The Annihilator Special was the sixth and last episode of Nickelodeon Robot Wars broadcast on Nickelodeon on September 29, 2002.


The Nickelodeon Annihilator was similar to that of other versions, where a certain number of robots entered the arena at once and fought each other until one was defeated. The remaining robots would then repair and do battle again, until the next robot was eliminated. The whole process would continue until only one robot remained, and would be crowned the Annihilator Champion.

In comparison to other versions, which featured six robots each, the Nickelodeon Annihilator featured only five robots, allowing for a total of four rounds within the show's time-restricted format.

Competing RobotsEdit

Another version of Bunny Attack
Bunny Attack
Weight 200lbs
Dimensions 39" x 37" x 32"
Power 2x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons 8lb Sledgehammer
Strengths Low Ground Clearance
Weaknesses Flammable
From: Massachusetts
Team Members: Mike Chester, Benjamin Chester & Andrew Chester
Techno Trousers
Weight 185lbs
Dimensions 12" x 84" x 45"
Power Electric Motor
Weapons Hydraulic Lance
Strengths Appeal - Looks Good
Weaknesses Relatively Heavy
From: Massachusetts
Team Members: Jack Kurtz, Ellen Kurtz & Andrew Kurtz
Hannibal US
Weight 194lbs
Dimensions 14" x 46" x 38"
Power 2x24v Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Lifting Arm
Strengths Pushing Power
Weaknesses Ineffective Weapon
From: Virginia
Team Members: Will Tatman & Bill Tatman
Piecemaker nick02
The Piecemaker
Weight 99lbs
Dimensions 10" x 27" x 20"
Power 2x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons 2x18v Circular Saws
Strengths Reliable & Strong
Weaknesses Slow & Lightweight
From: California
Team Members: Scott Gary, Hannah Gary & Alanna Gary
Weight 184lbs
Dimensions 10" x 44" x 30"
Power 2x36v Wheelchair Motors
Weapons 6" Hole Saw
Strengths Speedy & Maneuverable
Weaknesses Exposed Wheels
From: New York
Team Members: John Carioti, Andrew Carioti & Larry Noliven

Round 1Edit


Techno Trousers is flipped into Bunny Attack

Basenji immediately drove straight into Bunny Attack, pushing it into a CPZ but Bunny Attack managed to escape and ran into The Piecemaker's saws. Bunny Attack tried to hit The Piecemaker with its hammer but it had no effect. Basenji drove straight over the back of Techno Trousers who appeared to have mobility problems. Basenji drove under The Piecemaker and slammed it into the Disc of Doom trigger before attacking the sluggish Hannibal. Basenji then got under Techno Trousers and pushed it aside. Bunny Attack continued to attack The Piecemaker but Techno Trousers had been immobilized by Basenji's attacks. Refbot counted Techno Trousers out and Sir K picked the beaten machine up and spun it around before letting it go. Hannibal had also broken down and started smoking. Sgt. Bash pushed Techno Trousers onto the floor flipper. At the same time, Bunny Attack was pushing The Piecemaker towards the flipper as well. The flipper activated, throwing Techno Trousers straight into Bunny Attack's hammer and onto its back.

Eliminated: Techno Trousers

Round 2Edit


Basenji dives into the pit

For this match, Hannibal replaced its lifting forks with ramming spikes. Bunny Attack once again attacked the much smaller Piecemaker, hitting it with its hammer while Basenji pressed the pit release button. Hannibal pushed both Bunny Attack and The Piecemaker into the wall but Sir K separated them. Basenji rammed into Hannibal and pushed it into the wall near the pit. Hannibal drove away but Basenji drove right behind Refbot straight into the pit.

Eliminated: Basenji

Round 3Edit


Dead Metal slices into The Piecemaker

Hannibal, who had placed a carrot on its spikes for Bunny Attack, started the match by pushing The Piecemaker into Dead Metal's claws. Dead Metal buried its saw into The Piecemaker, spraying showers of sparks. Bunny Attack got behind Hannibal and hit it several times with its hammer. Hannibal drove away and Bunny Attack gave chase. Bunny Attack caught up and continued to pound away at Hannibal, only for its hammer to break off and fall on Hannibal's top.

"And Hannibal says 'It's hammer time!' as he drives away with the hammer!"
Stefan Frank

Bunny Attack, left with only his pushing power, pushed Hannibal onto the steam pit. Hannibal pressed the disc of doom trigger and Bunny Attack rammed Hannibal again, only to get caught on the steam pit. Shunt came in and freed Bunny Attack as The Piecemaker and Bunny Attack pushed Hannibal onto the steam pit just as time ran out. The judges chose to eliminate The Piecemaker.

Eliminated: The Piecemaker



Bunny Attack spins out on the Disc

Bunny Attack had repaired its broken sledgehammer and used it to pound Hannibal's top but still couldn't damage it. However, the carrot on Hannibal's spikes had fallen off and broken in half. Bunny Attack drove onto the Disc of Doom which then spun up. Bunny Attack was spun around and thrown off of the disc. Hannibal rammed into Bunny Attack, bending its own spikes in the process.


Hannibal pushes Bunny Attack into Shunt

Despite this, Hannibal pushed Bunny Attack into Shunt who axed the top of Bunny Attack and lifted it up. Bunny Attack escaped but Hannibal pushed it into another CPZ and Dead Metal buried its saw straight through Bunny Attack's fur. Hannibal and the house robots continued to attack Bunny Attack, ripping up its fur. Bunny Attack escaped and hammered Hannibal one more time as Shunt pressed the pit release button. Both robots appeared to be running out of power as time ran out. The judges decided that Hannibal had won the battle and the Annihilator.

Dave Aizer: "Even though you came up very short, you did take something very important with you. Tell us what you took."
Andrew Chester: "The carrot?"
Dave Aizer: "That's right, the carrot. You put the carrot there and they took it back."
— After the battle

Winner: Hannibal

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