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"This metal moggy will knock you flat - this ain't no tiddles, it's Pussycat! Sporting a devastating (and recently strengthened) spinning blade, the excellent design of Pussycat means that it can run upside down, sideways or whichever way it finds itself!"
Robot Wars Club newsletter outlining Pussycat's seeding for Series 7[1]

Pussycat was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 3-5 and 7 of Robot Wars as well as both series of Robot Wars Extreme. Pussycat is the third most successful robot in the show's history by number of combat victories, and the most successful never to win the UK Championship. It reached the Semi-Finals of Series 4 and 5, including a Grand Final in the former where it finished as runner-up after defeating both Razer and Hypno-Disc.

Pussycat enjoyed a number of famous moments throughout the show; including upset victories over Cassius 2, Razer and Hypno-Disc, a disqualification in its Series 3 Heat Final after the shattering of its illegal hardened blade, and its string of side competition victories. Its highly damaging blade and driving are most commonly cited as its defining features.

Pussycat was entered by the Cold Fusion Team and was the successor to their previous robot, Bodyhammer. Due to several factors, including the untimely death of its primary driver David Gribble, Pussycat had more team members and captains than any other robot.


"The basic idea for Pussycat's came from Robin Herrick (our team captain). He was tired of the old conical shapes and definitely didn't want a wedge or a flipper, the robot had to run in any attitude. We talked a tossed around lot's of ideas. Robin came up with a few sketches, we talked an awful lot more and very soon Robin came up with some pretty good mechanical drawings. With my engineering facilities we soon produced the basic rolling chassis of an extremely over weight Pussycat."
— Alan Gribble on the design of Pussycat[2]

Series 3 appearance

Amongst fellow Robot Wars competitors, Pussycat stood out with its unique pyramid-shaped design, featuring four wheels at the base, a cutting disc weapon (rotating at up to 3,500rpm by the first series of Robot Wars Extreme[3]) and the ability to drive from any position including on its sides. This made it almost completely invertible, with the robot always able to 'find its feet' whenever it got lifted, tipped or flipped over by opponents.[3] Pussycat's internals incorporated three Bosch 750W electric motors (two for the wheels, one for the disc), chain drives and a Vantec speed controller, the latter originally inherited from its predecessor Bodyhammer.[4][5] These gave it a power output of 24bhp, a top speed of 14mph and the capability to potentially demolish a garage.

"You have the options of running at them disc down, or tipping the disc down on to 'em... [e]ither way, you are putting the weight of the machine behind the weapon. You can’t do that by swinging an axe."
— Alan Gribble, explaining the physics behind Pussycat's range of motion in Ultimate Real Robots magazine[3]

Pussycat in the arena in Series 3

Castors made from ball bearing transfer units[3] were fitted to the front and back of Pussycat's upper body (relocated halfway down in some Series 4 battles), which when positioned with its cutting disc facing forwards would prevent its body from hitting the arena floor. Movements into the latter position were made possible due to a combination of its design and the physical forces exerted on the robot as stated by Newton's third law of motion. In effect, these forces allowed Pussycat to swing its disc down on opponents while decelerating or quickly reversing drive, without the need for a separate arm-based mechanism as used by other competitors such as the Series 3 Haardvark and the original Reptirron. Conversely, the robot would pull its entire body upright (performing what Alan Gribble frequently described as a 'wheelie') while accelerating quickly.[6]

Though these movements gave Pussycat a variable ground clearance, a recurring weakness was that the clearance between the floor, its baseplate and its front/rear panels would always remain high. Especially in later appearances, this would be exploited by multiple opponents along with the exposed wheels.

"When I sat down to design Pussycat, I had the Gauntlet at the forefront of my mind. This is where we came unstuck (or rather stuck) with The Bodyhammer in Series 2 (or 'the second war' as they like to say). So Pussycat is designed never to get stuck. Then they got rid of the Gauntlet. Never mind!"
— Robin Herrick, outlining a practical reason behind Pussycat's design[4]

An earlier version of Pussycat which did not enter Robot Wars; note the alternative top body and cutting disc mount (top-right, background)

The idea for the pyramid-style shape came from original Cold Fusion Team captain Robin Herrick, as a way of circumventing the ground clearance issues which eliminated Bodyhammer from the Gauntlet stage of Series 2. It was with this in mind that Pussycat was also originally equipped with secondary spiked wheels, but these were removed to save weight once Robot Wars switched to an all-combat format for Series 3 onwards.[4]

Close-up of the Series 3 build, displaying its cutting disc

Three variants of Pussycat were built over the course of the robot's appearances, each sharing the same shape, four-wheel drive layout and upper body style including an offset mount for its cutting disc. The original build seen in Series 3 incorporated an aluminium chassis with a distinctly taller upper body, plastic and polycarbonate armour, along with an abrasive diamond-edged saw spinning at 1,200rpm,[3] but prone to getting clogged with debris. This took two months to build at a cost of £1,000. Pussycat in this form sported a silver, black, fluorescent yellow and light grey paint scheme, with transparent side panels and custom artwork drawn by Robin Herrick's wife.[4] During early testing, Pussycat was found to have design fault with its handling and it was said to handle 'like a pig on stilts' according to Ann Gribble, but this was fixed by Alan in time for its appearance in Series 3.[7]

Partway through filming for Series 3, a carbide-tipped blade was obtained, approved by the Robot Wars technical crew and equipped for Pussycat's Heat Final battle dubbed the 'Scutter Cutter', proving its ability to accommodate interchangeable discs.[4] However, the 'Scutter Cutter' was operated at a significantly faster speed than its 12rpm design limit,[3] causing it to shatter against the arena wall during the battle. Thus, as the disc was considered to be a hardened steel blade which was illegal under the build rules,[8] it resulted in Pussycat being disqualified from the series.[4]

"Pussycat has not changed much since last year, it was just a matter of sorting out the weapon. We did this by completely rebuilding the top section to make it stronger and lighter (and shorter), designing a new blade and buying a transmission to drive it. The results are quite spectacular... Have to watch those action replays..."
— Robin Herrick, outlining the changes between Pussycat's Series 3 and Series 4 forms[5]

Series 4 appearance

The Series 3 Pussycat was extensively rebuilt for its reappearance in Series 4, with a more durable and compact top section welded together by Robert Bettington's father, Malcolm.[9] This incarnation maintained an aluminium and polycarbonate construction, with a new blue and silver colour scheme incorporating hand-painted artwork on the upper body and the robot's logo on one side. Over the course of the series, the paintwork would be touched up with illustrations of opponents which Pussycat had defeated; amongst those included one of Heat Final opponent Razer which would be reproduced on its next incarnation under the title 'The Erazer'.

By far the most significant change, however, was the introduction of custom-designed cutting blades with four pointed tips, designed by weapons operator Bettington and patented by the Cold Fusion Team themselves. CNC-machined by Alan Gribble[5] out of chrome vanadium alloy steel,[3] multiple variants of these would be seen throughout the course of Pussycat's Series 4 run in alternating black and silver diamond patterns. These blades were crucial in tremendously increasing the robot's damage output; by slicing, tearing, bending and, in the case of its fight against Razer, even causing internal trauma to opponents.

Craig Charles: "It seems to be better than the circular saws, 'cause it can rip things a bit more, can't it? Shred it!"
Robert Bettington: "It's got a bigger surface area for the impact, so it tends to launch stuff instead of cut through it!"
— Robert Bettington explains the increased damage offered by Pussycat's Series 4 blades

Pussycat 2 as it appeared in earlier Extreme 1 events

David Gribble and Robert Bettington with the Series 4 and 5 chassis for Pussycat

The third and final variation first appeared in Extreme 1, initially named Pussycat 2 by the team. For this, an entirely new chassis was built which gave the robot a stockier and more angular appearance than before, while a new water-cut two-toothed blade was introduced as an interchangeable weapon alongside a similar four-toothed blade with both blunt and sharp points. The Cold Fusion Team's strategy for the differing blades was to use the former pattern against less durable opponents; the four-toothed variant was reserved for battles where damage points could easily be racked up through multiple slashing attacks.[3] In Extreme 1, only the two-toothed blade was seen in action, with Pussycat 2 also sporting 4mm polycarbonate armour[10] and wheels with six outer studs (explained in Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide as 'special side wheel grips' to aid with re-righting from a sideways position[11]). The Extreme 1 guide alternatively suggests that the polycarbonate plating was thickened from 6mm in Series 4 to 13mm by the time of this series.[12]

Upon the introduction of Pussycat 2, the Series 3-4 chassis was retired, alongside the Series 2 Bodyhammer, to Gribble's garden workshop, stripped of motors and wheels.Citation?

Series 5 appearance

Pussycat in Extreme 2

Pussycat's appearance received a further overhaul for Series 5 and the remaining Extreme 1 events, with a revised blue and silver paint scheme, an even more angular body, new wheels, checkerplated base panels and the reversion to four-pointed blades for its weaponry. Two blades were prominently seen with the robot during the Cold Fusion Team's introduction for the main series, Alan Gribble briefly addressing their interchangeability on screen. According to Gribble, this incarnation of Pussycat cost £3,000 to build, treble the cost of the original Series 3 machine.[13] Following a hiatus resulting from the death of lead driver David Gribble, Pussycat underwent further changes for its return in Extreme 2, including strengthened armour, new wheels with black and yellow-dotted rims and a new black, silver, yellow and grey paint scheme for the main robot with additional paw print graphics.

Pussycat's twin blades used in Series 7

The Series 7 Pussycat, upright

Following the transition in captaincy between the Gribble and Barnwell families, Series 7 saw one last set of upgrades being introduced. The latter included revised castors, a pointed extension opposite the blade to aid with re-righting from one side (in place of the cylindrical variant seen in Extreme 2) and more durable stainless steel top armour in place of the polycarbonate sheeting. Alongside these was a new eight-toothed twin blade promising double the robot's damage output according to Stuart Barnwell, though a standard four-toothed blade was also used in its second-round battle in Heat A. Pussycat's colour scheme for its final appearances in Series 7 was predominantly silver and blue, with a reversion to the light grey wheels seen previously.


Official Series 7 photo

Pussycat was given its name due to the common saying that a cat will always land on its feet - indeed, with the way Pussycat's wheels were positioned on the robot, it too would always land on its 'feet'. Robin Herrick also claims this was a deliberate effort to differentiate the robot from other "doom and gloom" names,[14] though also with a deliberate nod to the cult Russ Meyer film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill![4]

Pussycat's stat boards in Series 4 erroneously spelled the robot's name as Pussy Cat. This was fixed for the Celebrity Special in the same series.[15]

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

Pussycat's first appearance was in Heat M of the Third Wars, after the Cold Fusion Team retired Bodyhammer. In this series, Pussycat was equipped with an abrasive diamond saw, rather than the cutting blade of later series.

Pussycat targets Hammerhead's wheel

Hammerhead gets its axe stuck in the arena floor as Pussycat continues to attack

Pussycat started a very promising run by being drawn against newcomer Hammerhead in the first round. Pussycat began on all four wheels, before driving down onto two wheels towards Hammerhead, grazing its opponent's wheel with its blade. Pussycat pressured Hammerhead towards the arena wall, sending sparks flying when its blade scratched over Hammerhead's body. Pussycat avoided an attack from Hammerhead's axe and gnawed into the exposed wheels again.

"Sparks begin to fly! There, in the Pussycat controls, they're purring. And again, the cat, here, using not talons and claws, but the circular saw."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat pits Hammerhead

Pussycat dodged a second attack from Hammerhead, whose weapon became caught in the arena floor, leaving it unable to move. Pussycat capitalised by rolling over to face Hammerhead, then drove into it, causing some more minor damage with the saw, before circling Hammerhead and pushing it from the side. Locked side on, Pussycat edged Hammerhead closer to the pit, eventually trapping it on the edge. Pussycat reversed into Hammerhead, struggling with its final attempt to push its opponent into the pit, but after a few seconds it knocked Hammerhead down and out.

"It's Pussycat doing all the pushing, all the attacking. Ooh, meow, meow, you could be in pain, Hammerhead, if you go into that pit! And into the pit goes the shark!"
— Jonathan Pearce

In a surprise draw for a former Grand Finalist team, Pussycat was put against the previous year's runner-up, Cassius 2.

Pussycat rolls onto its side against Cassius 2

Cassius uses its rear spike to launch Pussycat

Cassius 2 started quickly and smashed into Pussycat, knocking it over, while also slamming itself into the side wall. Pussycat attempted to move round the back of Cassius 2, nearly driving over the Flame Pit in the process. Pussycat scratched into the back of Cassius 2, bouncing itself up onto four wheels and down again. Pussycat was pushed away as Cassius 2 reversed into it. Pussycat couldn't cause any damage with the saw, and spun away from Cassius 2, but then charged towards it, deflecting off and rolling onto its side against the arena wall.

Pussycat dodges the suicidal Cassius 2

Cassius lies in the pit

"Great shunting and bashing and barging going on. Pussycat trying to right itself..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat struggled to self-right, but still showed clear mobility on its side. Cassius 2 then used its long spike, thrusting Pussycat away and righting it. Lining Pussycat up with the pit, Cassius reversed strongly, but Pussycat drove out of the way and Cassius fell into the pit itself.

Craig Charles: "Well, that is a stunning robot."
Robin Herrick: "Yeah, well, it did the business. We got them in the pit, what can I say?"
Craig Charles: "Do you think you can go on and win it now? You've taken out one of the favourites."
Robin Herrick: "Well it was a good match, sure there's some other strong competitors out there, but we're ready."
— The interview after the fight with Cassius 2

This huge shock put Pussycat through to the heat final against Team Scutterbots's first robot Scutter's Revenge. Because the original saw had not been very effective, the team replaced it with a hardened steel blade.

Pussycat, equipped with its hardened steel blade

On activate, Pussycat drove up Scutter's Revenge's scoop and was shoved into the side wall, forcing it onto its side. It was pushed back onto its wheels by a second attack from Scutter's Revenge, before turning away from Scutter's Revenge.

Pussycat in the early stages against Scutter's Revenge

"Pussycat turning away to bring the blade in - is that the that the same blade? Well, they've put another diamond blade on there, a diamond saw blade. It certainly looks darker than the one we had before."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat drove over the side of Scutter's Revenge, rolling it over, and was pushed near Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Escaping quickly, Pussycat spun away from Scutter's Revenge and hit the arena wall, shattering its blade in the process.

Pussycat's blade shatters, along with its chances of advancing

"Oh, and it was a different blade! it's shattered! It's a completely different blade....and not only could they be in trouble from Scutter's Revenge, but they could be in trouble here with the judges, Pussycat!"
— Jonathan Pearce

A weaponless Pussycat is carried away by Scutter's Revenge

The now weaponless Pussycat was shoved again by Scutter's Revenge. Pussycat was then trapped between the arena wall and Scutter's Revenge's scoop, but escaped and reversed into the side of Scutter's Revenge. Driving forwards and back into its opponent again, Pussycat's attacks appeared to slow down Scutter's Revenge. As Pussycat continued to push into the back of Scutter's Revenge, its opponent began to emit smoke and was immobilised.

"A slam from Pussycat; it's not a well behaved cat, I can tell you though..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat shoves into the back of the immobile Scutter's Revenge

Pussycat reversed into the motionless Scutter's Revenge, sending itself rolling over again, before backing away to let the House Robots attack Scutter's Revenge. Pussycat was declared the winner of the battle, and a cut interview between Cold Fusion Team and Craig Charles addressed them as such, and Cold Fusion Team returned to the pits victorious.

