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"Now this team are one of the best, if not the best, drivers in the country, having pulled off some of the most incredible manoeuvres ever seen in the warzone! Panic Attack, that's what I'd be having, if I were in the pits!"
Craig Charles in Series 7

Panic Attack was a Welsh competitor robot in the British TV game show Robot Wars. Panic Attack was the third-longest appearing competitor in the show's history, as it fought from Series 2 through to Series 7, and appeared in both series of Robot Wars Extreme. It was one of the most consistently successful competitors in the show; with twenty-eight combat victories, it is the sixth most successful robot in the show's history by number of wins. It is also the most successful Welsh robot to appear on the show.

Panic Attack won its debut series, The Second Wars, by defeating three of the series' six seeded robots, including a surprise victory over Cassius in the Grand Final. It would go on to reach the Semi-Finals of Series 3, 4 and 5, giving it more semi-finals appearances than any other champion despite never again reaching a Grand Final. Series 6 and 7 marked a decline for Panic Attack, as it was unable to escape the heats but remained a staple of each episode in which it featured.

"Our success is based on a reliable robot and our driving ability, it keeps us out of trouble most of the time"
— Kim Davies in Robot Wars Extreme

Panic Attack was created by Welshman Kim Davies, whose driving skills are frequently cited as some of the best in the show's history. Panic Attack's signature tactic was to breach an opponent's ground clearance, use its lifting forks to snare an exposed gap and then lift the opponent off the ground, driving into the pit release and lowering them down the pit. It achieved this many times, against robots including Axe-Awe, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Manta and Kat 3. Panic Attack is also well known for its rivalries with Firestorm and House Robot Shunt.


The first ever concept drawing for Panic Attack

Kim Davies has stated that American competitor BioHazard was the main inspiration for Panic Attack's low-profile design. Although he had originally designed it to have an "egg whisk" spinning weapon.

Other early concept drawings for Panic Attack's weapon

He came up with the idea of the forks as the main weapon after watching the American competitions and figuring out that disabling the opponents wheels or drive motors would make their weapon useless.[1].

"I looked at all the British and USA battlebot robots and decided that if you could disable the wheels/control then their weapon would also be useless. I liked the design of Bio-Hazard from the USA and loosely based PA on it. I didn't want a lifting arm, I wanted something that could lift and use as a weapon."
— Kim Davies in 2021
"The 12 inch long hardened steel spikes can ram and lift a tonne in weight. The four-wheel drive gives it a zero-degrees turning circle, the shell's aluminium, the spiders were designed by a Year 7 pupil."
Jonathan Pearce sums up Panic Attack

Official photo of the original Panic Attack, Series 2 champion

Side view of Panic Attack before Series 2

In Series 2, it was just a four-wheel driven 20 cm high box driven by 750W Bosch motors, with a set of electrically powered 12' long lifting spikes. These spikes were powered by a home made system integrating two 12 V (90W) Parvalux motors, and was capable of lifting a tonne and ramming opponents as well to great effect. In Series 2 only, the forks were powered by a home-made system.[2] It had a zero turning circle as well as an aluminium shell, including a 4mm aluminium baseplate. It was emblazoned with the image of a spider. This spider motif was the result of a competition at Kevin Pritchard's school to come up with a design of "something that made you panic". A 12 year old girl designed the spider. Panic Attack was one of the the only sponsored robots in the field, alongside the likes of Roadblock and Mortis.

The internals of Panic Attack for Series 2

"Well Panic attack uses the 24V 750W Bosch motors for drive and 4QD speedos attached to servos and gears rather than the electronic converters that are available. PA is 4WD but the wheels are placed at the back and in the middle with castors at the front which provides a very good turning circle. The lifting prongs are powered by 2*12V, 90W Parvalux motors which power a lead screw and apparently can lift 1t! In it's development PA increased it's gear ration to get more torque. The bottom plate of PA was a 4mm aluminium plate bolted onto the frame. The rest of the armour consisted of aluminium sheet apart from the top which was aluminium with a polycarbonate sheet underneath."
Oliver Steeples on the design of the original Panic Attack[3]

Panic Attack in the arena for Series 3

Panic Attack 2 in the pits

With his prize money from Series 2, Kim Davies built a newer machine, known on the side of the machine as Panic Attack II. This version had a self-righting mechanism in the form of a pair of electrically-powered top-mounted bars which could raise up to push the robot off its back should it be flipped. It also had a new slightly angled body shape (still with battle scars from the last wars) and larger, more effective forks, custom-made and imported from Sweden, which were capable of completely overturning opposing machines and lifting and pushing 81.6 kg. It also had an alloy frame and 3mm thick bodyshell.

"Don't Panic! This is a sturdy machine, protected by bulletproof fibreglass, and at 80.6 kilos, the heaviest in the heat. No blades or knives but forks, electrically powered, can raise hopes!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Panic Attack in Series 4

Panic Attack in Series 4, with "Panic Attack II" on the side armour

Rear view of Panic Attack in Series 4

In Series 4, another full rebuild saw a set of side "skirts" added to the robot, although it was still known as Panic Attack 2. The side skirts prevented all but the lowest of robots getting underneath it, as well as sloping sides.

"The skirts have springs pulling them down to the floor so there is always a downward pressure on them, They are also chamfered on the edge so there is a sharp edge to get under. It is possible to get under them by driving at the front or rear edge as Firestorm has shown in the past"
— Kim Davies on the Panic Attack website[4]

The robot now had bulletproof fibreglass armour and the top-mounted self-righting mechanism was developed by taking the idea of the two long bars, and connected them with a polycarbonate panel. A gyro was also added to the robot to improve control, which was an issue the team had with the previous version. In this series and the two previous series, Panic Attack weighed more than the Heavyweight limit allowed at the time.

The Series 5/Extreme 1 incarnation of Panic Attack, which also competed in BattleBots as Panic Attack 3

Official photo of Panic Attack in Series 5

The Series 5 model (also named Panic Attack 3) had improved skirts, lorry windscreen wiper motor power at up to 8 mph and the srimech was updated into a movable flipper-like panel that could not only self-right the robot, but also either lift up opponents from underneath or clamp them between it and the chassis for additional control. This model was the favourite of the driver Kim Davies, who stated that it was, in his opinion, the best version. It also had a zero ground clearance and turning circle with durable polycarbonate added to the bulletproof fibreglass shell, making it virtually impenetrable, and pneumatic power to the electric lifting forks to enable it to lift twice its own weight. The weaponry, however was not always reliable and the self-righting was very slow. This version of Panic Attack was also known as PA3 (Panic Attack 3) despite still being referred to as simply Panic Attack. The name of Panic Attack 3 was not used in Extreme 2 or Series 7.

Official photo of Panic Attack in Series 6

Panic Attack in the arena during Series 6

The Series 6 version was a completely new design, with silver forks and painted gold as opposed to yellow, as the team had run out of yellow paint when the time came to paint it. As a result, this model was unofficially, but universally nicknamed Panic Attack Gold. It was also known as Panic Attack 24K on the team's website, and this was written on the side of the robot, but the robot was still referred to as simply Panic Attack.

"The Chassis is made from four 8mm aluminium plates and 4 steel tubes to make a ladder chassis system that is very light and strong. This system also allowed the height of the finished PA 24k to be just 5 inches. All the internal components are mounted on the chassis. This meant it did not need a thick base so a 4mm polycarbonate sheet was used. The sides including the front and back are 3 inch by 1/4 aluminium angle welded to the outer plates. The hinges for the skirts are bolted to the sides and the skirts are made from 4mm polycarbonate. The top is 10mm thick aluminium and 15mm in the important places!"
— Kim Davies on the Panic Attack website[5]

Rear view of Panic Attack for Series 6

The "24k" theme to the Series 6 Panic Attack

Despite having no self-righting mechanism, this version's weakness was listed as "Slow Self-Righting".[6] Although it had good pushing power, it was not as easy to control as the previous version, was slower and lighter, and generally less powerful overall, with the lack of a srimech also proving costly. Kim Davies stated his dissatisfaction with this version of Panic Attack after its loss.

"I am working for Robot Wars on the technical team and had to drive home from filming Series 6 on the Friday. The next day was spent working on the robot to get it ready (7 am Sat till midnight). I finally finished the robot on Sunday morning at 10am. As I had to be back at the studio at 12pm to carry on with filming series 6, I never had a chance to test the robot so its first real test was in the arena!"
— Kim Davies on the Panic Attack website[7]

Speaking in 2021, Kim Davies puts this version of Panic Attack's lack of success down to a lack of testing, and ultimately being rushed for time prior to filming. He also states due to this version's lower profile and side skirts, as well as the fact that Panic Attack's previous srimechs were fairly slow to work and sometimes ineffective, the team opted to ditch it altogether for Series 6.

"No, we weren't happy with it at all. It was terrible to drive in the arena...It was very sluggish."
— Kim Davies reflects on the Series 6 edition of Panic Attack

Panic Attack in Extreme 2

Panic Attack in the second round of the Commonwealth Carnage

For the second series of Robot Wars Extreme, the Series 5 version of Panic Attack was brought out of retirement due to the excessive amount of damage that Panic Attack 24K had received from Terrorhurtz and the House Robots during its encounter in Series 6, deeming it irreparable. Not too much of the Series 5 version had changed for Extreme 2 apart from some subtle changes in the sticker designs on the Srimech and the addition of an extra flashing light. The web address for the Panic Attack website was also placed on the hinges for the skirts as opposed to the top of the sides and back as seen before and the "PA3" name as used in Series 5 and Extreme was dropped. It faired better in Extreme 2, performing well in Commonwealth Carnage before losing to eventual winners Firestorm 4.

Panic Attack in Series 7

The cushioned top of Panic Attack for Series 7

In Series 7, despite preparing this version of Panic Attack, Kim Davies had joined the technical team of Robot Wars and opted out of also driving the robot. Therefore, Panic Attack was entered by Kevin Pritchard, Series 2 team member and builder of Evil Weevil. This version of Panic Attack, largely the same robot as seen in Extreme 2, was altered to have six wheels (four wheel drive with two slave wheels) and alloy and polycarbonate construction. The top srimech was replaced by an anti-hammer cushioned top, in response to its brutal loss at the hands of Terrorhurtz in Series 6.

"The self righter was removed to give the robot a lower profile. we thought that we would not need it if other robots could not get under the skirts."
— Kim Davies on the Panic Attack website[8]

Series 7's rear flap

Also in Series 7, a new hinged wedge at the rear of Panic Attack would often flap up and down in battle, and was notably raised in the robot's official photo. For Series 7, the design of the Spider design was changed through a competition on the Panic Attack website. By then, this mascot which had been used by the team for years had also been given a name - Webster.


In an interview shown during the Swedish broadcast of Series 4, Heat O, Kim Davies revealed that the name Panic Attack came from the team's panicked state whilst trying to get the robot ready for Series 2.

"Originally when we built it, it was getting really close to the time where we had to get to the audition, and basically that was the state was in - always in a panic, so the name sort of stuck"
— Kim Davies, interviewed in the Swedish dub of Robot Wars[9]

Kim Davies revealed in 2021 that the robot was originally going to be called Toxic Shock ahead of its Second Wars debut, however he and Kevin Pritchard deemed the name inappropriate after researching the condition of the same name.

The Team[]

"Panic Attack might not take themselves too seriously, but when the robot is in the arena, the audience knows they'll see a fantastic fight!"
Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide

The captain of Team Panic Attack (formerly Team Panic) was Kim Davies, a maintenance manager from Cwmbran, Gwent. Davies was inspired to enter the show after watching the first series with his son, Michael, who suggested to him to build a robot and attempt to enter[10].

"I watched series 1 with my son and he suggested that I build a robot and enter"
— Kim Davies in 2021

Davies was viewed as one of the most competent and respected drivers on Robot Wars due to his good driving of Panic Attack. He was originally joined by Kevin Pritchard and Lee Wicombe when they started competing in Series 2. At the time, Pritchard was the teacher of Kim's son Michael. After Series 2, Wicombe and Pritchard left the team, the latter creating a similar robot named Evil Weevil and Wicombe left the team as he did not have anything to do with the robot and was only there to fill the third spot and generally help out[11]. In Series 3, Kim was joined by his son, Michael, who had inspired him to enter Robot Wars. Another name, Simon Rosen, was listed on Panic Attack's statistics board in Series 3, but Davies has admitted that doesn't know who Simon Rosen was or why he was mentioned at all[12]. The name was later removed from the statistics board in The First World Championship.

"I'm not sure who Simon Rosen is or why he is mentioned"
— Kim Davies in 2021
"The remote-controlled warrior was designed and constructed by Kim Davies from Aran Court in Thornhill, after his 12-year-old son Michael watched the first series and was desperate to have a go."
— Panic Attack Website[13]

The competition for the place on the Panic Attack team

Christian Bridge won a competition in Robot Wars Magazine to join the team for Series 4 (he was still listed as a team member for Series 5, but was not seen on TV during this series). Kim's daughter, Sarah, was present for the team's battle against Rammstein in the War of Independence. This was the only event that Sarah attended.[14]

Michael Davies briefly joined the X-Terminator team for their Round 2 battle against Corkscrew in Series 5, and their Mayhem Qualifier in Extreme 1, as Marlon Pritchard needed someone to operate the weapons while the other team members were away.

In Series 7, Kim Davies earned a job as a technical assistant on the show and left, so the team was entirely changed. Pritchard had returned to the team in Extreme 2 as tactician and took over the controls in Series 7 with team-mates Paul Wier and then-webmaster of the official Panic Attack website, Jamie McGarry.


An unpainted Panic Attack ahead of the auditions for Series 2

Panic Attack successfully qualified for Series 2 and 3 through attending the auditions. Thereafter, Panic Attack automatically qualified for each series it competed in, by virtue of its seeding.

"All was well so we moved on to the weighing and official photographs. During the wait we managed to check out our competition and pray we didn't meet Panic Attack or Chaos 2."
Ruf Ruf Dougal team website

However, along with a number of seeds for the series, Panic Attack did attend the qualifiers for Series 5, as it would participate in fights to test other hopefuls attempting to qualify. One of these bouts was a four-way melee also including Pendragon and Ruf Ruf Dougal. The outcome of the battle is unknown, although Panic Attack did flip Pendragon over at the opponent's request, to demonstrate its self-righting mechanism[15]

Panic Attack battles Evil Weevil during the Welsh Leg of the Robot Wars Tour

Panic Attack and Kim Davies were heavily featured in BBC Wales Today reports on the Cardiff qualifiers, which revealed that they fought an additional head-to-head against Evil Weevil. Having locked forks with Kevin Pritchard's heavyweight at one point - wherein the latter attempted to make use of its newly-designed overhead claw - Panic Attack prevailed upon turning Evil Weevil over and pushing it around in an inverted state.[16] A report by the South Wales Argus also stated that both robots fought - and won - an exhibition fight against the House Robots, and were selected for The Fifth Wars despite Evil Weevil ultimately not appearing in this series.[17]



Panic Attack's top panel in Series 2 shows its damage from Shunt, and its subsequent revenge (shown by the crossed out Shunt name)

Panic Attack had a long-standing rivalry with the House Robot Shunt that spawned from their very first encounter, during Panic Attack's Gauntlet run in Heat F of the Second Wars. After Panic Attack leapt off the see-saw, it became stranded on the top of Dead Metal, allowing Shunt to come in and cause severe damage to the top of Panic Attack's armour, which was subsequently referred to as 'machine gun holes'. Panic Attack did not have to wait long to achieve vengeance however, defeating Shunt in the Sumo trial after the two dodged each other and the House Robot spun off the platform.

