Prince of Awe was Team Iron-Awe's Featherweight entry in the Series 7 Featherweight Championship of Robot Wars. It was a basic wedge shape with a powerful flipper. It managed to get through to the Final, but was pitted by DTK.

Robot History

Series 7

It seemed to be a cruel joke on the Featherweights as Mr. Psycho and Sir Killalot, the two heaviest House Robots, were in the arena and for some reason Growler was there as well. Rip quickly flipped over Mini Maul and Prince of Awe did the same to G2. Rip then flipped Prince of Awe over, but it self-righted easily. Rip looked in full control easily flipping Prince of Awe and G2 numerous times, though each robot self-righted. Rip was then grabbed by Mr. Psycho and its flipper was damaged. Cygnus had been flipped and hammered by Mr. Psycho, so it was deemed immobilised. Prince of Awe tried to push Rip away and then flipped G2. Kitty then cut into G2 and ripped its batteries out. Mini Maul meanwhile had been crushed into small pieces and was out. Cygnus and G2 were then put on the floor flipper. The flipper threw G2 out of the arena and Cygnus down the pit. Cease was then called and the Judges put Rip and Prince of Awe through.

For the Final, Sir Killalot was again in the arena, joined by Matilda. Prince of Awe was quickly flipped over by Whipper. Whilst attempting to flip Rampage 2, Prince of Awe was flipped by DTK, but self-righted swiftly. Prince of Awe then managed to flip Rip, who self-righted. Then Prince of Awe flipped over DTK, but DTK self-righted. Prince of Awe flipped Rampage 2 and Rip in quick succession, but both self-righted. Rip then drove into the pit and Ramapage 2 lost drive on its right side, as the robots began to become immobilised. DTK then pushed Bernard down the pit. Whipper and DTK then ganged up on Prince of Awe and both flipped it over, with Prince of Awe self-righting each time. Then seconds before the end DTK got under Prince of Awe and slowly pushed it towards the pit and down. Rampage 2 was then flung OotA by the floor flipper. With Prince of Awe down the pit, only DTK and Whipper were left, with the Judges choosing DTK as the winner.


Series 7
Special Events
Featherweight Championship, Final
Round 1 vs. Alpha, G2, Kitty, Mini Maul, Cygnus, Rip Qualified
Final vs. Bernard, Rip, Rampage 2, DTK, Whipper Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series Record

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