Pathetica was a competitor robot that fought exclusively in Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1. It reached the second round of its Heat, before being eliminated by Sater.

Team Bohica also entered Series 2 of Dutch Robot Wars with Vortex Inducer, which was eliminated in the first round.


Pathetica with team

Pathetica with Team Bohica

Pathetica was a boxy, T-shaped robot painted in red, blue, black and white, armed with an axe and a rear-mounted circular saw. The axe was not particularly powerful, and the saw hardly featured in either of its battles. The robot also had a "Help" message painted in blue on its underside.

Robot History

Series 1

Mega Hurts 2
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Pathetica had a simple enough first round battle against Shapeshifter. Pathetica only required a single axe blow to chip the weak wooden armour of its opponent, who reversed into the pit release button and got immobilised there. Pathetica continued to attack with its axe, but it was the House Robots that caused the significant damage.

Sater vs Pathetica

The immobile Pathetica is rammed by Sater


Pathetica's "help" message

Nevertheless, Pathetica was through to the second round, where it met Sater. Pathetica chased Sater, but could only graze with its axe blow. After missing a few more attacks, Pathetica came to a halt in the middle of the arena, and was counted out by Refbot. Sir Killalot crushed the rear end of Pathetica. He then had it flipped by the floor flipper, revealing a "help" message underneath the robot, before Sir Killalot burnt Pathetica over the flame pit. Dead Metal had time to cut into Pathetica before the smouldering wreck was pitted.


Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heats, Semi-Final
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Shapeshifter Won
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. Sater Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series Record

Dutch Series Pathetica Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 2
Series 2 Entered with Vortex Inducer
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