Panic Attack lifts Shunt in its Series 4 battle against Saw Point

After a somewhat quieter Series 3 between the two machines, the grudge was rekindled in The Fourth Wars. During Panic Attack's heat semi-final against Saw Point, Shunt was pressured repeatedly by Panic Attack, which shoved him around the arena. During the Semi-Finals, Shunt once again came under attack from Panic Attack, which hoisted Shunt off his wheels, but failed to topple him over. Perhaps the most famous encounter between the two occurred in the Sumo Basho side competition. After evading each other on the plinth, Shunt mistimed his charge, and Panic Attack was able to push Shunt off the platform, but not without going off itself. Video replays showed that Shunt had hit the tyres just before Panic Attack had, and so Panic Attack was victorious.

Panic Attack lifts Shunt in Extreme

During Extreme 1 and Series 5, the grudge once again surfaced, with Panic Attack ignoring the call of 'cease' in its Mayhem battle to lift Shunt, not freeing it and receiving a yellow card for its efforts, as cease was called for a second time. Panic Attack also attacked Shunt following the disposal of its opponent Axe-Awe in its Wild Card Warriors battle. In Panic Attack's Heat Semi-Final against Tiberius 2, Panic Attack took on Shunt again. As before, Panic Attack failed to topple Shunt over on all three occasions.

The grudge between the two rivals happens again with Panic Attack already defeated

The grudge remained quiet during Series 6, where Panic Attack Gold failed to attack Shunt at all, although the House Robot paraded Panic Attack around the arena and onto the Floor Flipper and Drop Zone following their Heat Final defeat against Terrorhurtz.

Panic Attack engages with Shunt in Extreme 2

During Extreme 2, in the Commonwealth Carnage, Panic Attack came up against Shunt during its first round battle. After leaving Terror Turtle to Sir Killalot, Panic Attack turned on Shunt, lifting the House Robot again, but yet again failing to tip him over onto his side.

The two robots would meet one last time in the first round of the Series 7 All-Stars tournament. Here, Shunt was immediately ganged up upon by the four competing robots, with Panic Attack assisting the others in overturning the House Robot. This was Panic Attack's last attack on Shunt.

Panic Attack could be said to have a rivalry with all of the House Robots, having targeted and damaged all of the original four House Robots - it removed the back panel of Sgt. Bash in Series 2, and flipped Matilda in its first battle of Series 3, even attempting to lift Sir Killalot on occasion. However its efforts became primarily focused on Shunt as Robot Wars progressed, only making an exception to attack Cassius Chrome in Series 7.


The two robots meet for the first time.

Perhaps Panic Attack's most famous grudge was with Firestorm. This grudge began with the two machines' first conflict, during the first semi-final of Series 3, at which point Panic Attack was the reigning champion. During this battle, Fire Storm dominated large portions of the battle, at one point pinning Panic Attack against the arena side-wall; however, the match was eventually settled by the judges, who ruled in favour of Fire Storm.

The two fought each other again during the All-Stars tournament of Extreme 1. After mistiming a move, Panic Attack left its sides exposed to Firestorm 3, who then lifted Panic Attack onto the side wall, as it had during their first encounter. This time however, Panic Attack's srimech was facing away from the wall, so it couldn't work its way free. Despite the best efforts of the House Robots, Panic Attack remained stuck on the wall, and was counted out.

The grudge was rekindled in Series 5, when Panic Attack encountered Firestorm 3 and Wheely Big Cheese in the loser's melee of the second Semi-Final. Despite Panic Attack breaking down, and then coming back to life again, they and Firestorm 3 only managed one flip apiece throughout the melee, far quieter than in previous battles.

During the Extreme 2 Commonwealth Carnage, Firestorm 4 and Panic Attack met each other once more in the second round. In a battle dominated by Firestorm 4, the robot from Durham flipped Panic Attack onto its side once more after shoving them around the arena. From there, Panic Attack's srimech proved ineffective, then broke after Refbot tried to free it, allowing Firestorm 4 to emerge victorious for the fourth time.

The two robots met each other for the last time during the Series 7 All-Stars tournament, which coincidentally was also the last time Panic Attack attacked Shunt. Neither robot attacked each other, choosing instead to attack the House Robots with assistance from Bigger Brother and Kat 3. Firestorm 5 eventually drove into the pit after deflecting off of Refbot, with Panic Attack going on to qualify alongside Kat 3, the only time it would defeat Firestorm on five occasions.

Despite the grudge between them, Kim Davies claimed on the Panic Attack website that he would like to partner up with Firestorm in a Tag Team.

"I would like to team up with Firestorm because they are a great team and I think it would be better to fight with rather than against them"
— Kim Davies on the Panic Attack website[18]

Robot History[]

Series 2[]

Panic Attack first appeared in Series 2. The team were raising money for St. David's Foundation. The further they went in the competition, the more money they would raise.

""Come into my parlour!" says the spider to the flying machines all around it!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Panic Attack

Panic Attack beaches itself on Dead Metal

Panic Attack competed in Heat F. It was the first to run the Gauntlet, where it took the centre route. It made a slow start, being caught by the spikes and then the ramrig, then made it onto the ramp. However, as it got halfway up, Sir Killalot followed and held the ramp down. Unable to turn back, Panic Attack made a flying leap off the ramp, but landed on Dead Metal.

"Killalot coming in, but holding the see-saw down! Oh that's demonic! And that's Evel Knievel from Panic Attack!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Shunt pepper-pots Panic Attack

Shunt came in and attacked with its axe, leaving lots of holes in the top, and breaking a top panel before cease was called.

"And in comes Shunt as well with the deadly axe! Piercing, and punctuating, and puncturing that Spider of Panic Attack. What are they going to do now? Oh ho, that is the "Eye of the Spidey", and this looks deadly!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack had achieved 10.8 metres, which was enough to put it in third place and into the next round, though the subsequent disqualification of The Parthian Shot would have put it through anyway.

"It's all very well to be called Panic Attack, but you shouldn't panic when you're halfway across the see-saw..."
— Philippa Forrester

Panic Attack was through to the Trial stage, which in this Heat was Sumo.

Panic Attack, victorious in the Sumo

It gained revenge on Shunt. Panic Attack drove close to the edge before Shunt got its scoop underneath it and almost pushed it out the ring. As Shunt came close to pushing Panic Attack out, Panic Attack turned away from Shunt, then drove forwards. Shunt turned around, but as it did so, reversed off the ring.

"He gave us one in the eye last round, this time he took it, big time!"
— Kevin Pritchard on getting revenge on Shunt

In the Arena Semi-Final, Panic Attack fought Whirling Dervish.

Panic Attack flips Whirling Dervish

Sergeant Bash is damaged by Panic Attack

As the fight started, Whirling Dervish spun its weapon up to speed, but it failed to do any damage to Panic Attack. Panic Attack then managed to get underneath its opponent, eventually flipping it over. The House Robots came in, and Whirling Dervish was placed over the flames by Dead Metal. Panic Attack attacked Sergeant Bash, managing to break off the House Robot's saw.

"Well, we were after Shunt because we owed him, but he seemed to keep away from us."
— Kim Davies explains why he attacked Sergeant Bash to Craig Charles after the battle

The message written on Panic Attack for the Heat Final

In the Arena Final, Panic Attack fought fellow Welsh competitor Disruptor. Panic Attack started the fight by getting its spikes underneath Disruptor, and Disruptor's saw was too high to hit Panic Attack.

Panic Attack pits Disruptor

"The saw against the lifting spikes. Panic Attack lower, lower centre of gravity, getting in underneath that saw though, how low can the saw go? Seemed to me it couldn't get down to create damage there to Panic Attack, and I think the lifting spikes, made of hardened steel, 12 inches long, could cause problems here."
— Jonathan Pearce

Disruptor wedged underneath Panic Attack. Panic Attack reversed off the ramp, and was able to push Disruptor around using the 4-wheel drive to push Disruptor into the pit. This saw it through to the Semi-Finals.

Philippa Forrester: "Tell me about the modification"
Kim Davies: "Well, we bought a tin of paint, and we painted the spikes!"
Philippa Forrester: "They're now blood-stained. Lovely!"
— At the start of the Semi-Final

Panic Attack gets stuck on the ramrig

In the Gauntlet stage of the Semi-Finals, Panic Attack went for the ramrig, unlike the other robots. It started a good charge, only to get snagged on one of the spikes, where it got stuck. In the dying seconds, Matilda nudged it free, allowing it to gain vital distance, before it got stuck again. Panic Attack finished in joint-last place in the Gauntlet with Mace, getting stuck after just 6.9 metres.

Panic Attack locks horns with Shunt during the Race-Off

Mace is flicked into the air whilst Panic Attack battles Shunt

Both robots then contested the Gauntlet again at the same time in the first (and only) 'Race-Off'. Each robot ran down the middle route, with Panic Attack using the moving ramp and Mace using the static ramp. Panic Attack had the faster start, but both robots reached their respective ramps together. Panic Attack went over easily, and managed to push back against the House Robots as they came in to block. Mace, however, was blocked by The Sentinel and, after nearly being overturned, was pushed into the pit.

Craig Charles: "Bet you're relieved, aren't you!"
Kim Davies: "Oh, you don't know!"
Craig Charles: "You took a good beating from Shunt, didn't you?"
Kim Davies: "Again, yes. He's on our hit-list, yet again."
— After the race-off

Panic Attack in the Pinball

Panic Attack with Shunt in the Pinball

Panic Attack then finished first in the Pinball Trial with an impressive score of 320 points. It managed to knock down almost all four sets of barrels and bricks, getting a barrel caught on its lifting forks and shattering a brick in the process, and were also able to score 15 points by going over the ramp. The House Robots were only just able to prevent it from scoring from the targets. This left Panic Attack top of the leaderboard.

"What power! What a good run!"
— Jonathan Pearce at the end of Panic Attack's run

Panic Attack pits Mortis

In the Arena stage, Panic Attack fought 2nd seed Mortis, one of the favourites to win the series. Panic Attack avoided the axe of Mortis, which seemed to have a problem with bringing the axe the whole way down.

"Great speed by Panic Attack, good steering by Kim Davies to get it away"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack dodges Mortis

Panic Attack got to one side of Mortis and pushed it into Matilda, who lifted it up with her tusks. With Mortis' tracks off the ground, Panic Attack and Matilda pushed it straight into the pit.

"Almost flipped- oh goodness me, what a surprise! Mortis have gone out!"
— Jonathan Pearce makes no secret of Mortis' favourite status.

Panic Attack was then through to the Grand Final.

"From Wales, the unseeded outsiders Panic Attack, surprised us all by defeating mighty Mortis, the Robot Wars favourites, in the Semi-Final, and the further they go, the more money they raise for charity. I wonder if the Mortis boys gave them a few bob."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Panic Attack in the Grand Final

Panic Attack darts away from the immobile Killertron

In the first round of the Grand Final, Panic Attack fought 4th seed Killertron. Panic Attack charged into Killertron, knocking it back several paces and immobilising it straight away – the impact had torn free a tiny pin inside Killertron, which immobilised the robot.

"Panic Attack immediately on the attack...and I think that’s caused problems to Killertron immediately! Well I was wondering about its durability under pressure, and I don't think Killertron can move!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack pushes Sgt. Bash into the pit and falls in itself

Panic Attack pushed Killertron into the PPZ, where it was flipped over by the lance of Sir Killalot. With its opponent at the mercy of Sir Killalot, Panic Attack spent the rest of the battle attacking the House Robots and managed to push Sergeant Bash into the pit, going in itself in the process.

"Look at the strength of this little Welsh bot, so underrated, and it wants to push Bash into the pit - goes in itself!"
— Jonathan Pearce

However, Killertron had long since been immobilised and Panic Attack went through. The final battle was against 5th seed Cassius.

Philippa Forrester: "This is it! St. Davids Foundation is depending on you to get through to raise the money. Can you beat Cassius?"
Kim Davies: "Uh, doubtful, but we'll give it a damn good go!"
— Before the battle

The start was very tentative, with both robots moving forward to nudge. Cassius got under Panic Attack, but did not fire its flipper, and Panic Attack slid off the wedge. Cassius rushed in but missed, and retreated.

"Go on, kill each other!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack pits Cassius to win the Second Wars

Both machines charged, and Panic Attack drove straight over the wedge of Cassius, landing on its wheels. Panic Attack then pushed Cassius into Dead Metal, with Rex Garrod's machine wedging beneath the House Robot. Cassius flipped Dead Metal off it and retreated. Both machines rammed together, and Cassius retreated close to the pit. Cassius moved forward to escape Shunt, and Panic Attack slammed into its side, pushing Cassius into the pit and winning The Second Wars.

"The more powerful of the two, but Panic Attack underrated. Look at that! Oh, what an upset! Panic Attack the winners! That is a huge upset!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack was consequently crowned Grand Champion of the Second Wars, despite having been the underdog for the entire series.

"We've honestly thought we've been going out since every round we came in, and it's just been a dream!"
— Kim Davies on winning the title

Series 3[]

Panic Attack returned for Series 3, completely rebuilt since Series 2 with a stronger forklift and new self-righting mechanism. In the first round, it was drawn against Axios. A new robot built by the same team who competed in Series 2 with Ron. Which incidentally was in the same heat in Series 2 with Panic Attack.

"Tough task for Axios, then."
— Jonathan Pearce before the battle

Axios pins down Panic Attack

Axios fires its "tongue" at Panic Attack preventing it from getting a lift on Axios

Panic Attack topples Axios

Both robots started quickly, charging into the arena centre. Panic Attack spun on the spot with Axios lifting its lance upwards. Axios backed away onto the arena wall twice, and Panic Attacked pushed them into Dead Metal. Axios got away from the grip of the House Robot quickly, but got stuck on the flame pit, which allowed Panic Attack to attack again. Panic Attack drove behind Axios, but got itself too close to Dead Metal. Axios brought down its lance down on top of Panic Attack and continued to hold it there as Panic Attack backed away from the CPZ. Panic Attacked charged, and clipped a wheel of Axios, who retreated away and lined up an attack on Panic Attack itself, but nearly got caught by its lifting forks. The pair clashed side on before both robots danced around each other. Panic Attack attempted to slide underneath Axios, crashing into the arena wall in the process, but kept up its pursuit, finally getting sufficient purchase on the side of Axios, which allowed it to topple its opponent over.

