spinning around, while Mute circled them. Both machines danced over the Flame Pit in their attempts to get round the back of each other. Eventually, Mute trapped Storm 2 against the arena wall, wedging slightly underneath the ramming robot. Mute activated its flipper, but only succeeded in flicking itself away from Storm 2 slightly.

"Now they're underneath Storm 2, and Storm 2 a little bit lucky there. Mute came in, and nearly got underneath with that front flipper."
— Jonathan Pearce

Mute is pushed back by Storm 2

Mute and Storm 2 then began pushing against each other, before Storm 2 broke away and pushed Mute in circles from the side again. Neither machine could gain a clear advantage, but Storm 2 managed to get under Mute's wedge and briefly, but the chance was lost as Mute backed away.

"So the high pressure flipper is not working on Mute. Oh it is! They were lulling Storm 2 and me into a false sense of security! Well that's cagey stuff from the Mute team..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Storm 2 produced another attack on Mute's side, smoke pouring out of Storm 2 as it dug into the arena floor. Mute then managed to get under the corner of Storm 2, lifting them up slightly on one side. Storm 2 then drove into Dead Metal, but then backed onto Mute's flipper, and Mute finally got a flip in, but Storm 2 landed on its wheels. Storm 2 retaliated by pushing Mute side-on again. Mute waited for Storm 2 to drive onto their wedge, turning and flipping Storm 2 into the arena wall and over.

"This is the old rumble in the jungle tactics, where Ali drew George Foreman on in the World Heavyweight and then caught him with a sucker punch, and Mute have done that to Storm 2!"
— Boxing analogies from Jonathan Pearce

Storm 2 pushed against Mute as the pit siren was heard in the background as the battle came to a close. Cease was called and the battle went to a judges' decision. Unfortunately for Mute, the judges ruled in favour of Storm 2, making Storm 2 the New Blood Champion, and Mute the runner-up. Nonetheless, both robots would compete in Series 7.

Series 7[]

In Round 1 of Series 7, Mute fought three returning robots from the previous series, Demolition Man, Judge Shred 3 and Corkscrew Two, all of whom were eliminated in Round 1 of the Sixth Wars.

"We've basically got more armour, more power and more gas, so a lot stronger this year."
— Jeremy Honcox, before Mute's first fight of the series

Mute forces Demolition Man into Shunt's CPZ straight away

At the start of the battle, Mute was by far the quickest away, and began by slamming into Demolition Man, before pushing them straight into Shunt’s CPZ. Demolition Man appeared to not be moving properly, as it could not escape Shunt’s CPZ. As Mute nudged into Corkscrew Two, Judge Shred 3 came in and flipped the full-body spinner over, before Mute charged under Corkscrew Two, and all the way through without a flip.

Mute drives under Corkscrew Two

As Judge Shred 3 flipped Corkscrew Two again, Mute rammed into the back of Judge Shred 3, but was unable to get underneath and both flippers backed away from each other. Mute drove under Corkscrew Two again, missing with a flip as it did so, but they still overturned the invertible spinner. Judge Shred 3 then turned its attacks towards Demolition Man, flipping it over. At the same time, Mute changed its target too, slamming into Demolition Man, but missing its flip again.

"You wanna stay out of trouble now, Mute. Maybe a little bit inexperienced in that arena, but don't go shoving our House Robots around"
— Jonathan Pearce

Mute decides to attack Shunt

Mute then successfully flipped Demolition Man onto its side in the CPZ Demolition Man. Mute watched on as Judge Shred 3 flipped Corkscrew Two out of the arena, just as Demolition Man was fully counted out by Refbot. At this point, Mute decided to attack Shunt, reversing into Shunt's side and pushing the House Robot across the arena, just as Dead Metal pitted Demolition Man, and cease was called.

