Pussycat is a British heavyweight robot, that competed from the third series of Robot Wars until Series 7, although it sat out Series 6. In that time, the team finished overall runner up once, and reached the semi-finals on one other occasion. The team had previously entered with Bodyhammer, who finished unofficial runner of the first series. Pussycat uses a powerful spinning blade as its weapon, and developed a new form of blade that eventually replaced circular saws altogether. Pussycat appears as a competitor robot in the Game Boy Advance game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction, its third appearance in Robot Wars video games. Pussycat is one of only two robots, the other being Chaos 2, to appear in all five video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Pussycat can easily be recognised as its real life compatriot due to its unique shape that means that it 'always lands on its feet'. Due to limitations in the physics engine, Pussycat will only ever run on its side, it cannot stand up or get stuck on its side.

Pussycat's weapon is the famous spinning disc with four teeth. The disc is fairly powerful, and makes for a decent weapon, but it is harder to get a good shot on an opponent that other spinning weapons.

Pussycat is an unlockable robot within the game, and is unlocked by beating it in Championship mode.


Using PussycatEdit

Pussycat's weapon is effective, but difficult to get a good shot in. Flippers are mostly not an issue, as Pussycat can run inverted, which is an advantage. As with all of the invertible robots however, beware of flippers near the arena walls. They can flip invertible robots (Pussycat included) onto them to prevent them from moving- if this happens, this is more or less an instant loss. However, Pussycat does have an advantage over most invertible robots, due to its weight, which exceeds most flippers' maximum flip capacity. It is so heavy, that only Chaos 2 and Behemoth can flip it.

Against PussycatEdit

Pussycat isn't vulnerable to flippers, nor particularly troubled by axes and spinners, so the best opportunity is to push Pussycat towards hazards and traps.

Differences between the Game and Real LifeEdit

  • The casters are too large
  • Pussycat cannot run on all fours in the game, nor can it get stuck on its side
  • Pussycat doesn't have the decorations on its top.
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