My First Bot is a fictional competitor robot that featured in the Robot Wars game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a lightweight class robot with a low wedge body. Its weapon is an axe and it is armoured in wood. It cannot self-right.

It is automatically within the player's "Robot Workshop", acting as a default robot that the player can start off with. However, the player can choose to sell My First Bot, and receive 1350 credits, which can be used to help build or buy another robot. Alternatively, My First Bot can be modified by the player. Like Stinger in the GBA version of Extreme Destruction it cannot be fought by the player unless in two player when someone else controls My First Bot.


Using My First BotEdit

Although My First Bot is very sluggish, it is advisable to stay away from flipping weapons as much as possible, particularly the TV Series robots. However, when in a melee, retreating into the arena corner, and then attacking the other robots from behind, using the axe, will help gain damage points, whilst remaining unharmed by the opponents. When going head to head, the only real tactic is to just go head on to the other robot and constantly fire the axe (even though it is slow to retract), as it would be a waste of time and effort to try and turn around to run away, due to My First Bot's incredibly slow speed.

Against My First BotEdit

My First Bot is very sluggish, both in moving across the arena and when turning. This will make it easy to get around the side or the rear of it, and either try to push/ram it or attack it using weapons. As My First Bot is armoured in wood, the armour will peel away very easily and quickly, whichever method is applied, therefore, the chassis will become destroyed fairly quickly too. Alternatively, My First Bot can also be very easily flipped, and cannot self-right.

My First Bot Stats

My First Bot's Stats

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