"Panic Attack, doing most of the work now...and flipping Axios up and over! I don't know if Axios suddenly lacked control there, or something went wrong, but it stood stock still there and paid the penalty!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack flips Matilda

Dead Metal came in and attacked Axios. Panic Attack then attacked Matilda, pulling the shell off the back then turning her over.

Philippa Forrester: "What were you doing to Matilda? It's outrageous! You had her kit off and everything!"
Kim Davies: "Yep, well if we manage to deal with a contender, we're always going to go for a House Robot!"
Philippa Forrester: "The flipping seemed very easy, just how much power is in the front there?"
Kim Davies: "It's much, much stronger, it'll lift about 18 stone so the House Robots are not really a problem, except for the big one I think!"
— Post-battle interview

Panic Attack then fought newcomer Toecutter in Round 2.

"Toe Cutter could cut a melon in half, as they told everyone. It looked good, but unfortunately for them, PA was much tougher than a melon."
— Panic Attack website

Panic Attack lifts but fails to turn Toecutter over

Toecutter rams Panic Attack

Panic Attack overturns Toecutter

Panic Attack got under Toecutter quickly, dragging it along the arena floor, but couldn't turn it over. Panic Attack then reversed towards Toecutter, before both robots manoeuvred around each other. The two clashed rear to rear and then head on, before Panic Attack slid under the front of Toecutter and pushed it into Dead Metal, losing its front light in the process.

"Tremendous heat semi-final, this. The reigning champions; difficult work against Toecutter, but I think the more aggressive of the two robots so far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Toecutter wriggled away from trouble, with the following action heavily involving Panic Attack's attempts to get underneath Toecutter again. Panic Attack finally got under the wheels of Toecutter, lifting it up, and drove around until it was able to turn Toecutter over.

"...for me, Panic Attack is the more mobile bot here, and again on the attack, pushing Toecutter up on its side...and up and over!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dead Metal sliced into the bottom of Toecutter, while Panic Attack attacked Sgt. Bash. With this victory, Panic Attack was through to the Heat Final.

Craig Charles: "Well, you're our Robot Wars champions, you've won this round but you wouldn't let it lie! You'd obviously won the fight, then you go and take on the House Robots!"
Kim Davies: "Well, we've won it once and this year we're here to entertain and really have a go at the House Robots!"
Craig Charles: "Do you not think you've got a chance this year?"
Kim Davies: "Possibly not, same as last year, if we get through then you know we'll be happy!"
— Post-battle interview

In the Heat Final, Panic Attack fought X-Terminator.

Panic Attack is axed by X-Terminator

X-Terminator drags Panic Attack around

X-Terminator started quickly, but charged into the arena wall. The two robots met side on, with X-Terminator missing with its axe. X-Terminator then came in again, getting Panic Attack's side, and pricking it with the axe. X-Terminator continued to attack Panic Attack, axing the front of its opponent. Panic Attack attempted to weather the attacks, reversing into X-Terminator, but X-Terminator came onto the attack once more, catching the side of Panic Attack. Panic Attack spun on the spot and X-Terminator attempted to spike the back of Panic Attack, but missed. X-Terminator got under Panic Attack's side, axing the top. X-Terminator then drove Panic Attack around the arena, but struggled to angle it into a hazard, so slammed it into the arena wall twice. Panic Attack got free from X-Terminator's grip, but struggled to put X-Terminator under any pressure itself, as X-Terminator once more brought the axe down. Panic Attack backed away, but X-Terminator caught it side on again and brought the axe down, forcing it into Sgt. Bash.

"And the champions are in trouble here, now!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack is forced into Sgt. Bash's CPZ

Panic Attack completes its comeback on X-Terminator

Panic Attack spun away of the CPZ and then finally forced X-Terminator back, into the arena wall next to Shunt's CPZ. Shunt axed into the top of Panic Attack, before attempting to axe X-Terminator, but missed, as the latter darted away. Panic Attack continued its comeback though, and got underneath X-Terminator's front scoop, toppling it onto its side and bundling it over.

"Now can they turn X-Terminator up and over?! This could be crucial! A crucial moment! X-Terminator rolling, goodness me, very, very lucky. Went piggy back, up and over, and came down, right side up."
— Jonathan Pearce

It landed right side up, but its axe was now drooping down. Panic Attack attacked again and slammed X-Terminator into the arena wall next to Sir Killalot's CPZ. Killalot came in on Panic Attack, but X-Terminator's self-righter failed due to a burst gas canister, and it couldn't self-right, allowing Shunt to come in and axe one of its drive chains off. The House Robots attacked X-Terminator until 'Cease' was finally called.

In Round 1 of the Semi-Finals, Panic Attack fought Nick Adam's new robot, Thing 2.

Philippa Forrester: "Does Panic Attack feel scared about being up against the Adams Family?"
Kim Davies: "Oh yes."
Philippa Forrester: "You aren't, are you? You were quite worried when I told you."
Kim Davies: "Yes, its fast, powerful, manoeuvrable, very good driver."
Philippa Forrester: "But you're all those things too."
Kim Davies: "Not according to him [Michael Davies]"
Philippa Forrester: "Oh no! Is there dissension in the ranks?"
Kim Davies: "Yeah, my driving is "abysmal""
Philippa Forrester: "Oh no, really?!"

— Dissension in the Panic Attack team

Thing 2 pushes Panic Attack past the spike the would go on to decide the battle

Panic Attack topples Thing 2

Neither robot could get beneath the other's ground clearance, and the opening clashes only resulted in one of Thing 2's bauble detaching. Panic Attack drove into Matilda's CPZ, but quickly escaped, leading Thing 2 around the arena. Thing 2 rammed Panic Attack into Dead Metal, but Panic Attack's low body meant it evaded Dead Metal's pincers. Panic Attack escaped the House Robot and led Thing 2 around the arena. Thing 2 caught and pushed Panic Attack, slamming it into a side wall near Matilda's CPZ. Panic Attack reversed away and pushed Thing 2, getting a corner beneath its clearance. However, before Thing 2 could act, the floor spikes bounced Panic Attack, knocking Thing 2 onto its wedged front, leaving it immobilised as it could not self-right. The House Robots closed in on Thing 2, and Dead Metal sliced through the tires and lifting spike.

Philippa Forrester: "You got a great flip in there!"
Kim Davies: "Well actually I think it was his own fault, he drove up to us and got himself up on the back end, really all I had to do was reverse and he just fell over on top and once that was it, that was it, that was the end. He was doing very well, he was pushing us everywhere."
— Post-battle interview

Panic Attack then had to fight Fire Storm for a place in the Grand Final

"I think we're going to be testing our self-righter."
— Kim Davies

Sgt. Bash seizes Panic Attack whilst Fire Storm flips

Panic Attack is pushed back by Fire Storm

Fire Storm pushed Panic Attack into Sgt. Bash's CPZ at the start, and Panic Attack was seized by the House Robot's pincers. Fire Storm lifted Panic Attack, causing Sgt. Bash to release it, but Panic Attack was not flipped and managed to escape the CPZ.

Panic Attack gets flipped by the arena spike

Fire Storm flips Panic Attack into the arena wall

Panic Attack reversed over Fire Storm's wedge, dodging the flipper, but scraping the armour plate on the lifting arm, bending it out of place. Panic Attack mistakenly drove into Sgt. Bash, but a distraction from Fire Storm allowed Panic Attack to escape. Fire Storm then wedged beneath Panic Attack, but failed to flip it, driving out instead. Panic Attack drove into Shunt's CPZ, but managed to dodge behind the House Robot and get out again. However, as Panic Attack drove out, an arena spike bounced it up onto one side. Fire Storm immediately rushed in, got under Panic Attack and pushed it against the side wall and flipped it against it. However, Panic Attack used its srimech to land back on its wheels. Panic Attack then drove into Sir Killalot's CPZ, harassed by Fire Storm.

"Kim Davies is doing everything he possibly can to drive Panic Attack into the troubled zones here!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack's last-minute attack

Panic Attack was pushed out by Killalot, and after manoeuvring, reversed Fire Storm into the CPZ. However, it turned side on in the process, and exposed itself to Sir Killalot's attack. After dodging out of Killalot's way, the two briefly ran into Sgt. Bash. Finally, Panic Attack got beneath Fire Storm, but Fire Storm's shape meant there was nowhere for Panic Attack's claws to negotiate, and Fire Storm merely slid off the reigning champion's forks. In the last few seconds, both robots drove around clumsily, crashing into walls and House Robots. The judges were called on to make a decision, and they went for Fire Storm, eliminating the reigning champions.

Craig Charles: "Panic Attack, you were our reigning champions, you'd such a long undefeated run, but you're out."
Kim Davies: "Well, it has to come to an end at some point, and they really do deserve it. They're a brilliant robot, brilliant team."
Craig Charles: "But you were turning into a national celebrity, if you had won this, you'd have been on the cover of magazines and things!"
Kim Davies: "I'm not sure we'd like that."
Craig Charles: "Ladies and gentleman, give it up for our reigning champions Panic Attack!"
— The fall of the champion

The First World Championship[]

After the main competition was over, Panic Attack represented Wales in The First World Championship.

Panic Attack lifts 101

In its first round match against 101, both robots drove towards each other, with Panic Attack clipping the side of 101. 101 then drove up the front of Panic Attack and drove into the arena wall whilst on top of Panic Attack's lifting forks. Panic Attack began to lift 101, with the flashing light on Panic Attack breaking off in the process. 101 was able to balance on Panic Attack's forks initially, but eventually over-balanced and landed upside-down. Panic Attack moved away from the arena wall, as 101 sat motionless.

Panic Attack ends up in the pit

"And, to me, 101's already out - immobilised."
— Jonathan Pearce

As Panic Attack picked up 101 again, 101's tracks started to move, and whilst Kim Davies attempted finish off 101, Panic Attack accidentally reversed into the pit of oblivion itself.

"Mike (Franklin) at the controls; he's built a model jet engine in the past. He need something to fly now, for 101, oh! Panic Attack's driven itself into the pit, and 101 survives!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack was also listed to compete in the show's first attempt at a Tag Team style event, partnered with newly-crowned World Champion Razer. However, the event was abandoned due to a serious behind-the-scenes accident in The Pits.

Series 4[]

Julia Reed: "The Panic Attack team, I don't think we really even need to introduce them. We know exactly who they are. The winners of The Second Wars, an awesome robot, but did go out to Fire Storm in the Third, so potentially a grudge match there, we think."
Kim Davies: "Possibly, yeah, we'll have to sort that one out. Our driving's a lot better now so they can look out if we meet them."
— Pre-Round 1 interview

Despite not reaching the Grand Final in Series 3, Panic Attack returned for Series 4 as the fourth seed, in recognition for winning Series 2. In the first round, it fought S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Overkill GTI, both Round 1 drop outs from the last series.

"We've done it before, and we're going to do it again!"
— Kim Davies announces his aim before the Round 1 battle

From the off, both Panic Attack and S.M.I.D.S.Y. moved towards Overkill GTI. S.M.I.D.S.Y. got under Overkill GTI and pushed it over the flame pit. S.M.I.D.S.Y. then charged at Panic Attack, before it ran up Overkill GTI and was flipped over. Panic Attack got underneath the front of Overkill GTI, and pushed it into an arena wall, before lifting it up and placing it on a wall spike.

"That's a good attack by Panic Attack. As I said before, Kim Davies is one of the most respected drivers in the wars"
— Jonathan Pearce

Overkill GTI lifted by Panic Attack

Panic Attack then took Overkill GTI off the spike and lifted it up by one of it's tyres. Panic Attack continued to carry it until a ram from S.M.I.D.S.Y. knocked Overkill GTI free. S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove over Overkill GTI's front, and it was flipped over again. S.M.I.D.S.Y. pushed Overkill GTI towards the arena side wall, where Panic Attack came in to lift Overkill GTI again - this time balancing it upright against the arena wall. One of Overkill GTI's flipping arms collapsed against the arena side wall, before firing the other arm in an unsuccessful attempt to self-right. Panic Attack lifted Overkill GTI and it crashed back down, only for S.M.I.D.S.Y. to reverse into it and push it into Dead Metal's CPZ. Dead Metal grasped Overkill GTI and brought its circular saw onto Overkill GTI's armour, while Panic Attack overturned S.M.I.D.S.Y. next to the arena wall, then retreated towards the centre of the arena.

"If you had to pick the most troubled robot of these three, I'd go for Overkill."
— Jonathan Pearce

At this point, Overkill GTI looked to have a flat tyre, and was driving much slower. Panic Attack and S.M.I.D.S.Y. then worked in conjunction, with Panic Attack reversing and S.M.I.D.S.Y. driving forwards, pushing Overkill GTI onto the edge of Sir Killalot's CPZ. While trying to attack Overkill GTI, S.M.I.D.S.Y. strayed into Sir Killalot's CPZ, but it was able to escape, only for Panic Attack to ram it into an arena spike, then reverse it into an arena wall, before a pushing match between Panic Attack and S.M.I.D.S.Y. occurred.

"Panic Attack - little bit of a tug of war with S.M.I.D.S.Y."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack pushed S.M.I.D.S.Y. all the way across the arena, near to Sgt. Bash's CPZ. In the closing seconds, S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Panic Attack took turns at lifting Overkill GTI. The Judges put Panic Attack and S.M.I.D.S.Y. through to the next round.

In Round 2, it fought newcomer Saw Point.

Julia Reed: "Have you ever faced a robot like the one you're about to face before?"
Kim Davies: "No, it's really weird! It's got great big discs, cutting discs for wheels, pointy thing on the front, it's going to be difficult, I don't know what to do with it yet!"
— Pre-Round 1 interview

Panic Attack comes close to lifting Saw Point out of the arena.

At the start of the match, both robots slowly drove towards each other, making contact, allowing Panic Attack to get its lifting forks under Saw Point. As it lifted Saw Point, Panic Attack's rear end started to lift off the ground. Saw Point backed away once it was released, but Panic Attack caught up again, and managed to lift Saw Point onto its side, where Saw Point was unable to self-right. Panic Attack rushed at Saw Point, getting its lifting forks hooked around Saw Point's protruding spike on the side of its wheel. Holding Saw Point aloft, Panic Attack brought Saw Point to the arena wall, where it then tried to force Saw Point out of the arena.

"Sawpoint - up, up, heave-ho, here we go, weep and woe, for Saw Point, surely."
— Jonathan Pearce

Unable to lift Saw Point over the fence, Kim Davies was eventually forced to make Panic Attack retreat. Panic Attack paraded Saw Point around the arena, even colliding with Sgt. Bash, which was out of its CPZ. After rotating itself, Saw Point was able to land on the arena floor, only for Panic Attack to lift it again.

