Pussycat was a competitor robot from the UK robot combat game show Robot Wars, competing in Series 3-5, 7 and both series of Robot Wars Extreme. Built by the Cold Fusion Team, and distinguished by its unusual design and cutting disc weapon, its most notable achievements include finishing runner-up in Series 4, jointly winning the Extreme 1 Tag Team Terror with Diotoir, and winning the Series 7 All-Stars Tournament in its final televised appearance.

Pussycat was one of several TV series competitors to feature in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, and is one of two to feature in all five video games, the other being Chaos 2.

Appearence and ArmamentEdit

Pussycat aod stats

Pussycat's Statistics

As in real life, Pussycat is a blue and grey, pyramid-shaped robot with four outside wheels and a cutting disc at the top. Due to the better graphics and processing power offered by the PC and PlayStation 2 platforms, its depiction in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction is a considerable improvement over its depictions in earlier games, such as Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem.


Pussycat aod side

Pussycat stuck on its side making it unable to attack

Using PussycatEdit

Pussycat can cause some damage with the disc, and so is a good robot to choose. Another factor is that it can run every way up, however when on its side, Pussycat can't move, but it won't count as an immobilisation. Due to the limitations of the game's physics engine though, if you happen to be upside down for longer than 20 seconds you will be classed as immobile, even though you are perfectly moving. As well as that, Pussycat can become a bit uncontrollable while at speed and attacking other robots.

Against PussycatEdit

For a very boring victory, just tip Pussycat on its side, then slowly and carefully push it into pits or traps. Another tactic whilst Pussycat is tipped on its side is to use a spike, overhead weapon or rotating weapon to remove the armour and damage the chassis. Obviously, it is better to avoid the disc, as it is capable of causing real damage. Another way is to tip it upside-down, as even though it can run inverted, it can be immobilised that way, as limitations within the game engine allow it.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Pussycat is not very well proportioned, being far longer and thinner than its real-life variant.
  • The armour falls off incredibly easily in the game.
  • If flipped on its side, Pussycat will not spin back to normal, but it will stay there. This wouldn't count as an immobilisation however.
Pussycat AoD Stats

Pussycat's stats in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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