"Aluminium and steel, a hydraulic lift and spike; the hydraulics from a saloon car braking system. Will this Raizer Blade be all over its opponents like a rash?"
Jonathan Pearce introduces Raizer Blade in Series 4

Raizer Blade was the second entry from Team Kill Dozer, which competed in Series 3 and Series 4 of Robot Wars. It lost in the second round in Series 3 to Suicidal Tendencies, but reached the Heat Final in Series 4, losing to Hypno-Disc.

The team had also previously competed in Series 2 with Kill Dozer.


Raizer blade s3 arena

Raizer Blade in the arena during Series 3

Raizer Blade was a green and blue box wedge-shaped robot with a front plough-like wedge and a reptilian-inspired paint scheme. The robot was made out of aluminium and steel, featured a drive system powered by hydraulics from saloon car brakes and was armed with a large four-bar lifting arm as its main weapon. The arm operated at a pressure of 2400psi and was powered by an AVS pump from a Ford Granada, which the robot was powerful enough to pull on its own.

Raizor blade 4 arena

Raizer Blade in the arena during the Fourth Wars

Raizer Blade featured two rear weapons throughout its appearances: a petrol-powered chainsaw in Series 3, and a bludgeoning spike for Series 4, which the team called the 'Crucifix of Doom'. Both weapons were interchangeable in Series 3, but only the spike was used in Series 4 in an attempt to improve Raizer Blade's manoeuvrability and to save weight for improvements elsewhere within the robot. The robot cost £718 to build. The wheels and tyres were provided by Kart Sport of Caxton, Marshall Aerospace provided off-cuts of aluminium tubing and sheet which the team used to build some of the chassis and body panels, and Cycle King in Cambridge provided the team with an number of front and rear sprockets from racing cycles and chain for the drive train.[1]


Raizorblade and unknown

Raizer Blade fighting Terminal Ferocity 2000

Raizer Blade was selected for Series 3 after attending the auditions and running the obstacle course. In the Series 4 qualifiers, Raizer Blade fought Terminal Ferocity 2000, and although it was immobilised during the battle, Raizer Blade still won the battle by overturning Terminal Ferocity 2000, once the latter had driven onto Raizer Blade's wedge. As a result, Raizer Blade qualified for the Fourth Wars.

The TeamEdit

"Raizer Blade, captained by Paul Hart the driver, Steve Scotcher the tactical expert and Howard Andrews with the beard - his job is, uh, panicking, he says."
Jonathan Pearce runs down the team lineup in Series 4

The team comprised of captain Paul Hart, engineering and tactical assistant Steve Scotcher and Howard Andrews, who was responsible for extra welding and other metalwork. All members were work colleagues, and were assisted by numerous others such as Paul Margiotta, who painted the intricate reptilian artwork on Raizer Blade's armour panels.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

Raizer Blade first appeared in Heat A of the Third Wars, and faced Red Dragon in its first round battle.

Raizer Blade Red Dragon

Raizer Blade drives at Red Dragon

Raizer Blade Sergeant Bash Red Dragon

Raizer Blade gets itself jammed in the arena floor

It immediately charged into Red Dragon, ramming it around the arena and towards Sgt. Bash’s CPZ. Raizer Blade continued darting around and ramming Red Dragon towards an arena spike, only to drive itself onto the spike and be lifted upwards. This allowed Red Dragon to nudge it towards the CPZ, where Raizer Blade bumped against the wall and engaged in a shoving match with Sgt. Bash. Seemingly unable to turn sideways, Raizer Blade was chased by Sir Killalot and pushed by Sgt. Bash again, by which point Red Dragon suddenly broke down on its own. Sir Killalot proceeded to hook and spin the immobilised Red Dragon over with his lance before dumping it into the pit, allowing Raizer Blade through to the second round. Noticeably during this, Raizer Blade's chainsaw broke off.

