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For the House Robot, see Mr. Psycho

Psycho was a box shaped robot that attempted to qualify for Series 4 of Robot Wars and was entered by the same team that created the super heavyweight finalist Siren.


The robot was box shaped with slightly angled front armour plates, bearing a resemblance to Mortis from Series 2. It was initially meant to be armoured in Kevlar and carbon fibre, but due to the company who was supplying the team having "issues" at the time, this was swapped out for aluminium. The robot was designed to be armed with a spiked axe for combat. However, due to the weight of the chassis and internals, the robots's armour, weaponry and subsequent self righting abilities were removed prior to initial qualification (however the armour and self righting was eventually fitted).

Psycho was also originally going to be armed with a lifting weapon but this was also scrapped. While the team describe it as a "lifting arm" capable of hoisting 250kg, another source describes the weapon as a pneumatic scoop.[3] Whether removing this was a design choice or also due to the robot being overweight is unknown.

"During the course of the making of Psycho we have come to except that things don't always go to plan. However we never conceived the last few days would be such a total nightmare. On Saturday July the 22 we did a weight count 80.7Kg, not bad, except we had no armor, 12kg was needed! We would never bore our way out of 12kg so something had to go...So no pneumatics."
— Team Psychobot


Psycho was meant to have fought on Saturday the 22nd, however due to issues with their weight and the robot was not ready for combat, missing most of its armour and all of its weaponry due to being overweight. Despite this setback, the team were helped by George Francis, Derek Foxwell and Ray Tait on the day they were meant to qualify, which allowed their robot to function with armour and within the weight distribution, but this meant they had to fight on another day. In that time the team made quick repairs and managed to fit on a self righting mechanism and the armour.

Psycho was then invited on the Sunday session, this time being armoured and with weaponry which also meant the ability to self-right was functional. For the qualifiers, Psycho faced Third Wars veteran Vector.

"At 4:30pm we were picked against Vector -...- As they opened the door Psycho whizzed out with the help of Matt due to Psychos none existent ground clearance. 3-2-1 Activate and I was away, forget the battle plans, pile into him at 15mph this was the new strategy! We out pushed him on 2 occasions and the rest of the time we were pushing him around the arena. Towards the beginning for the fight I lined up for a axing everything was perfect, I hit the switch.... nothing, I then hit all the other switches and still nothing Oh F*&£, I thought! The fight ended with us piling into our opponent, and thus immobilising him, a quick victory spin and out. Well not quite. On the call of "cease" we err didn't, something had gone wrong, don't know what but we didn't stop, the robot failed to stop when we turned the transmitter off thus the fail safes were not working, bad! Eventually the House Robots (Shunt) restrained us in their usual House Robot way, which meant axing us and pinning us until Matt Irvin pulled out the key."
— Team Psychobot on the battle

Psycho had to be taken into the arena due to its low ground clearance. The match was a long pushing battle where Psycho was able to out push Vector on multiple moments in the fight, pushing its opponent around the arena for the whole match. Psycho's axe failed to work throughout the battle and as a result was completely weaponless against its opponent. Luckily, Psycho's ramming power managed to knock out Vector giving it a victory. However, despite its victory, Psycho would not stop and as a result Shunt had to pin it against the side wall so that Psycho could be safely deactivated. As a consequence, Psycho failed to qualify for Series 4.

"Nah, with no axe we looked dull and as they were looking for active weaponry we failed to make the TV series. Ho hum"
— Team Psychobot on whether they were successful in qualification

Series Record[]

Series Psycho Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Super Showdown with Siren
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

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