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Paul Vallis is an American voice actor and musician who provided the voiceovers for the VHS release of American Robot Wars 1996.

Robot Wars[]

In the VHS, Paul Vallis provided the voiceovers for the tournament. Vallis opened the VHS with a narration of the tournament's contents, such as it being the third event of the series, where it took place and how many robots were taking part that year. Unlike the commentators in the other series of Robot Wars, Vallis did not provide a running commentary, only pointing out notable moments in the battles such as when a robot was declared the winner of the fight, and spoke about the battles in past tense, as he was giving a recap of the event.

Outside Robot Wars[]

Paul Vallis has provided voiceovers for many commercials, trailers and video games, working mostly in the UK. Perhaps his most notable work is providing voice overs for the video game Saints Row: The Third, released in 2011.

Vallis is also the leader of his own band, Bleeding Harp, which specialises in blues music. Vallis is the lead singer and the harmonica player of the band, and he is able to incorporate both into his songs.