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"My mission is to rule the world in the year 2000, well win Robot Wars (UK) anyway. The plan is for a Scorpion with hydraulic pincers and an articulated tail with a weapon on the end.."
— The Phage website on Gareth Davies' plans for Phage

Phage was a competitor robot which was intended to enter Series 4 of Robot Wars. It withdrew from the qualifiers after the team were unable to finish it in time, and was also planned to enter Series 5. It is unknown if Phage was entered into the latter series, and if so, how it failed to qualify.

The name 'Phage' means 'a thing that devours' and is often used in the names of viruses. The robot was originally named Scorpion 2000 (not to be confused with the robot that fought in Series 4 and 6-7), but this was changed in June 2000.

"A few expensive mistakes later I had a Polycarbonate box with a pickaxe for a weapon called "Heck Raiser" ( the name came from a really naff album called "Songs To Drink Beer And Raise Heck To"). I wasn't happy with it so Heck Raiser was withdrawn from Robot Wars three days before the auditions."
— The Phage Website on Heck Raiser

The team originally built a robot for Series 3 called Heck Raiser, which was a simple box-shaped robot armed with an axe. However, team captain Gareth Davies was unsatisfied with the robot, so withdrew it from the auditions and stripped it down to provide components for Phage.


The insides of Phage

Phage was a two-wheeled, roughly triangular prism-shaped robot based on a scorpion, armed with a hydraulic front crusher and a rear 'tail' intended to house a second weapon. Many of its components were sourced from the team's previous robot, Heck Raiser. Work on Phage began in June 1999, but by August 2000, the robot was still not finished, so it was withdrawn just two days before the qualifiers.

"I give in. There are too many problems to get sorted with only 2 days remaining. ... I knew I'd be pushing it for the qualifiers, which means that some of the installation work has been rushed. The best thing I can do is strip most of the system down and build it properly. At least this will give me time to drive and test the 'bot before Series 5. All the time I've been building Phage I've been living without a kitchen, doing all my cooking in a microwave on the dining room table. It's about time I got some decorating done."
— The Phage Website on withdrawing from Series 4

Series History[]

Series Phage Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Withdrew from auditions with Heck Raiser
The Fourth Wars Withdrew from qualifiers
The Fifth Wars Unknown
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Micro Phage, an antweight version of Phage

Outside of Robot Wars, Gareth Davies competed at three Antweight World Series events with Micro Phage, a miniature version of the team's heavyweight, with little success. Davies built a total of five antweight robots, one of which, Dragstar, proved more successful.

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