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Pegasus was a heavyweight robot built with the intention of applying for the first and only series of German Robot Wars, but ultimately did not appear on the show.


Very little is known about Pegasus, as the only evidence of its existence comes from the Black Hole team who attended an auditions event in May 2002, arranged by Derek Foxwell prior to filming German Robot Wars.[1] Unfortunately, no images exist of Pegasus.

"Will probably be too heavy. Already 87 kg."
— Team Black Hole briefly describe Pegasus

The team attended the event weighing 13kg under the 100kg weight limit. However, Black Hole's team expressed doubts that it would remain under the limit, suggesting Pegasus may not have been complete at this stage. The team do not elaborate on this, so it is unknown how far through the build process Pegasus was.

Much like Bei Tremender, Pegasus was not shortlisted for the UK vs. Germany special at the end of The Sixth Wars, suggesting it may well have withdrawn from the German series or simply may not have been selected.


Pegasus is the name of a winged horse in Greek mythology, sometimes pictured with the horn of a unicorn. The name likely inspired the look of the robot, however this cannot be confirmed.

Series Record[]

German Series Pegasus Series Record
German Robot Wars Not selected/Withdrew