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"NEAT Machine, it actually does look like a nietmachine (stapler)! But it has all sorts of things on it... A stapler with an attitude!"
— Eric Corton in Dutch Series 1 (translated from Dutch)

NEAT Machine was a competitor robot that fought in Series 1 of Dutch Robot Wars, and the first of three similarly-named entries from Team NEAT. Despite losing in the first round of its heat to Sater in that series, it won its Losers' Melee to reach the second round, where it was defeated by Sniper. NEAT Machine also represented the Netherlands in The Second World Championship, but was eliminated in the first round after getting flipped over by Firestorm 3.

A successor, Neater, competed in Series 2 of the Dutch series, reaching the Heat Final stage. A modified version of Neater also entered Series 7 of the UK Robot Wars as NEATer Machine, but was eliminated in the first round.

Versions of NEAT Machine[]

NEAT Machine without the flags

NEAT Machine and its successors were large, wedge-shaped robots armed with a pneumatic spiked axe. The axe featured a long metal bar along the axe arm close to the head, which was intended to help each version self-right when they were flipped onto their sides and also allow the robot to attack with limited sit-and-spin capabilities. The front wedge on all three versions had a distinctive plough-like shape, while both NEAT Machine and NEATer Machine had an airhorn which could be heard whenever the axe fired and retracted.

NEAT Machine[]

"Hi, we are the NEAT team, and this is a robot with a very nice point! We’re working with 15 bar on the axe, and that (the front section) is our bumper and it can spin along very fast. So we’ll see what damage it can do in the coming days!"
— Team NEAT introduce their robot in Dutch Series 1 (translated from Dutch)

NEAT Machine in the arena for Extreme

NEAT Machine in Dutch Series 1

NEAT Machine was painted silver, and featured a more wedge-like profile than its successors. In addition to its axe, the robot featured a front set of spikes – one on the front, two on either side – which were intended to ram opponents and cause damage to them when it spun around According to Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide, it could spin at a rate of 150 times per minute. NEAT Machine itself was made out of an iron chassis and an aluminium outer shell, costing £600 and taking five months to design and build. It was powered by a 24 Volt electric wheelchair motor, giving a top speed of 15mph.

A pair of orange flags were fitted to NEAT Machine in its first Dutch Series 1 battles, which were replaced with Dutch flags for its appearance in the Second World Championship. Additionally, the metal bar on its axe was not fitted for the latter, which left it unable to self-right after getting thrown onto its side by Firestorm 3.

The robot had two transmitter/receiver sets, one for controlling the robot and one for the axe. However, the transmitter/receiver sets were rather susceptible to interference, particularly the weapon system, which caused it to sometimes fire the axe unintentionally[1].

"During its first test, it drove into water, and later it destroyed the laptop of one of its creators!"
— Information from Eric Corton before NEAT Machine fought Sater (translated from Dutch)


"NEATer machine is the successor of our previous robot, the NEAT machine. The robot has been completely rebuilt with a view to a better layout of the components and a greater strength and weight reduction of the frame and bodywork."
— NEATer Machine website (Translated from Dutch)[2]

Neater in Dutch Series 2

The insides of Neater

Neater was a bulkier and more powerful version of NEAT Machine, with an enlarged body and more powerful axe powered by two CO2 rams, as well as a box-wedged body shape and larger front wedges. The front pickaxe was also replaced with an A-shaped scoop, and the robot was now painted black and silver with a red axe. The robot used a number of components from the original, including the motors and batteries, but others were replaced with improved versions, including a new pneumatic system and better speed controllers. In order to fit the new components, the body became wider, longer and flatter.

The entire pneumatic system was changed, with larger cylinders, lighter buffer tanks and a new pressure regulator. The new cylinders allowed the robot to self-right and ensured a lower working pressure would be needed.

