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Panic Attack is a Welsh heavyweight robot that competed from the second series of Robot Wars until the end of the show's original run, placing first overall in Series 2, and failing to reach the heat final only once. Panic Attack is armed with a set of lifting forks that it used to lift opponents off the ground, before dragging it around the arena. Panic Attack appears as a competitor robot in the Game Boy Advance game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction, its third of four appearances in video games, only not appearing in the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction.

Appearance and Armament[]

Panic Attack is easily recognisable as its real-life equivalent, with its yellow and black paint-job and electric lifting forks. Due to graphical limitations, the writing on the side of Panic Attack is missing, instead replaced with yellow and black hazard warnings.

Like in real life, Panic Attack is equipped with electric powered lifting forks, but unlike real life, they cannot drag other opponents, just lift them. The srimech on the top of Panic Attack is also visible, but cannot be seen in action, although Panic Attack can self-right on this game.

Panic Attack is an unlockable robot within the game, and is unlocked by beating it in Championship mode.


Using Panic Attack[]

Panic Attack is good at slotting the forks underneath opponents, and flipping them, which makes flipping rivals a good tactic. Other than that, Panic Attack is an above average pusher, so you could try pushing opponents into hazards.

Against Panic Attack[]

Panic Attack is good at getting underneath opponents, but is undefended on three sides, so flipping is still a useful tactic if it exposes a vulnerable side. It is however much easier to use an axe or spinning weapon to hack away at Panic Attack until it breaks down.

Differences between the Game and Real Life[]

  • The writing on the sides of Panic Attack is missing, presumably due to graphical limitations, and is instead replaced with bigger yellow and black markings to more clearly represent the skirts.