"The timeline was that we were in London filming the early rounds and the diamond-edged saw was not having much effect; we went back to Gloucester for a few days and selected a toothed saw that was in Alan's workshop (Alan was away on business and I am sure he would have stopped us using it, being a through-hardened blade designed to work at low rpm); we returned to Robot Wars and told the tech team that we had a different blade, then the battle took place where it broke. The surprise about the change in blade in the commentary is of course scripted afterwards for narrative effect. If Alan had been at home I would have got him to cut teeth on his wire spark erosion machine. As it was it would have been better to have cut teeth in the diamond blade with an angle grinder rather than selecting the off-the-shelf saw blade."
— Robin Herrick

Philippa informing team Cold Fusion that they have been disqualified

However, a few minutes later, the Judges intervened, as Pussycat had violated the rule stating that 'hardened blades that may shatter are prohibited'. Pussycat was disqualified, and Scutter's Revenge was put through to the Semi-Finals instead.

"Gutted!! That is the only way to describe it. I think the decision was harsh. Nobody was hurt, we gained no advantage from using the blade and in the end we beat Scutter's Revenge without a weapon at all. Ya Boo Sucks!"
— Alan Gribble in answer to the disqualification from Series 3[16]

At the end of the series, Pussycat was nominated for the Most Original Entry Award but lost out to Hypno-Disc.

Series 4[]

As the nineteenth seed, Pussycat returned for the Fourth Wars, competing in Heat B. In its first round battle, it fought newcomer Reptirron and veteran Milly-Ann Bug.

"Immediately on the attack on Reptirron then...And again - ooh! And they've caused major damage there, I think they've severed the fuel line with the circular saw blade - they have! Look at that fuel, spewing out all over the arena floor."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat slices into Reptirron

Pussycat rips off one of Milly-Ann Bug's wheel covers

Pussycat smashed into Reptirron immediately, rolling around its side before slicing into Reptirron's front, severing the fuel line to its circular saw. Fuel was leaking out of Reptirron, and Pussycat pushed it towards Sgt. Bash. As the immobile Reptirron was set on fire by the House Robot, Pussycat attacked Milly-Ann Bug, bashing into them once, before ripping off one of its wheel covers with a second hit. It slammed into Milly-Ann Bug again as its opponent bumped into Reptirron, whose fire was being extinguished by Refbot. Pussycat's blade cut into Milly-Ann Bug's armour and then it pushed Milly-Ann Bug near Shunt's CPZ.

Pussycat attacks Milly-Ann Bug while Reptirron is blasted by Refbot's fire extinguisher

"They want no survivors here. They may have nine lives, they want to make sure no one else has any!"
— Jonathan Pearce

While the two machines continued to clash, the still-burning Reptirron was placed on the Floor Flipper and thrown over. Cease was called, and Pussycat went through to the next round along with Milly-Ann Bug.

In the second round, Pussycat faced another newcomer Robochicken.

Julia Reed: "Strategy?"
Alan Gribble: "Strategy? Go in and kill 'em."
— Alan Gribble and Julia Reed before Pussycat's fight with Robochicken

Robochicken flips Pussycat

On activate, Pussycat attempted to get round Robochicken's side, avoiding a flip from its opponent before digging its blade under Robochicken's flipper, buckling it slightly. Pussycat reversed away before slicing into the flipper again. While Robochicken missed another flip, Pussycat slid over Robochicken's side, rolling itself over, before being lifted onto its side briefly. Pussycat quickly righted itself and cut through Robochicken's side armour easily.

"The blade just buffeting, but not causing great damage at the moment."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat opens up a hole in the side of Robochicken

After another flip from Robochicken, followed by a missed hit with the beak, Pussycat cut one of Robochicken's eyes off, and ripped off more of its armour. The damage was only minor though, and Pussycat continued to gnaw away at Robochicken, almost exposing one of its wheels. It slammed into Robochicken again, tearing a larger gash into its foe. Pussycat's spinner caught on Robochicken's flipper, and its opponent retaliated by flipping Pussycat up onto all four wheels. More damage was dealt by Pussycat, with a small ram ripping the right side of the flipper open.

"Oh dear oh dear. Battered. And you get the sense that Pussycat is just like a cat with a mouse, almost, waiting to come in for the kill. Onto the arena wall, hard push here, you see. Good driving by Pussycat."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat nearly overturns Robochicken

Pussycat caught its blade in Robochicken's armour, using it to ram Robochicken into the arena side wall, pushing itself and Robochicken up slightly. Pussycat then attacked Robochicken from the side again, causing more gashes to appear in the armour near the right wheel. Slowly, Pussycat pushed Robochicken towards Sir Killalot, who came in and attacked the chicken, removing its second eye.

Pussycat tears into Robochicken again

All mobility appeared to have gone in Robochicken, as Pussycat charged up its front, embedding its disc inside the chicken, before reversing away for a repeat attack. Pussycat backed off while Sir Killalot pushed Robochicken onto the Floor Flipper, where it was rolled over and onto its wheels again, but Pussycat slammed into it again while Shunt axed the beaten machine. Cease was called, and Pussycat was victorious.

This put Pussycat through to the Heat Final, where it then met the third seed and reigning World and International Champions, Razer.

"We've sharpened the two teeth properly, with the angle should do its job properly."
— David Gribble

Pussycat destroys Razer's wheel

When the battle started, the two robots hit each other head on and Pussycat escaped Razer's grip, sliding off its wedge. As both robots attempted to overcome the other, Pussycat grazed the side of Razer, before being pushed into the arena side wall. One of Razer's components was damaged, leaving it stuck in forward drive and making it charge forward into the arena side wall, where it became wedged, while also pushing Pussycat onto their side. Pussycat quickly righted itself and attacked the vulnerable rear of Razer, ripping its rear half apart.

"Who's having kittens now? It's not the cat, it's the Razer boys!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat causes more damage to the immobile Razer

Sparks flew as Pussycat ripped into Razer, opening up a gash in the armour in the process. Razer was pushed slightly by Pussycat, freeing it from one arena wall, but it became stuck against another immediately. Pussycat then damaged Razer's tail and sliced up the wheel bearings of the world champions, leaving it completely immobilised.

"This is a major Robot Wars development, and a real upset. The number nineteen boys, the nineteenth seed, the Pussycat team - expelled from the last series - are heading through here."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat tears into the back of Razer

Pussycat drove into the side of Razer again, cutting into the thin armour. Unhappy with the extra damage inflicted to Razer, Ian Lewis promptly turned his back on the battle, leaving his control booth in disgust. Shunt then came in and attacked Razer, axing its crusher, before Dead Metal grabbed, dragged and pitted it. Cease was called and Pussycat was through to the Series Semi-Finals.

"Gentlemen's agreement? No. Milly-Ann Bug was wrecked by Razer, the team captain said it was the excuse he needed to build a new robot. That's what Robot Wars is about - EVOLUTION. Your robot gets knocked out, disqualified, wrecked, whatever, and you rebuild it better, or start again from scratch. Razer's not perfect. It got itself stuck under the arena fence through bad driving, bad design, I don't know - that's for the Razer team to figure out. When we then cut off Razer's tail and damaged its controller it was fair play for us to have a go."
— Team Cold Fusion website

In the first round of its Semi-Final, Pussycat fought the unseeded Thermidor 2.

Pussycat is flipped by Thermidor 2

Pussycat rolled onto its side after bumping into Thermidor 2, who missed a flip as a result. While it righted itself quickly, it was then flipped by Thermidor 2 over a flame jet, and was flipped a second time immediately after, rolling through the air. Pussycat was thrown again by the lobster, and onto its side. Once again, Pussycat self-righted, but was flicked over from the side by Thermidor 2.

Thermidor 2 throws Pussycat into the air again

"And again, just tossed up in the air here. It's like a cat on a hot tin roof, Pussycat. Comes down, all that business about Newton's Law, I thought it was an apple that fell out of the tree. This is Pussycat falling out of the air onto the arena floor."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat digs its blade under Thermidor 2's flipper

At this point, the battle began to turn, with Pussycat pressuring Thermidor 2 into Refbot, slashing at the tail and one of the claws of Thermidor 2. Thermidor 2 flipped Pussycat onto its side in reply, but Pussycat recovered just as quickly as before and dug its blade under Thermidor 2's flipper, before dodging a flip. Pussycat bashed into one of Thermidor 2's claws, followed by one of the wheels, the attack cutting visible holes in the right wheel. After the two robots shoved against each other's side, Pussycat attacked Thermidor 2 again, driving up the front of it. Thermidor 2's flipper was no longer working, and Pussycat's blade slashed into the top of Thermidor 2's armour.

The damage dealt by Pussycat starts to show

"Is it now time for Pussycat to come back? Trying to sever the claws there, with that circular blade. And look at the damage here, slicing into the very head of the lobster!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat slices into Thermidor 2's wheel again

Thermidor 2 was slowing down considerably, and Pussycat targeted its right wheel again, inflicting more damage on it, before digging its blade between Thermidor 2's flipper and one of its claws, bending the claw out of shape as a result. With the extra leverage on Thermidor 2, Pussycat pushed it towards the arena wall. Pussycat then chased Thermidor 2 at the end of the battle and attacked its rear, causing more damage. Cease was soon called, and the battle went to a judges' decision, which went in favour of Pussycat, putting it through to the next round.

Craig Charles: "You started off really slowly. I mean, were you worried there at any stage?"
David Gribble: "I must admit, I did underestimate it, and I wish that I didn't now."
Craig Charles: "You've still got all your nine lives though."
Alan Gribble: "They're the first guys to damage us."
— The interview after the battle with Thermidor 2

In the second round, Pussycat faced another unseeded machine in Dominator 2.

Pussycat targets Dominator 2's right wheel

It immediately attempted to get behind Dominator 2, avoiding the axe and nipping its wheels, while also ripping off a small chunk of Dominator 2's rear armour. Pussycat charged at Dominator 2, rolling itself onto its side, avoiding an axe blow from Dominator 2 as it did so.

"Pussycat on the attack, and driving - look at that, very very simple tactics. Go for the new tyres, shred them, and Dominator 2 would be out."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is axed by Dominator 2

After almost driving into Dead Metal whilst on their side, Pussycat righted itself and dodged another attack from Dominator 2's axe. Pussycat bounced off Dominator 2's side and gnawed away at the right wheel again, generating sparks, only for Dominator 2 to push it back. Pussycat continued to assault Dominator 2's wheels, causing more sparks, before driving up Dominator 2's bi-wedge. Reversing away, Pussycat's blade briefly got caught on the arena floor, allowing Dominator 2 to axe its top, but no damage was sustained. Pussycat was pushed towards Matilda's CPZ, but escaped chasing Pussycat around the arena before the latter inflicted more damage to its wheels. Dominator 2 then landed a few axe blows and pushed Pussycat into Matilda's CPZ, and Pussycat was lifted off the floor by the House Robot's tusks.

Pussycat is caught in Matilda's CPZ

"Dominator 2 on top at the moment, perhaps, after the bright start by Pussycat. Can David, a student now, get that blade against the tyres?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat struggles to escape from Dominator 2 and Matilda

Pushed onto their side, Pussycat's blade cut into the arena side wall, creating a small hole in it. Pussycat was pushed into the arena by both Dominator 2 and Matilda, but it finally escaped and fled across the arena. Turning to face Dominator 2, Pussycat was rammed by the bi-wedge. Dominator 2's axe caught behind the back of Pussycat, allowing Pussycat's blade to cut into the side of Dominator 2's titanium bodyshell, detaching it from its baseplate. A push forwards from Dominator 2 allowed Pussycat to cut into the right tyre again. As Dominator 2 missed another hit with the axe, Pussycat sliced into Dominator 2's side, catching its blade under Dominator 2's shell from above the wheel.

Pussycat's blade digs under Dominator 2's damaged shell

Pussycat attacks Dominator 2's wheel

"Again they try the tyres. It's an awfully tiring semi-final battle so far, and the...the shell very nearly lifted off Dominator 2! And that was significant and you can hear the slamming! And that could be the telling assault that earns Pussycat a place in the series final! Can they finish Dominator 2 off? Will we again go to the judges?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat slices its blade into the back of Dominator 2's shell

Pussycat disrobes Dominator 2, its blade caught in the back of Dominator 2

It continued attacking Dominator 2, its blade slicing into Dominator 2's right side again. Pussycat slammed into Dominator 2, causing more damage, and sliding up Dominator 2 as it did so. Once more, Pussycat rammed into Dominator 2, tearing into first the right tyre, then the left. Pussycat's blade became caught in the back of Dominator 2, lifting up the shell again. Both machines circled, locked together, with Refbot separating them just before cease was called. Again, the battle went to a judges' decision, with the judges for the second successive time voting in favour of Pussycat, putting the Cold Fusion Team through to the Grand Final for the second time.

Craig Charles: "That blade on the front of your cat, that's not a pussycat, that's a lion! It roars!"
Alan Gribble: "It's phenomenal, isn't it?"
Craig Charles: "It wrecked the wheels, it almost had the robot out of its shell."
Alan Gribble: "They almost had us out of the ring! They were good opponents."
Craig Charles: "That was a good fight, two equally matched robots, that was one of the best fights I've seen in ages."
— The interview after the fight with Dominator 2

In its Grand Final eliminator, Pussycat faced Series 3 runner-up, and the second seed, Hypno-Disc.

Pussycat attacks the wheel of Hypno-Disc straight away

It immediately drove straight towards Hypno-Disc. As Hypno-Disc turned to allow its weapon to spin up to speed, Pussycat struck one of its rear wheels, denting its wheel-guard and causing the wheel to lock up.

"Pussycat immediately on the attack, look at that blade - ooh something's come off there, Hypno-Disc, straight away! It's caused Hypno-Disc damage straight away, I think it caused damage to one of the wheels."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat pressures Hypno-Disc

Pussycat bounced away from Hypno-Disc as it cut into the same wheel again, bumping into the arena wall. The damage Pussycat gave to Hypno-Disc caused severe control problems, and allowed it to push Hypno-Disc near Shunt's CPZ. Pussycat slammed into Hypno-Disc, pushing itself up onto all four wheels, before it began to reverse into the back of Hypno-Disc, edging it into Shunt's CPZ, where the Shunt began to attack Hypno-Disc. Pussycat slammed into Hypno-Disc again, without causing any major damage.

Pussycat pushes Hypno-Disc closer towards Shunt's CPZ

"This is a real shock in the making, I can't quite believe it. No one really gave Pussycat a prayer against Hypno-Disc."
— Jonathan Pearce

While Hypno-Disc was struggling, it wasn't fully immobile yet, so Pussycat came in for another attack. Its blade hit Hypno-Disc's, ricocheting both machines away from each other and bending Pussycat's blade slightly. Although Pussycat's blade stopped after the contact with Hypno-Disc's disc, Hypno-Disc was then severely damaged after Shunt's axe stopped Hypno-Disc's disc spinning, causing its own weapon to stop spinning, and immobilising it completely on one side.

Pussycat's blade collides with Hypno-Disc's

Pussycat reversed into Hypno-Disc's disc, before backing away to allow Sir Killalot to come in to finish off the beaten machine. Hypno-Disc was eventually picked up by the House Robot and dumped into the Pit, while Pussycat advanced to the final.