"Red Dragon in the pit just like Stinger. Sir Killalot lives up to his name, but Raizer Blade lives to fight another day."
— Craig Charles

In the second round, it faced Suicidal Tendencies, an invertible robot.

Suicidal Tendencies Raizer Blade 1

Raizer Blade is driven onto by Suicidal Tendencies

Raizer blade vs suicidal tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies pushing Raizer Blade

In the opening seconds, Raizer Blade rammed Suicidal Tendencies side-on with its front wedge, and hesitated as the latter struggled to get itself moving. Suicidal Tendencies then drove over the top of Raizer Blade’s wedge, and Raizer Blade nudged and drove round Suicidal Tendencies in response. Both robots rubbed alongside each other as they drove across the arena, before Suicidal Tendencies backed away and Raizer Blade gave chase, spinning as it attempted to get underneath. Raizer Blade again got under Suicidal Tendencies and drove it round in circles, before nudging it a few more times. Suicidal Tendencies then got underneath Raizer Blade and attempted to push it, only for its right-hand track to lock up and leave it immobilised on one side. Raizer Blade capitalised on this by pushing Suicidal Tendencies towards the wall and around the arena, before deciding to pit it. After nudging Suicidal Tendencies towards the edge of the pit, Raizer Blade finally attempted to push it in, but ended up falling partially in itself and getting stuck on the edge.

Raizer Blade Suicidal Tendencies

Raizer Blade drives its front into the Pit

Raizer Blade Suicidal Tendencies Sir Killalot

Raizer Blade is poked out of the Pit by Sir Killalot

"Well they’re doing a brilliant job – OH MY GOODNESS ME! Raizer Blade… has driven itself onto the verge of the pit! What a turn up this is! Completely in control and Raizer Blade in real problems here now!"
Jonathan Pearce as Raizer Blade gets itself stuck on the edge of the pit

Raizer Blade wobbled as it hung over the edge, before Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ and lifted it out of the pit with his lance. It continued pushing Suicidal Tendencies around the arena until ‘cease’ was called, and the battle went to a judges’ decision. Despite Raizer Blade proving the more dominant robot, the judges ruled in favour of Suicidal Tendencies, eliminating it from the Third Wars.

Series 4Edit

Raizer Blade returned for the Fourth Wars, competing in Heat P. In its first round battle, it faced The Predator and the Series 3 runner-up Hypno-Disc, the second seed of the tournament.

Hypno-Disc raizer blade

Raizer Blade raises Hypno-Disc up

Raizer Blade charged straight into the middle of the arena, but initially stayed out of the action before ramming Hypno-Disc as it attacked The Predator. It pushed both opponents away before being deflected by Hypno-Disc’s disc, and again stayed out of trouble as the latter began tearing The Predator’s armour apart. The three robots converged, before Raizer Blade lifted Hypno-Disc, almost turning the second seed over before it landed back on its wheels.

"Are Raizer Blade just sitting there? I wonder if it’s been immobilised on the arena floor – no! Just rather cunningly - or stupidly - trying to draw Hypno-Disc on!"
— Jonathan Pearce observes Raizer Blade’s lack of forward mobility following its attack on Hypno-Disc
Raizer blade predator

Raizer Blade and The Predator sit immobile at the end of the eliminator

By this point, Raizer Blade appeared to have lost much of its forward or backward mobility, and spun in circles as it was hit by Hypno-Disc numerous times. It sat immobile close to The Predator as the latter had its internals ripped out and destroyed by Hypno-Disc, with both robots being completely immobilised by the time ‘cease’ was called. Even so, Raizer Blade still progressed to the second round along with Hypno-Disc, having being judged to have sustained far less damage than The Predator during the battle.

Following repairs to the damage sustained from Hypno-Disc – including the addition of a speed controller borrowed from Dead Metal - Raizer Blade faced series newcomer Terror-Bull in the second round.

