For the Series 7 Special Event, see Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Battle of the Spinners.
The Battle of the Spinners was a one-off battle, with the same format as a Vengeance battle, that aired during Episode 3 of Nickelodeon Robot Wars. Two robots armed with spinning disks fought each other to determine which one had the better weapon.

Competing RobotsEdit

Weight 218lbs
Dimensions 10" x 52" x 38"
Power Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Spinning Square Frame
Strengths Excellent Handling
Weaknesses Average Speed
From: California
Team Members: Evan White, Terry White & Jim Meuer
Destructive Criticism
Destructive Criticism
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 10" x 51" x 22"
Power 4 x 24V Wheelchair motors
Weapons Spinning Blade
Strengths Sturdy & Strong
Weaknesses Lack of Speed
From: California
Team Members: Randy Eubanks, Christian Gomez, & Barry Young

Battle of the SpinnersEdit

Ninjitsu vs. Destructive Criticism (1)

Destructive Criticism loses its weapon chain.

Ninjitsu's spinning blade got up to speed immediately, while Destructive Criticism appeared not to start spinning its blade. Ninjitsu was able to land the first blow, tearing away a small chip of Destructive Criticism's armour, which it followed up with several blows to Destructive Criticism's wheels. Destructive Criticism's disc was finally spinning, so it was able to attack the rear of Ninjitsu, but this could only scratch the hard armour. Ninjitsu pursued, and edged Destructive Criticism towards an empty CPZ, causing more damage in the process.

Ninjitsu vs. Destructive Criticism (2)

Ninjitsu loses its weapon chain.

Ninjitsu continued to attack the front of Destructive Criticism, causing yet more damage. After this, Destructive Criticism's wheel seemed to come loose. Destructive Criticism struggled to drive into Ninjitsu with its disc, consistently missing its target, while Ninjitsu landed a blow, causing the drive chain for Destructive Criticism's weapon to fall to the arena floor. Destructive Criticism finally attacked its target, but its weapon had already lost power. Ninjitsu landed a heavy blow, which also dislodged its own weapon chain.

Ninjitsu vs. Destructive Criticism (3)

Destructive Criticism pushes Ninjitsu into the disc of doom release button.

The two robots were left to rely on brute force, so Destructive Criticism rammed Ninjitsu. Ninjitsu avoided Destructive Criticism for a while, spinning in circles, while Shunt pressed the pit release button. Ninjitsu appeared to have stopped moving, so Destructive Criticism drove into it, after which Ninjitsu regained mobility. Destructive Criticism pushed Ninjitsu backwards into an angle grinder and the disc of doom button, although it was clear to see that its wheels were still loose due to the damage inflicted by Ninjitsu. Destructive Criticism continued to prevent Ninjitsu's escape, until it finally drove away over the disc of doom.

Cease was called after a close battle. The Judges ruled Ninjitsu as the winner, as it inflicted more damage during the battle.

Winner: Ninjitsu

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