Mute were then drawn up against the tenth seeds Behemoth in the second round.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Do you have tactics?"
Adam Emmett: "Nah, straight at 'em, that's the best way."
Jayne Middlemiss: "You are fighting Behemoth, they're a pretty good machine. They are the tenth seeds."
Adam Emmett: "The scoop's probably lower than ours at the front, but if we get sides or behind, no problem."
— Mute's tactics against Behemoth

Mute is flipped over by Behemoth

True to their word, Mute attempted to get in behind Behemoth at the start of the fight, but Behemoth quickly spun on the spot. Mute dodged the scoop and twisted round again, knocking into Behemoth and slightly lifting the seeded machine up. Mute then found itself side-on to Behemoth's scoop Behemoth got the first flip in, lifting Mute over and onto its back. Mute flicked itself back over, and landed on Behemoth’s top.

"Behemoth with the scoop, and Mute flipping itself right up in the air and over. It wasn't Behemoth that did this, it was Mute's own flipper - hopped right up over Behemoth."
— Jonathan Pearce

Mute self-rights, and lands on top of Behemoth

This impact caused internal damage to Behemoth, which became locked into forward gear. This sent Behemoth running straight into the arena wall, crashing into Matilda's CPZ. Mute watched on as Behemoth went on the receiving end of Mr. Psycho's hammer twice. Mute stayed out of Behemoth's way as it careened all over the arena, before finally being counted out by Refbot and Mute was then through to the heat final.

"Behemoth go berserk, completely out of control. They're counted out. Mute go through to the heat final!"
— Craig Charles

Although Team Mute were hoping to battle UFO at this stage, Mute was ultimately drawn against Judge Shred 3 for a second time, to earn a place in the series semi-finals.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Now [Judge Shred 3] said they'd fought you before twice, and you won once and they won once. Evenly matched, would you say?"
Adam Emmett: "Yeah, we are. It's pretty close, well we're both flippers, so it's just whoever's got the most gas."
— The teams comment on their track record on the live circuit

Mute is flipped over by Judge Shred 3

Both machines began tentatively, spinning around each other, before Judge Shred 3 missed a flip on Mute. Mute was flicked up by Judge Shred 3's second attack, but not over. They pushed into Judge Shred 3, but were unable to dig under Judge Shred 3's ground clearance. Judge Shred 3 spun away from Mute, who then drove onto the edge of Judge Shred 3's flipper. Mute were flipped over by Judge Shred 3, and took two attempts to self-right, after the first one sent them somersaulting through the air.

"Mute's the lighter, by 4 kilos. It's also the nippier, by 3 miles an hour. Ha-ha-ha-ha! And the crazier too! How high do they need to jump when they self-right? Is it necessary to do the old balletic pirouette?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Mute struggles to self right, whilst Judge Shred 3 gets another flip in

Mute fought back quickly, flicking Judge Shred 3 up with its rear flipper. Mute turned and charged towards Judge Shred 3, bouncing off their side. As Mute circled Judge Shred 3, they were flicked from the side again, before being flipped fully over again. Mute somersaulted through the air several times as it desperately tried to self-right, but when they finally did, they landed on Judge Shred 3's flipper, and were flipped through the air again, but landed on their wheels.

"The eyes of the law have Mute in their sights. Mute, loud and proud - hee-hee-hee-hee - what is going on out there? They're jumping around like a little flea! Oh brilliant!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Mute lands on Judge Shred 3

While this next attack was not shown on the televised edit, Mute was then able to get another attack on Judge Shred 3 with its rear flipper. However, another side-on attack from Judge Shred 3 sent Mute over again. Mute hopped madly as it attempted to right itself, flipping itself over the front of Judge Shred 3, landing on top of them, and then somersaulting again. On its third flip, Mute righted itself. The two flippers clashed head-on, and Judge Shred 3 missed with a flip, bouncing itself up into the air. Mute took advantage and drove underneath, flipping Judge Shred 3 and rolling them across the arena floor.