Craig Charles: "Can you believe it?"
Alan Gribble: "No!"
Craig Charles: "What were you feeling going into that battle?"
Alan Gribble: "We were terrified, we were terrified!"
Craig Charles: "I can't believe you've done it. I mean, they were the odds-on favourite...If you can take out Hypno-Disc, you can take out anyone!"
Alan Gribble: "And we're going to!"
— The interview after the fight with Hypno-Disc

In the Grand Final, Pussycat faced the first seed, and reigning champion, Chaos 2.

Pussycat is thrown across the arena

Pussycat allowed Chaos 2 to come towards it, dodging its drive and turning to cut into Chaos 2's side almost immediately, but failed to gain an impact as both robots circled round each other. Pussycat avoided the first flip from Chaos 2, bumping into its side as it did so. As Pussycat attempted to drive away, Chaos 2 threw Pussycat across the arena twice in quick succession, the second flip leaving Pussycat on its side. It quickly righted itself, evading another flip from Chaos 2. Both machines circled tightly against each others' sides, but Pussycat was then flipped over again.

Chaos 2 flips Pussycat into the air again

"The effect of Chaos 2's flipper is to lift Pussycat over once and twice! Tumbles onto its side, rights itself, aggressive work from Chaos 2."
— Jonathan Pearce

Before it could do anything in reply, it was then flipped by Chaos 2 from behind, not even managing to land fully on its side before being thrown across the arena again, near to an arena wall. Pussycat was hoisted over once again, this time over a flame jet, sliding briefly across the arena on its side before self-righting. Chaos 2 briefly caught the Floor Flipper, but Pussycat was only able to cut into the Floor Flipper itself, sending up a pile of sawdust. Pussycat pressured Chaos 2 into Refbot, and succeeded in getting round the back of Chaos 2, slicing into its back panel, sending a shard of polycarbonate flying towards the ceiling.

Pussycat sends a strip from the back of Chaos 2 flying

"It's the kitty cat on the attack - what on earth was that that came off? Look at this, something went high, it was off the back of Chaos 2. I think it was only superficial."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat struggles to right itself without a functioning weapon

Pussycat then drove up Chaos 2's flipper, scratching and cutting slightly into the armour while also bending the flipper, but it was lifted over again quickly. As Pussycat drove up Chaos 2's front again, its blade stopped working after being bent into Pussycat's own armour. The resulting attack from Pussycat left Chaos 2 suffering noticeably poorer manoeuvrability across the arena floor as the battle went on. However, after running up Chaos 2's flipper again and toppling onto its side, Pussycat struggled to right itself without the blade working, sliding over a flame jet before eventually righting itself.

Pussycat is nearly flipped out of the arena

"Pussycat's on its side. Both of them limping, war-weary, veterans of battle after battle after battle scar. There is something wrong with Pussycat's blade. It is not working, that's why they can't really right themselves as quickly as they have been before."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is pushed into Shunt's CPZ with seconds to go

Chaos 2 waited until Pussycat was able to get back upright, before slamming into the wall and attempting to flip Pussycat out of the arena, but Pussycat bounced off the side wall. As the battle drew to a close, Pussycat was pushed into Shunt by Chaos 2, being lifted slightly by the deteriorating flipper, and dodged an axe blow just as cease was called, with both robots spinning jubilantly shortly after. After a close and evenly-matched fight, the judges declared Chaos 2 the winner and Series 4 Grand Champion, with Pussycat ultimately finishing as the runner-up.

At the end of the series, Pussycat was nominated for the Best Design Award and the Most Original Entry Award, but both awards were won by Gemini.

Pussycat under Adam Woodyatt

The team entered the Celebrity Special with EastEnders actor Adam Woodyatt. In the first round, Pussycat faced the relative newcomer to the wars, Iron-Awe, who was being controlled by fellow EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy. Pussycat had been decorated with a large map of London, Union flags on its back and a bag of fish & chips, in reference to this being a battle of the two EastEnders actors, and Woodyatt's character, Ian Beale, owning a fish and chip shop in the show at the time.

Julia Reed: "This is the man that got slung out of physics at school, do you realise that?"
Adam Woodyatt: "Yeah, sorry fellas, didn't tell you that bit, did I?"
Julia Reed: "So your engineering skills are going to be useful for the team today, we hope?"
Adam Woodyatt: "Yeah, I'm very good at making coffee, and if it gets damaged and it needs fixing then I'll go and make the coffee!"
— The interview in the pits before the fight with Iron-Awe

Pussycat and Iron-Awe clash

Pussycat had problems in this battle as its blade did not spin throughout the entire first round battle, but mobility didn't seem to have been affected. On activate, both machines began slowly, before Pussycat drove into Iron-Awe's side. Iron-Awe tried to hit Cold Fusion Team's machine with its axe, but missed twice. Pussycat charged into Iron-Awe again, driving up its front as it did so, and was hit by the axe, but sustained no damage.

"In comes Pussycat. We hope to see the blade with Adam at the controls - doesn't seem to be working at the moment."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat backed away and evaded more attacks from Iron-Awe, almost driving into Sir Killalot as they did so. As Iron-Awe drove parallel to the arena wall, Pussycat rammed into its opponent again, knocking off Natalie Cassidy's number plate in the process, before bouncing away from the impact. Iron-Awe sat motionless as Dead Metal tried to slice into it with its saw, while Pussycat was chased briefly by Sergeant Bash, before Iron-Awe started moving again.

Pussycat's attack leaves both machines overturned

Iron-Awe drove into Matilda whose tusks lifted it up, before Pussycat charged into Iron-Awe's underbelly, causing it to tip over onto its side, and also resulted in Pussycat being turned over onto its side too, where it struggled to self-right without the working blade. The Grimm family's machine tried to self-right, but its axe pushed against Pussycat, who had been righted after a push from Dead Metal, causing Iron-Awe to move over the Flame Pit. Sir Killalot then cut Iron-Awe's axe head off, before picking it up and dropping it in the pit.

"It looks very much now as if Adam Woodyatt, Ian Beale, has won. "Oh no," she cries. Oh yes! That's the beauty of Robot Wars Natalie!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Cease was called and Pussycat went through to the next round. Natalie Cassidy decided to join the Pussycat team for the rest of the tournament. In the second round, Pussycat faced Sir Chromalot, the latter being driven by Shane Lynch.

Pussycat's blade catches in Sir Chromalot's armour

Pussycat's blade was working this time and it attacked Sir Chromalot, but its first attack was only able to scratch away at the chrome paint. Pussycat's second attack caused sparks, but no real damage either. As Pussycat spun round in a circle, Sir Chromalot held off, and Pussycat came in for a third attack, this time causing damage to one of the drills, ripping it off partially.

"The saw blade is working! And that could be decisive here now! Look at the power of the blade, we knew it could be a decisive factor, if they could get that electricity powered blade working. And that immediately makes Pussycat the red-hot favourite here now."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat kept using its blade to cause scratches and dents in Sir Chromalot's shell, while slowly nearing its opponent towards the Flame Pit. Pussycat's blade was briefly caught in Sir Chromalot's armour after another attack, and it continued to pressure Sir Chromalot onto the edge of the Flame Pit. At this point, Adam handed over the controls to David Gribble, who was able to push the now immobile Sir Chromalot over the Flame Pit.

Pussycat cuts into Sir Chromalot

"He [Adam Woodyatt] flicked it up onto the wheels and I don't think he knew how to get it down to be honest. So we've got David Gribble at the controls, one of the best drivers in Robot Wars, against Shane. He's dancing about, I wonder why..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat slammed into Sir Chromalot again, pushing itself up onto four wheels, before retreating to allow the House Robots to come in. Sir Chromalot was flipped over by Sir Killalot, who started cutting into its self-righting arms along with Sgt. Bash. Sir Chromalot was thrown by the Floor Flipper and dumped into the Pit.

Pussycat advanced to the Final, where it faced Vic Reeves and Diotoir (their future Tag Team Terror partner), who was additionally designed for the Celebrity Special with a pair of huge glasses and a frying pan attached to the lifter.

Pussycat's blade rips into Diotoir on the first attack...

... resulting in Pussycat's blade being snagged by Diotoir's fur

Pussycat immediately charged at Diotoir, and this first onslaught on Diotoir caused fur to wrap around its blade and immobilise it, while Diotoir missed its first flip, ridding the lifter of the frying pan that had been equipped to it.

"Off goes the polka-dot skirting, but I wonder if that's gonna cause them problems! It's trapped around the blade!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat tried to use an arena flame jet to burn the fur off, but its blade still wouldn't spin. Pussycat still managed to push Diotoir around, knocking off its glasses and its eyes, and Diotoir was beginning to lose mobility, only able to spin in circles near a flame jet.

Pussycat pushes the immobile Diotoir

"Trying to burn that fur off the blade. It's smouldering, it's still trapped around the blade though."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat watched on as Diotoir was then attacked by Dead Metal and Shunt, before coming in for another slam. It then pushed Diotoir slightly, reversing into the back of it, before retreating as the House Robots came in to attack Diotoir again. Pussycat sat back as Diotoir was thrown by the Floor Flipper and pushed into the Pit, leaving Pussycat to be crowned Champion of the Celebrity Special.

"Nobody warned us that this stuff...I mean, it's better than chainmail."
— Adam Woodyatt on Diotoir's fur after the battle

Pussycat is tipped over in the Sumo Basho

Pussycat is knocked off the ring

Pussycat also competed in the Sumo Basho side tournament held during the series. The team had added spikes to keep the robot upright, and also removed the blade, as it was not needed. However, on its first charge, it ran up Shunt's scoop and fell onto its side. The spikes prevented Pussycat from getting back on its wheels and Shunt quickly pushed it off the ring, with Pussycat lasting just 10.60 seconds, meaning it finished 8th out 16.

Extreme 1[]

Pussycat competed in six separate events during Extreme Series 1, more than any other robot. Like several other robots, such as Behemoth, X-Terminator and Napalm, two different models were used - Pussycat 2, a slightly slimmer model with a two toothed blade (Mayhem, All-Stars and Tag Team Terror), and Pussycat's Series 5 model (in the Vengeance, Annihilator and Challenge Belt).

Its first appearance was in a Mayhem qualifier with S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Sumpthing, the latter being a robot Cold Fusion Team had always wanted to fight, for the right to fight in the first Annihilator of the series.

Pussycat is pushed by S.M.I.D.S.Y. early on

Pussycat began by attacking S.M.I.D.S.Y. head-on, but it was pushed over the Flame Pit in response. Pussycat drove away, before turning towards S.M.I.D.S.Y. again, this time being pushed up onto all four of its wheels. As Pussycat bounced back down onto its front, it turned into Sumpthing, damaging Sumpthing's weapon chain with its first attack. The impact of Pussycat's next attack, this time on one of Sumpthing's wheels, dislodged a small component on the back of Sumpthing, before it focused on tearing into the front armour.

"You can see there, yes, the chain drive for the circular saw has come off Sumpthing!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Pussycat destroys Sumpthing's offensive ability

Pussycat clashes with Sumpthing

While S.M.I.D.S.Y. activated the pit, Pussycat was also able to push Sumpthing around the arena a little, almost resulting in Sumpthing driving into the pit. Pussycat then reverted to attacking S.M.I.D.S.Y. again, its blade cutting into the jaws of S.M.I.D.S.Y. without causing any real damage. It was shoved slightly from behind by S.M.I.D.S.Y., but Pussycat twisted away into Sumpthing, who drove straight into Pussycat's blade. Pussycat and S.M.I.D.S.Y. tussled in the centre of the arena side-to-side, but Pussycat disengaged and retreated. S.M.I.D.S.Y. gave chase and the two machines clashed head-on again, the blade of Pussycat causing some sparks. While Sumpthing struggled to deal with the House Robots, Pussycat pushed S.M.I.D.S.Y. into a CPZ, before backing off to let Sgt. Bash attack S.M.I.D.S.Y., a tiring machine.

Pussycat, locked together with Sumpthing

It had become apparent by this stage that Pussycat's blade had caused some damage to S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s shell, and caused it to lose drive on one side, making it spin in circles for the remainder of the battle. Pussycat attacked the sluggish S.M.I.D.S.Y. near the CPZ, catching its blade on the back of it. Sumpthing and Pussycat then engaged in a pushing contest, and Sumpthing's spike became caught on Pussycat, locking the two machines together. It was unclear who was pushing who, and Refbot failed to separate the machines.

"For me, it's Pussycat and Sumpthing doing all the aggressive work here...Sumpthing locked together with Pussycat - that spike, you know, is causing damage but also, in a way, is detracting from Sumpthing."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat nudges S.M.I.D.S.Y. into the pit

Eventually, Pussycat escaped Sumpthing, focusing on attacking S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s side, before charging into S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s rear disc and bouncing away, forcing S.M.I.D.S.Y. towards the pit. Pussycat backed into Refbot but rammed into S.M.I.D.S.Y. again, pushing themselves up onto four wheels and leaving S.M.I.D.S.Y. teetering on the edge of the pit. Pussycat then used its blade to finally nudge it in. Pussycat then attacked the pitted S.M.I.D.S.Y. with its blade, pushing it fully into the pit. Pussycat ended the fight by spinning on the spot in celebration, as cease was called for a judges' decision for Pussycat and Sumpthing. The judges went in favour of Pussycat, putting it through to the Annihilator.

Pussycat and Razer lock horns

Pussycat's next appearance was in a Vengeance battle against Razer, who had criticised the Pussycat team for their lack of restraint in their Series 4 battle, when Pussycat had continually attacked Razer after it had broken down. The Pussycat team argued that since Razer's wheels were still moving, they were still attempting to show mobility, which meant that Pussycat could continue to attack them.

"If the wheels had stopped turning when we'd hit the switch, they wouldn't have got smashed up! When the wheels stop turning, we stop smacking them!"
— Alan Gribble in the interview before the fight

Pussycat is pierced by Razer

Pussycat is raised into the air

The battle started with both machines charging at each other, but neither robot took advantage from the first slam. Pussycat twisted away from Razer, before turning and driving up its wedge. Razer's beak couldn't get a purchase on Pussycat, and Pussycat was able to push Razer towards the arena side wall. However, Razer's next attack resulted in it grabbing and easily piercing Pussycat's top. Razer carried it over to the flame pit, but Pussycat was dropped onto its side, self-righting quickly as it did so.

"Look at this, on the attack on Pussycat, and drawing Pussycat into the air with that great, ramming, crushing beak. And it's plucked the Pussycat away off the arena floor. There's a cat on a hot tin roof, if ever there was one. Dancing away, has the Pussycat got merely eight lives left?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat immobilises Razer

Pussycat continues its assault on Razer after the World Champions are immobilised

Pussycat attacked Razer's side, sending up some sparks, before turning its blade into Razer for a second attack, creating even more sparks. This hit also took out one of Razer's wheels, rendering Razer immobile. Pussycat waited while Razer lowered and raised its weapon, before digging its blade into the back of Razer. Pussycat pushed Razer round in a tight circle from the side before it activated the pit. Pussycat continued to attack Razer after it stopped moving, although it caused less damage this time, bouncing itself over after a slam from the side. Two successive attacks on Razer's side ended up with the same result.

"Well Razer's being counted out by the Refbot, and it's ended just like before, with Pussycat the winners, and Razer grumbling and stumbling and out! They won't like it! They're gonna have to accept it! Pussycat is the better robot of the two when they come head-to-head!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Refbot then counted out Razer while Pussycat reversed into Razer in an attempt to push it towards the pit, before Shunt took over and pitted the beaten Razer.

