The second quickest Immobilisation in Robot Wars history

Battles in Robot Wars can sometimes last the full 3-5 minutes, but on some occasions, it is over after the first attack. After the first impact, the robot may either be damaged, or simply overturned and unable to self-right. A quick immobilisation does not necessarily signal the point in which the robot is officially eliminated, which is only marked when the House Robots intervene, Refbot's counter reaches ten or 'Cease' is called. However, there are several recognised cases of a very quick immobilisation. All notable occasions of an immobilisation being caused in five seconds or less are listed below.


A quick immobilisation is defined as an attack within the first five seconds of a battle which knocks out or otherwise immobilises the opponent.

The losing robot must:

  • Be clearly mobile before contact is made, with more than 50% of its drive working.
  • Be clearly immobile after contact, whether that be through damage sustained, or through being overturned.

Some fights, such as M.R. Speed Squared vs. Thor from Series 9, Heat 3, are hard to determine when the robot became immobilised as M.R. Speed Squared remained on Thor's wedge between 0:04 and 0:13, meaning the immobilisation could have taken place anywhere between those seconds. Where the immobilisation is not immediately clear within five seconds, the battles are excluded.

List of notable Quick ImmobilisationsEdit

Winner Loser Series Battle Time Method Notes
Concussion Terror Turtle World Series Episode 2, Tag Team
Drum Concussion spun its drum up, flipping Terror Turtle over with the first hit and immobilising it. Quickest immobilisation at 2.2 seconds.
Dominator 2 Henry 2 Series 4 Heat E, Eliminator
Axe Dominator 2 immediately hit Henry 2 with its axe, knocking Henry 2 out. Second-quickest immobilisation and record holder for over seventeen years, at 2.6 seconds.
Ripper Daisy Cutter Series 7 Heat P, Round 2
Flipper Ripper immediately flipped Daisy Cutter onto its side, where it couldn't self-right.
Spawn Again Diotoir Series 5 Heat G, Heat Final
Flipper Diotoir was flipped over, and failed to self-right.
Frenzy Ming 2 Series 4 War of Independence, Semi-Final
Axe Ming 2 drove at Frenzy, but Frenzy hit Ming 2 and broke its receiver on/off switch.
Firestorm Crasha Gnasha Series 3 Heat O, Round 1
Contact Fire Storm immediately slammed Crasha Gnasha onto the side wall and it was turned upside down by the impact and immobilised.
Saw Point Oblivion 2 Series 4 Heat O, Eliminator
Saw-wheels Oblivion 2 collided with Saw Point, which bent Oblivion's chassis, immobilising the robot.
Firestorm 3 Panic Attack Extreme 1 All-Stars, Round 1
Flipper Panic Attack misjudged a charge, allowing Firestorm 3 to turn it over.
Terrorhurtz Jellyfish Series 9 Heat 1, Head-to-Heads
Axe Terrorhurtz struck Jellyfish once with its axe which caused shock damage to a speed controller, immobilising Jellyfish.
Rip Mini Maul Series 7 Heat B, Special Event - Featherweight Melee, Round 1
Contact Rip flipped Mini Maul over immediately, and the impact immobilised the invertible robot instantly. Fastest featherweight immobilisation at 3.4 seconds.
Kadeena Machina Dee Battle of the Stars Episode 2, Head-to-Heads
Flywheel Kadeena Machina spun up its disc as Dee charged towards it. The impact sent Dee flying into a CPZ, ripping one of its wheels off and leaving it unable to drive in a straight line.
Hypno-Disc Firestorm 3 Series 5 Semi-Final 2, Round 1
Flywheel The first hit from Hypno-Disc's flywheel knocked Firestorm 3's removable link loose, rendering it immobile.
Trident Twn Trwn Series 3 Heat P, Round 1
Axe Twn Trwn broke down after Trident's first axe hit.
Behemoth Tartarus Series 7 Heat L, Round 1
Lifting Scoop Behemoth singled out Tartarus at the start of their melee, and flipped it into a CPZ.
Joker Spawn Again Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1 War of Independence, Eliminator
Full body spinner Spawn Again was suffering from a faulty kill switch so one hit from Joker was enough to immobilise it.
Mortis Ming Series 3 Heat F, Round 1
Axe Ming was immobilised with one blow from Mortis' axe a few seconds when the battle started.
Ripper Robochicken Series 7 Annihilator, Round 1
Flipper Ripper turned Robochicken over, where Robochicken was left unable to self-right.
Ming 2 Diotoir Series 4 Heat C, Eliminator
Flipper Ming 2 easily flipped the armourless and weaponless Diotoir over within a few seconds.
Firestorm 3 Sir Chromalot Series 5 Heat D, Semi-Final
Flipper Sir Chromalot was turned over and left unable to right itself.
Panic Attack Killertron Series 2 Grand Final, Round 1
Contact Panic Attack charged into Killertron, knocking out a crucial pin, which immobilised Killertron.
Diotoir Dome Series 5 Heat G, Eliminator
Flipper Dome was turned over and left upside down by Diotoir's first flip.
Storm 2 ICU Extreme 2 New Blood, Heat C, Heat Final
Contact Storm 2 drove under ICU, which caused ICU's aerial to fall off as it was launched over its wedge. This immediately cut off ICU's reception, so no controls could be received by the robot.
Carbide Apollo Series 8 Grand Final, Head-to-Heads
Bar Spinner The second hit from Carbide's blade on Apollo caused Apollo's removable link to be knocked loose.



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