"Panic Attack, very much under control here. They've glued themselves onto Saw Point; they will not let go now."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack slammed Saw Point into the arena wall, before leaving it on a gas-exerting grid in front of Shunt's CPZ, where Shunt axed Saw Point's wheels. Panic Attack swept underneath Saw Point again, but Shunt brought it away by dragging Saw Point's scoop with its axe. The spike on Saw Point's wheel had slipped through the gas grid, causing it to become stuck there. Panic Attack was able to lift it out, while Shunt removed the grid itself from the floor. Panic Attack eventually knocked Saw Point back onto its wheels, but Saw Point was immobile. Panic Attack lifted Saw Point and pushed it into the centre of the arena, where Sir Killalot could hold Saw Point in place for Dead Metal to use its circular saw to attack Saw Point's wheel, with Sir Killalot lifting Saw Point from the ground in the process.

Panic Attack tries unsuccessfully to lift Sir Killalot.

While Sir Killalot held Saw Point aloft, Panic Attack snuck behind Sir Killalot and put its lifting prongs under Sir Killalot. Sir Killalot was able to drive towards the pit, holding Saw Point above it, but Panic Attack caught up again, and this time attempted to lift Sir Killalot. Panic Attack raised Sir Killalot slightly, before merely lifting itself off the ground.

"Panic Attack on the attack on Killalot! And Killalot will remember that, Kim Davies, you can be sure!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack actually raised itself very high, pressing itself against the back of Sir Killalot, but it backed away, allowing Sir Killalot to drop Saw Point in the pit. After Saw Point was pitted, Panic Attack got underneath Shunt, and pushed it around the arena, with cease being called while Panic Attack was still holding Shunt aloft. As the winner of the battle, Panic Attack progressed to the Heat Final.

Panic Attack fought with S.M.I.D.S.Y. again in the Heat Final.

Julia Reed: "Well, I think S.M.I.D.S.Y. were quite tough in the last battle"
Kim Davies: "Ah, S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s going to be a different kettle of fish altogether, I think. If we pick it up and turn them over, he can still run. He's very small, so the forks will lift him up but the wheels will still be able to run so he's going to be very tough!"
— Kim Davies expresses his fears before the battle

Panic Attack's lifting mechanism slots into S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s wheel arch

At the start, both robots drove straight into each other, and S.M.I.D.S.Y. pushed Panic Attack over a flame jet and around the arena. S.M.I.D.S.Y. then drove onto the top of Panic Attack, but was able to drive away before Panic Attack could launch a significant attack. Next, S.M.I.D.S.Y. pushed Panic Attack backwards again, but retreated so it could launch a faster ram at the front of Panic Attack. S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove straight up Panic Attack's forks by doing this, falling off the side. S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove onto Panic Attack, but Panic Attack could not capitalise, allowing S.M.I.D.S.Y. to push Panic Attack again.

"At the moment, Panic Attack just holding the arena centre. I think they're trying to draw S.M.I.D.S.Y. in here."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack made its first retaliation by pushing S.M.I.D.S.Y. towards Shunt, but Shunt did not attack. S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove over Panic Attack's forks once more, before reversing into Panic Attack, pushing it back.

"Quite even at the moment; S.M.I.D.S.Y. the more aggressive. Perhaps, Panic Attack the more controlled."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack drops S.M.I.D.S.Y. into the pit.

After the two robots made more minor attacks, Panic Attack drove into the claws of Dead Metal. Dead Metal clutched Panic Attack, but did not use its circular saw. When Panic Attack drove away, S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove into the claws of Dead Metal, though Dead Metal could only grab a corner of S.M.I.D.S.Y., which promptly escaped and rammed the rear of Panic Attack. Panic Attack reversed and pushed S.M.I.D.S.Y. across the arena. S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove away, Panic Attack pursued, getting under S.M.I.D.S.Y. with its forks, and lifting S.M.I.D.S.Y. up. Panic Attack's forks fit into S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s wheel arch, so Panic Attack could push and pull S.M.I.D.S.Y. around the arena, holding the leather-coated robot over a flame jet.

"The wheels, from go-karts - little bit of a gap around them, and Panic Attack and Kim Davies have found that gap, and now, that could be the single most decisive moment of this entire heat."
— Jonathan Pearce

S.M.I.D.S.Y. did not catch fire, but was pressed against an arena spike, and held over the closed pit. S.M.I.D.S.Y. opened its jaws to try and escape, which eventually succeeded. The Pit opened, so Panic Attack lifted S.M.I.D.S.Y. onto its top, carried it towards the open pit, and dropped S.M.I.D.S.Y. in.

In the Semi-Finals, Panic Attack was drawn up against 10th seed Spawn of Scutter.

Julia Reed: "You don't hold back Kim, do you? Because we saw you have a pop at Sir Killalot!"
Kim Davies: "Yeah, well the thing behind that was when he was picking up the opposition and going to the pit, he was front-heavy, so we thought maybe we could get behind him and as he was dropping it we could get him in as well!"
— Kim Davies explains his attack on Sir Killalot in Round 2 before the battle

Panic Attack pushes Spawn of Scutter against the arena wall

The two robots rammed each other, with Panic Attack's forks slipping beneath Spawn of Scutter both times. The second time, it lifted Spawn of Scutter off the ground, but didn't have sufficient purchase, so Spawn of Scutter fell back down. The former champion raised Spawn of Scutter up again and pushed it to Shunt, who axed it whilst it was still raised up. Spawn of Scutter came back down and tried to escape, but Panic Attack forced it back in towards Shunt, with the House Robot missing with another axe blow. Spawn of Scutter escaped as Panic Attack retreated, before both robots met head on. Panic Attack tried to lift Spawn of Scutter, but this time the forks were not underneath the 10th seed, which meant it temporarily rode up the front of Spawn of Scutter. Spawn of Scutter fired its spike, but Panic Attack managed to dodge it. Panic Attack raised Spawn of Scutter up once more, and positioned itself to ram Spawn of Scutter against the side wall, stranding it on its wedged end. Panic Attack attempted to lift Spawn of Scutter again, but once it was clear that it couldn't, it backed away for the House Robots to come in.

Panic Attack hoists Shunt

The House Robots attacked and Sgt. Bash dragged the beaten Spawn of Scutter to the pit. Meanwhile, Panic Attack raised Shunt from the ground, catching its forks in the frame, but was unsuccessful in toppling the House Robot.

This led to a battle against 30th seed Stinger.

"They'd got to the point where they got knocked out in Series 3, this time against a strange robot named 'Stinger'. I was worried about Stinger, I think PA would have fared better against Hypno-Disc than them, as Stinger is a very strange robot, part of a type called "Axle-bots." I groaned loudly when I heard who they were against! "
— Jamie McGarry on the Panic Attack website

Panic Attack attacks Stinger

Panic Attack made the first move towards Stinger, with Stinger fending off Panic Attack with multiple slams of the mace. Panic Attack then slid under Stinger's axle, but Stinger brought its mace down once more and moved away. Panic Attack rammed Stinger against the arena wall, before Stinger started spinning on the spot, dealing two powerful hits to Panic Attack and knocking it aside. Panic Attack came in on another drive and forced Stinger back, but suffered more heavy blows from Stinger.

"Stinger proving the more wild pattern than Panic Attack - steadier progress by Kim Davies."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack then pushed Stinger into the side wall. Stinger spun and slid off Panic Attack, but Panic Attack continued to attack and shoved Stinger into Matilda's CPZ, but drifted in itself. Both machines escaped, with Panic Attack getting Stinger pushing it to one of the external flame jets, holding it in the flames. Stinger escaped, but Panic Attack slipped beneath and pushed it around, with Stinger pulling away and running to safety just as cease was called. The judges went for Stinger on aggression.

"It's a shame, as I think Stinger was the only robot that Panic Attack couldn't have beaten outright!"
— Jamie McGarry on the Panic Attack website

This proved to be an unpopular decision with the audience.

"Listen to that crowd, they don't agree! You've got them split down the middle; you've got people shouting 'Stinger', and you've got people booing the decision from the Panic Attack side!"
— Craig Charles to the Panic Attack team

Panic Attack also competed in the Sumo Basho side competition.

"Panic Attack, low centre of gravity, 80'6 kilos, good weight to take on Shunt, good driver as well, Kim Davies."
— Jonathan Pearce fancies Panic Attack's chances before the run

Panic Attack wins the Sumo Basho title

Panic Attack charged straight at Shunt, who easily pushed it back, Panic Attack just managing to stay in the ring. Panic Attack then pushed the House Robot a few more times, but was deflected each time. During the second attack, Panic Attack reversed and got itself stranded on the edge of the ring. Shunt rushed over to push it off, but mistimed his charge and both machines fell off the ring after 21.15 seconds. The replay, however, showed Shunt had just hit the tyres first, giving Panic Attack the victory.

"They drew Shunt on, more by luck than judgment I would suggest, but there you have it, Shunt hit the ground first, so Panic Attack will be the new leaders, even though they're a little bit flukey!"
— Jonathan Pearce

As the only robot to defeat Shunt, Panic Attack won the tournament.

Rammstein shoves Panic Attack across the arena

Panic Attack later competed in the War Of Independence special. In the first round match, it fought against US representative Rammstein.

"Panic Attack, worthy opponents, whether it be domestically or on the international stage."
— Jonathan Pearce with high-hopes for Panic Attack

Panic Attack lifts Rammstein

Both robots began fairly quickly, but after an initial dodge it was Rammstein that landed the first attack, using its spike to snag Panic Attack's armour. It reversed to come in on another charge, narrowly avoiding Panic Attack's lifting forks. It took several more charges and managed to push the former champion around the arena, but eventually, Panic Attack managed to get around the side of its opponent and lifted it up. After spinning it around, it pushed under Rammstein's side and pushed it over. This did not hinder the invertible Rammstein, but it appeared to be a lot more sluggish than it had in the opening stages of the battle. Panic Attack took advantage and lifted up Rammstein again.

"What Rammstein may find, if they go up on their side, they will not be able to right at all and they will be out...and I think that is what Kim Davies is trying to do with Panic Attack now - try to lever it up on its side"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack takes control

Panic Attack drops Rammstein down the pit

Panic Attack could not lift Rammstein high enough for a side-stranding and eventually had to settle for overturning it again. The American attempted another attack, driving straight up Panic Attack's lifting forks, and this time, the Welsh robot effortlessly picked it up.

"Go on. Lead him to our own, our very own Grand Canyon on our arena floor!"
— Jonathan Pearce, realizing Panic Attack has won

The pit descended moments later, and Panic Attack swiftly carried Rammstein towards it before quickly dropping it down. After the battle, it was revealed that Rammstein's batteries had run out of power, as they had not been adapted for the length of the battles held in the UK.

This led to Panic Attack facing Mortis in the second round, in a rematch from Series 2.

Julia Reed: "Have you faced Panic Attack in other wars?"
Arthur Chilcott: "Yes we have, some time ago."
Julia Reed: "And what happened?"
Arthur Chilcott: "They...beat us."
— Before the rematch

Panic Attack lifts Mortis

Mortis gets its axe stuck in Panic Attack

The battle began slowly, with Mortis only ramming against Panic Attack from behind at best, its axe chopping at thin air. After a little bit of dodging, the two robots met head-on. Mortis fired its axe a few more times, but Panic Attack's lifting forks won out and lifted Mortis onto its side, before pushing it into the arena wall. Mortis was able to right itself off of the wall and came back on the attack, hitting Panic Attack with its axe, although it missed several blows. The axe appeared to be caught in the "down" position after this, so Mortis was forced to ram Panic Attack instead. In doing so, the tanto blade tip managed to get snagged within Panic Attack's forklift mechanism. Mortis took advantage and forced Panic Attack into Dead Metal's CPZ, but the Welsh robot escaped with no damage. Eventually, Panic Attack broke away, whose axe finally reset, and got underneath its opponent, catching it on one of the spikes of its self-righting mechanism. Panic Attack slammed Mortis against the arena wall until it was right on top of it before reversing it into Sir Killalot's CPZ. The House Robot picked Mortis up and carried it around for a bit before dropping.

"Don't panic! Don't panic, Mr. Mortis! Panic Attack's on the attack!"
— Jonathan Pearce references Dad's Army

Panic Attack backs Mortis into Sir Killalot

Panic Attack fails to lift Mortis

Mortis tried to escape, but its lifting arm now appeared to be stuck and Panic Attack rammed into it. Mortis managed to reset its arm eventually and then, as the two met front-on, used its axe to chop at Panic Attack, knocking off its light. Panic Attack tried to overturn Mortis, but only managed to lift itself off the ground, before ramming its opponent into the arena wall. Getting underneath, it was unable to overturn Mortis and eventually reversed away. In the last few seconds, Mortis was able to get its lifting arm under Panic Attack's rear, but could not flip it. The judges were called to make a decision, and gave Mortis a very close victory by only one point.

"Well, maybe we drove better and pushed them about, but their axe did more damage."
— Kim Davies, gracious in defeat

Denied a rematch against frenZy by a single point, Kim Davies explained in 2021 that he would have loved to have fought the American team again on home soil, having lost convincingly in Season 2.0 of BattleBots due to a dodgy speed controller.

"We were up for frenZy! We would have quite enjoyed a rematch with those...I think we could've beat frenZy quite easily"
— Kim Davies fancies his chances if Panic Attack faced frenZy in the War of Independence

Extreme 1[]

Panic Attack competed several times in Extreme 1 with an improved self-righting mechanism that could also be used like a secondary weapon, for lifting and clamping purposes.

Because of its status as former champion and consistent semi-finalist, it featured in the All-Stars competition, where its first fight was against Firestorm 3, the robot that ended its reign in Series 3.

"Well, the robot last time wasn't 100%, so I think they had it easy last time. Not this time! ...You know what's left at the end of a firestorm's ashes? Well we're gonna put their flames out."
— Kim Davies prior to the fight

Panic Attack is defeated by Firestorm again

As soon as Activate was called, Panic Attack charged right at Firestorm 3, but at just the last moment tried to veer to the side. This allowed Firestorm 3 to get right underneath the side of the skirts, and it flipped Panic Attack over.

"It was almost like a suicidal lunge at Firestorm 3, flicking Panic Attack up and over."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack then tried to self-right but Firestorm 3 was much too quick and pushed Panic Attack against the arena wall preventing it from self-righting, and managed to get the Welsh machine stuck on the wall. Sir Killalot, Dead Metal and Firestorm 3 then each took turns trying to get Panic Attack off the wall, but it kept getting stuck, and was eventually counted out.

"Well, that is a major surprise. Panic Attack rated as one of the top 6 robots anywhere, but out to Firestorm 3"
— Jonathan Pearce after the battle

Panic Attack also competed in a Vengeance battle against X-Terminator.

