Panic Attack was a box shaped robot that competed in Robot Wars from Series 2-7, most notably winning the second series. Its main weapon was a set of front mounted lifting forks, and a simple two-barred srimech was mounted on top. Panic Attack made its debut to Robot Wars video games in Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem and has appeared in every game since except Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (GBA).

Appearance & Armament[edit | edit source]

Panic Attack in combat

Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem was the first Robot Wars game and as such Panic Attack was one of the first competitor robots to be playable. Due to the Game Boy Color's comparatively poor graphics, the arenas and robots could not be very detailed, and this is also true for Panic Attack.

The game model is easily distinguishable as its real life counterpart, with the forklift and srimech easily visible. It retains its yellow colouring and black markings are visible on the srimech and the top, albeit not very detailed. When facing forwards, it is possible to make out four black "dots" on the front of the machine, presumably representing the facial markings of Panic Attack.

In battle, Panic Attack uses only its forklifts to attack. Because flippers cannot actually flip another robot in this game, the spikes merely cause damage as they operate. Like all CPU contestant robots, it will use its weapon when it comes into contact with another robot, but it will not always actively drive towards them.

Differences from Real Life[edit | edit source]

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