The Pullbacks were small plastic replicas of competitor robots and house robots.


These toys had moving weapons and, in most cases, a pullback motor, meaning they would move forward on their own once pulled back along the ground. When first released, the pullbacks were usually priced at £10 apiece and always came with accessories. For example, obstacles from the Pinball arena and football tournament. Some of the toys are quite fragile, with X-Terminator 2's axe often being bent, and Chaos 2's flipper often refusing to retract. The weapons were activated in many different ways, such as pressing a button to activate a flipper, or by simply running a robot's front wheels along the ground to utilise a spinning disc. The Firestorm and Wheely Big Cheese pullbacks were notorious for having two small front wheels which were not present in real life, thus decreasing any effectiveness the weapons had.

Official toy photo

The toys as presented from the official advert

Two robots did not have pullback motors: Stinger, activated using a ripcord, and Sir Killalot, who used a friction motor.

The Phase 1 house robots (and Hypno-Disc) came with interchangeable parts, such as Hypno-Disc's rear armour and Matilda's chainsaw and flywheel. Parts that weren't on the actual robots included the hammer with Sir Killalot and the top of his lance with Dead Metal. Later, the Phases 2 and 3 robots didn't have interchangeable parts apart from X-Terminator 2 and Tornado.

Competitor RobotsEdit


How the pullbacks were created

Pullback Image Accessories
Chaos 2 Chaos 2 toy Cones and balls
Dantomkia MiniDTK Spiked blocks and spiked mine block
Firestorm Firestormtoypullback Dual flamethrowers
Hypno-Disc Hypno-Disc toy Wall
Panic Attack Panic Attack toy Football and net
Pussycat Pussycat toy Power Hammer
Razer Razer toy Ramp and Barrels
Stinger Stingerpullback Ramp and launcher
Tornado Tornado pullback Spinning disc and scoop
Wheely Big Cheese Minibigcheese Small tower of girders
X-Terminator 2 XT2-2 None, packaged with the Gauntlet

House RobotsEdit


The pullback house robots with their accessories

Pullback Image Accessories
Dead Metal Dead Metal toy Barrels
Growler Growler Pullback Girders and three 5 point balls
Matilda Matilda toy Car door swing gate
Mr. Psycho Mr Psycho Pullback Black wall and barrels
Refbot RefBoard Battle Board
Sergeant Bash MiniSergeBash Targets
Shunt MiniShunt Multiball Car
Sir Killalot MiniSirKillDrill Ramp and ball


  • A toy arena for the Pullbacks was considered, but ultimately the idea was rejected because it would have been too big to make[1].
  • According to Anthony Pritchard, a Behemoth pullback toy was planned for release during the original series' run. Although Team Make Robotics were informed about the planned toy, no prototypes of it were made before Robot Wars entered its hiatus.[3]


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