"As a disadvantage, those same cylinders have also ensured that the entire impact mechanism has become higher and is now less well protected by the body, which is why a pair of aluminum 'ears' are now mounted on top of the case."
— NEATer Machine website (Translated from Dutch

The axe itself also had two side spikes mounted in between the axe head and the self-righting bar, in an effort to further improve its self-righting capability. It was powered by two 350 Watt electric motors, and the receiver system was changed to prevent the interference problems suffered by the original, contained in a separate box, connected to the transmitter of the underway via a cable. For the underway, specially designed interface cards ensured the coupling of the received signal with the speed controllers. The baseplate was changed to the same aluminium used for the armour, as the original was easy to shatter. Neater's statistics board claimed it had 'no weaknesses', ignoring the fragility of its exposed tyres, which would be listed as a weakness on NEATer Machine.

NEATer Machine[]

"Two electric motorsh, two-cylinder she-O2 shyshtem for the axe, lift, and shrimech, but die wheelsh are exposhed guysh, huh?"
Jonathan Pearce summarises NEATer Machine with a badly exaggerated Dutch accent

NEATer Machine in the pits

For Series 7, Team NEAT entered a revised version of Neater, known as NEATer Machine. Painted black and red, it was largely identical to Neater, although with the addition of metal fins on its top panel and the conversion of its scoop into a lifter with a lifting capacity of 100kg. The side spikes on Neater's axe were discarded, and the self-righting bar made larger. The electric motors were improved from 350 Watts to 550.The robot was 4kg lighter than the previous version. NEATer Machine also had the message 'Bottom’s Up' written on its baseplate.


NEATer Machine logo

"The hands of this “nietmachine” also seem to be done with their paperwork and are ready to destroy."
— Eric Corton jokes about the 'nietmachine' origin before NEAT Machine's battle with Sater (translated from Dutch)

The name NEAT Machine partially comes from the team's main sponsor, NEAT (Netwerk Assistente Team)[3]. It doubles up as wordplay based on a stapler, which in Dutch is known as a nietmachine, prompting many stationery jokes from the presenters of Dutch Series 1.

The Team[]

The NEAT Machine team in Dutch Series 1

The NEATer Machine team in Series 7

The creators of NEAT Machine were known as Team NEAT, again in reference to their sponsor NEAT (Netwerk Assistente Team). The team captain and lead builder of the robot was Arthur van Ulft, who was consistently joined by Wouter van den Ende in all appearances. The third teammate was typically Jur Breuring, although Albert Blomherd took his place for UK Series 7. The team were based in Sint Martensberg in North Brabant, making them one of the southernmost competitors to hail from the Netherlands.

Robot History[]

Extreme 1/US Season 1[]

Representing the Netherlands, NEAT Machine made its first appearance in the Second World Championship, which was broadcast as part of the first series of Robot Wars Extreme and Season 1 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. In its first round battle, it faced US representative Drillzilla, the Swedish entry Whirlpool 70 and experienced UK competitor Firestorm 3.

Julia Reed: "The first time you've fought in Britain, are you looking forward to it?"
Arthur van Ulft: "Yes, we're looking forward to it!"
Julia Reed: "Any robot in particular that you might want to get that enormous axe into?"
Arthur van Ulft: "Uhh ... Firestorm!"
Julia Reed: "That looks like a mean one!"
— Pre-Round 1 interview

NEAT Machine is flipped after a combined attack by Drillzilla and Firestorm 3

NEAT Machine is counted out

Drillzilla started by driving at Whirlpool 70, and Firestorm 3 drove at Drillzilla, whilst NEAT Machine held back. As Firestorm 3 pushed Drillzilla towards the arena wall, NEAT Machine drove at Whirlpool 70, but its front ramming blade prevented it from lining up an attack with the axe, so it turned away as Whirlpool 70 began spinning. NEAT Machine turned back at Whirlpool 70 and tried to axe it, but missed. Meanwhile, Drillzilla pushed Firestorm 3, but Firestorm 3 pushed back, pushing it against Whirlpool 70, pushing Whirlpool 70 against NEAT Machine. NEAT Machine turned, hitting Whirlpool 70 with its front spikes, and Firestorm 3 drove around Whirlpool 70, getting behind NEAT Machine. Firestorm 3 pushed against NEAT Machine, trying to get underneath, but NEAT Machine drove away to the centre of the arena. Firestorm 3 chased Drillzilla, then Drillzilla drove after NEAT Machine. Drillzilla pushed NEAT Machine onto the front of Firestorm 3, which promptly flipped NEAT Machine over.

