"The Alpha Viking Oil Rig is home to the Robot Underground tournaments. The rough weather and stormy seas make this arena a tough place to compete. Just make sure you keep your robot on the deck, else it may never be recovered."
— In-game Description

The North Sea Oil Rig is a playable arena exclusive to the video game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is set in the North Sea, and is unlocked after the player earns 3000 credits.

Appearance and HazardsEdit

Oil Rig Drill

The drill tower, the arena's most major hazard.

The arena is mostly square, with octagonal parts sticking out three of the corners, forming three Corner Patrol Zones, guarded by Dead Metal, Sergeant Bash and Matilda. The fourth Patrol Zone is in the centre, situated in and around a large Drilling Tower, is patrolled by Shunt.

The main hazard of this arena is the Drill Tower in the centre of the arena, guarded by Shunt. Robots can be pushed onto a circular hole (for the drill) directly underneath the drill itself, keeping them still as the drill comes down onto it, which can quickly cause major damage. Some smaller robots, such as Pussycat and Thor can even be pushed down through the gap, causing them to fall into the Sea directly below.

Besides the drill itself, the tower is also surrounded by pipes that vent bursts of flame when a certain valve on the outside of the tower is hit, and the arena walls on most sides of the arena are low enough for a powerful flipper or rammer to defeat opponents by knocking them over the fences, and off the platform itself, causing them to plunge into the darkness of the North Sea far below.

The corner without a patrol zone is a raised helipad with a ramp leading up to it, that is initially blocked off by Barrels filled with oil, that can be easily knocked aside by heavier robots. This area can be more dangerous to fight on, due to a gap in one of its fences, making it all too easy to shove an opponent through, causing them to fall into the North Sea and out of the fight.


Alpha Viking Open TrophyEdit

Alpha Viking Open

The Alpha Viking Trophy is a sturdy construction that can weather the storm.

  • Type: Knockout
  • Rounds: 4
  • Competitors: 12
  • Entry Fee: 500
  • Prize Money: 3000
  • Weight criteria: Lightweight-Super-heavyweight
  • Price criteria: Unlimited
  • Weapon criteria: Robot Wars

North Sea SabotageEdit

North Sea Sabotage

The North Sea Sabotage Trophy should be kept away from sources of ignition and white upholstery.

  • Type: Collateral Damage
  • Rounds: 2
  • Competitors: 25
  • Entry Fee: 500
  • Prize Money: 2800
  • Weight criteria: Lightweight-Heavyweight
  • Price criteria: Unlimited
  • Weapon criteria: Advanced

Midnight MadnessEdit

Midnight Madness

The Midnight Madness Trophy turns into a pumpkin at the stroke of twelve.

  • Type: Mad Bomber
  • Rounds: 2
  • Competitors:
  • Entry Fee: 500
  • Prize Money: 3000
  • Weight criteria: Mediumweight-Heavyweight
  • Price criteria: Unlimited
  • Weapon criteria: Spikes only

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