Mute somersaults around the arena

"Oh dear, oh dear. That's gymnastic, that was balletic. Aah... Oh this time he's flipped Judge Shred 3! It was a meaningful flip by Mute!"
— Jonathan Pearce

As Sir Killalot activated the pit release, Judge Shred 3 appeared to lose drive on one side, and was only able to move on one side back and forth slightly. Mute backed onto Judge Shred 3 and tried to lift them with its rear flipper, but Judge Shred 3 replied with another flip of its own. Mute self-righted straight away this time though, and stayed away from Judge Shred 3 for the rest of the fight, until time ran out.

Mute thrusts Judge Shred 3 across the arena floor

"Oh, I think they've been brilliant, Mute. Real fresh air for Robot Wars. The time is ticking away to a judges' decision. Well, I hope they go for Mute, with all due respect to Judge Shred 3, 'cos I think they've been splendid fun."
— Jonathan Pearce

Although Judge Shred 3 was technically immobile, they had not been officially counted out by Refbot, so the fight went to a judges' decision, and Mute was given a controversial win, sending it through to the Series Semi-Finals.

Mute’s dream ended in the first round of the Semi-finals though, as it was drawn against the second seeds and three times grand finalist Firestorm 5.

Mute tries to self-right against Firestorm 5

Both machines drove straight at each other, with Mute driving over the top of Firestorm 5 before the seeds could get a flip in. Mute drove up Firestorm 5's wedge again, and were promptly flipped, rolling over before being overturned by a second flip.

"Mute hopping away, expending CO2 all the while here. Little bit of inexperience showing perhaps. Oh it looks dramatic, it looks lovely doesn't it?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Firestorm 5 flips Mute out. Note that Mute's flipper is also open

Mute after it was thrown out of the arena

Mute hopped through the air as it tried to self-right, much like it did in its previous fight, but were unable to right themselves in five attempts. due to the flipper's power. They then found themselves perilously close to the arena wall after a push from Firestorm 5, and Mute did not attempt to self-right for fear of launching itself out of the arena. However, this outcome was only delayed for a few seconds, as Firestorm 5 drove under Mute to flip it out of the arena itself - seemingly in response to this, Mute fired its own flipper at the same time as Firestorm 5's, with the resulting flip throwing Mute out of the arena.

"I think Mute was knocked into unconsciousness, but is knocked out of the arena anyway! Inexperience showed for me. Too close to the arena wall, they daren't try and self-right."
— Jonathan Pearce

As a result of this, Mute was eliminated from the competition.


Extreme Series 2
New Blood Championship
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Roobarb, Terror Turtle Qualified
Heat A, Round 2 vs. Mr Nasty Won
Heat A, Final vs. Roobarb Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Cedric Slammer Won
Grand Final vs. Storm 2 Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Corkscrew Two, Demolition Man, Judge Shred 3 Qualified
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Behemoth (10) Won
Heat L, Final vs. Judge Shred 3 Won
Semi Final 2, Round 1 vs. Firestorm 5 (2) Lost


  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

Main Series Mute Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Withdrew from qualifiers
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify
The Seventh Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
Featherweight Championship with Micro Mute
Series 8 Entered with Bonk
Series 9 Not selected with Bonk
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 New Blood Championship Runner-up
Featherweight Championship with Micro Mute


Outside Robot Wars[]

Mute in 2002 before its Robot Wars debut

Mute fights Storm 2 at the Robot Roadshow 2002

Before making its televised debut, Mute gained plenty of experience at live events, taking part in three competitions in 2002. At the Debenham Robot Rumble 2002, Mute defeated Hydra and Axe-Awe to reach the final before being defeated by The Grim Reaper, finishing with a second place finish while also losing an exhibition match to Storm. At War in the Wolds 2002, Mute defeated TX-108 but lost its next battle against Thor in a melee that also featured Hell's Teeth. At the Robot Roadshow 2002, Mute had another battle with Storm 2 outside of the televised show and this time won the battle, also defeating A-Kill within the same melee. Mute then won its next melee over 13 Black and King B Powerworks, but lost its final four-way melee to The Grim Reaper.

