"This popular championship robot comes complete with goal and ball for some serious scoring action, wars style. With its all action flipper and staggering acceleration, this toy will strike fear into the motorised hearts of the other pullbacks."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The pullback toy of the Welsh robot Panic Attack was made in the image of its real life counterpart. It is mostly based on the Series 4 version of Panic Attack, but the side skirts are those of the Series 5 version.



The Panic Attack pullback

It is armed with lifting forks that are moved by sliding the red light. Its self-righting mechanism is apparent, but fixed in position. Strangely, it does not feature Panic Attack's signature spider painted on top.

Also, Panic Attack is one of the three robots to have a pitstop toy released.



The ball and goal that came with the pullback

Included with the Panic Attack pullback were the ball and goal from the Robotic Soccer competition.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • As with the Pitstop toy and the Minibot, the spider on every version of the real Panic Attack is not featured on the toy.
  • The srimech is completely static on the toy.
  • The eyes on the toy are completely black instead of featuring red eyeballs like the real Panic Attack.
  • The toy is taller than the real robot.
  • The web address on top of Panic Attack's name is printed in a different font to that of the real robot and the Pitstop toy.
  • The side skirts of the robot do not reach the ground.



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