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Project Two: Hex'em was a robot that competed in the second series of Dutch Robot Wars. It did not enjoy great success, being eliminated in the first round by Lizzard after suffering steering and radio interference problems. Project Two: Hex'em was the successor to Project One, despite being built by a different team.


Front view of Project Two: Hex'em

Project Two: Hex'em was a tall wedge-shaped robot painted green with red 'eyes' to resemble a monster, and armed with a powerful rear-hinged pneumatic flipper. The flipper was theoretically capable of throwing robots out of the arena, but did not manage to do so in its only battle. The robot's drive system was unique, in that it only featured one wheel, the wheel being used to drive the robot forwards and backwards and pivoted by a windscreen wiper motor in order to make the robot turn. However, this system resulted in the robot suffering severe steering problems, which cost Project Two: Hex'em in its only battle, although its armour was thick and resilient.

The Team[]

Project Two: Hex'em was the successor to Project One, Team Mad Science's entry in Dutch Series 1. However, it was actually built by a different team, as Team Mad Science temporarily split after Dutch Series 1 when it proved difficult for their Dutch and Belgian-based members to meet together to work on building robots. Mario "Maddox" de Jongh and Babeth van Son formed Team Warlocks along with Dirk "Zoltan Carno" to build Project Two, while original team captain WJ Dijkstra worked mostly alone to build his own robots such as Gravity. However, the two new teams still united to share components for each other's robots, including the electronics of Project Two, which were provided by WJ Dijkstra.

As Maddox was also part of Team KODOX, who he joined while entering Tough as Nails into Dutch Series 2, the team were joined by "Sideshow Jezus" or "Jesus Christ!" a US artist who was invited to fill the team's vacant space.

Project Two: Hex'em at Cold Wars in 2002


Project Two: Hex'em was selected for the second Dutch series of Robot Wars after attending the "Cold Wars" auditions, and passing all safety inspections.

Robot History[]

Dutch Series 2[]

Project Two: Hex'em had a tough first round draw, where it faced Dutch Series 1 runner-up, Lizzard, and entered the arena with gas leaking.

Project Two: Hex'em struggles against Lizzard

Project Two: Hex'em is hit by the Drop Zone

In the battle, Project Two appeared to have steering issues with its one wheel drive system, radio interference being the biggest factor, and was pushed around the arena by Lizzard. Lizzard pushed it into Shunt, who axed Project Two twice inflicting only cosmetic damage to the 16mm thick armor. Lizzard pushed the pit release button while shoving Project Two. Sgt. Bash and Shunt attacked Project Two, but released it into the middle of the arena, where Lizzard attacked by spinning on the spot. Project Two: Hex'em became immobilised and was counted out, before it had a cooker dropped on it. The House Robots then pushed it into the pit.


Series 2
Dutch Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Lizzard Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Dutch Series Project Two: Hex'em Series Record
Series 1 Entered with Project One
Entered with Flextreme (Babeth von Son)
Series 2 Heat, Round 1

NOTE: Co-builder Mario "Maddox" de Jongh competed in Dutch Series 2 with Tough as Nails

Outside Robot Wars[]

An unfinished Project Two: Hex'em at the Dutch Robot Games in 2001

Prior to its appearance on Robot Wars, Project Two: Hex'em made its first appearance at the Dutch Robot Games in 2001. However, the robot was fairly incomplete, and could not operate in combat[1].