"It’s a Dutch disaster, it seems to me! Can they right themselves? No they can’t, they’ve been clogged out of it!"
Jonathan Pearce after NEAT Machine is flipped over

NEAT Machine fired its axe in an attempt to self-right, but was unable to do so, and was counted out by Refbot. Sir Killalot grabbed it by the axe, dragging it to the floor flipper, turning it back upright as he did so. However, NEAT Machine was immobile, so it could not get off the floor flipper before it tossed it across the arena. This eliminated NEAT Machine early on from the Second World Championship.

"Oh dear, they didn't last too long, did they? They've gone!"
— Jonathan Pearce as NEAT Machine is counted out

Dutch Series 1[]

Bridget Maasland: "Gentlemen of NEAT Machine, it is neat, that is clearly visible, but can it handle Sater?"
Team NEAT: "Yes, I think it can."
Bridget Maasland: "What has it got to offer then?"
Team NEAT: "What it offers? A good, sharp, long point, it is fast, it is strong, it can drive in circles very fast. It’s got a nice point!"
Bridget Maasland: "Oh, this is very sharp, isn’t it? So you guys are real winners then?"
Team NEAT: "Well we hope we are, yes!"
— First-round interview with Bridget Maasland (translated from Dutch)

NEAT Machine made its Dutch Robot Wars debut in Heat E, fighting Sater in its first-round battle.

"Hey, I’m hearing sounds, maybe that could be the new rage in Robot Wars, robots with sounds! As you can see, there are two beautiful horns on the side of the NEAT Machine that sometimes go “honk”, but so far there’s not a lot of damage being caused to either team."
— Eric Corton notes the horns of NEAT Machine (translated from Dutch)

The immobile NEAT Machine axes Sater

Sater began by reversing at NEAT Machine, and NEAT Machine missed its charge, getting side-on as it hit the back of Sater. NEAT Machine tried turning to use the axe, but couldn't get under Sater because of its front ramming blade. Sater reversed against NEAT Machine's ramming blade, then NEAT Machine pushed Sater machine down the arena, and turned against it, but couldn't get the front lance under Sater, and suddenly stopped. Refbot pushed the two competitors apart, and it immediately became clear that NEAT Machine had lost mobility, as Sater turned away.

"Sater tries to get away and Refbot seems to help with it, but now NEAT Machine isn’t working anymore. Oh wait, look at that, NEAT Machine is still alive and tries to deliver a bash to Sater (the axe blow). But that weapon, it kind of looks like a Meccano! Refbot starts counting down because as you can see, there’s not a lot happening anymore."
— Eric Corton as NEAT Machine stops moving (translated from Dutch)

NEAT Machine is pushed towards the pit

Sater reversed past the front of NEAT Machine, and NEAT Machine fired the axe, hitting the top of Sater, but the axe did not penetrate. Refbot counted NEAT Machine out, and Shunt pushed it across the arena onto the Floor Flipper, where it was tossed across the arena, landed on its back. Matilda came over, giving it a little nudge, before NEAT Machine was pushed to the side of the pit, and Shunt gave it the final push, with the House Robot nearly falling in with it himself.

"So what will we do with this nietmachine (stapler) now? I think we’ll just throw it into the pit! is their website, maybe they’re gonna leave an angry email!"
— Eric Corton jokes about the website URL printed on the robot (translated from Dutch)

This defeat put NEAT Machine into the Losers' Melee, where it faced MaxiMill and Shapeshifter for a chance to be reinstated in the main competition.