"Well, I just can't work out what they've got against us, the first year they took us out in the Heat Final, the second year then they managed to pull out their way through Sumo and beat us, and then they burst a pipe on Killalot's hydraulics just before we went in, so we were sliding everywhere so that's it, we're after them, it's payback time!"
— Marlon Pritchard in Extreme 1

Panic Attack about to pit X-Terminator

X-Terminator entered the arena with a large fixed spike at the front, but this proved to be its undoing, as Panic Attack flipped it over straight away. The spike prevented X-Terminator from righting itself. Panic Attack opened the pit, then attempted to push X-Terminator towards it, but in doing so actually helped to right it. The two robots then chased each other around the arena, with Panic Attack pushing underneath X-Terminator a few times, its foe missing an axe blow. Eventually, Panic Attack drove near the pit, luring X-Terminator towards it, before lifting it up and carefully dropping it in the pit.

"That driving was just immense! I mean, you activated the pit button. I mean, the skill you used to drop them in the pit was awesome!"
— Praise from Craig Charles after the battle

The Welsh Panic Attack also had the chance to represent the whole of the UK in the International Inferno against Manta (USA), MaxiMill (The Netherlands) and Flensburger Power (Germany).

Julia Reed: "Kim, what's your strategy?"
Kim Davies: "Don't know, we haven't seen any of them running, so we don't know what they'll do. We'll just go in there and see what happens!"
Julia Reed: "Well, the arena is waiting for you. Team - good luck, from me and from the rest of Britain. In you go!"
— Pre-battle interview

Panic Attack lifts Manta

At the start, both MaxiMill and Flensburger Power were slow, but Manta sped around and rammed into MaxiMill, Manta was not hindered by this and quickly reversed MaxiMill onto the flame pit. MaxiMill was spinning on the flames until Manta rammed it into the side wall. Meanwhile, Panic Attack had been pushing Flensburger Power around, and the now unoccupied Manta rammed it onto the flames as well. Flensburger Power appeared to have broken down, but MaxiMill came back to life and re-entered the battle. Manta rammed it into an unoccupied CPZ. MaxiMill escaped, but was immediately boxed in by Shunt and Matilda, the latter of who pushed it into the CPZ and struck with its flywheel. Manta and Panic Attack turned to each other, and Panic Attack lifted Manta up with its forks and slipped into a position beneath Manta's disc.

"A Manta a ray of hope for the USA - I think not! You are now impaled on those forks and there is no way out for Manta!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack pits Manta

Panic Attack dragged Manta around and into the pit release as Refbot counted out Flensburger Power. Panic Attack almost lost its grip on Manta when it drove over the closed pit, then eventually lowered Manta back down. Manta charged into Panic Attack, slamming it aside, but with its disc still not working, it was unable to do any damage. Meanwhile, Refbot moved over and counted out MaxiMill, who had broken down. Shunt placed MaxiMill on the floor flipper. Panic Attack then got beneath Manta again, lifting it up. Matilda pressed the pit release, and Manta, who was resting on the pit, began to descend with it. Panic Attack briefly got stuck with Manta on top, but used its srimech panel to shrug Manta off and into the pit properly.

"Manta is right on the lip of defeat here! On the very edge - how on earth are they holding on? They're not holding on any longer, they're in the pit. And Panic Attack, and Kim Davies, have triumphed in the International Inferno!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Flensburger Power was hurled by the floor flipper, and Shunt and Matilda pushed it into MaxiMill. Cease was called, with Panic Attack the winners.

Panic Attack also fought in a Wild Card Warriors match, against Axe-Awe.

"You've got one shot and make it a good one, because it's the only one you're gonna have"
— Kim Davies' message to Axe-Awe

Panic Attack traps Axe-Awe...

...and drops it in the pit

Despite both robots' low top speed of 8 mph, the battle started quickly. Axe-Awe spun around, revealing its rear to Panic Attack, but the former champion did not capitalise. The two eventually charged at each other front on, but clashed slightly to the side, resulting in Axe-Awe missing an attack with the axe. Axe-Awe then tried to use its flipper, but missed and Panic Attack reversed away. Axe-Awe tried another attack with its flipper, and managed to lift up one of Panic Attack's skirts. Panic Attack came back strongly by lifting up Axe-Awe from the side, meaning it was unable to use its axe properly. Panic Attack then rolled Axe-Awe over, but the Wild Card quickly righted itself using its axe. It spun again, exposing its back to Panic Attack, and this time the veteran took advantage, ramming it into the side wall and lifting it up onto its top, keeping Axe-Awe's wheels off its body using its lifting forks.

"This is all rather inevitable, isn't it?"
— Jonathan Pearce, realising what Panic Attack has in mind

Axe-Awe was powerless to do anything as Panic Attack pulled off its signature move, carrying its opponent towards the pit release, then dropping it into the pit. After the battle had finished, it was briefly shown that Panic Attack had tried to attack Shunt again.

"Axe-Awe in awe of an ex-UK champion!"
— Craig Charles after the battle

Panic Attack fought newcomer Shear Khan and Diotoir in a Mayhem qualifier.

"We've fought a weapon like this before and it's really destructive and this one sounds worse."
— Kim Davies, expressing his fears over Shear Khan's weapon

Diotoir with the poster of Panic Attack

Panic Attack upends Shear Khan

Panic Attack interrupts Refbot's count

Pitting the defeated Diotoir

Diotoir entered the arena with a poster of Panic Attack taped to its scoop. It was Panic Attack who had the fastest start, charging straight at Shear Khan, which caused minor damage with its rock chisel. Diotoir, meanwhile, drove onto the flame pit in an attempt to burn the poster. The three robots pushed against each other, before Shear Khan reversed onto Panic Attack to use its drum. Panic Attack was able to lift it up and push it onto its back. Panic Attack then turned on Diotoir, whose poster had fallen off completely. It was unable to get underneath on the first attempt. Diotoir was able to push back, but the Welsh robot came in for another attempt and overturned its Irish foe on top of its own scoop just as Shear Khan was counted out. Diotoir's weapon had malfunctioned before the battle begun, leaving it stranded as Panic Attack activated the pit. As Refbot began counting out Diotoir, Panic Attack managed to lift it onto its own back, leaving it in the perfect position to utilise its classic carry-and-pit technique. Shear Khan was thrown by the floor flipper moments after Diotoir's pitting, landing right near Panic Attack as Cease was called. Despite the call, Shunt proceeded to push Shear Khan towards the pit. However, Panic Attack then got underneath Shunt and got its lifting forks hooked in his wheel guards. Matilda and Refbot attempted to separate them as Cease was called again, Refbot ended the battle by issuing Panic Attack a yellow card, but it had no effect on the outcome.

"Cease called again. That means Cease, Panic Attack. I.E. - Stop, desist, finish, end! Yellow card. You're lucky to survive with just that!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack at the beginning of the Annihilator, clad in the fur of its vanquished foe, Diotoir

In the Annihilator, Panic Attack fought Disc-O-Inferno, Fighting Torque, Napalm, Spirit of Knightmare and The Steel Avenger.

Julia Reed: "Is this going to be a walk in the park for you then?"
Kim Davies: "Not against five others, but I think we need a bigger pit to put a few more in."
— Pre-Round 1 interview

As the battle began, Spirit of Knightmare charged straight at the limping Napalm, whilst Panic Attack tried to lift up Disc-O-Inferno. The Steel Avenger rammed Panic Attack, whilst Fighting Torque used its weapon on the former champion. The Steel Avenger changed targets and rammed Fighting Torque.

Spirit of Knightmare and Panic Attack wedge under Napalm

The Steel Avenger changed targets once more, turning on Napalm, who was wedged on top of Panic Attack. To make matters worse for the Dartford Girls Grammar machine, Disc-O-Inferno tore part of its side off. Panic Attack dropped Napalm, but with no forward mobility, it was squeezed between The Steel Avenger and Spirit of Knightmare, the latter of whom pushed it on a jet of flame. Fighting Torque joined the action, and the three edged Napalm towards Sir Killalot's CPZ. Panic Attack attempted to separate The Steel Avenger and Spirit of Knightmare. Disc-O-Inferno then rammed Spirit of Knightmare, but its disc did not appear to be spinning. Panic Attack, meanwhile, had gotten underneath The Steel Avenger, and was using its lifting forks to raise it up, whilst Fighting Torque was also ramming the Essex machine. Panic Attack then turned its attention to Fighting Torque, lifting it up, when Disc-O-Inferno cut into the Scottish machine's side. The Steel Avenger, Spirit of Knightmare and Fighting Torque rammed each other for a short time whilst Panic Attack locked with Disc-O-Inferno, only to get a small piece of its armour torn off. Disc-O-Inferno retreated, hitting Spirit of Knightmare's side "blender" before ramming Fighting Torque again. The pit was then activated as Panic Attack, The Steel Avenger and Fighting Torque came together. Just after the pit went down, The Steel Avenger pushed Fighting Torque towards the flame pit. The Steel Avenger, Panic Attack and Spirit of Knightmare converged towards the other end of the arena, whilst Disc-O-Inferno turned on Fighting Torque. Two successive slams tore its entire front off and immobilised it. The four mobile robots turned on each other, with Panic Attack lifting up Disc-O-Inferno. Spirit of Knightmare took over and rammed Disc-O-Inferno into Matilda's flywheel, which sent it flying. The impact seemed to completely immobilise Disc-O-Inferno. As the other three attacked Disc-O-Inferno's corpse, Refbot counted out what was left of Fighting Torque, eliminating it - despite Napalm having been immobilised for the whole bout.

After the first round battle, all five robots had taken damage. Panic Attack's rear had been badly damaged by Matilda. Of the other four, Napalm had suffered the worst, with a damaged drive and an entire side chunk missing, having been ripped off by Matilda. As the damage was irreparable in the time the team had, Napalm withdrew from the Annihilator.

Panic Attack presses The Steel Avenger against the wall

The remaining four robots fought on. As the battle began, Spirit of Knightmare rammed underneath The Steel Avenger and flipped it onto its side. Panic Attack quickly came in and rammed into the stranded Steel Avenger, pushing it towards the arena wall.

Panic Attack wedges under Disc-O-Inferno

After nudging The Steel Avenger further, it eventually backed away, allowing The Steel Avenger to right itself. It quickly darted away from its much slower opponents, before charging at Panic Attack again, dodging its lifting forks. Disc-O-Inferno now joined the fray, hitting Spirit of Knightmare side on. The Steel Avenger had been flipped over by Panic Attack again, but it righted itself once more. Panic Attack tried to lift up Disc-O-Inferno again, but Spirit of Knightmare wedged itself underneath the former champion, before it too was rammed by The Steel Avenger. The four robots broke away and The Steel Avenger launched an attack on Disc-O-Inferno, but missed an axe blow. It then turned on Panic Attack, and its axe blow landed, but it was sandwiched between Disc-O-Inferno and Spirit of Knightmare. The latter pushed The Steel Avenger away, before all four robots drove around the arena for a while, not landing any meaningful attacks, The Steel Avenger missing a few axe blows. After a little while, Panic Attack activated the pit release. The Steel Avenger hit it with its axe, before driving away. After a small delay, the pit opened, and Panic Attack tried to reverse Spirit of Knightmare in, but the "refined-wedge" shaped robot dodged to one side and both nearly fell in.

"This is very even so far. This is a good Annihilator battle."
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle continues

The Steel Avenger chops into Panic Attack just before it is defeated

The Steel Avenger launched another attack on Disc-O-Inferno, before Spirit of Knightmare was pushed into the arena wall by Panic Attack, who's forklift seemed to be slightly dislodged. The Steel Avenger pushed the sluggish Disc-O-Inferno, but missed, whilst Panic Attack pushed Spirit of Knightmare back. The Steel Avenger then used its axe and cut deep into Panic Attack's skirt, before Spirit of Knightmare got underneath and flipped The Steel Avenger onto its side. Disc-O-Inferno, in attacking Spirit of Knightmare, bounced off and got stuck on top of The Steel Avenger, but broke free. The Steel Avenger was left alone, but it had used up too much gas and was unable to right itself. Refbot counted it out, eliminating The Steel Avenger. Only after it was counted out and cease was called did its side arms finally activate, but not enough to right it.

"We thought you and Panic Attack would be the last two men standing."
— Craig Charles, seeing The Steel Avenger and Panic Attack as the favourites

Panic Attack had taken a lot of damage in the previous round. Aside from making a hole in its skirt, The Steel Avenger had caused damage to its forklift mechanism, whilst Disc-O-Inferno had caused severe damage to its rear, wrecking a motor by dislodging some vital magnets. A Vengeance battle between Comengetorix and Bigger Brother was staged and fought to give Panic Attack time to repair, but the damage was irreparable, and Panic Attack withdrew.

"It's so severely damaged, I don't think we're going back in again."
— Technical supervisor Derek Foxwell on Panic Attack's condition

Series 5[]

"...but for me, the one to watch tonight is the Series 2 champion, Panic Attack. Kim Davies is one of the best drivers on Robot Wars, and that, coupled with an ingenious design with lifting forks and a self-righting mechanism makes them the sure favourites."
— Philippa Forester at the start of the Heat

In Series 5, Panic Attack ran into problems with its first opponent, the fairly destructive newcomer Barber-Ous.

Barber-Ous nullifies Panic Attack's forks

Barber-Ous is pitted

Panic Attack got underneath Barber-Ous and caught hold of one of its yellow axles, raising the robot slightly, but the shape of Barber-Ous made it hard to get a grip with the lifting forks. Barber-Ous came on the attack, causing damage to the top armour of the Welsh robot and rendering the forks useless. Barber-Ous landed further attacks, recoiling away, but tears started to show in the drum, and the weapon stopped moving. Barber-Ous resorted to pressing the pit release, but could not move away from that position. This allowed Panic Attack, with srimech raised, to push Barber-Ous into Sgt. Bash, and the House Robot crumpled the axle of Barber-Ous. Finally, Panic Attack pushed its beaten opponent into the pit.

Craig Charles: "You're an ex-British champion, do you think you can be a British champion again?"
Kim Davies: "Well, as long as we're entertaining, I really don't mind how we get on. I'd hate to go out, you know, tipped over and out within two minutes."
— Post-Round 1 interview

Panic Attack progressed to the Heat Semi-Finals, where they faced the crusher of Tiberius 2.

"It's a good robot, but we should be able to get underneath it and maybe turn it over, but if they grab us we've had it!"
— Kim Davies before the battle

Panic Attack lifts Tiberius 2

Panic Attack was on the early attack on Tiberius 2, however Tiberius almost got its claw to crush the weapon operating system of Panic Attack. Panic Attack worked free and the pushing match continued. The front end of Tiberius was lifted up again by Panic Attack and the sixth seed pinned it to the wall. Both machines pushed each other until Panic Attack broke free.