"Lightning can strike twice! Pussycat, they roar. Razer in the pit. Pussycat the victor!"
— Craig Charles

In the Annihilator that Pussycat had qualified for earlier, it found itself up against two robots it had beaten in the Fourth Wars - Thermidor 2 and Hypno-Disc, as well as Arnold A. Terminegger, Splinter and X-Terminator.

Pussycat waits in the arena for the first round of the Annihilator to begin

Pussycat collides with Splinter

Hypno-Disc on top of Pussycat

In the first round, it started by ramming into Arnold A. Terminegger and pushing it across the arena floor briefly, before Arnold A. Terminegger was pushed away by Splinter. Pussycat then attacked Arnold A. Terminegger again, but its blade only scraped across it without causing any damage. After this attack, Pussycat became caught in Splinter's grasp, and received an axe blow before escaping.

"Hypno-Disc under pressure from Pussycat, they're all after Hypno-Disc early on."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat tangles with Thermidor 2 while the others fight on

Pussycat charged straight into Hypno-Disc, before being thrust aside by Thermidor 2 and X-Terminator, catching its blade under Thermidor 2's open flipper as it did so. Pussycat then ground to a halt in the centre of the arena after Arnold A. Terminegger hammered it several times from the side, but by this point, Thermidor 2 had already been immobilised and was counted out by Refbot, so Pussycat survived to reach the next round.

"I wouldn't like to see Ken Rose's pussycat at home, would you?...And in all that mighty melee, where was Pussycat?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is pushed around by Splinter

Pussycat stayed away from the action for the first few seconds while the other four machines charged towards each other, but then rammed into Arnold A. Terminegger, bouncing off and becoming caught in Splinter's grasp again. Pussycat was pushed onto its side and over the Flame Pit by Splinter, but righted itself quickly. It drove head-on into Splinter, but couldn't cause any damage with the blade. In reply, Splinter held them with its grabbing arms, axing Pussycat while pushing it across the arena. Pussycat then absorbed a hit from Arnold A. Terminegger before twisting away. It attacked Splinter again, rolling up its front scoop and over, before it was pushed from behind by Splinter again, this time into a CPZ.

"This is a good drive by Splinter, pushing Pussycat into that corner. Pussycat's blade was turning, but no damage was being caused, and Bash is in there - they're all trying to have a go now at Pussycat."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat takes further punishment from Splinter whilst on its side

Pussycat took punishment from both Splinter and Sgt. Bash before it escaped from the CPZ, just as Hypno-Disc activated the pit. Pussycat tangled with Splinter again, and managed to catch its blade behind one of the grabbing arms of Splinter, allowing it to push Splinter around in a circle. The two machines separated when X-Terminator came in to attack Splinter. Pussycat was then caught by Splinter again, and was briefly surrounded by X-Terminator and Arnold A. Terminegger too, taking another hit from Arnold A. Terminegger as it did so. While X-Terminator and Sgt. Bash put pressure on Hypno-Disc, Pussycat was pushed onto its side from the combined effort of Arnold A. Terminegger and Splinter, before being slammed into the arena wall. When Splinter focused its efforts on Hypno-Disc, Pussycat decided to focus on X-Terminator, pushing under its front scoop before dodging an axe blow.

Pussycat immobilises X-Terminator while Hypno-Disc continues to take damage

X-Terminator's axe became stuck in the arena floor, and Pussycat took advantage by slicing into the side of it. Arnold A. Terminegger's axe became caught around Pussycat's tyre, and Pussycat was dragged across the arena briefly while Splinter and X-Terminator continued to attack Hypno-Disc. Eventually, with all five machines closing in on each other, a crucial blow from Pussycat's blade forced X-Terminator into submission. X-Terminator was counted out not long before time ran out.

Pussycat tangles with Splinter in the third round

This put Pussycat through to the third round, and it was here where Pussycat started to show more activity. Firstly, it attacked Arnold A. Terminegger, before bouncing away after Arnold A. Terminegger recoiled from Hypno-Disc, who had barely moved from its starting position near the pit.

Pussycat reverses into Hypno-Disc, but is unable to push them

"Pussycat more aggressive at the start of this one, it seems, straight in on the side of Arnold A. Terminegger."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat was locked in Splinter's grip, but quickly escaped before Splinter could do anything, and it attacked Arnold A. Terminegger again, causing minor damage. Pussycat clashed with Splinter once more, who activated the pit release. Pussycat reversed into Hypno-Disc in an attempt to push it down the pit, but was unable to do so. Splinter pushed Pussycat away and attempted to pit Hypno-Disc itself, leaving it on the lip of the pit. Pussycat then took the opportunity to nudge Hypno-Disc into the pit with its blade, with Splinter pushing Pussycat in after it.

Pussycat defeats Hypno-Disc once again...

... and ends up in the pit itself straight afterwards

"They're on the lip, they won't survive and it was the cat - ooh - that went in just afterwards, but it was Hypno-Disc who went in first and Pussycat will survive!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Despite this, Pussycat went through to the next round, as Hypno-Disc were eliminated.

Julia Reed: "Well Pussycat have lost one of their nine lives, in my book anyway. Do you agree with that?"
Alan Gribble: "Nope. We didn't lose it, we was robbed."
Julia Reed: "Why? They outmanoeuvred you!"
Alan Gribble: "Was that ungentlemanly conduct or what? I mean, they snuck up on us!"
Julia Reed: "Is this a war or what?"
David Gribble: "'s not the point...And I tell you what, they'd better watch their backs cos they're gonna have CO2 bottles coming out of that thing, and they're gonna have their speed controllers and batteries, once again, spread across the arena."
— Pussycat prepare to target Splinter for the next round of the Annihilator

Pussycat is jointly attacked by Arnold A. Terminegger and Splinter

In the fourth round, Pussycat kept to its word pre-battle, and attacked Splinter immediately, pushing it towards Dead Metal's CPZ while evading an axe blow and the grabbing arms. It then attacked Arnold A. Terminegger, who had activated the pit release, without causing damage. The blade caught Arnold A. Terminegger again, flipping Pussycat over, directly into the scoop of Splinter. Pussycat was pushed into the arena wall by Splinter and also suffered a light hit from its axe.

"Pussycat can run either way up, hopping and bopping, straight onto Splinter though."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat slammed into Splinter's front again, and Splinter caught hold of Pussycat, axing Pussycat a few times while it remained in Splinter's grip. Pussycat slipped out of Splinter's grip and retreated, driving into Refbot as it did so.

Splinter axes Pussycat

Pussycat was pushed onto its side after another attack from Splinter, before rolling back over. The next clash between Pussycat and Splinter ended up with Pussycat's blade catching in Splinter's armour. Pussycat pushed Splinter towards a CPZ, before driving up the front scoop of Splinter, evading another hit from the axe in the process. Arnold A. Terminegger and Splinter both attacked Pussycat at once, both of them axing its top but missing the wheels. Splinter pushed Pussycat into Matilda's CPZ and then into the arena wall again, sending them up onto their side. Pussycat was attacked by Arnold A. Terminegger while Splinter backed away from the action for a short period. Pussycat righted itself and slammed into Arnold A. Terminegger, before targeting Splinter once more, this time getting behind Splinter and cutting into the armour, causing major damage to Splinter's shell.

Pussycat is pressured by Splinter and Matilda

"This is good driving by Pussycat, there's the attack on the back of Splinter, damage caused...This is a much better display here by Pussycat."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat then cut Splinter's aerial off with its blade weapon, although the bolt that held the blade on had started to unscrew. Pussycat dodged Arnold A. Terminegger's attacks, darting round towards the immobile Splinter. It slammed into the side and rear of Splinter, damaging the shell further. Arnold A. Terminegger then pushed Pussycat onto its side, and its blade eventually came off completely.

Pussycat loses its blade

"Something's happened to the blade! It buckled and it's come off! Pussycat are without the blade, and if that is the case they are very, very fortunate that - there it is, no blade - that Splinter are gonna be counted out at any moment...Pussycat toothless, Arnold A. the favourites now to go on and win it."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat righted itself and pushed Splinter some more, reversing into it as the beaten machine was counted out by Refbot, before it was flipped by the arena floor flipper.

Pussycat is axed by Arnold A. Terminegger

Pussycat went through to the Final along with Arnold A. Terminegger. Pussycat immediately slammed into Arnold A. Terminegger, managing to avoid several hits from Arnold A. Terminegger's axe as it circled round and pushed its opponent across the arena. Pussycat absorbed a hit, but suffered no damage before both machines broke away from each other. After coming in for another attack, Pussycat deflected off Arnold A. Terminegger, and onto its side. It was pushed towards Sgt. Bash's CPZ by Arnold A. Terminegger, rolling over and taking a hit from Arnold A. Terminegger again. Pussycat and Arnold A. Terminegger collided head-on over the Flame Pit, with Pussycat doing all the pushing again. It managed to bend part of Arnold A. Terminegger's lifter as its blade cut into the front, but Arnold A. Terminegger came back on the attack, missing more hits with the axe. Pussycat dodged round Arnold A. Terminegger before driving into its side, cutting through the armour of Arnold A. Terminegger, but the damage was only superficial.

Pussycat's blade catches in Arnold A. Terminegger's armour

"Pussycat again, driving on to get that circular saw into the heart of Arnold A., to cut off control, maybe, to the axe weapon. Is the circular saw blade working? Is it spinning?...The saw's not moving there, the axe certainly is."
— Jonathan Pearce as Pussycat's blade becomes caught in Arnold A. Terminegger

Pussycat and Arnold push against each other

Pussycat turned away, in an attempt to get its blade up to speed. It then faced Arnold A. Terminegger again, but this time, it missed its attack, and Arnold A. Terminegger hammered its weapon down on Pussycat's top. Pussycat evaded a few more hits from the axe of Arnold A. Terminegger, slicing into the side of its opponent again. Pussycat drove into Arnold A. Terminegger, bouncing off it and over the Flame Pit. Pussycat's next attack lead to its blade becoming caught in Arnold A. Terminegger. This purchase allowed Pussycat to push Arnold A. Terminegger across the arena, and Arnold A. Terminegger was unable to land its axe hits due to Pussycat's shape. As Pussycat shoved Arnold A. Terminegger towards an angle grinder, the two machines became unstuck, allowing Arnold A. Terminegger to turn and land a hit on the top of Pussycat, still without causing damage. Pussycat backed away, before charging into Arnold A. Terminegger and flipping itself onto its side.

Pussycat is axed again, but suffers no damage

"Pussycat using brute strength. The blade wasn't working there, it is now, spinning again, there it goes. Look at that, so maybe they were caught on Arnold A - Oh! That was a great, strong lunge by Pussycat."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat quickly righted itself and sliced into the front of its opponent again. By this point, Arnold A. Terminegger appeared to have slowed down, but with both machines in the centre of the arena, Pussycat became caught in the axe mechanism of Arnold A. Terminegger. After being dragged across the arena for a few moments, Pussycat freed itself and attempted to cut into the axe mechanism, but failed to damage it.

Pussycat is 'hugged' by Arnold A. Terminegger

"Oh, the axe almost picked Pussycat up! There's an embrace of the two robots, hugging each other. The saw can't snap the arm of the axe weapon on Arnold A. This is a really good battle, isn't it?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat went up onto four wheels, and was bashed away as Arnold A. Terminegger, whose weapon appeared to have stopped working, spun on the spot near a CPZ. Attacking Arnold A. Terminegger head-on again, Pussycat flipped itself over, before driving over the Flame Pit. Pussycat turned into Arnold A. Terminegger's side, snagging its blade into the armour. This allowed Pussycat to dictate the pushing once again, edging its opponent towards Sgt. Bash. As it continued to gnaw away at Arnold A. Terminegger's axe mechanism and side, Pussycat flipped itself over again, landing on four wheels.

Pussycat cuts into Arnold A. Terminegger again

"Trying to maybe slice through that side armour again; it's not a tactic that's gonna work."
— Jonathan Pearce

It rammed into Arnold A. Terminegger from behind, sending itself back onto two wheels in the process. Another attack on the axe mechanism from Pussycat was followed by a push into Arnold A. Terminegger with seconds to go. Pussycat received one more hit as Arnold A. Terminegger spun on the spot before cease was called. The battle went to the judges' decision, and Pussycat was given the victory on damage, declaring it the winner of the Annihilator.

Being runner-up in the last UK series, Pussycat competed in the All-Stars tournament and found itself against the 3rd place finishers Stinger in the first round. Amongst the build-up, judge Professor Noel Sharkey took a mock bribe of strawberries from Alan Gribble.

Pussycat's blade becomes caught in the arena floor

"What's this? Strawberries being offered? Sweets? As a bribe by Alan Gribble? And now an autograph, asked for. This is grubby Gribble! Two strawberries and you might have been onto something!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Both robots charged straight at each other, with Pussycat's blade bouncing off one of Stinger's wheels, knocking it away. Pussycat held back while Stinger spun on the spot wildly, before nudging into it and absorbing a hit from the mace. Pussycat hopped into the air and embedded its blade into the arena floor, but it freed itself very quickly.

Pussycat rips into Stinger's tyre

"Pussycat's gone over, and the blade impaled on the arena floor. That is the strength and power of the blade, and did you see the slice out of the arena...For me, Pussycat has to be among the top two or three robots in the world right now, not just the UK."
— Jonathan Pearce

It attempted to ram into the spinning Stinger, but the mace deflected Pussycat away. Giving chase to Stinger, Pussycat failed to get a proper push on Stinger, driving itself into an angle grinder. Pussycat turned away and went up on all four wheels before receiving another hit from Stinger. Its next attack was more successful, as Pussycat was able to slice its blade into the top of one of Stinger's tyres, ripping away some of the protective foam in the process.

Stinger lands a hit on Pussycat's top

After holding off for a few seconds, Pussycat drove into the mace of Stinger again, deflecting it away once again. Stinger rammed into Pussycat's blade; Pussycat's weapon clipped the axle of Stinger, but didn't appear to cause any damage to it. Pussycat's top took a hit from Stinger, but Pussycat was unperturbed, and came in for another attack on the tyre of Stinger, tearing more foam away. Pussycat bashed into Stinger again, causing some sparks, driving over the flame pit as it did so.

"David Gribble said he was gonna rip out that control link, remember, earlier on in the programme. Hasn't lived up to that boast so far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Stinger attacks Pussycat 2

The two machines clashed again; this time both weapons collided, generating more sparks, but no damage was sustained by either machine. After absorbing another hit from the mace of Stinger, Pussycat reversed into Dead Metal, but managed to avoid the House Robot's grip, Stinger took advantage by slamming into Pussycat. Pussycat landed another hit on one of Stinger's wheels, tearing out a larger chunk of foam than in its previous attacks. After unsuccessfully trying to drive round the back of Stinger, Pussycat drove straight at its opponent. Stinger dodged the attack and bludgeoned the top of Pussycat again, before Pussycat sliced into the wheel of Stinger, sending up more sparks. It then turned into Stinger's tyre, ripping more foam away from the tattered wheel. Pussycat persisted with its attempts to knock out Stinger's safety link, ramming into the axle once again, but it still couldn't immobilise Stinger. More foam was torn away as Pussycat's next attack sent Stinger spinning over.