NEAT Machine pushes the immobile Shapeshifter

NEAT Machine lands a late blow on MaxiMill

Shapeshifter failed to move at the start of the battle, and NEAT Machine started driving towards it, only to turn away. It turned around, before turning, hitting the side of Shapeshifter with its spikes and pushing it into an angle grinder. MaxiMill opened the pit, and NEAT Machine drove away up the arena, but as it drove over the floor flipper, the tip of its front ramming blade caught on the edge of the floor flipper, causing it to bend down, lifting the robot off the ground a little. After struggling to move forwards, NEAT Machine reversed into an empty CPZ, whilst MaxiMill attacked Shapeshifter, which was being counted out by Refbot. NEAT Machine drove out of the CPZ, but reversed into the wall, getting stuck against an angle grinder. Refbot came over and pushed it off, but it turned straight into another angle grinder, and Refbot had to push it away from the arena wall. NEAT Machine axed Shapeshifter, turned, but drove into Refbot. Refbot pushed NEAT Machine, lining it up with Shapeshifter and it fired the axe, hitting Shapeshifter. Refbot pushed the two into MaxiMill, then reversed. MaxiMill turned to attack the side of Shapeshifter, and NEAT Machine fired the axe, but missed MaxiMill. NEAT Machine tried reversing, but its spikes snagged on MaxiMill. It fired the axe, missing again. NEAT Machine reversed, and MaxiMill drove away before Matilda reversed into Shapeshifter, ripping off a lot of the side armour. NEAT Machine axed Maximill, puncturing the to, and pulled it in reverse, but reversed into Shapeshifter. MaxiMill struggled, but could not get free of the axe, and NEAT Machine could not move or pull its axe back. As time ran out, none of the three competitors could move, until Matilda reversed into Shapeshifter, shattering the armour with her flywheel. This push allowed NEAT Machine to drive forward, pushing MaxiMill just before time ran out. The battle went to a Jury’s decision, who ruled NEAT Machine as the winner of the Losers' Melee, putting it through to the second round.

There, NEAT Machine fought Sniper, now with the flags removed and a fourth, longer vertical spike attached to the top of the front ramming blade.

NEAT Machine is flipped over by Sniper

It spun around as the battle started, but Sniper did not drive at it, and NEAT Machine turned away, but drove onto the flame pit. NEAT Machine quickly turned and drove over the Flame Pit, driving down the arena. Sniper also drove down the arena, and NEAT Machine drove back up to the top of the arena. Sniper pressed the pit release button, and NEAT Machine charged at Sniper, firing the axe, but missed. Sniper got its flipper under NEAT Machine and flipped it over. NEAT Machine tried using the axe to right itself, but couldn't turn itself over.

NEAT Machine is counted out

Sir Killalot pits NEAT Machine, nearly falling in himself

As Refbot came over to count NEAT Machine out, NEAT Machine tried using the one wheel that had contact with the floor to turn it around, and fired the axe in an attempt to right itself a couple of times, but couldn't turn itself over. As Refbot's counter hit 10, Dead Metal pushed NEAT Machine against the wall, and cut into the top with his saw, before Sir Killalot came over, grabbing NEAT Machine by the tyre, lifting it up and carrying it over to the edge of the pit. However, NEAT Machine's axe was caught under one of Dead Metal's claws, so Sir Killalot put NEAT Machine down, and allowed Dead Metal to reverse, getting free of NEAT Machine. Sir Killalot slowly turned NEAT Machine closer and closer to the pit, then pushed forwards, leaving NEAT Machine dangling on the edge. As he did so, he drove on the edge himself, so reversed, and NEAT Machine toppled into the pit, fully eliminating it from the first Dutch Series.

