"It's the father of farmyard ferociousness - meet the Plough King."
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Plough King is a fictional competitor robot in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a box wedge shaped robot armed with a scoop on the front (presumably where it gets its name from) and 2 triple spikes at the rear. It cannot self-right.

Plough King is available to buy in Competition mode for 5330 credits after unlocking Stage 2.


Using Plough KingEdit

Plough King has awesome pushing power, so the best tactic is to shove opponents around the arena and into hazards. It is quite slow, so try to keep turning to face opponents and keep pushing forwards, or use the rear spikes to cause some damage. Try not to go broadside on, as the tracks are vulnerable to damage. Avoid flippers as Plough King cannot self-right.

Against Plough KingEdit

Target the tracks - although these give Plough King its power, they are also its Achilles Heel, particularly as enough damage will cause them to stop. If you have a flipper, try to overturn Plough King, as it cannot self-right. Plough King is also significantly easier to push from the side, so use this to force it into obstacles.


  • The robot could possibly be named after the "Plow King" - the truck owned by Barney Gumble in The Simpsons.
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