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"These metallic machines of mayhem have crashed out of the battle arena and are ready for construction!"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Pitstop Kits were a series of Robot Wars merchandise items. The toys were larger than the pullbacks, but smaller than the radio controlled toys. They came with many pieces, some that actually appeared on the robots, others were made up for the Pitstop toys. These include a spinning hammer with Hypno-Disc and a scoop with Panic Attack. The side panels could be interchanged between robots, as they all shared the same base. Unlike the pullbacks, the Pitstop toys contained various metal components.

Only three Pitstop Kits were released, of Hypno-Disc, Panic Attack, and Matilda. A Sgt. Bash Pitstop toy was announced, but never released. They were somewhat succeeded by the Robot Wars Construction Sets in 2019.

List of Pitstop KitsEdit

Sgt Bash Pitstop toy

The Sgt. Bash Pitstop toy, found on the packaging of the Matilda Pitstop Kit

Pitstop toy Image
Hypno-Disc PitstopHypnoDisc4
Panic Attack PitPanicAttack
Matilda Matilda2


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