Panic Attack was a robot that competed in the British television game show Robot Wars. It was a short, box-shaped robot painted yellow (gold in series 6) with a large black spider on the top of the machine. Its main weapons were lifting spikes located on the front of the robot, capable of overturning another robot. However, these weapons were not used extensively until series 3. A top-mounted self-righting mechanism was added to Panic Attack in Series 3, although this proved to be unreliable, and was eventually removed. Added in Series 4 were a set of side "skirts" to prevent all but the lowest of robots from getting underneath it. The robot competed in series 2-7 of Robot Wars, winning the second series.

The team captain of the robot was Kim Davies, who was originally joined by Kevin Pritchard and Lee Wicombe. In series 3, Pritchard left the team to create a similar robot named Evil Weevil and Davies was joined by his son Michael and Simon Rosen. Christian Bridge won a competition in Robot Wars Magazine to join the team for series 4. In series 7, Davies quit the team to work as a technical assistant on the show, so the team was entirely changed. Pritchard returned and took over the controls with teammates Paul Wier and then-webmaster of the official Panic Attack website, Jamie McGarry.


Series 2


  • Gauntlet: Qualified
  • Trial (Sumo): Qualified
  • Arena Semi-Final vs Whirling Dervish: Won
  • Arena Final vs Disruptor: Won


  • Gauntlet: Qualified
  • Trial (Pinball): Qualified
  • Arena vs Mortis: Won

Grand Final

  • Eliminator vs Killertron: Won
  • Final vs Cassius: Won

Series 3


  • Round 1 vs Axios: Won
  • Round 2 vs Toe Cutter: Won
  • Round 3 vs X-Terminator: Won


  • Round 1 vs Thing 2: Won
  • Round 2 vs Firestorm: Lost

The First World Championship

  • Eliminator vs 101: Lost

Series 4


  • Eliminator vs Overkill GTI vs SMIDSY: Qualified
  • Semi-Final vs Saw Point: Won
  • Final vs SMIDSY: Won


  • Round 1 vs Spawn of Scutter: Won
  • Round 2 vs Stinger: Lost

War of Independence

  • Round 1 vs Rammstein: Won
  • Round 2 vs Mortis: Lost

Extreme Series 1


  • Round 1 vs Firestorm 3: Lost

Mayhem vs Diotoir vs Shear Khan: Won

Annihilator 2

  • Round 1: Qualified
  • Round 2: Qualified
  • Round 3: Qualified
  • Round 4: Eliminated

Wild Card Warriors vs Axe Awe: Won

Vengeance vs X-Terminator: Won

International Inferno vs Flensburger Power vs Manta vs Maximill: Won

Series 5


  • Eliminator vs Barber-ous: Won
  • Semi-Final vs Tiberius 2: Won
  • Final vs Kat 3: Won


  • Round 1 vs Pussycat: Lost
  • Losers Melee vs Wheely Big Cheese vs Firestorm 3: Lost

Series 6


  • Round 1 vs R.O.C.S. vs Corkscrew vs Kronic 2: Qualified
  • Round 2 vs A-Kill: Won
  • Final vs Terrorhurtz: Lost

Extreme Series 2

Commonwealth Carnage

  • Round 1 vs Terror Turtle vs Cerberus vs Crushtacean: Qualified
  • Round 2 vs Firestorm 4: Lost

Series 7


  • Round 1 vs Mega Morg vs Edge Hog vs Spin Doctor: Qualified
  • Round 2 vs Tough As Nails: Lost

All-Stars Championship

  • Round 1 vs Bigger Brother vs Kat 3 vs Firestorm 5: Qualified
  • Semi-Final vs Dantomkia: Lost

Series Record

  • Series 1: Did not enter
  • Series 2: Grand Champion
  • Series 3: Semi-Finals
  • Series 4: Semi-Finals
  • Series 5: Semi-Finals
  • Series 6: Heats (Final)
  • Series 7: Heats (Round 2)


Series 2

  • Second Wars Grand Champion

Series 4

  • Sumo Champion

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