Dutch Series 2[]

Team NEAT returned for Dutch Series 2 with Neater, which competed in Heat A. In its first round battle, Neater faced the Belgian loanerbot entry Hard.

Neater misses with an axe swing...

...but later connects with an attack

Neater started quicker, driving towards Hard. Hard drove at Neater, but drove straight at the front lifter, and couldn't reach Neater with its axe. Neater fired the axe, hitting the top of Hard and denting the armour, and Hard fired the axe, but it was too short to reach past the front lifter and hit Neater's body. As it did so, Hard's axe hit the spikes on the side of Neater's axe, pushing it the top of Hard. Neater turned away, and both robots turned around and drove at each other. Hard got at the side of Neater and fired the axe, but missed. Neater turned to get at the side of Hard, but Hard turned to avoid the axe, causing Neater to miss. Hard drove away, and Neater turned around. Hard drove back at Neater, but Neater turned, hitting the front of Hard with its lifter and knocking it, causing Hard to miss with the axe. Neater fired the axe, puncturing the top armour and rupturing Hard’s CO2. Hard reversed, with CO2 venting out of the back, and the axe was stuck in the down position. Hard pushed against the front of Neater, pushing it around. Neater fired the axe as Hard pushed, but it missed its opponent. Neater turned against Hard and Hard reversed. Neater turned around and Hard drove back at it, and Neater swerved and tried to get at the side of Hard. Hard tried driving around it, but Neater turned and fired the axe, hitting the top and denting the armour. Hard reversed, and Neater drove after it, catching up with Hard, but Neater turned too far as it tried to get in position to fire the axe.

Growler rams Hard and Neater, immobilising Hard

Neater drove away, driving close to a CPZ, and span on the spot as Hard drove at it. Hard drove into Neater, and Neater span around. Neater reversed, and Hard drove at it, and Neater tried turning away, but suddenly, Growler charged over, driving into the two competitors, pushing them apart. Neater drove away from the CPZ, but Hard was immobilised. Neater slowly approached Hard, firing the axe, getting the axe in the gap in the middle. Neater reversed away as Refbot came over to count Hard out. Growler grabbed Hard's axe in his jaws, pulling Hard onto its side, shaking it and pushing it up the arena. Neater drove up the arena, and Refbot drove over to count out Hard. Neater span around in victory as Refbot finished counting Hard out, and Matilda and Growler came in to attack Hard.

In the second round, Neater fought Blackdevil Warzone. A new robot created by Team RCC.

Neater plunges its axe tip into Blackdevil Warzone's wheel well

Neater drove down the arena, and Blackdevil Warzone drove towards it. Neater turned around and fired the axe, but turned too far and missed with the axe. As Neater pulled back the axe, Blackdevil Warzone turned and drove away. Neater drove after it, but as it tried to line up an attack, the lifter hit the spinning drum. Neater tried turning to get in a position to attack, but Blackdevil Warzone turned and drove away. Neater drove after it, and Blackdevil Warzone reversed at it. Neater fired the axe, but Blackdevil Warzone turned and drove away, dodging the axe. Neater drove after Blackdevil Warzone, getting at the side, getting under the ground clearance with its lifter. Neater fired the axe, but missed. With the lifter still underneath Blackdevil Warzone, Neater turned and fired the axe, but the axe head passed over Blackdevil Warzone. Blackdevil Warzone couldn't get off the lifter, so Neater reversed and turned away to let Blackdevil Warzone off the front. Blackdevil Warzone drove away, and Neater drove after it, catching up with it by the floor flipper.