Pussycat rips into Stinger's tyre again

"Pussycat, frontal attack this time. The cat's claws rip into Stinger, the cat dodges nimbly to one side, puts the brakes on, almost like a handbrake turn there. Ooh, it goes to the judges; that was a mighty battle, wasn't it? They truly are All-Stars!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Its penultimate attack shredded off more foam from Stinger's tyre, before Pussycat charged into Stinger's axle one final time before time ran out. It won the judges' decision, and went through to meet Tornado in the Quarter Finals.

Pussycat's wheel rolls along the floor after being ripped off by an angle grinder

At the start of the battle, Pussycat immediately went up onto all four wheels, and Tornado capitalised by pushing Pussycat into the arena side wall, ripping bits of polycarbonate off with the drum as it held Pussycat against an angle grinder. Pussycat struggled to push back, and was flipped onto four wheels after a head-on collision, which also ripped more armour off of Pussycat at the same time. Pussycat was then pushed onto the side grinders, which managed to rip a wheel off.

Tornado charges Pussycat

"Oooh, a tyre's come off! Where's that come off? It's come off Pussycat! Ripped away, look at this, Pussycat onto the angle grinder on the side of the arena, and it was the angle grinder that simply ripped away one of the Pussycat paws. The wheel has gone, has the plan gone with it?"
— Jonathan Pearce

This left Pussycat at a severe disadvantage for the rest of the fight, and Tornado rolled it onto its side, and back over, before pushing it into an empty CPZ. Shunt quickly came in to attack the hobbling Pussycat, axing its top twice and lifting it slightly with the front scoop. Pussycat was pushed over by Tornado again, and near the Flame Pit, but it turned away to dodge an attack.

Shunt axes Pussycat. Note the missing wheel, which hindered Pussycat's mobility massively for the remainder of the fight

"Pussycat has to dodge, get away. Won't be enough though, it'll have to come back on the attack sooner or later to get any points..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is shoved from behind by the relentless Tornado

Pussycat attempted to retreat, but with its mobility hindered, Tornado quickly caught up with it, ramming Pussycat from behind, ripping away more polycarbonate as it was pushed and rolled over a steam vent. Pussycat was then bashed from the side by Tornado, and was promptly shoved across the arena floor into another angle grinder. Pussycat surged forwards into Tornado, lifting itself up before being slammed into the arena side wall, toppling Pussycat over onto its side.

"The nine lives have run out. The cat's claws ripped away. Tornado has the cat's whiskers out there, I can tell you."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is trapped against the arena side wall by Tornado

Pussycat took much longer to right itself without the wheel, but eventually did so; however, it drove into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Its blade hit Sir Killalot's claw in a shower of sparks, but Pussycat managed to evade the House Robot. Shunt then came in to attack Pussycat while Tornado watched on, pushing it into a CPZ and axing its top again. Tornado attacked Pussycat once more, wedging Pussycat between Tornado and Shunt. The resulting attack from both machines forced Pussycat onto its side over a flame jet, where it was unable to get back up due to a dislodged tyre.

Pussycat is left unable to self-right thanks to its dislodged tyre

"The cat of nine tales will tell no more tales here in the arena."
— Jonathan Pearce

Unable to right itself, Pussycat was eliminated, but it managed the consolation of forcing Sir Killalot to be set alight, and left a hole in his chest plate (Which can be seen in some battles in Extreme Warriors: Season 1) to the delight of the Cold Fusion team.

The next appearance of Pussycat was in an event it had not intended to enter - the Tag Team Terror tournament. Diotoir and Mega Morg were due to face Comengetorix and Spawn Again in the second round, but Mega Morg withdrew from the competition due to a lack of spare parts, so Pussycat was bought in as a substitute partner.

Pussycat in the early stages of its Tag-Team fight against Spawn Again

It started off against Spawn Again, but its blade wasn't working during the early stages of the fight. Pussycat drove round Spawn Again and over the Flame Pit, driving up onto four wheels as Spawn Again nudged it a couple of times. As Pussycat rolled back down onto Spawn Again's flipper, it was lifted back up onto four wheels by an attack from Spawn Again. Spawn Again stayed near the Flame Pit, and Pussycat edged towards it, bumping into the side of Spawn Again. Spawn Again replied by getting behind Pussycat and flipping them into Matilda's CPZ.

Pussycat is flipped by Spawn Again

"They [Spawn Again] looked a little bit sluggish and ponderous for me, but they've got Pussycat on the run here. Pussycat into the CPZ, needs to get out because Matilda's in there with the tusks."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat was lifted up near the side wall by Matilda's tusks, but it quickly escaped and activated the pit release. Pussycat then attacked Comengetorix, who did not appear to be moving freely, before tagging Diotoir into the fight.

Pussycat deflects off of Comengetorix's side

It quickly returned to the fight when Spawn Again came out of its corner to attack Diotoir, ramming into the back of Spawn Again. Pussycat was pushed by Spawn Again into Comengetorix, who was unable to lift Pussycat up. Pussycat did still end up on its side, taking longer than usual to self-right without a functioning blade, but righted itself just before Spawn Again broke down completely.

Pussycat watches on as Spawn Again is counted out

Pussycat continued to attack Comengetorix with Diotoir, flipping itself over twice with two separate side-on attacks. Team Scutterbots' machine was counted out and was then pitted. After a short while, the flaming Diotoir later flipped Comengetorix over, right by the pit, Comengetorix self-righted onto the pit just after time ran out. Pussycat's team automatically won due to Spawn Again's immobilisation.

This put Pussycat and Diotoir through to the Final, where it went up against The Steel Avenger and Suicidal Tendencies.

Pussycat is attacked early on by Suicidal Tendencies

Equipped with bandages on one side, Pussycat started off against Suicidal Tendencies, and was forced up onto its side early on in the battle, with Suicidal Tendencies gripping onto the bottom of Pussycat, but failing to cause any real damage.

"Pussycat on its side, can drive any which way up. It's a great design, Pussycat, but look, are they gonna be clawed? Are they gonna be crushed?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is gripped by Suicidal Tendencies

Pussycat righted itself, but was gripped by Suicidal Tendencies again, this time being held down between the crusher and the scoop. Pussycat forced itself and Suicidal Tendencies towards the arena wall with a hard push, and escaped its opponent's grasp. Pussycat drove towards Suicidal Tendencies, clipping the tracked crusher and flipping itself up onto its side again, rolling over the Flame Pit. As it self-righted again, Pussycat was chased by Suicidal Tendencies, and was eventually caught between the arena wall and Suicidal Tendencies' crusher.

Pussycat is caught from behind

At this point, both Diotoir and The Steel Avenger came out of their corners, engaging with each other while Pussycat was pushed across the arena by Suicidal Tendencies. Pussycat eventually escaped and attacked The Steel Avenger, who had been overturned by Diotoir, but was quickly forced away by Suicidal Tendencies again. Pussycat was pursued by Suicidal Tendencies again, rolling up onto its side when Suicidal Tendencies dug its scoop under Pussycat's ground clearance. Pussycat nudged into The Steel Avenger, but drove away as Suicidal Tendencies righted its partner.

Pussycat slices into the overturned Steel Avenger

"Suicidal Tendencies chasing Pussycat, they're all involved, it's been a terrific contest. Pussycat away. I couldn't call this, this is tremendously tight..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat activated the pit release, ripping it away from the arena wall before being gripped by Suicidal Tendencies yet again, although the claw of Suicidal Tendencies bent in the process. Pussycat slipped out of its opponent's grip before absorbing a slam from The Steel Avenger, spinning it near the pit. Pussycat continued to be chased by Suicidal Tendencies up until cease was called.

Pussycat and Suicidal Tendencies engage again

"Interesting how it worked out. Suicidal Tendencies locked with Pussycat almost all the way through, and Diotoir locked with The Steel Avenger. Diotoir won that battle I think, but the crucial element here is did Suicidal Tendencies get the better throughout over Pussycat? I think that could well swing it. You couldn't get a cigarette paper between these two teams, it was that tight."
— Jonathan Pearce

Although Suicidal Tendencies had been able to crush lightly into Pussycat's armour several times, the judges felt that throughout the whole battle, Diotoir and Pussycat had been the more dominant, largely due to Diotoir's aggression over The Steel Avenger. The judges awarded Diotoir and Pussycat victory on a very close judges' decision, declaring Pussycat and Diotoir the new Tag Team Terror champions.

Tornado shoves Pussycat into the sidewall

Pussycat made one last appearance in the first series of Extreme, to take on Tornado again, this time for the Challenge Belt. Both machines began quickly, charging straight towards each other. The clash bounced Pussycat up onto all four wheels before being pushed behind the Flame Pit, and into an angle grinder by Tornado. Pussycat tried to escape, but was pushed into another angle grinder by Tornado, before finally retreating towards the centre of the arena.

The weapons of Pussycat and Tornado come together

Tornado's drum bashed lightly into Pussycat's blade, knocking Pussycat back up onto four wheels, but it quickly came back down. Pussycat suffered more minor damage from Tornado's drum, before being briefly pushed across the arena. The two weapons collided again over a flame jet, flipping Pussycat over, before Pussycat was pushed from behind by Tornado. Pussycat toppled onto its side as it was pushed into an angle grinder again. Tornado managed to get under Pussycat, pushing it upwards into Matilda's CPZ.

"Pussycat needs to get out of there, and they're saw blade to saw blade at this moment in time."
— Jonathan Pearce

Matilda takes out Pussycat's drive

Matilda's flywheel hit one of Pussycat's wheels, dislodging it partly, and it suffered another hit on its head. Pussycat couldn't move freely, and Tornado pushed it towards Matilda again. Pussycat absorbed another hit from the House Robot, and the two blades briefly came together, causing a small shower of sparks.

"It's a cat with nine lives, eaten up just about eight of them, I would say."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat falls into the pit

Tornado activated the pit release, and Pussycat had lost drive on one side fully now. Tornado's first attempt to push Pussycat down almost led to itself being pitted. Pussycat was inched closer, but turned away from the pit again. Finally, Tornado pushed Pussycat onto the lip of the pit, and Pussycat was unable to move away, and slowly toppled forwards and into the pit, meaning that Pussycat's challenge had failed, and Tornado retained the Challenge Belt.

"Pussycat is tottering, and they're in! That's the ninth life gone."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat had also been due to compete in the Wild Card Warriors event, where it would have faced newcomer Draven. However, it was unable to compete and was replaced with King B Powerworks

"We were supposed to face Pussycat but they were banned due to having used a shattering blade."
— Draven's Facebook page on their Wild Card Warriors match

US Season 1[]

In its only appearance on the US spin-off Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, Pussycat represented the United Kingdom in the War of Independence tournament, taking place during the first season. For the whole duration of this event, one side of the robot was plastered over with a United States flag bearing the tongue-in-cheek message 'USA Sucks !!!', which attracted a hostile response from Rebecca Grant prior to its first fight against 6 Million Dollar Mouse.

"First there was Tom and Jerry, then Itchy and Scratchy. Could this be another epic cat-and-mouse confrontation? We'll see..."
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat's attack bends 6 Million Dollar Mouse's rotor blade

Pussycat began quickly, nearly driving round the side of 6 Million Dollar Mouse, before the two spinners bumped head-on, with no damage caused to either machine. It managed to cut into the side of 6 Million Dollar Mouse with its next attack, before briefly chasing its opponent and bashing into the back of it with the blade. Pussycat drove into 6 Million Dollar Mouse, preventing it from spinning its own weapon up to speed, before pressuring it into the arena wall. As 6 Million Dollar Mouse escaped, Pussycat gave chase once more, slamming into 6 Million Dollar Mouse's rear again. As 6 Million Dollar Mouse turned, Pussycat's blade caught the rotor blade, bending it in the process.

"It looks like the spinning blade of the mouse has been bent! The Pussycat has done the damage here. That spinning rotor blade, look at that, goes around and it gets bent up against his own body."
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat cuts into the immobile 6 Million Dollar Mouse

Pussycat slid up the front of 6 Million Dollar Mouse, before being pushed away by a forward drive. The next attack on the side of the American robot rendered it immobile, and Pussycat activated the pit release while Refbot counted it out. Despite 6 Million Dollar Mouse starting up again after being counted out, it was still technically eliminated. Pussycat attacked 6 Million Dollar Mouse again, with the blade causing minimal damage, before being pushed away from the beaten machine by Dead Metal. Pussycat held back for the rest of the fight as the House Robots attacked and pitted 6 Million Dollar Mouse.

This sent Pussycat through to face Rosie the Riveter in the second round.

Rebecca Grant: "Can you handle the pressure?"
Alan Gribble: "We sure can, it's the Dunkirk spirit all over again. We're gonna do, and they're gonna die."
— Interview before the second round fight with Rosie the Riveter

Pussycat struggles early on against the pushing power of Rosie the Riveter

At the beginning, Pussycat and Rosie the Riveter collided head-on, before backing away from each other. Pussycat was pushed from behind by Rosie the Riveter towards the Flame Pit, before being pushed back across the arena again. Pussycat rammed into the front of Rosie the Riveter, but was slammed into the arena wall in reply. It tumbled onto its side and back over under sustained pressure from Rosie the Riveter, before being pushed into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Avoiding the House Robot, Pussycat was then pushed towards Matilda's CPZ, but got away from Rosie the Riveter's clutches again.

Pussycat is pushed into a CPZ by Rosie the Riveter

"Just no traction whatsoever for the Pussycat. Rosie's having her way pushing the Pussycat wherever she wants to take her...Pussycat just doesn't know what to do about this. What possible recourse can the Pussycat have now?"
— Stefan Frank

At this point, Rosie the Riveter momentarily stopped, and Pussycat capitalised by charging behind it, knocking off the cosmetic cockpit. Rosie the Riveter attacked Pussycat head-on, causing sparks to fly as the blade clashed with the frame of Rosie the Riveter. The damage began to show on Rosie the Riveter, with Pussycat able to hook its blade under the side of the frame briefly, bending it up slightly.

Pussycat's blade digs under Rosie the Riveter's frame

"Pussycat's got a little bit more power in that blade than we thought she had."
— Stefan Frank

As Rosie the Riveter backed away, Pussycat came in for another ram, bouncing itself up, before gnawing away at the front of Rosie the Riveter, causing some more light damage. By now, Rosie was only able to move slowly forwards and backwards, and Pussycat hit the pit release.

Pussycat pits Rosie the Riveter

"Pussycat seems to have a second life, maybe nine lives. It's just when you thought they were out of it, they're in there doing some damage!"
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat pushed Rosie the Riveter on the lip of the pit, before taking a run up and reversing into the side of it, shoving the now immobile Rosie into the pit, but not without going in itself.

In the Final, Pussycat was up against General Chompsalot.

"We're tigers. We're gonna rip them to bits."
— Alan Gribble in response to Rebecca Grant before the fight with General Chompsalot

Pussycat is pushed into the CPZ by General Chompsalot

Pussycat just evaded the jaws of General Chompsalot on activate, before being tipped onto its side as the two machines drove at each other. Pussycat quickly righted itself, but was caught in General Chompsalot's jaws. Pussycat was first pushed into the arena wall, briefly escaping General Chompsalot's grasp, but they were grabbed from behind and pushed into the CPZ. Since General Chompsalot was pushing into the back of Pussycat, Pussycat was trapped against the arena wall, but both robots were attacked by Shunt, separating both machines, tipping Pussycat onto its side as a result. It took longer to self-right this time, being lifted up by Shunt's scoop before finally escaping on its side.