"Panic Attack just brushes off that attack, though. Tiberius trying to get the scoop to work, but that's where the benefit of the side skirts come in, nothing can get underneath Panic Attack from the sides"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack drops Tiberius 2 into the pit

After spending a while dodging Tiberius 2's attacks, the Welsh machine lifted Tiberius up again over the flame pit and pinned it against the wall. The House Robots came in to attack Tiberius 2, which allowed Panic Attack to try and flip Shunt over. Panic Attack then lifted Tiberius 2 once again and did its normal trick, carrying them to and dropping them into the pit, almost falling in itself in the process.

In the Heat Final, Panic Attack faced Kat 3.

"Well, I don't think the axe will go through, but again it's going to be driving and get under them and tip them over, then go for Shunt!"
— Kim Davies' plan for the battle

Kat 3 axes the dominant Panic Attack

After a tentative start, the Welsh machine lifted Kat 3 up with the forks, which got stuck underneath Kat 3's front wedge and prevented Panic Attack from breaking free.

"And for Kat 3 here now, great danger, because I don't think they can get off those prongs. Kim Davies knows exactly what he's doing."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack finishes off Kat 3

Kat 3's front panel was bent out of shape as Panic Attack raised their forks several times, but despite ramming it into the wall, Panic Attack still couldn't free themselves. So, Panic Attack opened the pit, and after much hesitation, finally managed to push Kat 3 over the pit and drop them in, separating from Kat 3 in doing so.

"Well, are you a one-tactic team or what Kim? You did it to Tiberius in the last round, and now you just did it again - pick 'em up, release the pit, throw 'em down!"
— Craig Charles after the battle

Panic Attack was then through to the Semi-Finals again, where it was up against the second seed Pussycat in Round 1.

According to Kim Davies, the entrances for this fight had to be re-shot, as Shunt's driver decided to humorously attack Panic Attack, moving out of its area to push Kim's machine. Panic Attack retaliated by attacking Shunt in its own CPZ and cease was called. This pre-fight scuffle was inevitably cut from the show.

Pussycat slices Panic Attack's lifting forks

Pussycat drove straight into the fray. Panic Attack's lifting forks were raised, and it prodded Pussycat, overturning it, as Pussycat then fled. Facing the wrong direction, Pussycat turned 180°, damaging Panic Attack's lifting forks as the two weapons clashed. Panic Attack rammed Pussycat and overturned it again, and pushed it over the flame pit. Pussycat escaped, and damaged the front of Panic Attack with the spinning disc. Panic Attack pushed Pussycat into an empty CPZ. Pussycat escaped the CPZ, but Panic Attack did not move away, and Sgt. Bash came in, pushing Panic Attack into a corner, and firing its flamethrower.

"Well that is very surprising that Kim Davies left himself open for a Sgt. Bash attack!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack only turned slowly, as Sgt. Bash came behind Panic Attack and pressured it. Panic Attack managed to escape Sgt. Bash, but drove straight into Shunt, which struck Panic Attack with its axe. Panic Attack slowly moved into the centre of the arena, where Pussycat could inflict minor damage again. Both robots skirted around each other, before Pussycat drove at Panic Attack, inflicting damage and overturning itself. Panic Attack was only turning in circles, not escaping Pussycat's attacks. Panic Attack backed away, and then drove towards Pussycat, which merely drove away again. As Panic Attack remained idle near Pussycat, Pussycat could turn into Panic Attack, tearing Panic Attack's side skirts and lifting forks.

Both robots meet face-to-face

Both robots backed away from each other, Pussycat kicked up onto its four wheels, and landed on Panic Attack, inflicting more damage. Panic Attack tried to slot under Pussycat. Pussycat was too slippery, however, and could get yet another damaging hit on Panic Attack's side skirts. Pussycat got around the back of Panic Attack, and sliced into the rear plating of Panic Attack. Panic Attack's lifting forks were now angled and dislodged. Panic Attack slammed into Pussycat, causing it to spin on the spot, and upend itself onto its four wheels.

"This is Pussycat's fight so far, and Panic Attack has a lot to do."
— Jonathan Pearce

Both robots collided once more, and Pussycat's blade ripped Panic Attack's skirt straight upwards, before missing on another very fast charge. Yet another fast attack on Panic Attack caused Pussycat to flip itself onto its side, where it tipped back down again. Pussycat made another attack before keeping its distance as the timer ran down. In the last few seconds, Pussycat made two more attacks on the side of Panic Attack, giving it a clear judges' decision.

"No idea. It just wasn't going at all, it wouldn't go. It would start and stop and start and stop, we had no control. ...Normally we got full control, but I don't know, maybe the first hit did something"
— Kim Davies after the battle

This put Panic Attack into the loser's melee alongside long-term rival Firestorm 3 and the colossal flipper of Wheely Big Cheese.

"Two big flippers, we're going to end up upside-down!"
— Kim Davies lack of confidence before the battle

Firestorm 3 charged at Wheely Big Cheese. While they were connected, Panic Attack got under one of Wheely Big Cheese's wheels, and lifted it. Wheely Big Cheese slipped off, causing Firestorm 3 to land on Panic Attack's lifting prongs, before both backed away.

"The three yellow machines, a banana skin battle developing."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese flips Panic Attack

Panic Attack, not moving by the side wall, as Firestorm moves in

Wheely Big Cheese drove into Panic Attack's front, not getting underneath, before Firestorm 3 was able to get underneath the rear of Wheely Big Cheese, driving it into the arena side wall, seemingly unable to fire its flipper. Firestorm 3 charged at Wheely Big Cheese's side. Panic Attack was pushing against Wheely Big Cheese before Firestorm 3 interrupted, slotting under Wheely Big Cheese, and then getting wedged on Panic Attack's side. Panic Attack lingered around the pit release, where Wheely Big Cheese got under the front, overturning it and throwing it into the arena side wall. Wheely Big Cheese's flipper remained open, Firestorm 3 drove under Wheely Big Cheese, buffeting it, before ramming Panic Attack, then Wheely Big Cheese again. Panic Attack was making little movement, still remaining by the pit release, as Wheely Big Cheese fired its flipper with nothing on it, allowing Firestorm 3 to push it into the CPZ. While Wheely Big Cheese was in the CPZ, Firestorm 3's flipper activated, pushing Wheely Big Cheese slightly. Sgt. Bash came in, and Firestorm 3 flipped Wheely Big Cheese against the arena side wall twice, as Sgt. Bash fired its flamethrower. Once Wheely Big Cheese was able to escape Firestorm 3, it drove straight under an angle grinder, where it became stuck. Firestorm 3 slotted underneath Wheely Big Cheese, firing its flipper, before backing away. Sgt. Bash used its flamethrower again, while it became evident that Wheely Big Cheese was stuck. Refbot freed Wheely Big Cheese from the angle grinder, but Wheely Big Cheese only drove straight back into the arena side wall and Sgt. Bash again. Panic Attack was still merely twitching beside the pit release, making minimal movement. Sgt. Bash tried to close its jaws on Wheely Big Cheese, but Wheely Big Cheese escaped. Firestorm 3 nudged Panic Attack, which was eventually able to reverse away, and was then able to trap Firestorm 3 in an empty CPZ, raising its lifting prongs to no avail.

"Firestorm has done all the work, for me, thus far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack lifts Firestorm 3 in the late stages

Panic Attack reversed into the centre, but Firestorm 3 charged towards Panic Attack, buckling a side skirt by driving at the front of it. Panic Attack then reversed into an angle grinder beside the flame pit, allowing Firestorm 3 to get completely underneath Panic Attack. Firestorm 3 did not flip Panic Attack, however, instead just remaining idle over the flame pit itself. Wheely Big Cheese was immobile against an arena side wall, as Refbot counted it out. Firestorm 3 pushed Panic Attack into Dead Metal's CPZ, bending one of its side skirts upwards. Firestorm 3 got underneath Panic Attack again, raising it with its flipper, with Panic Attack driving into another angle grinder. Panic Attack aligned itself with Firestorm 3, getting underneath using its own lifting prongs, and lifting it against the arena side wall, before Dead Metal pushed both away. Despite Panic Attack finishing the stronger, the judges awarded the victory to Firestorm 3 on the basis of a stronger performance throughout. This would prove to be the final time that Panic Attack made it to the semi-finals.

"We got stuck over there and could only go around in circles, until somebody hit us, then for some reason it freed itself, then we were back out, then we lost the forks. ...We found the problem in the last fight was that a screw had ground on the aerial, it was grounding on the body, so intermittent faults with it. ...As long as we're entertaining."
— Kim Davies

Series 6[]

"Going for gold again!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack enters the arena

Panic Attack came to Series 6 as the eighth seed. Its first battle was against three veterans; R.O.C.S., Corkscrew and Kronic 2.

Philippa Forrester: "Now. Panic Attack Gold. You are up against, in your first battle, R.O.C.S., Kronic and the Corkscrew. Do any of those worry you?"
Michael Davies: "Corkscrew."
Philippa Forrester: "Why?"
Michael Davies: "He'll smash the skirts, the flipper flips us over, then the crusher grabs us. Simple!"
Philippa Forrester: "Not looking very good then, is it?"
— Pre-Round 1 interview

Panic Attack lifts Kronic 2

At the start of the battle, Panic Attack and R.O.C.S. attacked Kronic 2 together. Panic Attack lifted Kronic 2, while R.O.C.S. crushed the top armour of Kronic 2. Corkscrew then zoomed in and tore off one of Panic Attack's skirts.

"Oh, look at that attack from Corkscrew! 99 kilos, in at speed, 20 mph, slamming into Panic Attack's side panels, which are designed to prevent anything getting in underneath, but that was a mighty attack from Corkscrew..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack proves it cannot self-right

Corkscrew then attacked Kronic 2, tearing off and destroying one of its wheel guards, leaving a tyre exposed. Kronic 2 pressed the pit release and an unfortunate Corkscrew crossed the pit shortly afterwards, failing to get away before it lowered. R.O.C.S. buried its jaw into Kronic 2's flipper but Kronic 2 managed to wriggle free and fight back, throwing R.O.C.S. on its back. R.O.C.S.'s attempts at self-righting were in vain, especially as hydraulic fluid was dribbling out from it all over the arena floor. R.O.C.S. was counted out by Refbot, putting Kronic 2 and Panic Attack safely through. However, while R.O.C.S. was positioned on the floor flipper, Kronic 2 flipped Panic Attack over.

"Panic Attack is taking a slam, which is unnecessary now, from Kronic 2, because we know they're heading through! Do they not realise that R.O.C.S. is counted out and that Corkscrew is in a pit? What's going on? You don't need to this! You are both safely through, Panic Attack and Kronic 2"
— Jonathan Pearce as Kronic 2 flips Panic Attack

Panic Attack was then immobilised, as it could not self-right. Regardless, Panic Attack was still through to the next round. After a repair job to the side and front corner caused by Corkscrew, Panic Attack fought A-Kill in the second round.

Panic Attack lifts A-Kill

"How much damage was caused to Panic Attack, really? Was it only superficial, from that first round against R.O.C.S and Corkscrew?"
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle

Both robots got off to a very slow start, circling around each other. A-Kill then ran up onto Panic Attack's forks which lifted A-Kill up, pushed it back and then dropped it.

"I wonder about the actual potency of A-Kill's weaponry. They sacrificed some weight for extra weaponry, and that means, I think, that Panic Attack have extra "shove-ability", and they've got a very good driver in Kim Davies, one of the best ever!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack, about to pit A-Kill

A-Kill hammered some ineffective blows on Panic Attack. Panic Attack shoved A-Kill into Shunt and took an axe blow before carrying it towards the pit release button. Panic Attack then proceeded to leave A-Kill on the edge of the pit where it tried its hardest to stay out but the final nudge from Panic Attack was enough to send it down. Kim Davies remarked after the fight that he was unhappy with his robot's performance, although Panic Attack was through to the Heat Final.

Kim Davies: "It's brand new, the thing is it was built two weeks before we came up, it hasn't been tested, this is where we've been testing it; it's slow, it doesn't turn, we're not happy with it!"
Craig Charles: "So, any readjustments for the next fight?"
Kim Davies: "Well, we're gonna go out and take the skirts off so it should turn a lot quicker, put some screws in the wheels, maybe it'll get some traction."
Craig Charles: "Yeah, 'cause there's no traction out there, real slippy floor, isn't it? You're eighth seed, you're a former UK champion, do you think you'll be able to reclaim that crown?"
Kim Davies: "(Pause) Yeah, course we will! No!"
Craig Charles: "Come on! Bit of optimism, optimism!"
Kim Davies: "No, the way it's going now I very much doubt it!"

— Post battle interview

This lead to a Heat Final clash with Terrorhurtz.

"So what do we think about this one up here on the crow's nest? Well, Panic Attack, for all its experience and winning background, has looked lacklustre to me so far. I know Kim Davies is brilliant at the controls, but what sort of weaponry power does that have nowadays? Terrorhurtz, we've seen it of course do great damage to Kronic 2 early on. If I had to go with my heart, I'd go with Terrorhurtz, but my head says that Panic Attack will have its day. Don't Panic! Go for the attack!"
— Jonathan Pearce's prediction for the battle

Terrorhurtz attacks Panic Attack

Both robots started quickly but Terrorhurtz was the quicker of the two and came in battering the top panels of Panic Attack with its axe. Panic Attack tried to get away but Terrorhurtz was much too quick and was always the more damaging. Panic Attack struggled to get its forks into position and continued to be pounded by Terrorhurtz.

"Terrorhurtz is slamming it with the axe, and I don't think Panic Attack has the manoeuvrability to get away, and Terrorhurtz is causing damage straight away! ...Look at this, it's systematic! Oh! They are battering Panic Attack into submission! One blow after another, raining down, and Kim cannot do anything about this whatsoever!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The top plate is ripped off Panic Attack

After taking more blows from Terrorhurtz's axe, Panic Attack's top armour was beginning to split apart and loosen. Terrorhurtz shoved Panic Attack backwards into the CPZ where it managed to fend off some hits from Terrorhurtz using its forks, but it couldn't get out and took some axe blows from Shunt and then in came Matilda who, with one attack, tore off Panic Attack's top armour, exposing the inner workings.

"This has been one-way traffic throughout this Heat Final! Well Panic Attack...OH! Off comes the top armour, and now the electronics, the electric motors exposed!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Matilda rips of Panic Attack's lid

Panic Attack is counted out

The Series 2 champion was counted out by Refbot before being left to the mercy of Shunt, although Matilda had broken down after delivering her previous shattering hit to Panic Attack.

"Maybe it's time now to completely rebuild Panic Attack."
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack is counted out

Panic Attack is hit by a washing machine

Shunt dragged Panic Attack to the arena flipper where it was thrown through the air. Then, to the amusement of the crowd, it was brought to the Drop Zone, where it got moving again and tried to get away, but was too late to escape as Shunt pushed it onto the square and the washing machine came down and landed on its exposed electronics. Despite the damage, it was still just about mobile after being hit by the washing machine.

