The Pussycat Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. The paintwork is based on the Series 4 incarnation of Pussycat, judging by the design on the top of the toy and the upward arrow on the opposite side to the disc.



The Pussycat minibot, upright

It had an extremely oversized spinning disc that moved around fully via kinetic energy. The minibot also had wheels on the underside of the replica with the pullback motor attached, away from the decidedly undersized wheels present on the minibot. Hence, it was not truly invertible like the pullback was.



Pussycat in its three-pack


Pussycat in its two-pack

The Minibot was released in a three-pack set with Shunt and Matilda, as well as in a two-pack with Refbot. Uniquely, this meant that Pussycat was only ever released in packs with House Robots, and never alongside a fellow competitor robot.

Pussycat was also among the few competitor robots from the original wave of minibots to never be included within a five-pack or a playset, making it one of the more uncommon competitor minibots in the original wave, despite still being relatively easy to obtain.

Differences to the real robotEdit

As mentioned, the spinning disc is largely oversized but by contrast, the wheels are undersized and are completely static, so they do not aid the toy's movement. The robot's dimensions are also significantly different, with the minibot's width far exceeding the toy's height, unlike the real robot, which was somewhat similar in both dimensions.

Pussycat 4 arena

The real Pussycat in Series 4

As well as this, the yellow bordering around the toy's decals is completely solid, not feathered like that of the real robot. The upward arrow is also noticeably wider and less pointed compared to the version of Pussycat this toy was based on.

In order to house the minibot's pullback motor, the underside of the usually invertible Pussycat robot is absent, compromising invertible nature and one of its armour panels in order to include essential play features.

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