Neater pins Blackdevil Warzone against an angle grinder

Blackdevil Warzone drove at the front of Neater, but couldn't reach because of the lifter. Neater fired the axe, but failed to puncture the top. Neater pushed Blackdevil Warzone towards the wall, hitting the top with the axe again. It did not puncture the armour, but got the axe behind one of the wheels, and used the axe to help push Blackdevil Warzone towards the flame pit. As it pushed Blackdevil Warzone onto the flame pit, it landed another axe blow, but Blackdevil Warzone quickly drove off the flame pit. Blackdevil Warzone drove behind Neater, and Neater turned around and fired the axe, but missed because the lifter hit the back. Neater pushed Blackdevil Warzone around in a circle as it turned, and Blackdevil Warzone tried getting away, only to drive into an angle grinder. Neater pinned it there, narrowly missing with the axe. It reversed and turned for another axe blow, but turned too far, missing with the axe again.

Neater and Growler lock horns

Blackdevil Warzone turned around, and Neater pushed it against the wall, but as it did so, drove onto the edge of Growler's CPZ, and Growler rammed it away. As he did so, he drove onto the front lifter, which became stuck under one of his wheels. Growler drove back and forth, pushing and pulling Neater with him, then drove towards the arena centre and turned, finally getting free. Blackdevil Warzone tried reversing away from the arena wall, but one of its wheels was not spinning. Refbot came over and counted it out, with Neater spinning around in victory after Refbot's counter reached ten.

In the Heat Final, Neater faced Dutch Series 1 runner-up Lizzard.

Neater spikes the rear of Lizzard

Lizzard had the quicker start, driving at Neater as Neater drove forwards a little. Lizzard drove into the side of Neater, and Neater tried to turn, but could not get its lifter under Lizzard or line up its axe. Lizzard pushed Neater up the arena, until it turned around, getting its lifter under the rear tail. Lizzard reversed against Neater, then span and Neater turned at the wrong moment, causing it to miss with the axe. Lizzard hit Neater a number of times with its tail as it span, but the tail merely brushed off. Neater drove around Lizzard and tried to line up the axe, but turned incorrectly. It turned back, but the spinning tail hit its lifter, hooking it for a moment and preventing Neater from aiming the axe. Neater turned to line up the axe again, but was hit by the whipping tail, so turned away, and started spinning itself. As Lizzard stopped spinning, Neater tried getting under the side of Lizzard, but Lizzard turned as Neater got the lifter at the side, getting at its side and pushed Neater towards the arena side wall. Neater tried turning away, but hit the wall.

Neater strikes Lizzard's tyre

Lizzard reversed, and Neater reversed away from the wall. As Neater drove to attack Lizzard, Lizzard span, hitting its opponent with the tail, but it merely brushed off. Neater fired the axe, hitting the top and preventing Lizzard from getting away as it tried turning away. Neater pulled the axe back, then drove at Lizzard as it turned around. The two robots drove into each other, but Neater bounced off on impact with Lizzard, causing it to miss with the axe. Lizzard turned away and started spinning. Neater drove at it, but as it got close, Lizzard's spinning tail hooked the front lifter, pulling Neater aside, causing it to miss when it fired the axe. Neater turned back at Lizzard, but it was still spinning and hit the lifter with its spinning tail again, and Neater fired the axe prematurely and missed again. Neater drove up to the top of the arena, then turned, carefully driving at Lizzard as it tried spinning again, landing an axe blow directly on one of its tyres.

"Oh, bullseye!"
Eric Corton as Neater strikes Lizzard’s tyre

Neater is pressed back against the arena wall

Neater pulled the axe out of the tyre, and Lizzard drove forwards, then turned into the front of Neater, which fired the axe, but narrowly missed. Lizzard drove past the front of Neater, which missed with the axe again. As it shook from the firing of the axe, the front of the lifter fell off. It turned and drove at the front of Lizzard, getting under it and firing the axe, but did not puncture the armour. Lizzard pushed back, and Neater turned away. Lizzard turned, hitting Neater with the whipping tail, but this had no effect. Lizzard drove around Neater, but Neater caught up with it in the arena centre, firing the axe and getting the axe into the wheel gaps. Lizzard pushed against Neater's axe, trying to get free, but Neater kept hold of it. As Lizzard tried pushing it, Neater pulled the axe back, letting Lizzard free. Lizzard tried spinning, merely landing a weak blow on Neater, and Neater hit the top with its axe again. Lizzard tried driving away, but couldn't get free of the axe until Neater reversed, dragging the axe off the top. Lizzard hit the pit release, and whilst Neater span around, Lizzard cautiously approached, but Neater turned to avoid it. Lizzard drove up to the top of the arena, and Neater drove after it. Lizzard drove at the front of Neater, and Neater fired the axe, hitting the top, but Lizzard pushed it across the arena, into the arena wall.