"What have you got suspended up there? I'm told it's a washing machine. A household washing machine, to come crashing down on you, Kim Davies and Panic Attack...NOOOOOOWWWW!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack is put on the Drop Zone and hit by a washing machine

This marked the first time Panic Attack failed to reach the semi-finals.

"JP talked about how the House Robots wouldn't attack PA out of "reverence for the ex-champions" but that turned out to be total rubbish. As soon as they were counted out, in came Shunt and Matilda! PA was put onto the arena flipper, then, for further embarrassment, had a washing machine dropped on it. However, this was just a waste of time, as the machine bounces off the tough robot! Although they'd won two matches and had pretty much the entire show focused on them...PA were out of the Sixth Wars."
— Jamie McGarry on the Panic Attack website

Extreme 2[]

"A former British champion, but is it past its best?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack enters the arena

Panic Attack briefly appeared in the second series of Extreme, reverting to their Series 5 version and representing Wales in the Commonwealth Carnage.

"I think Firestorm's going to be the one to beat, they've beaten us a number of times. ...We will do it for Wales and this time, the trophy's ours!"
— Kim Davies on his hopes for the competition

In Round 1, Panic Attack was drawn against Cerberus (Cyprus), Crushtacean (South Africa) and Terror Turtle (Canada).

Panic Attack almost drops Terror Turtle into the pit

Panic Attack and Crushtacean join forces against Terror Turtle

Panic Attack met Cerberus head on, but the two spun away. In the process, the side of Panic Attack was struck by the bar spinner of Terror Turtle, although Panic Attack resisted this well, and disabled the weaponry of Terror Turtle in the process. Crushtacean then focused its attacks on Cerberus, grabbing and ramming it, whilst Panic Attack focused on Terror Turtle. Panic Attack caught the bent weaponry of Terror Turtle and drew it very close to the pit which had been opened by Crushtacean, but could not finish off the Canadian machine. Shortly afterwards, Crushtacean dropped Cerberus into the pit. Panic Attack and Crushtacean then teamed up to bully Terror Turtle, pushing it into the CPZ, where Panic Attack lifted it up with its forks.

"Panic Attack, a cagey and wily performance so far. ...Panic Attack is by far the strongest of the remaining three, but who goes through with them?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack engages with Shunt

Crushtacean then grabbed the wheel guards, and pushed Terror Turtle, before releasing it. Panic Attack then pushed Terror Turtle into Sir Killalot, who lifted it up and over. Crushtacean gripped the back of Sir Killalot, but caused no damage. Towards the end of the battle, Panic Attack reignited its famous rivalry with Shunt, lifting the house robot off its wheels. Jonathan Pearce remarked that Sir Killalot's defeat of Terror Turtle, which could not self-right, was an illegal manoeuvre, so it was disregarded in the resulting Judges' decision. Regardless, they decided that Crushtacean and Panic Attack had done enough to make the next round.

The second round was another rematch against Firestorm 4, which was representing England.

Philippa Forrester: "This is it: Wales against England, Panic Attack versus Firestorm. They're evenly matched."
Graham Bone: "I wouldn't say that!"
Philippa Forrester: "Why?"
Graham Bone: "We've beaten them three times already!"
— Boasts from Team Firestorm

Panic Attack wedges under Firestorm 4

The battle began with Panic Attack dodging Firestorm 4, before Firestorm 4 ran up on Panic Attack's forks, but Firestorm 4 drove over Panic Attack. Firestorm 4 then fought back, and pushed Panic Attack into the CPZ, almost flipping it onto its back in the process. Panic Attack was unable to regroup and come in on another attack as Firestorm 4 mercilessly hounded it; however once again it ran up on the forks of Panic Attack, who again failed to capitalise. Firestorm 4 pushed Panic Attack the length of the arena, and into Sgt. Bash's CPZ, but both robots escaped. Firestorm 4 again tried to flip Panic Attack but failed to. Firestorm 4 got stuck on an angle grinder temporarily, and Panic Attack took the initiative, momentarily taking the upper hand in the battle. Firestorm 4 retaliated and pushed Panic Attack against the arena wall.

Panic Attack gets stuck on its side

"Caught side on by Firestorm, turned on its side, very very slow to self-right, Panic Attack, if they can self-right at all from there, as Graham and Hazel look on, I think Panic Attack is finished!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Mr. Psycho holds Panic Attack

Panic Attack's srimech was designed for protecting it from getting stuck on its back, so was useless on its side. First Refbot, then Mr. Psycho tried to free Panic Attack, but failed, so Panic Attack was counted out, and Firestorm 4 pressed the pit release. Mr. Psycho picked up Panic Attack, and paraded it around the arena.

"...and now, all that remains is sending Panic Attack not back to the valleys, not back to those famous Welsh pits, but down perhaps into our doomy, gloomy pit of oblivion"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho picks up Panic Attack

Panic Attack is held over the pit

Whilst Firestorm 4 took on Sgt. Bash and flipped it. Mr. Psycho left Panic Attack to attack Firestorm 4 who had tried, and failed to get underneath. After hammering Firestorm 4, Mr. Psycho returned to Panic Attack, dumping it in the pit. As Mr. Psycho reversed, he landed himself on the wedge of Firestorm 4. Cease was called, but Firestorm 4 continued anyway, managing to flip the gargantuan house robot.

"Basically, it self-rights from where we're upside-down, we were on our side, up against the arena, so I hadn't really thought about that. And we managed to get it open, but then Refbot went in and damaged it and it stopped working"
— Kim Davies explains the failure of the srimech after the battle

Series 7[]

"Tonight sees the return of a Robot Wars legend! Oh yes! Champion of the Second Wars! Who's here to see Panic Attack? Now this team are one of the best, if not the best, drivers in the country, having pulled off some of the most incredible manoeuvres ever seen in the warzone!"
— Craig Charles at the start of the Heat

Panic Attack returned for the Seventh Wars, once again seeded 8th for the competition. In its first battle, Panic Attack was up against New Blood heat finalist Edge Hog, previous Round 1 drop-out Spin Doctor and fellow Welsh robot Mega Morg.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Right, now we do have a star in the vicinity, this is of course Panic Attack, winner of the Second Wars. Lads, what have you got to give us? This is the seventh now!"
Kevin Pritchard: "This is the seventh, this is going to be a biggie! We're still electrically powered, we've got the lifting rams at the front here. We haven't got a srimech this time."
Jayne Middlemiss: "Panic Attack in the Seventh Wars without a self-righting mechanism? Is that going to be a big nightmare for you lads?"
Jamie McGarry: "No, I'm sure we'll do very well!"
— Pre-Round 1 interview

Prior to the battle, Panic Attack was suffering badly from technical issues, where the robot kept intermittently cutting out and then starting up again, but since the battle was about to start, there was no time to try and fix it.

"Having been working completely fine for the last few weeks in the dozens of tests the team had run, the robot decided to stop working just as we were about to wheel it in. It kept cutting would go forward a bit, then stop, then go again...and there was no time to fix it. We had to go straight in, to fight against some menacing machines."
— Panic Attack website[19]

Panic Attack lifts Spin Doctor up

In the battle, despite the transmission issues, Panic Attack immediately attacked Spin Doctor, causing it to topple around on the arena floor. As Mega Morg and Edge Hog fought each other, Panic Attack continued to attack Spin Doctor and flipped it over against the arena wall, activating the pit release button in the process. As Spin Doctor was left stranded, Panic Attack and Mega Morg attacked Edge Hog with Mega Morg getting underneath and flipping Edge Hog onto its back, but it quickly self-righted.

"Luckily, we were in a booth with the Mega Morg team, a friendly bunch, who were welsh, and yellow. Obviously we were going to work together, but they tried not to mention it at all in the programme."
— Panic Attack Website

Panic Attack and Mega Morg pit Edge Hog

As Spin Doctor was counted out, Panic Attack lifted Edge Hog with its lifting forks and pushed it to the flame pit, but Edge Hog escaped. The two yellow Welsh robots then teamed up to lift Edge Hog and together they pushed it into the pit of oblivion.

"And the Welsh here, are ganging up on Edge Hog. Mega Morg from Swansea, Panic Attack from Cardiff. They're scrumming down together, and Edge Hog out, as a result."
— Jonathan Pearce as Edge Hog is pitted

In the Heat Semi-Final, Panic Attack was drawn up against round 1 drop out from Dutch Robot Wars, Tough as Nails.

"We haven't seen them in action, but I've heard they're pretty mean, pretty awkward as well, to get hold of, a few holes round the back, we might be able to sink the forks in, we'll see"
— Kevin Pritchard on his opponent

However, Panic Attack was yet again suffering from technical problems, as the forks wouldn't go down to the floor, which put it at a disadvantage straight away.

"After the last battle, George Francis, now on the technical crew, spent a long time repairing PA, until it finally got working again. Seems there was a loose wire in the receiver, or something. I distinctly remember pointing out this loose wire before, and being informed that it was meant to be like that. Ah well. Now we were working well, but there was another problem which didn't become apparent 'til the middle of the match. The forks wouldn't go down to the floor, stopping us from getting underneath TAN."
— Panic Attack Website

Panic Attack is grappled by Tough as Nails

In the actual battle, unable to lower the forks, Panic Attack was only able to ram Tough as Nails rather than get underneath it. Tough as Nails immediately tried to grab hold of Panic Attack and pushed it into the pit release button. Panic Attack then tried to lift Tough as Nails but the Dutch machine quickly reversed off and grabbed Panic Attack again. However, whilst pulling Panic Attack, it reversed into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, who attacked with its hammer. Tough as Nails was not damaged, and released Panic Attack. It soon caught up with Panic Attack again, and pushed it into another CPZ, but Panic Attack escaped before Sgt. Bash could reach it.

"Tough as Nails, in their first UK Robot Wars, doing very, very well. Purposefully again, grinding down Panic Attack."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack's prongs are buckled by Tough as Nails

As the two robots engaged again, it became clear that the front spikes of Panic Attack had come loose and were no longer able to lift Tough as Nails.

"Panic Attack lacking any power to flip, and that's why, look! The lifting prongs have been bent, crumpled by Tough as Nails, there's no offensive nature about Panic Attack now! What can they do? Just grin, bear it and try and hold on to a judges' decision. But to me, the number 8 seeds are facing defeat full on here!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack tries to force Tough as Nails towards the pit as time ticks down

This meant that Tough as Nails was easily able to grab hold of Panic Attack, but the Welsh robot held on and Tough as Nails was struggling to push it around the arena. Tough as Nails did eventually push it into Sgt. Bash's CPZ, where it was grabbed by the pincers and narrowly avoided being hit by Mr. Psycho's hammer.

"Well, a lesser robot would've submitted to defeat by now. And that's all credit to Panic Attack, but should this go to a judges' decision, as now seems inevitable, only one way, isn't it? Unless Panic Attack has got something miraculous in the final four seconds!"
— Jonathan Pearce, towards the end of the battle

Panic Attack escaped and began to push Tough as Nails around the arena for the last few seconds before cease was called and the judges went for Tough as Nails, eliminating the 8th seed.

"So that's the end, and Craig asks the audience who won. A few diehard fans with yellow shirts shout "PANIC ATTACK," but it's clear to all that this is another lost cause. From the highlights, it looks like PA has won. Could there be any hope? No. We lose. The mood in the team is sour, though you wouldn't know it from looking at my unnatural-looking fixed smile! Though I'm actually pretty annoyed. Still, TAN got booed at the end of the show, so I didn't feel too bad. Little did I know, the Series 7 adventure wasn't quite over..."
— Panic Attack Website

Towards the end of filming for the Seventh Wars, the Panic Attack team were asked to take part in the upcoming Annihilator, but by the time the team were able to confirm that they could take part, the slots were already filled.

"It eventually turned out that this show was we packed to go home again. But no! We were asked to take part in an "All-stars" show with lots of famous and successful robots from the past (and Kat 3.)"
— Panic Attack Website

However, Panic Attack did later make a comeback in the All-Stars tournament at the end of the series. Its first round battle saw it go up against Kat 3, Firestorm 5 and Bigger Brother.

"Firestorm 5, I think may've beaten us about five times before now! So, perhaps a bit of revenge, we'll see!"
— Kevin Pritchard before the battle

Panic Attack is engaged by Firestorm 5

Panic Attack lifts Cassius Chrome

However, in the battle, all four machines ignored each other and proceeded to attack the House Robots instead. All four immediately went straight for Shunt, leaving him overturned and immobile. The four then turned on Cassius Chrome, but as Panic Attack went in to attack him, Firestorm 5 came in from the other side, and as Firestorm 5 tried to shove Cassius Chrome, it also scooped up Panic Attack and shoved it across the arena as well. After a while, Cassius Chrome was immobilised, but the competitors were unable to overturn him. However, Panic Attack qualified for the next round alongside Kat 3, after Firestorm 5 drove into the pit whilst attacking the Refbot and Bigger Brother following it after pursuing Kat 3.

"Panic Attack were once UK champions, but they've been on the wane in recent years..."
— Jonathan Pearce, whilst reviewing the Series 7 performances of the All-Stars competitors

However, Panic Attack was quickly defeated in the Semi-Final stage against Dantomkia.

Jayne Middlemiss: "What are your tactics against Dantomkia?"
Kevin Pritchard: "To keep away from it. We've got skirts around the side"
Jayne Middlemiss: "I'm liking it! Panic Attack's wearing a skirt!"
Kevin Pritchard: "Don't know how effective it's going to be, if it is effective, then he'll just ride up over the top, if not, it could be a very short bout!"
— Pre-battle interview

Panic Attack is flipped over by Dantomkia

Panic Attack is flipped out of the arena

Before the battle, Sir Killalot had leaked oil all over the arena floor, which hampered traction on both robot's wheels. Both robots unsuccessfully rammed each other for a while in the centre of the arena, until Panic Attack got underneath Dantomkia and lifted it up with its lifting forks, however Dantomkia managed to get away quickly. Dantomkia then finally got under Panic Attack's side skirts, and tossed it onto its back, revealing the slogan Hello Mum on the base of Panic Attack. Panic Attack could not self-right, even though Dantomkia hung back and watched for several moments. Dantomkia slid under Panic Attack, pushed it to the arena side wall and threw the former champions out of the arena.

