"Get ready to build championship robot Panic Attack with real metal pieces or use any other parts included and build your own customised robot"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

Panic Attack was one of the few robots in Robot Wars which was made into a Pitstop Kit. Released in 2001, the toy is around the same size as the Mr. Psycho pullback. Like all the other pitstop kits, the robot is assembled using the pieces and the three tools that come with the robot. The pitstop toy does not have a representation of the srimech.



The Panic Attack Pitstop Kit in-box

Panic attack pitstop alternative

Panic Attack fitted out with the second body and weapons

The main base looks like the base of the Hypno-Disc Pitstop, but it is covered by the side panels that can be attached onto the side. The main design is a big lump of metal at the back which is attached with nuts and bolts. There are four side panels which are clipped on, and there are also two types of weapons; the lifting forks just like the real the robot and a scoop with no spikes on it. Both of these were operated by a simple lever, similar to the pullback.

The other version of the pitstop toy is a brown block of metal in the back with a flame-thrower on it. This has four side panels which are brown and have blunt spikes on them, and the main weaponry is an axe.

It can use the parts from Hypno-Disc pitstop toy and vice versa. The toy also has a pullback motor.



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