Lizzard drives at Neater one more time before cease

Lizzard reversed, and Neater tried getting away, but turned into the angle grinder. Neater reversed into the front of Lizzard, and as Lizzard tried pushing, it turned, causing Lizzard to drive into the CPZ. Sir Killalot rushed over and pinned it against the wall. Lizzard managed to turn away and reverse out of the CPZ, but as it did so, it passed Neater, which landed an axe blow on the top. Lizzard drove into the side of Neater, but Neater span before it could push. Lizzard turned and tried pushing again, but Neater turned and hit Lizzard with the axe again, hooking the axe by one of the wheels. Lizzard pushed Neater back to the arena centre, until Neater pulled the axe back. Neater turned away and turned around Lizzard, but failed to get the lifter under Lizzard. Lizzard tried pushing, but Neater turned away. Lizzard drove at one of Neater's wheels, but Neater turned, then reversed. Neater turned, moving Lizzard close to an angle grinder, and when Lizzard tried getting away, it reversed into the angle grinder. Neater drove to the arena centre, and Lizzard charged into it just before time ran out. The battle went to a Jury's decision, which ruled in favour of Lizzard despite the damage inflicted by Neater. This eliminated Neater from Dutch Series 2.

UK Series 7[]

"Once a heat finalist in Dutch Robot Wars. New to the UK Championship."
Jonathan Pearce as NEATer Machine enters the arena

In its only main UK series appearance, NEATer Machine fought in Heat N of The Seventh Wars, facing New Blood competitor Chip, Revenge of Trouble & Strife and the sixth seed Spawn Again in the first round.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Boys, what have you got to give us in The Seventh Wars?"
Arthur van Ulft: "What we've got, is a big axe; it's nice and sharp, it's fast. We can lift 100 kilograms, and some nice horns!"
Jayne Middlemiss: "The horns aren't exactly gonna help that much in..."
Arthur van Ulft: "Yes, but it helps us!"
— Pre-battle interview with Jayne Middlemiss

NEATer Machine's axe head breaks off

NEATer Machine is counted out by Refbot

NEATer Machine slowly approached Revenge of Trouble & Strife at the start of the battle, and though it got Revenge of Trouble & Strife right in front of its lifter, Revenge of Trouble & Strife got away before it could fire, causing NEATer Machine to miss. Spawn Again rammed into the back, but did not get underneath, and NEATer Machine, driving into Revenge of Trouble & Strife. Spawn Again drove into NEATer Machine's side, pushing it a little, before Spawn Again drove away. Revenge of Trouble & Strife reversed, NEATer machine turned around, and Chip drove into the front of NEATer Machine, but the disc merely slid off. NEATer Machine drove down the arena after Chip as it drove away, but fired the axe too early, firing at nothing. Chip drove away and Spawn Again drove between it and NEATer Machine, before driving at Chip, getting underneath and flipped it out of the arena. Meanwhile, Revenge of Trouble & Strife reversed into NEATer Machine's lifter with its spinner, causing sparks. NEATer Machine fired the axe, but the axe fell just by the side of Revenge of Trouble & Strife's spinner, which hit the axe head and ripped it clean off. It became completely immobilised following this attack, and it was counted out.