Pussycat struggles to escape from Shunt

"Pussycat up on her side, Pussycat and Shunt trying to have a little tussle together, and Pussycat gets away with it."
— Stefan Frank

Eventually, Pussycat self righted, immediately going back on the attack against General Chompsalot, attacking its mouth. Pussycat and General Chompsalot pushed into each other's side, with Pussycat's blade coming close to one of the American robot's exposed wheels. Both machines clashed again, with Pussycat being lifted up slightly into General Chompsalot's jaws, before Pussycat ripped one of Chompsalot's eyes off its wheels.

Pussycat and General Chompsalot clash again

"Pussycat up on her wheels...oh and take out an eye! Well, it is damage, it may only be superficial damage. It's not gonna stop Chompsalot from getting more bites out of the Pussycat."
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat rips into General Chompsalot's wheels

General Chompsalot failed to grab hold of Pussycat, and Pussycat tore off the other eye in another attack on the wheels. Pussycat was pushed next to an angle grinder by General Chompsalot, but reversed away. As Pussycat drove over the Flame Pit, it bashed into General Chompsalot again, cutting into one of the tyres with the blade. General Chompsalot tried to push it onto the flame pit, but then drove too close to the CPZ, where Matilda tore some of its teeth out.

Pussycat's blade catches in General Chompsalot's jaws

"Looks like he's been demoted from General to Buck Private....buck teeth, but no more teeth in this case."
— Stefan Frank on the state of General Chompsalot's jaws

Pussycat was pushed by General Chompsalot onto the flame pit, but it drove off quickly. Both machines met in the centre of the arena and Pussycat brushed its blade against one of the wheels and the jaw of General Chompsalot, before cease was called for the judges decision, with both machines spinning around in celebration at the end. Based on damage, Pussycat was declared the War of Independence champion, bringing victory to the United Kingdom.

Series 5[]

Pussycat returned for the Fifth Wars, this time as the number 2 seed. Fighting in the final heat, Pussycat faced newcomer The Executioner in the first round.

Pussycat is caught in the grip of The Executioner

It dodged The Executioner's first attack before charging towards its front. Pussycat ended up caught in The Executioner's grip, its blade stopping as it was dragged around in circles and towards the Flame Pit. Eventually, Pussycat was released, and it rammed into The Executioner, deflecting both machines away from each other and scratching The Executioner's side.

"Pussycat can't get away, until that moment. Spins its circular blade, coming forward, trying to create damage on The Executioner."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat uses its blade to push The Executioner

Pussycat chased The Executioner over the Flame Pit, and appeared to get stuck on it briefly. Once Pussycat moved off the Flame Pit, it darted behind The Executioner and sliced into the rear armour with its blade. Pussycat continued to pursue The Executioner across the arena, bashing its side and pressurising it towards Dead Metal. Pussycat backed off as The Executioner escaped the House Robot's clutches, before coming in for another head-on charge. This attack bounced Pussycat up onto all four wheels, but landed back on its front to chase after The Executioner again. Its next attack connected with The Executioner's front, stopping its opponent dead in its tracks. Pussycat's blade was caught in The Executioner's armour, and it used the extra leverage to push The Executioner around in a circle.

Pussycat rams into the side of The Executioner

"The Executioner sluggish, momentarily it would seem - now spinning away. In comes Pussycat, trying to get at those tyres - one of them is spinning, the other one seems to be locked."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat separated from The Executioner and lined up another attack on The Executioner's side. Pussycat's attack seemed to restore The Executioner's mobility, and its opponent promptly drove away from it, crashing into the arena wall. Pussycat slammed into The Executioner's side while it remained next to the arena wall, but wasn't able to cause any damage. Pussycat activated the pit and slowed its blade to a stop as The Executioner's claw was ripped off by Matilda's flywheel. With The Executioner spinning in circles, Pussycat rammed into its front, which appeared to immobilise The Executioner completely.

Pussycat shoves the Executioner down the pit

"Do you know, I thought we might've had a shock here at the start of this eliminator battle. Don't forget, the winner of this heat takes our final semi-final position in the series. And Pussycat still have hopes. The Executioner does not."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat prodded The Executioner closer to the Pit, using its blade and reversing into its side to line The Executioner up, before pushing it onto the lip of the Pit. Pussycat spun up its blade again, and nudged The Executioner into the Pit.

This put Pussycat through to the next round of the heat. Pussycat then went up against the walkerbot Clawed Hopper in the second round.

Pussycats cuts into Clawed Hopper

Pussycat began quickly, darting round the back of Clawed Hopper and burying its blade into the rear armour with ease, allowing it to push Clawed Hopper briefly. Pussycat backed away before coming in for a charge at the front of Clawed Hopper, bashing into one of the claws. Pussycat sliced into the front of Clawed Hopper, opening a hole in the front armour, before it began to shift focus towards one of the side drums on Clawed Hopper. Pussycat slammed into Clawed Hopper, slicing through the chains connecting one of the drums to the walker.

Pussycat lurks near the remains of one of Clawed Hopper's broken drums

"Oh! What's come off there? Part of the chain drive for Clawed Hopper - under repeated Pussycat blade attacks, and certainly it's come loose."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat rammed into Clawed Hopper's side again, causing more damage to the links to one of the drums. Another slam by Pussycat knocked one of Clawed Hopper's drums off completely. Pussycat turned away, allowing its blade to get up to speed, and reversed into Clawed Hopper's side. Pussycat rolled over the loose drum on the arena floor before coming in to cause more damage to the front of Clawed Hopper, lifting Pussycat up slightly as the two machines pushed against each other. Pussycat powered down its blade and raised itself up onto its four wheels, and rammed into Clawed Hopper again, with one of Clawed Hopper's front claws briefly getting caught between the body and wheel of Pussycat. Pussycat escaped and held off for the final few seconds of the fight before cease was called.

Pussycat, under mild pressure from Clawed Hopper

"Back it goes, tentatively now, drops so that it can get the blade in. Goes to the Judges, technically."
— Jonathan Pearce

Against all the odds, Clawed Hopper had survived to a judges' decision, but the decision was almost obvious, and it did go in favour of Pussycat, meaning that Pussycat went through to the next round.

In the Heat Final, Pussycat faced a dangerous newcomer to the main competition, Fluffy, who had already dispatched of veterans 101 and Terrorhurtz.

Philippa Forrester: "It's gonna be a catfight! The fur is going to fly!"
David Gribble: "It sure is."
Philippa Forrester: "How many of your nine lives have you used up?"
David Gribble: "None yet."
Philippa Forrester: "It's capable of demolishing a garage, it's seeded two, can it demolish this [Fluffy]?"
David Gribble: "Hopefully, hopefully. We'll give him a good run for his money."
— Interview before the fight with Fluffy

Pussycat and Fluffy clash early on

Both machines began quickly, driving towards each other, lifting Pussycat up slightly. Pussycat attempted to get round the back of Fluffy, but Fluffy responded quickly, darting away and turning towards Pussycat, who chased after the unseeded machine. It rammed into Fluffy's side, lifting itself up and over, with Fluffy trapped on top of it. Pussycat drove away, separating the two machines, before it turned to face the circling Fluffy. Pussycat missed an attack on Fluffy, who then turned into the seeded machine and ripped away Pussycat's blade and one of its casters, lifting Pussycat up as it did so.

Pussycat's blade flies off upon impact with Fluffy

"That was no tickling! The Pussycat blade has gone! Look at this - it was blade against blade, and Pussycat were no match!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Not only did this leave Series 4 runner-up weaponless, it also impaired its mobility. Pussycat was on the ropes, and desperately rammed into Fluffy, absorbing another hit in the process. Luckily for Pussycat, Fluffy suddenly broke down, just as Pussycat attempted to reverse into it over a Flame Jet. Pussycat drove away and held back as Refbot checked to see whether Fluffy was still mobile.

Pussycat pushes against the immobile Fluffy

"What a surprise this would be! Fluffy are being counted out! The Pussycat blade was gone, but they kept battling, and Fluffy conked out! Absolutely startling!"
— Jonathan Pearce

With no sign of movement, Fluffy was counted out by Refbot and was flipped by the Floor Flipper before being pitted, and Pussycat narrowly qualified to go through to the Series Semi-Finals for a second time.

Craig Charles: "Jammy or what? Jammy or what? What did you think when the blade came off?"
David Gribble: ""Oh no"!"
Craig Charles: "When that saw came off, I bet your heart was in your mouth."
Alan Gribble: "I discovered adrenaline is brown!"
— The interview after the fight with Fluffy

Pussycat was placed up against the sixth seed Panic Attack in the first round of the Series Semi-Finals.

Pussycat attacks Panic Attack

Pussycat darted towards Panic Attack, but the Series 2 champion lifted it forks up and deflected Pussycat's blade, sending it spinning away and up onto all four wheels. Pussycat turned away and landed back down onto two wheels, before twisting into Panic Attack's forks again, causing minor damage. Pussycat was buffeted towards the Flame Pit by Panic Attack, with the two weapons connecting again as it did so. Dodging away, Pussycat then rammed into Panic Attack over the Flame Pit, slicing into the front of Panic Attack, but it was shoved into an empty CPZ in reply. Pussycat quickly escaped, and watched as Panic Attack was attacked firstly by Sgt. Bash, then by Shunt.

Pussycat slices into the back of Panic Attack

After missing a charge on Panic Attack, Pussycat bashed into the forks again, lifting itself over, and away from Panic Attack. It was quick to attack Panic Attack again though, and sliced into the front of Panic Attack's armour.

"Pussycat's turn now, to get on top of this battle, I would have thought. There, you see, using the circular blade to attack the front forks of Panic Attack."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat buckles the forks of Panic Attack

Both robots circled each other briefly, but Pussycat came in to attack the fork mechanism of its opponent again. Pussycat's next attack slashed at one of Panic Attack's side-skirts, sending up a couple of sparks, before ramming into the Welsh machine in another head-on collision. Pussycat kicked itself up onto four wheels, before slamming down on top of Panic Attack, causing more minor damage to the front of it. Pussycat evaded the lifting forks of Panic Attack, bouncing off Panic Attack's weaponry and almost toppling onto its side, but it stayed righted and circled round Panic Attack. It ripped into the back of Panic Attack, before circling round and slicing into the side of the forks, buckling them out of place slightly.

Pussycat clashes with Panic Attack in a head-on attack

Charging towards Panic Attack, Pussycat inflicted more damage to the side of its opponent, but it was then rammed by Panic Attack as it came in for another charge, spinning Pussycat round in a circle. Pussycat managed to rip one of Panic Attack's skirts half-off as the two robots clashed head-on, sending Pussycat up onto its side.

"This is Pussycat's fight so far, and Panic Attack has a lot to do. It may look out of control, Pussycat, but it's not - ooh - and ripping one of the skirts away! Almost an indecent attack, sir!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat tears into one of Panic Attack's side-skirts

It quickly righted itself and charged into Panic Attack again, resulting in Pussycat being turned onto its side yet again. After self-righting, Pussycat dodged the forks of Panic Attack and slammed into the former champion, tipping itself up onto four wheels, but Pussycat backed away and circled round. It managed to launch two more attacks on the side of Panic Attack, its blade almost catching on top of the yellow machine's armour with the first hit, before it deflected itself up with its final attack.

"At the moment, the moggy has it. And its claws look sharper and more venomous than Panic Attack's weaponry."
— Jonathan Pearce

Time ran out, and the battle went to a Judges' decision, and Pussycat won the decision, sending it through to the next round. Pussycat then went up against the reinstated number 7 seed Firestorm 3 in the second round.

Pussycat is lifted up by Firestorm 3

Firestorm 3 immediately drove under the side of Pussycat, rolling it over. Pussycat went over the top of Firestorm 3 as it came in for another attack, and landed back on its wheels unharmed.

"Pussycat rocking and rolling - won't mind that - crashes down. Can run either side up, hasn't got a srimech because of the way it's built - it's designed to crash around, topsy, turvy style."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat balances on Firestorm 3's flipper after being lifted

Pussycat avoided a flip from Firestorm 3 by kicking itself up onto four wheels, but it was then pushed from behind by Firestorm 3, and Pussycat was slammed into the arena wall. The attack bounced Pussycat away from Firestorm 3's flipper, and Pussycat attempted to push Firestorm 3 by reversing into its side over the Flame Pit. Unable to get any traction, Pussycat drove away from its opponent, and was chased into another arena wall, being lifted slightly as it came under pressure. In the centre of the arena, Pussycat slipped off Firestorm 3's flipper again, and proceeded to glance off the side of Firestorm 3, but it caused no damage. Both machines circled briefly, but Pussycat drove onto Firestorm 3's flipper and was hoisted into the air. It balanced on Firestorm 3's flipper before being thrown, bouncing off the arena floor and landing on its front.

Pussycat is flicked away by Firestorm 3

"Firestorm believe now they've got the upper hand. They've seen the tactic - get in underneath that high ground clearance of 10 centimetres, wedge them up high and carry them to the pit or to the CPZ."
— Jonathan Pearce on Firestorm 3's ability to exploit Pussycat's weaknesses

Firestorm 3 immediately went on the attack again, flipping Pussycat into the arena wall and against an angle grinder. Driving towards Firestorm 3 again, Pussycat was flicked away, and was shoved into the pit release button by Firestorm 3. Pussycat was flipped over again, and chased Firestorm 3 across the arena floor before being tossed over by another Firestorm 3 attack. Pussycat attempted to dodge Firestorm 3, but drove into Shunt's CPZ in the process.

Pussycat is axed by Shunt

Firestorm 3 capitalised by driving under Pussycat's large ground clearance, wedging it in place as Pussycat was axed by Shunt.

"Pussycat away, but will previous victories in this series against The Executioner, Clawed Hopper, Fluffy and Panic Attack mean nothing? Will Pussycat fall at this stage? Because for me Firestorm are well on top."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is trapped by Firestorm 3

Pussycat managed to escape after a flip from Firestorm freed it from the deadly embrace. Both robots charged towards each other, and this resulted in Pussycat being tipped onto its side again. Pussycat came in for an attack while Firestorm 3 was distracted by the axe of Shunt, but Pussycat was flipped against the arena wall by the flipper. With Firestorm 3 held by Shunt, Pussycat's wheels remained off the ground for several seconds, but it slid away from Firestorm 3 after Shunt lifted Firestorm 3 from the side. Pussycat came back strongly, attacking the side of Firestorm 3, who had slowed down by this stage. Pussycat hooked its blade into the side armour, using the leverage to push Firestorm in a circle before the two robots separated. Pussycat was nudged onto its side after a final charge on Firestorm 3 before time ran out.

Pussycat hits Firestorm 3

"Late onslaught by Pussycat, but for me it's come too late. Too little, too late; the clock is counting down to a judges' decision."
— Jonathan Pearce

In the end, Pussycat's late surge wasn't enough, and the judges' decision unanimously went in favour of Firestorm 3, eliminating Pussycat from the competition.

Craig Charles: "How do you feel about that? You're shocked!"
Alan Gribble: "Erm...Speechless."
Craig Charles: "Speechless?"
David Gribble: "Relieved, actually, cos there's too many better robots out there!"
— Interview after the fight with Firestorm 3

This was the final series David Gribble drove the robot before his untimely death.