"Then it's time for the final interview of my series, and I placed myself right next to Craig. No escape now! He cautiously asks: "So what went wrong?" To which I reply: "Well, they flipped us out of the arena. That was pretty wrong! Hee hee hee.""
— Jamie McGarry on the Panic Attack website


Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
Heat F, Gauntlet 10.8 m (3rd) Qualified
Heat F, Trial (Sumo) Victorious (1st) Qualified
Heat F, Semi-Final vs. Whirling Dervish Won
Heat F, Final vs. Disruptor Won
Semi-Final 1, Gauntlet 6.9 m (equal 5th) Drew
NOTE: Panic Attack had to face Mace in a race-off to break the tie.
Semi-Final 1, Gauntlet Race-off Completed (1st) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Trial (Pinball) 320 points (1st) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Arena vs. Mortis (2) Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Killertron (4) Won
Grand Final vs. Cassius (5) Won
Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat K, Round 1 vs. Axios Won
Heat K, Round 2 vs. Toecutter Won
Heat K, Final vs. X-Terminator Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Thing 2 Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Fire Storm Lost
The First World Championship
Representing Wales, Eliminator
Eliminator vs. 101 (ENG) Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
4th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat O, Eliminator vs. Overkill GTI, S.M.I.D.S.Y. Qualified
Heat O, Semi-Final vs. Saw Point Won
Heat O, Final vs. S.M.I.D.S.Y. Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Spawn of Scutter (10) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 vs. Stinger (30) Lost
Sumo Basho
Sumo Basho Won in 21.15s 1st
War of Independence
Representing UK, Semi-Finalist
Round 1 vs. Rammstein (USA) Won
Semi-Final vs. Mortis (UK) Lost
Extreme Series 1
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Firestorm 3 Lost
Mayhem & Annihilator
Third Place in Annihilator
Mayhem vs. Diotoir, Shear Khan Won
Annihilator, Round 1 vs. Disc-O-Inferno, Fighting Torque, Napalm 2, Spirit of Knightmare, The Steel Avenger Qualified
Annihilator, Round 2 vs. Disc-O-Inferno, Napalm 2, Spirit of Knightmare, The Steel Avenger Qualified (by Default)
Annihilator, Round 3 vs. Disc-O-Inferno, Spirit of Knightmare, The Steel Avenger Qualified
Annihilator, Round 4 vs. Disc-O-Inferno, Spirit of Knightmare Eliminated
NOTE: Panic Attack had suffered major damage and the team could not fix it, so the competition skipped to Round 5 and Panic Attack was eliminated.
Other Battles
Wild Card Warriors, Vengeance & International Inferno (Representing UK)
Wild Card Warriors vs. Axe-Awe Won
Vengeance vs. X-Terminator Won
International Inferno vs. Flensburger Power (GER), Manta (USA), MaxiMill (NED) Won
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
6th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat J, Eliminator vs. Barber-Ous Won
Heat J, Semi-Final vs. Tiberius 2 Won
Heat J, Final vs. Kat 3 Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Pussycat (2) Lost
Semi-Final 2, Losers Melee vs. Firestorm 3 (7), Wheely Big Cheese (10) Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
8th Seed, Heat Final
Heat I, Round 1 vs. Corkscrew, Kronic 2, R.O.C.S. Qualified
Heat I, Round 2 vs. A-Kill Won
Heat I, Final vs. Terrorhurtz Lost
Extreme Series 2
Commonwealth Carnage
Representing Wales, Semi-Finalist
Round 1 vs. Cerberus (CYP), Crushtacean (RS),
Terror Turtle (CAN)
Round 2 vs. Firestorm 4 (ENG) Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
8th Seed, Heat, Round 2
Heat M, Round 1 vs. Edge Hog, Mega Morg, Spin Doctor Qualified
Heat M, Round 2 vs. Tough as Nails Lost
Round 1 vs. Bigger Brother, Firestorm 5, Kat 3 Qualified
Semi-Final vs. Dantomkia Lost


  • Wins: 28
  • Losses: 12

Panic Attack's Gauntlet and Trial runs, the Race-Off, the Sumo Basho, and the second round of the Annihilator where Napalm 2 withdrew, are omitted from the wins tally.

Series Record[]

Main Series Panic Attack Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Grand Champion
The Third Wars Semi-Finals, Round 2
The Fourth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 2
The Fifth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Sixth Wars Heat Final
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 2
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered


Outside Robot Wars[]

The team, calling themselves The Welsh Wizards, also entered Panic Attack (billed as Panic Attack 3) in Season 2.0 of BattleBots, beating Gammatron by knock-out, before losing to frenZy after being battered into submission by their opponent's axe. They returned for Season 3.0 with a new robot called Scallywag, a wedge-shaped lifter with a colour scheme similar to Panic Attack but lost its only battle to Omega-13 on a close 23-22 judges decision. Scallywag was originally supposed to sport a CO2 powered flipper, however this was changed to a lifter due to time constraints, utilising parts from Panic Attack.

Panic Attack, alongside Suicidal Tendencies, Dundee, Miss Struts and Eye of Newt, fought in a car park rumble in Plymouth in aid for Children in Need in November 1999. It lost one fight against Suicidal Tendencies, and later fought in a rumble against Eye of Newt, Suicidal Tendencies and Miss Struts. Ultimately, the event raised over £1,000 for charity[20]

During 2002 to 2003, Panic Attack made appearances going on static display at events named The Robot Zone which were organised by the Sir Chromalot team, other robots it often went on display with were Sir Chromalot, Firestorm, Plunderbird, Lightning, Bigger Brother and many more. In January 2003, Panic Attack made an appearance at the World of Robots event in Dublin hosted by Mechatrons. Panic Attack did a few demonstrations in the arena along with Bigger Brother and Draven. Kim Davies‘ Mechanoids entrant Estron was also in attendance and was invited to appear on an Irish TV show along with Sidewinder. Estron is still in a working state in 2021 and remains with its owner Jason Lilley.

Panic Attack was briefly taken out of retirement and overhauled back to running condition in mid-2012, including the restoration of its srimech, with the intention of entering live events again. Its first fight was an exhibition match hosted by Robots Live! against Behemoth - during the battle, Panic Attack's srimech failed to work correctly and had to depend on Behemoth to right it. As a result, Behemoth ultimately won the fight via judges' decision, with both robots still mobile at the end.

Kim Davies revealed in 2021 that he was asked to take part in the rebooted series of Robot Wars, but did not have the time to enter due to work commitments. Had he been able to enter, Kim would have built a brand new version of Panic Attack with upgraded components to stand up to the modern competitors, as the original robot would not have been competitive due to its old age.[21] Kim explained what he would do to modernise Panic Attack if he ever went ahead with doing so, citing Hypno-Disc and Chaos 2 as inspiration for what the build would be a hybrid of.

"It would noticeably be a Panic Attack, but its weapon and what it could do would be entirely different. If you can imagine a horizontal spinning weapon that could actually flip with a CO2 cylinder..."
— Kim Davies explains his unique idea for a modern Panic Attack on an episode of the Rise of the Robots podcast

Panic Attack was stored at Kim Davies' mum's house[22] until May 2021, when Kim brought it back out. Panic Attack appeared as a static display during the Bristol Bot Builders event in Taunton, Somerset in May 2021 and appeared at Robonerd later in the year in September, where Panic Attack would perform several test drives and was due to fight a beetleweight army, but was replaced by Onslaught after it suffered from mechanical problems.

Kim Davies auctioned both his Series 2 Championship[23] and Series 4 Sumo Basho Champion trophies[24] on eBay, with Kim needing the funds for a new project. The Series 2 trophy sold for £2,100 while the Sumo Basho trophy sold for £1,827.

On 14th May 2022, Kim Davies put Panic Attack up for sale through the Unofficial Robot Wars Facebook group, with the robot itself being fully functional aside from needing a replacement receiver and transmitter. In regards to his decision to sell it, Kim stated that he no longer has the time to maintain Panic Attack and nowhere to store it, so decided to pass it on to someone who would be able to keep up to it and take it to events and that he also needs the funds to purchase a motorcycle.[25]

"For Sale Yes it really is for sale, I simply don't have the time and I have nowhere to store it. I'm sure someone would enjoy owning PA and taking it to events etc. It's fully functional though it may need a new RC transmitter/receiver. Please don't say I shouldn't sell it as its sitting in a friend's garage and will probably stay there."
— Kim Davies on the Unofficial Robot Wars group

On 17th May, it was confirmed that Panic Attack would be sold on to North American event organisers Norwalk Havoc Robot League (NHRL), forming part of their Bot Museum collection alongside the 1996 US Middleweight trophy and a number of retired modern BattleBots competitors.[26][27]

Appearances in Merchandise[]



  • For Series 4, the team had a smaller version of Panic Attack called Panic, which was a modified RC Car and used as a mascot, driven by team member Michael Davies at school fêtes.
  • Panic Attack is one of nine robots to win more than twenty battles on UK Robot Wars. The others to achieve this feat are Razer, Carbide, Firestorm, Tornado, Pussycat, Chaos 2, Behemoth and Hypno-Disc.
    • Somewhat strangely, although most of the others have fought most of each other, Panic Attack has only fought Pussycat and Firestorm, despite entering a majority of the tournaments alongside the others.
  • Panic Attack has one of the highest KO ratios in Robot Wars, winning 26 of its 28 victories via knockout (a large portion via its signature pitting technique). Its only judges' decision victories were against Overkill GTI (alongside S.M.I.D.S.Y.) and Terror Turtle (with the also-qualifying Crushtacean having eliminated Cerberus via KO).
    • Panic Attack has never won a one-on-one judges' decision.
  • When Panic Attack was rebuilt for Series 3, the top cover of the Series 2 version was kept and was displayed on the wall in the technology department in Llantarnam school, along with a few parts in boxes[28].
  • Panic Attack is one of five competitors to have been seeded on four occasions, having been seeded in every series except for Series 2, its début series. Before the reboot, it was also the only Grand Champion to never have been the number one seed, due to Series 3 omitting the seeding process.
  • The spider on top of Panic Attack was known as "Webster" by the team[29].
    • The grey design of the Spider seen only in Series 7 was the result of an online competition.
  • Panic Attack is one of only seven robots to break 200 points in a Pinball tournament. Others to have achieved this are Gemini, Spawn of Scutter, Roadblock, Killerhurtz, King B3 and Razer.
  • Panic Attack, as a former Grand Champion, featured heavily in Robot Wars video games, and was in every single one except for the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. Had it appeared there, it would have been one of three robots, alongside Chaos 2 and Pussycat, to have appeared in all of the tie-in video games.
  • Panic Attack was one of three UK champions to win its title by knockout, the others being Chaos 2 and Carbide.
    • Panic Attack is also one of two UK champions to win all of its fights in its winning series by knockout, alongside Carbide.
  • Panic Attack was profiled in Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.
  • Panic Attack was the only one of the UK Grand Champions to not make a subsequent appearance in a Grand Final (this is excluding Typhoon 2, who didn't return to defend its title).
  • In Series 3 and 4, the robot which beat Panic Attack would then lose its Grand Final Eliminator to Chaos 2, before finishing in third place despite not participating in a playoff battle.
  • Panic Attack was the sixtieth robot to be thrown out of the arena, and the last in the original run of the show.
  • Out of 28 Robots to have represented the United Kingdom, Panic Attack is the only one to have originated from Wales.
  • Panic Attack was one of nine robots to have flipped Matilda. Others to have done so were Chaos 2, Cassius, Facet, Inquisitor Mk 2, Recyclopse, Steg 2, Apollo and Tricerabot.
  • Panic Attack is one of nine UK series competitors to have fought in BattleBots.

The Firestorm Logo on Panic Attack's srimech lid.

The Firestorm Logo on Panic Attack's chassis.

  • Panic Attack was one of only three Semi-Finalists from Series 2 to get to the Semi-Finals of Series 3, along with Mace 2 and Beast of Bodmin.
  • Panic Attack was the only Grand Champion to have been hit by an object from the Drop Zone.
  • In 2002, Kim Davies considered building a clusterbot, but it never was built.
"I am looking at building a multi-bot or cluster bot for the next series but we also have a few ideas for another Panic Attack version. Which one we use will depend on money and how much time it takes to build."
— Kim Davies on the Panic Attack website[30]
  • Throughout the series' original run, Panic Attack was the only Grand Champion to lose before the Heat Final in a series after it won the championship, losing in Round 2 of Series 7. However, it now shares this dubious honour with Razer, which was eliminated in the first round of Series 8.
  • Panic Attack has lost more battles than any other Grand Champion - 12 in total.
  • Panic Attack is the only robot to have lost to a single opponent on four occasions.
  • Panic Attack was one of six robots to be a figurine for the Robot Wars Board Game.
  • Panic Attack is one of four robots to be the same seed in consecutive series (8th in Series 6 and 7). The others are Tornado, Chaos 2 and Wild Thing.
  • Panic Attack's Series 3 Heat Final battle with X-Terminator was nominated for the Battle of the Series, however it lost out to The Big Cheese vs Chaos 2.
  • If there had been an eighth series filmed the year after Series 7, Panic Attack would likely have been invertible.[31]
  • Panic Attack was the only robot to both benefit from another robot's forfeiture and forfeit a place in the same competition.
  • In Extreme Series 2, Panic Attack had a Firestorm logo sticker on the front of the srimech and base. These Logos are visible in Panic Attack's Semi-final in the Commonwealth Carnage.
  • Team member Michael Davies joined Marlon Pritchard from X-Terminator in two battles due to his other two team members Simon Baldwin and Paul Lewis not being able to be there.
  • Every single battle Panic Attack lost (excluding its forfeit in the Extreme 1 Annihilator) was to a robot that made at least the semi-finals of the main UK Championship at some point.
  • The only times Panic Attack won on judges' decisions were in battles that featured more than two robots.
  • Panic Attack and Apollo are the only UK Champions to fail to win two heats after becoming champions (though Apollo still reached a Grand Final courtesy of wild card).
  • In 2003, Panic Attack was inducted into The Combat Robot Hall of Fame as an inaugural member, in recognition of its durability and lifting weapon. Mark Joerger, founder of the Hall of Fame, noted his surprise at Panic Attack's strong showing during the voting process.[32]
  • Somewhat fittingly, Panic Attack was the first robot to successfully pit two opponents, pitting both Disruptor and Mortis. As it pitted Cassius later on, it also became the first robot to pit three opponents.
  • Both times Panic Attack failed to win its heat were in both series where only one seed was featured in a heat.
  • Kim Davies' favourite fight was the Extreme 1 Vengeance battle against X-Terminator[33].
  • Kim Davies has stated that he would've liked to have battled Razer and Tornado at some point, as he believed they would've been easy to get under and carry, but it also would've depended on the skill and luck of the drivers[34].
  • According to Kim Davies, Panic Attack once managed to push Shunt into the pit during a live event, much to the delight of the crowd.
    • As production were aware of Kim's feud with Shunt, they arranged for Dead Metal to enter the arena for "revenge". As Panic Attack was fighting Dead Metal, the pit was raised to allow Shunt to rejoin the action. Eventually, Panic Attack was pitted.
  • Kim Davies admits he had thought about entering the 2015 reboot of BattleBots, however feels he could not justify the time and money dedicated to competing in the US nowadays.
  • Like Tornado's Most Promising Newcomer award, Panic Attack's Sumo Basho trophy was not the one shown on TV.

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