"Where's NEATer Machine? In the arena centre, and the Refbot's having a look, and I think they're gonna be counted out."
— Jonathan Pearce as Spawn Again fights Revenge of Trouble & Strife whilst NEATer Machine lies immobile

NEATer Machine stuck under the floor flipper after being flipped

Dead Metal pushes NEATer Machine free of the flipper, but gets one of his claws stuck

The House Robots came out to attack, with Mr. Psycho hitting the already-broken axe of NEATer Machine with his hammer, and as Mr. Psycho drove around to its front, Dead Metal got behind it and sliced into the back of NEATer Machine using its saw.

"Dead Metal and Mr. Psycho making mincemeat of NEATer Machine!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Dead Metal cuts into NEATer Machine

Dead Metal prepares to slice NEATer Machine's underside

Mr Psycho finishes NEATer Machine off by pitting it

Mr. Psycho bulldozed NEATer Machine up to the floor flipper, but accidentally pushed it so it was only half-on the flipper, so when the flipper fired, instead of being tossed across the arena, NEATer Machine was flipped up into the air, tossed over, and it fell backwards, landing partially inside the flipper mechanism, preventing it from closing. Dead Metal came over to push it out, but as he reversed, the flipper closed on top of one of his claws. Dead Metal got free and sliced into NEATer Machine's underside, Mr. Psycho then pushed NEATer Machine down the arena and into the pit, eliminating it from the Seventh Wars along with Chip.

"…and it all goes messy for NEATer Machine!"
Craig Charles announces NEATer Machine’s elimination


UK/US Series
Extreme Series 1/US Season 1
The Second World Championship
Representing the Netherlands, Eliminated in Heats
Heat vs. Drillzilla (USA), Firestorm 3 (UK), Whirlpool 70 (SWE) Eliminated
Dutch Series
Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heat, Semi-Final
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Sater Lost
Heat E, Losers Melee vs. MaxiMill, Shapeshifter Won
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. Sniper Lost
Dutch Series
Series 2
Dutch Championship
Heat Final
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Hard Won
Heat A, Semi-Final vs. Blackdevil Warzone Won
Heat A, Final vs. Lizzard Lost
UK Series
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat N, Round 1 vs. Chip, Revenge of Trouble & Strife, Spawn Again (6) Eliminated


  • UK Wins: 0
  • UK Losses: 2
  • Dutch Wins: 3
  • Dutch Losses: 3

Series Record[]

UK Series[]

Main Series NEAT Machine Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 The Second World Championship, Round 1
Series 2 Did not enter

Dutch Series[]

Dutch Series NEAT Machine Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 2
Series 2 Heat Final



Official Series 7 photo

  • As well as the team's main sponsor NEAT, NEAT Machine had eight sponsors, including Hippo Kart & Party Centre.
  • NEAT Machine is one of only ten robots to debut in Extreme 1 and then fight in one of the main UK competitions. The others were 3 Stegs 2 Heaven, Axe-Awe, Comengetorix, Fighting Torque, Fluffy, Spawn Again, Sub-Version, The Executioner and Draven.
  • NEAT Machine was one of four robots in the first Dutch series whose team had taken part in a televised Robot Wars competition before, the others being Philipper, Slicer and MaxiMill. Its first appearance was only shown in the UK after its appearance in Dutch Series 1, but The Second World Championship was held before the first Dutch series.
  • NEAT Machine was also the only Dutch robot in Dutch Series 1 which had made a previous appearance, as Slicer and the Dutch Series 1 version of MaxiMill were new robots from teams that had fought before.
  • NEATer Machine is one of only four robots, along with Bamm Bamm, Hammerhead and Scraptosaur, to have competed in the main championship for both series of Dutch Robot Wars and Series 7 of the UK Robot Wars.
  • The only House Robot which never shared the arena with NEAT Machine was Cassius Chrome.
  • Three of NEAT Machine’s defeats involved it being thrown by the Floor Flipper at some point – its first round battles in Dutch Series 1, The Second World Championship (both as NEAT Machine) and Series 7 (as NEATer Machine).


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