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"Now, according to The Who, all you need to be a 'Pinball Wizard' are supple wrists. But being a teenage boy will have no advantage in this particular contest. Here, you need guts and mechanical power! Each of our surviving robots will try and score as many points as possible, by attempting various challenges...the harder the challenge, the bigger the points! Whoever gets the lowest score will be thrown into the mods and rockers outside!"
— Craig Charles introduces Pinball in Series 2, Semi-Final 1

Pinball was a Trial event that featured during the Semi-Finals of Series 2 of Robot Wars. After qualifying through The Gauntlet, five competitors would have to score as many points as possible within the one minute time limit[1], by hitting targets, knocking down objects and attempting various challenges. Several House Robots appeared in the arena to make the competitors' runs more difficult, with Dead Metal, Matilda and Shunt protecting 50- and 75-point targets, and Sir Killalot being given free reign of the arena. The robot which scored the fewest points by the end of the Trial would be eliminated.


The points offered by the Pinball obstacles in Series 2 varied depending on their difficulty, and were as follows:

  • Barrels - 10 points each.
  • Bricks - 5 points each if knocked down or pushed into a pit.
  • See-saw ramp - 15 points for a completed run.
  • Silver sphere - 20 points if it was knocked into a pit.
  • Side targets - 50 (2 targets) or 75 points (1 target) if pressed.


Pinball's popularity resulted in it being brought back as a small side competition in Series 3, and a larger one in Series 4. In the latter, it was known as the Pinball Warrior Tournament.


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