The Mute team hold their trophy as winners of Robot Crusade 2003

Mute had an even more extensive career in 2003, competing at a total of eight events before and after the Seventh Wars, the first of which being Brighton Model World 2003 where Mute won a three-way melee over Dantomkia and Barbaric Response before losing to Bigger Brother in the next round - it did, however, win a bonus rumble over S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Kronic the Wedgehog. Mute was unsuccessful at a Red Nose Day fundraiser next, losing a head-to-head against The Stag and losing melees to Behemoth and Pussycat. Mute's highlight of 2003 came at the Robot Crusade 2003 in the Enginuity museum, losing its opening melee to Kan-Opener before proceeding to win the competition outright with a melee win over Corkscrew and Mighty Mouse, then followed this up with three back-to-back wins against St. Agro, Kan-Opener and The Stag. In a return to the Debenham Robot Rumble for 2003, Mute lost battles to Bigger Brother and also Judge Shred 3 prior to their televised encounter, but Mute did win a three-way melee over Lazerus and Sugar Plum Fairy.

Mute at the Dutch Robot Games in 2003

Mute in 2005 alongside Hassocks Hog 2

Mute next travelled to the Netherlands to compete in the Dutch Robot Games. Its only competition fight was a three-way rumble against Edge Hog and Hard, which was won by the eventual runner-up Edge Hog. However, Mute did win a non-competition rumble over Lizzard and Gianto 2[4]. It also fought at a Newark live event in 2003, where it again lost to The Stag but notably levelled its score with Judge Shred 3 prior to the televised encounter despite ultimately losing the melee to M2. After collecting two wins and two losses at the Kent Robot Challenge 2003 with wins and losses to Scorpion, Mute's final event of the year was at Steel City Showdown 2003 where it won three straight fights, defeating Big Nipper in a head-to-head, winning melees over Ewe 2 and Ripper then Leveller 2 and W.I.P. before losing the final melee against Big Nipper and Merlin to the former.

After Robot Wars began its hiatus in 2004, Mute continued to fight in other FRA competitions, most notably finishing as runner-up in the 2004 Roaming Robots competition, but lost to Terrorhurtz after its removable link fell out. Mute was due to return in 2005 as the 2nd seed, but withdrew before the competition started, and Mute was then retired afterwards.

Mute in 2012, rebuilt and re-painted ready for Manchester

Mute in 2016 with new armour

Mute was rebuilt in 2012, keeping the original chassis, for it to return to the live circuit. It came back from retirement by featuring in an exhibition event hosted by Robots Live! in July 2012, where it fought several battles (most of which against Merlin), and self righted out of the arena in one of the battles. Since then, Mute continued to participate in various live events, with varying degrees of success, before retiring for a few years. Mute was upgraded again in 2016, now sporting HARDOX, HDPE, stainless steel, and titanium armour, despite still running on the 2002 chassis. Upgrades to the speed controllers and batteries were also made. This version of Mute was scheduled to debut at the Robots Live! event in Cannock that year, but did not appear, and has not competed since.


Official Series 7 photo

  • Mute's ability to self-right from the arena was something Adam Emmett believed to be possible, but did not confirm that such a thing had happened in the fight with Firestorm 5.
    • However, Mute later flipped itself out of the arena at a live event in 2012 while fighting Merlin and Big Nipper[5].
  • Both robots to have ever defeated Mute (Storm 2 and Firestorm 5) fought against each other in the second round of the semi-finals in Series 7.
  • Humorously, Mute's statistics board in Series 7 stated its weakness was 'vulnerable to pits', in reference to its driving into the pit in the New Blood Championship.
  • Mute never appeared in a battle with Growler or Cassius Chrome.

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