Extreme 2[]

Extreme Series 2 marked the first appearance of Pussycat since the death of David Gribble, and therefore the first appearance of Stuart Barnwell. Pussycat and Diotoir both entered Extreme Series 2 after missing Series 6, they entered together in the Tag-Team Terror competition, returning as reigning Tag Team Terror champions, but they didn't put up much of a defence of their Tag Team Title. They were up against Bulldog Breed and Robochicken (whom Pussycat has fought before) in the first round.

Pussycat scrapes the front of Bulldog Breed

Bulldog Breed flips Pussycat

Bulldog Breed hurls Pussycat from the arena

Pussycat started out against Bulldog Breed, with both machines trying to dodge round each other's sides early on. Pussycat nudged into Bulldog Breed's flipper with its blade, only causing minor scratches to its opponent. In reply, Bulldog Breed flipped Pussycat around the arena into the air and onto its side. Pussycat quickly self-righted and tried to charge into Bulldog Breed head on to slice the flipper, but no damage was caused to Bulldog Breed. Pussycat's large ground clearance allowed Bulldog Breed to get underneath it and push it towards the arena wall, where it was quickly flipped out of the arena.

"Can run any way up, Pussycat, but not that way! Thank you very much, you're out! How many lives on a Pussycat? One? And it's over, in went the Bulldog Breed, up went the flipper, out went the cat."
— Jonathan Pearce as Pussycat are flipped out of the arena

Bulldog Breed then quickly disposed of Diotoir, flipping it over a few times before leaving it to burn on the flame pit. Diotoir was counted out by Refbot and then struck by Matilda, and the reigning Tag Team Terror champions were subsequently eliminated from the competition. Afterwards, it was revealed that the reason why Pussycat's saw didn't crumple up Bulldog Breed's flipper was because Alan Gribble put Pussycat's blade on upside down prior to the match.

"I'm gonna give it my damn best!"
— Ann Gribble, prior to the Iron Maidens

Pussycat redeemed itself in the Iron Maidens competition, with Ann Gribble at the controls. In its first round battle, it was drawn against Chompalot and Spin Doctor.

Pussycat's blade is caught in the back of Chompalot

Pussycat started by holding off while Chompalot attacked Spin Doctor. Pussycat rammed into the back of Chompalot while it was distracted, hooking Chompalot with its blade and dragging it around the arena, before Chompalot got away to continue attacking Spin Doctor.

"Haven't seen a lot of Pussycat."
— Jonathan Pearce notices Pussycat's lack of contribution to the battle early on

Pussycat clashes with Spin Doctor

Pussycat almost got into trouble when it spun into a CPZ, but Shunt was already busy attacking Spin Doctor. It was bumped over a steam jet by Spin Doctor as the full-body spinner made its escape into the centre of the arena. Pussycat then sliced into Spin Doctor side-on with its blade, before reversing into Chompalot. Chompalot nudged Pussycat onto its side, but Pussycat righted itself quickly and darted away from its opponents. Pussycat then charged into the grip of Chompalot, allowing it to push Pussycat around in a circle for a few moments. Breaking free, Pussycat scampered around the arena, driving into Mr. Psycho as it did so, before slamming the limping Spin Doctor. Pussycat deflected onto the Disc of Doom's button, before lining up another slam, this time missing and crashing into the arena wall.

Pussycat is tipped over by Chompalot

"Pussycat comes in with a slam. And again - Spin Doctor in real trouble."
— Jonathan Pearce

Its next ram was more successful, and Spin Doctor seemed to have become immobilised. Pussycat went in for another attack, tipping itself onto its side in the process. After self-righting again, Chompalot grappled with it while Spin Doctor was counted out by Refbot. As a result, Pussycat went through to the second round along with Chompalot.

At this stage, Pussycat went up against a fellow feline machine, Kat 3.

Philippa Forrester: "Meow! The biggest catfight we have ever seen on Robot Wars is about to ensue. Turn your set off at your peril! Ann, what are you going to do to their whiskers?"
Ann Gribble: "Clip 'em!"
— Interview before the fight with Kat 3

Pussycat slices through Kat 3's wedge

Both machines tentatively drove towards each other, missing with their respective charges, and Kat 3 also missed an axe blow on Pussycat. Pussycat dodged a second hit from Kat 3, before spinning away and avoiding two more consecutive attacks. It then turned into Kat 3's wedge, sending up a shower of sparks while it absorbed an axe blow from Kat 3. It also sliced into part of Kat 3's armour, dislodging one of the panels slightly. As Kat 3 continues to miss more hits, Pussycat slammed into its side, before holding back as Kat 3 went for the pit release. Turning away, Pussycat evaded another hit from the axe, before it spun around over the Flame Pit.

Pussycat dislodges Kat 3's armour

"Pussycat over the Flame Pit, where are they gonna go now? Side-on attack on Kat 3? No, a full frontal attack - the saw, I don't think, really penetrating Kat 3."
— Jonathan Pearce

Reversing away, Pussycat then came in side-by-side with Kat 3, its blade catching the loose panel and flicking it upwards. It spun round and nudged into Kat 3's side again, before driving itself into a CPZ. This allowed Sir Killalot to come in and attack it, almost tipping Pussycat onto its side as the House Robot pushed it into the corner of the arena wall.

Pussycat is put under pressure by Sir Killalot

"I think, for tactics alone, Kat 3 are on top. Pussycat's in the CPZ and Killalot can come in there! Mistake by Ann - she drove into the CPZ, Killalot nearly had them, but Pussycat got away."
— Jonathan Pearce

It managed to slip out of Sir Killalot's grasp and turned into the front of Kat 3, slicing into the wedge and bending it slightly, but not without sustaining another hit from the Kat 3 axe. Pussycat bumped into Kat 3's side again, before chasing Kat 3 across the arena briefly. It launched another attack on Kat 3's damaged side, this time managing to rip the bent panel off completely, exposing a wheel.

Pussycat rips off Kat 3's panel

"Kat 3's side panel is ripped away, the tyres are exposed. Can Pussycat and Ann Gribble use that blade to get it on the tyres or even the CO2 bottle in there that powers the pneumatic axe weapon?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat absorbed another hit from the axe without taking any damage, before it tore into the side of Kat 3 that wasn't exposed, ripping away more armour. Kat 3 was then able to grapple Pussycat, dragging it in a circle briefly before releasing its grip.

Kat 3 axes Pussycat

Sparks flew as Pussycat connected its blade with Kat 3's wedge again, taking a hit from the axe as it did so, before driving into Kat 3, almost toppling over onto its side as a result of the attack. It managed to stay the right way up, and evaded one last axe blow before cease was called, and the battle was sent to the Judges.

"I think the key here is that Pussycat improved all the way through. Kat 3's weapon, initially missing a great deal, did cause problems. Couple of scratches for Ann Gribble and Pussycat, but she slowly gained momentum - causing damage herself - her control of the robot improved as it went on, and I think Pussycat slowly got the upper hand, you know, because of the damage caused to Kat 3."
— Jonathan Pearce assesses the fight as the Judges make up their minds

The battle was so close that a split decision was called, but on the basis of damage, Pussycat progressed to the final, where it faced Chompalot again.

"Ann Gribble really has improved with her style and control as the contest has gone on."
— Jonathan Pearce

Growler rams Chompalot

Pussycat is grappled, but pushes back against Chompalot

Pussycat began by attempting to get round the side of Chompalot, but Chompalot quickly responded, slamming into Pussycat's blade head-on. Pussycat held back as Chompalot skewered its lower beak on the arena floor flipper, but bashed into Chompalot once Sgt. Bash freed it, failing to cause any damage. Chompalot sped away, with Pussycat in hot pursuit, but Chompalot quickly turned into Pussycat and rammed into it. Pussycat avoided a drive from Growler, with Chompalot taking most of the impact, but it failed to take advantage, preferring to stay in the centre of the arena while Chompalot raced away again.

"Push and shove, this isn't handbags at six paces, I can tell you. Pussycat spinning away, Chompalot looking for an opportunity."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat is gripped again

Pussycat was grappled by Chompalot's beak, but pushed back hard, shoving Chompalot into the arena wall. This separated the two machines, and Pussycat started spinning around, hoping to damage Chompalot. Pussycat's opponent refused to take the bait, and slowed down, and Chompalot capitalised by crashing into the back of Pussycat and pushing it into the button for the Disc of Doom. Pussycat went up onto four wheels after another ram from Chompalot, but quickly landed back down onto two, speeding away towards the centre of the arena again. There, it was gripped by Chompalot once again, raising Pussycat's wheels off the ground.

Pussycat is pitted by Chompalot in the Iron Maidens Final

"Ann left all alone by Alan, and Chompalot has succeeded in pressing Pussycat onto the pit release. Great stuff, Pussycat goes down, that's a terrific victory!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle concludes

This allowed Chompalot to push Pussycat across the arena easily, firstly into a CPZ, then into the pit release button. Pussycat was then dragged backwards and lined up by Chompalot, before being dumped into the pit, making Chompalot the winner of the Iron Maidens competition.

"Well she had practice, whereas I didn't, if I'd had practice I would be the best driver in all of Robot Wars!"
— Excuses from Ann Gribble after her loss to Chompalot

Series 7[]

Pussycat returned to the main competition for the first time after the tragic death of David Gribble. Pussycat was seeded ninth for the main competition, despite not entering in the previous series. It was placed against wooden entry Brutus Maximus, Dutch grand finalist Twister, and New Blood Heat Finalist Roobarb.

"Pussycat has been with Robot Wars since the very first day, has to be my favourite here..."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the first round battle

The blades of Twister and Pussycat collide

In the battle, the seeded Pussycat machine shot on the offensive, ramming into Twister before backing away and clashing with Brutus Maximus. It pressured Brutus Maximus towards the arena wall, and chased the wooden robot as it fled across the arena. Pussycat caught up and sliced into the side of Brutus Maximus and turned away to face Roobarb. Neither robot engaged, and Pussycat instead took a hit from Twister, lifting one wheel off the ground on impact. It nudged into Twister while its opponent focused on Brutus Maximus, catching one of its blades in Twister's armour.

"Twister gets a slam from Pussycat. Pussycat, there, as we see Roobarb in a little bit of trouble, but Pussycat has all the weight and weaponry for me."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat and Twister engage in battle

Both machines quickly separated, but Pussycat targeted Twister again, slamming its twin circular blades into the horizontal spinner. The clash caused Pussycat's blades to presumably cease functioning, and it was slammed from the side by Roobarb shortly after. After staying out of the action for a few seconds, Pussycat rammed into the battered Brutus Maximus. After another ram against Twister, its blades started working again, while Twister's own weapon stopped. Pussycat activated the pit before attacking the back of Brutus Maximus, causing more damage in the process.

Pussycat continues to target Twister

Pussycat was pushed by Twister briefly while Roobarb focused on Brutus Maximus, but it managed to overcome Twister once more, buffeting it with its blades near a CPZ. Pussycat bumped into Twister and Brutus Maximus one after the other, and its weapon appeared to stop again. With Brutus Maximus out of the picture after being immobilised by Roobarb, Pussycat, Roobarb and Twister all came together near the centre of the arena, but no one was able to attack meaningfully, and Pussycat slipped away from Roobarb's flipper. It focused on Twister again, nudging into it, but no damage was caused.

Pussycat clashes with Twister as the fight nears its conclusion

"Pussycat has a grip on Twister, and we're into the final few seconds of this bout."
— Jonathan Pearce

Brutus Maximus was counted out in the closing seconds of the battle while Pussycat was bumped by Roobarb. Pussycat's blade slowly started up again, and it attacked Twister with it in the final seconds of the fight. Roobarb, Twister and Pussycat all survived to a judges' decision, and the judges put Pussycat through to the next round of the heat, along with Roobarb.

Pussycat was then placed up against promising newcomer M2 in the second round of the heat.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Fighting talk from M2, they're gonna take that seed and flip it out."
Stuart Barnwell: "They can try!"
Jayne Middlemiss: "Yeah? What are you going to do to them?"
Stuart Barnwell: "Try and hit 'em all over, stay away from the arena wall cos they have a very good flipper. A very, very good flipper."
Jayne Middlemiss: "OK, well good luck in there, and any words you'd like to say to them?"
Stuart Barnwell: "Have a good fight!"
— Interview before the fight with M2

Pussycat is flipped by M2 in the early stages

Both machines began quickly, dodging each other's attacks, before Pussycat turned and clipped the side of M2. However, it could only scratch the bodywork. M2 responded by flipping Pussycat into the air; Pussycat was then flicked onto four wheels by M2 before landing back on its front. It was thrown over by M2 again, but evaded the next flip by surging forwards. Pussycat gnawed at the side of M2, but could not gain a purchase or cause great damage. Pussycat's head rested on M2's flipper, allowing M2 to flip Pussycat onto four wheels again.

Pussycat catches its blade on M2's shell

"The Pussycat always lands on her feet, and the Pussycat has nine lives. Well, maybe eight now."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat evades an M2 flip

Pussycat was rammed and deflected by M2, the blades of the seed bashing into the flipper to no avail. The two machines caught its blade in the side of M2, but M2 quickly got away again, with Pussycat scratching away again as both machines circled each other tightly. As Pussycat charged at M2, it was almost knocked onto its side, but managed to stay on its wheels. As M2 missed another flip, Pussycat caught its twin blades in M2 again briefly, but the damage was minimal. Pussycat then drove onto M2's flipper, and the newcomers capitalised by flipping Pussycat over three times in quick succession, with Pussycat rolling and tumbling through the air.

Pussycat is thrown through the air by M2

"Pussycat is causing very little damage with the blades, and all the work here is being done by M2. Has Stuart had his work cut out with Pussycat?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat attempted to slice into the back of M2, but it was still unable to penetrate the shell, and M2 launched another attack on Pussycat. This time, Pussycat tumbled towards the arena wall, before being flicked onto its side after another assault from M2. Although Pussycat self-righted quickly, it was immediately put under pressure by M2 again; it was flipped near Dead Metal's CPZ, where Pussycat attempted to reverse into M2 to push its opponent. This failed however, and M2 dug under Pussycat's ground clearance and flipped it over once more.

Pussycat is flicked over

Pussycat then charged at M2, but the shape of M2 meant that Pussycat simply slid off the bodywork of M2 without causing any damage. M2 pressured Pussycat towards the arena wall, tossing it high and back onto its flipper, before almost throwing Pussycat out of the arena.

"And Pussycat really in trouble here, the number 9 seeds! They need to get away from the arena side wall, and they have done."
— Jonathan Pearce

M2 nearly flips Pussycat out of the arena

Pussycat held on, and drove towards safer ground in the middle of the arena. Pussycat's blade bounced off M2 as it came in for a side-on attack, but then it was pushed into the path of Refbot. Pussycat was flipped onto its side, but was helped back the right way up after a nudge from M2. Pussycat fell over onto its side again as it tried to attack M2 in a head-to-head clash, but it righted itself before being hoisted up into the air by M2 for a final time, landing on its side yet again. It struggled to self-right this time, but eventually did so just as cease was called, and the battle went to a judges' decision.

Pussycat is flipped by M2 for the final time

"Pussycat on its side! Pussycat in danger, I don't think they can self-right from there! They'll try and claw their way out of it, but I think Pussycat are finished here. Look at that, looks like some sort of crab, and they have self-righted. Time called, judges decide."
— Jonathan Pearce

Although the Judges took a long time to decide due to the damage caused by Pussycat, the decision went in favour of M2, meaning that the seeded Pussycat was eliminated from the competition. It was later revealed that Pussycat had almost sliced through M2's removable link, with M2's team claiming that Pussycat could have won the battle with one more hit.

