Panic Attack was a competitor robot from Robot Wars and Robot Wars Extreme. It competed in Series 2-7, and was very successful, particularly in its first four series, when it won on its Series 2 debut and reached the Semi-Finals in Series 3-5. Panic Attack has two weapons - a pair of Lifting Spikes, which can be used to great effect to lift opponents, flip them over or force them into arena hazards, and a self-righting mechanism on its lid that can re-right it if it gets flipped over. Panic Attack appears in the video game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, one of the four times it appeared in Robot Wars video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Panic Attack's depiction in Arenas of Destruction is accurate to its real-life Series 4 incarnation, being a low box wedge-shaped robot with wedged sides and front with the forks being the correct shape, the srimech correctly made and the side skirts are on the robot, though they're static. It also appears with the correct decals including the spider on the top and the stripes, though its forks and srimech are quicker than in real-life.


Using Panic AttackEdit

As most robots cannot self-right in this game, Panic Attack excels on these kinds of robots, using the forks to go for the sides to try to tip others over in the hopes of winning. Just be careful of good weapons, as the armour is not the best. If up against robots that can self-right, you can use Panic Attack's pushing power to its advantage.

Against Panic AttackEdit

As Panic Attack can self-right, it is usually a waste of time to consider flipping it over, considering it can self-right without any problems. Even if the self-righter breaks off, it is still difficult to get underneath due to a low ground clearance. Your best bet is to have a robot with high pushing power, a good weapon and a srimech so that if it gets flipped, you can get back up to do more damage to Panic Attack's weak armour.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • The lifting forks work much faster in game than in real life, working more like a flipper than lifter.
  • Panic Attack is overall much smaller than in real life.
  • Panic Attack's armour, renowned for its impenetrability in real life, is much weaker here.
Panic Attack AOD Stats

Panic Attack's stats in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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