Pussycat returned to fight in the All-Stars tournament at the end of the Seventh Wars, as Cold Fusion Team had previously fought in at least 5 series of Robot Wars. In the first round, Pussycat was placed up against Behemoth, Dantomkia and King B Powerworks. The team equipped Pussycat with the double blade weapon, hoping to tear off the decidedly weak armour of King B Powerworks.

Pussycat disables King B Powerworks' drive

Pussycat immediately went after King B Powerworks while Behemoth and Dantomkia engaged, slicing into the back of the invertible machine, snapping the right drive chain in the process. This left the Series 2 Semi-Finalist only able to spin around in circles, and Pussycat continued to gnaw away at it, attacking one of the wheels before circling round King B Powerworks and deflecting off the saw as the two weapons collided. Pussycat turned away, before ramming into the wheel of King B Powerworks again.

"I think the ground clearance could be key - Pussycat is vulnerable."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat attacks Dantomkia

It kept up the pressure on King B Powerworks, tearing into the side armour as they had intended to do so before the fight, as Dantomkia tossed Behemoth out of the arena. Pussycat ended up on its side as Dantomkia stole King B Powerworks away from it, but quickly righted itself. While King B Powerworks was pushed around by Dantomkia, Pussycat came in for a light drive into the side of Dantomkia. Dantomkia shrugged off the blow before taking another small hit from the Pussycat blade, but King B Powerworks' own resistance slackened and Dantomkia tossed King B Powerworks out of the arena as well. Pussycat therefore went through with Dantomkia to the second round.

Craig Charles: "You're through to the Semis, didn't really do much in there though."
Stuart Barnwell: "We went straight after King B3, which we planned, and we jammed their wheel up while Dantomkia took on Behemoth, and then King B was dead, and we knocked the chain off their weapon, and then they got rid of King B in the end!"
Craig Charles: "So you did do quite a bit then?"
Stuart Barnwell: "Oh, we did!"
Craig Charles: "I'll shut my mouth then!"
— Stuart Barnwell arguing his case for Pussycat's performance

A battle against Kat 3 followed for Pussycat in the second round, in a repeat of its fight in the Iron Maidens competition during the second series of Extreme.

Jayne Middlemiss: "This is a catfight, this one. You're up against Kat 3, how are you gonna deal with them?"
Stuart Barnwell: "Slice and dice!"
— Interview before the fight with Kat 3

Pussycat takes a hit from Kat 3

Pussycat began more quickly, charging into the side of Kat 3 without causing any damage, but missing an axe blow at the same time. Pussycat circled round as Kat 3 missed another hit, before ripping off the steel wedge at the front of Kat 3. Both machines came together head-on, with Kat 3 failing to properly hit Pussycat, only grazing the back of a wheel. As Pussycat pressured Kat 3 towards the edge of the arena, it bumped into the arena side wall itself, before backing away towards the centre of the arena and evading another attack from Kat 3. After grazing the front of Kat 3's armour, Pussycat was hit on the head by the axe of is opponent without sustaining any damage. It attempted to tear off the point of the axe, but Kat 3 quickly retracted and missed another hit, just as Pussycat bashed into the front of Kat 3 again.

Pussycat launches a charge on Kat 3

"Pussycat, a little nudge of the blade, gets it up to spinning speed once again. Not causing great damage there, to the armament of Kat 3..."
— Jonathan Pearce

As Pussycat launched another attack, it bent part of the corner of the front wedge slightly, before targeting the side armour, lifting itself off the ground slightly. Pussycat continued to scratch at the side of Kat 3, deflecting Kat 3 away as it came in for an attack of its own. More gnawing was done by Pussycat, but the results were the same as before, with Kat 3 unable to hit Pussycat yet again. Kat 3 began to push Pussycat slightly, and attempted to axe it, but the point of the weapon went behind the body of Pussycat. Kat 3 activated the pit release and went after Pussycat again, but Pussycat turned and slashed into the side of Kat 3, pushing itself up Kat 3's wedge from the side. Pussycat was pushed onto its side by Kat 3, but quickly rolled back onto its front.

Pussycat locks horns with Kat 3

"They're dodging side-by-side, but I don't think they can get their weaponry really into full effect here because of the driving skills. You see, side by side, the axe is gonna miss, and so too the blade."
— Jonathan Pearce

When Pussycat's blades next connected with Kat 3, it bounced up onto four wheels, twisting away and falling back onto two wheels, where it spun on the spot and bumped into Kat 3. Both machines drew together side-by-side, but neither weapon could make contact due to the uni-directions of the two weapons. By this point, Kat 3's axe point had visibly bent, and both robots dodged each other's attacks once more. Pussycat attempted to drive into the back of Kat 3, but Kat 3 dodged to the side.

Pussycat and Kat 3 in close-combat, in the All-Stars

Pussycat continued to chase Kat 3 as it reversed away across the arena floor, and missed with another hit from the axe. Pussycat capitalised by slicing into the shaft of the axe mechanism, but no real damage was sustained. Cease was eventually called and the battle went to a judges' decision.

"Wake me up Judges! Who's won it?...A cat-atonic cat-astrophe of a contest."
— Jonathan Pearce summarises his thoughts on the fight

The damage caused to Kat 3 narrowly put the decision in favour of Pussycat, putting it through to the final where it once again faced Dantomkia.

Dantomkia flips Pussycat into Mr. Psycho's CPZ

Dantomkia was thought of as the favourite to win, and Pussycat was considered lucky to reach this stage by Jonathan Pearce. Both robots started quickly, with Pussycat bashing into one of Dantomkia's front prongs before being pushed around briefly. Pussycat drove up the flipper of Dantomkia, but slid off before Dantomkia could react. However, this led to Pussycat turning onto its side near the arena wall, and it was flipped against it by Dantomkia, but stayed in the arena. Pussycat retreated and rolled over, and Dantomkia gave chase, catching up and pushing Pussycat once more. Pussycat was then flung into Mr. Psycho by Dantomkia, and was flipped again as it tried to escape, bouncing off the arena wall and into the CPZ.

"Pussycat's ground clearance is 10cm. That is high, that is vulnerable, and Dantomkia doing exactly what we thought it would do here. Can they get them over and out of the arena side wall? No, and Pussycat is away."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat immobilises Dantomkia

Pussycat managed to slide between Mr. Psycho and Dantomkia and into the centre of the arena, where it turned and absorbed a charge from Dantomkia. Dantomkia dug under Pussycat's high ground clearance once more, allowing Pussycat to land a blow on Dantomkia's aerial, completely immobilising it in the process. Pussycat went up on all four wheels and slightly pushed Dantomkia, before driving round the back and hooking its blade into Dantomkia's armour. Pussycat used this advantage to push Dantomkia over the Flame Pit, before reversing into the pit release while continuing to pull Dantomkia along.

Pussycat hooks Dantomkia with its blade

"Pussycat has Dantomkia not on the ropes, but on the very side of the pit of doom and gloom! And Pussycat here, is about to win the All-Stars Championship!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat nudged Dantomkia closer to the pit, before leaving it alone to attack Cassius Chrome. Pussycat was pushed into the arena wall by the House Robot, while Mr. Psycho watched on, and was dragged over the Flame Pit while still in the grip of Cassius Chrome. Pussycat escaped, but was then attacked by Mr. Psycho, taking a hammer blow to the top of the body. Dantomkia was counted out as Pussycat's blade bashed into Mr. Psycho, but Pussycat continued to take punishment from Cassius Chrome, being slammed into the arena wall in a CPZ.

The victorious Pussycat challenges Cassius Chrome

"This is a stunner. Dantomkia, counted out? Pussycat, the All-Star champion? How unlikely was that in the opening moments of this All-Star final?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat ends up pitted, and takes a final hammer blow from Mr. Psycho

It escaped when Mr. Psycho and Cassius Chrome collided, nudging Dantomkia closer to the pit. Mr. Psycho took over from Pussycat and pitted Dantomkia, with Pussycat quickly driving in after it, absorbing one last hammer blow from Mr. Psycho afterwards. Nevertheless, the surprising outcome left Pussycat to claim the title of All-Stars Champion, the only robot ever to win the competition besides Razer.


UK Series
Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat M, Round 1 vs. Hammerhead Won
Heat M, Round 2 vs. Cassius 2 Won
Heat M, Final vs. Scutter's Revenge Disqualified
NOTE: Pussycat won the final round, but it was disqualified for using a hardened steel blade which shattered during the battle. Scutter's Revenge was awarded victory by default.
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
19th Seed, Runner-up
Heat B, Eliminator vs. Milly-Ann Bug, Reptirron Qualified
Heat B, Semi-Final vs. Robochicken Won
Heat B, Final vs. Razer (3) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Thermidor 2 Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Dominator 2 Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Hypno-Disc (2) Won
Grand Final vs. Chaos 2 (1) Lost
Sumo Basho
Sumo Basho 10.60 seconds 8th
Celebrity Special
Round 1 vs. Iron-Awe Won
Round 2 vs. Sir Chromalot Won
Final vs. Diotoir Won
Extreme Series 1
Round 1 vs. Stinger Won
Quarter-Final vs. Tornado Lost
Tag Team Terror
with Diotoir, Champion
Round 2 vs. Comengetorix & Spawn Again Won
Final vs. Suicidal Tendencies & The Steel Avenger Won
NOTE: Pussycat was a substitute robot and was instated after Mega Morg (Diotoir's original partner) broke down, hence why Pussycat did not compete in Round 1.
Challenge Belt
Challenge vs. Tornado Lost
Mayhem & Annihilator
Annihilator Champion
Mayhem Qualifier vs. S.M.I.D.S.Y., Sumpthing Won
Annihilator, Round 1 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Hypno-Disc,
Splinter, Thermidor 2, X-Terminator
Annihilator, Round 2 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Hypno-Disc,
Splinter, X-Terminator
Annihilator, Round 3 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Hypno-Disc,
Annihilator, Round 4 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Splinter Qualified
Annihilator, Round 5 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger Won
Other Battles
Vengeance vs. Razer Won
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
2nd Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat L, Eliminator vs. The Executioner Won
Heat L, Semi-Final vs. Clawed Hopper Won
Heat L, Final vs. Fluffy Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Panic Attack (6) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 vs. Firestorm 3 (7) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Tag Team Terror
with Diotoir, Round 1
Round 1 vs. Bulldog Breed & Robochicken Lost
Iron Maidens
Round 1 vs. Chompalot, Spin Doctor Qualified
Round 2 vs. Kat 3 Won
Final vs. Chompalot Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
9th Seed, Heat, Round 2
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Brutus Maximus, Roobarb, Twister Qualified
Heat A, Round 2 vs. M2 Lost
Round 1 vs. Behemoth, Dantomkia, King B Powerworks Qualified
Round 2 vs. Kat 3 Won
Final vs. Dantomkia Won
US Series
Season 1
War of Independence
Representing UK, Champion
Eliminator vs. $6 Million Mouse (USA) Won
Semi-Final vs. Rosie The Riveter (USA) Won
Final vs. General Chompsalot (USA) Won


  • UK Wins: 31
  • UK Losses: 8
  • US Wins: 3
  • US Losses: 0

NOTE: Pussycat's overturned victory against Scutter's Revenge is considered to be a loss

Series Record[]

UK Series[]

Main Series Pussycat Series Record
The First Wars Entered with Bodyhammer
The Second Wars Entered with Bodyhammer
The Third Wars Heat Final
The Fourth Wars Runner-up
The Fifth Wars Semi Finals, Round 2
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 2
Featherweight Championship with Kitty
Series 8 Entered with Kill-E-Crank-E (Robin Herrick)
Entered with Dantomkia (Stuart Barnwell)
Series 9 Entered with Crank-E (Robin Herrick)
Entered with Push to Exit (Stuart Barnwell)
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with Pussycat
Series 2 Entered with Pussycat
Entered with Kitty (Alan Gribble)
Entered with Katnip (Stuart Barnwell)

US Series[]

US Series Pussycat Series Record
Season 1 War of Independence Champion
Season 2 Did not enter
Nickelodeon Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

Pussycat as Pink Pants, in Techno Games

Like many Robot Wars competitors, the team entered Techno Games 2003. Stuart Barnwell and Alan Gribble entered a weaponless Pussycat in the football in Team Pink as "Pink Pants" along with a weaponless pink fur clad RaMyA (Razer My Arse), aka TX-108, but lost to Typhoon Rover and Typhoon 870 in the first round. It also lost to Incy Wincy in the Assault Course.

Pussycat on display in 2003

The Series 7 version of Pussycat was upgraded further and has competed in several robotic fighting competitions across the country. However, like the team's other robots (Katnip and Kitty), Pussycat soon retired from full-on competitive combat, but still appeared in certain live events around the UK fighting in demonstration battles and fun events, also appearing as a static display piece on occasion.

Pussycat at RoboNerd in September 2018

Pussycat at RoboNerd in 2019

Pussycat was temporarily in the possession of John Findlay of Team Roaming Robots, before being returned to Alan Gribble. Following Gribble's death in 2013, Pussycat remained in ownership of Ann Gribble and became co-owned by Ian Watts. In September 2018, Pussycat was brought to the RoboNerd event by Ian Watts, alongside his other robots Bigger Brother and The Four Horsemen. It appeared as a static exhibition, where it was reunited with former driver Stuart Barnwell, and also returned to RoboNerd in August 2019. Pussycat is still currently in possession of Ian and Ann as the pair live together.[17]

Appearances in Merchandise[]


"We've taken out Razer" - Alan Gribble

"The Erazer!"
— On the side of Extreme 1 Pussycat, next to a crossed out picture of Razer
  • With thirty-one wins, Pussycat has the fourth-most UK wins, and the third-most overall when including its US wins.
  • Pussycat is the only robot to defeat Razer by knockout, doing so in both of their battles.
    • Both of those robots went on to become All-Star champions at some point.
  • Pussycat has won all three of the major side competitions in the UK Series: an Annihilator, a Tag Team Terror and an All-Stars Tournament.
    • It is the only robot to win the All-Stars Tournament aside from Razer, who it fought in Series 4 and Extreme Series 1.
  • Of the four robots to reach the Annihilator finals in Extreme 1, Pussycat was the only one to enter Series 5.
  • Pussycat had eight combat losses. In line with the famous adage "cat has nine lives", Pussycat was on its ninth and final life at the end of its Robot Wars career. This trivia is shared by Kat 3.

A Pussycat pullback and piece of armour from the Series 4 Pussycat that was given to the seller by David Gribble. It sold for £25 on eBay.

  • Pussycat was renowned for its reliability, and is in fact the most successful robot never to have lost via mechanical failure, having won thirty-four battles.
  • Pussycat is one of nine robots to win more than twenty battles in UK Robot Wars. The others to achieve this feat are Chaos 2, Razer, Firestorm, Tornado, Panic Attack, Behemoth, and Carbide.
    • Pussycat is the only robot to achieve this feat that fought all the others who did in the original series.
  • The original Pussycat cat picture was sketched by Robin Herrick's wife Sara but Robin drew in larger teeth to make it more menacing. The graphics were tweaked by Alan Gribble as the robot changed over the years.
  • Pussycat is one of three UK machines to be unbeaten in Extreme Warriors, the other two being the Tag Team Terror partnership of Rick and Ming 3.
  • Ann Gribble always refers to Pussycat with female pronouns.[18] Alan did the same in its Series 5 introduction.

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