Raizer blade terror bull

Raizer Blade pushes against Terror Bull

Again, it charged straight into the slower-starting Terror-Bull, dodging thrusts from the latter’s lifter as both robots rammed each other in the opening moments. Raizer Blade spun in circles as Terror-Bull spun over a flame jet trying to set its tail alight, pushing and lifting Terror-Bull around in circles a few times. The initial hit immobilised Terror-Bull instantly, with the House Robots surrounding both competitors before the smoking Terror-Bull was attacked by Dead Metal. Raizer Blade itself was shoved into Terror-Bull by Shunt, before being dragged across the arena by Dead Metal after impaling its spike through his exoskeleton. However, it was declared victorious anyway, while Terror-Bull was dragged onto the Floor Flipper by Sir Killalot and thrown onto its back.

"Well, Terror-Bull, turned into mincemeat! Raizer Blade through by the skin of their teeth!"
Craig Charles announces Raizer Blade’s progression
Raizer Blade Test

Raizer Blade in testing before the Heat Final

In the Heat Final, Raizer Blade faced Hypno-Disc for the second time. Before the battle, the team faced difficulty with getting the robot’s speed controllers working properly in the testing area, while Paul Hart revealed to Julia Reed that its hydraulic systems were particularly badly damaged following its previous fights.

"This is like putting the heavyweight boxing champion of the world in against my Gran."
— Jonathan Pearce as the Heat Final begins
Raizer blade heat final

Raizer Blade after losing its right-hand panel

In the battle itself, Raizer Blade started tentatively, spinning in circles near a flame jet as Hypno-Disc approached and slammed into its side. It continued spinning around before Hypno-Disc immobilised it with its second hit, and left Raizer Blade close to one of the wall-mounted flame jets after the third. Raizer Blade sustained more damage as it sat immobile, with Hypno-Disc ripping its whole right-hand side panel off and sending it flying. Dead Metal and Sir Killalot proceeded to attack Raizer Blade, with Sir Killalot spinning it around in his grip and Dead Metal pushing it onto the Floor Flipper with assistance from Shunt and Hypno-Disc. ‘Cease’ was called, and Raizer Blade was eliminated from the Fourth Wars.

Killalot raizer blade

Sir Killalot grabs the defeated Raizer Blade by the chassis

It was later revealed after the Heat Final that the Raizer Blade and Hypno-Disc teams had held a Gentleman's Agreement, which ensured that Raizer Blade would be immobilised without sustaining too much damage from Hypno-Disc’s disc.

"Raizer Blade were brave and top sportsmen to continue in to final battle. Knowing his difficulties we agreed to be more stand-off-ish, in the time honoured robot wars 'Gentleman's Agreement'"
— Hypno-Disc website


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Red Dragon Won
Heat A, Round 2 vs. Suicidal Tendencies Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat P, Eliminator vs. Hypno-Disc (2), The Predator Qualified
Heat P, Semi-Final vs. Terror-Bull Won
Heat P, Final vs. Hypno-Disc (2) Lost


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

  • Raizer Blade in Series 4
  • The original prototype for Raizer Blade
  • Raizer Blade without its armour
  • Raizer Blade lifts one of the team members
  • Team Kill Dozer in Series 4
Series Raizer Blade Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Kill Dozer
The Third Wars Heat, Round 2
The Fourth Wars Heat Final
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Raizer Blade Oundle

Raizer Blade at Oundle Mill

Raizer Blade remained active around the time of Series 4, making an appearance at a meetup held at Oundle Mill in 2001, alongside other robots such as 101 and Anthrax.


  • Raizer Blade was originally intended to have six wheels, but due the weight and complexity involved, the team decided to only have two.[2]
  • In the two series Raizer Blade competed in, it competed in the first (Series 3) and last (Series 4) heat.
  • Both Raizer Blade and The Predator were treated as newcomers in Heat P of Series 4, despite both Raizer Blade and Team Predator having previously competed in Series 3; the latter with Crippler.
    • However, Raizer Blade's Series 4 introduction contradicts this, as Paul Hart briefly refers to its participation in Series 3 when he highlights the replacement of its chainsaw with the rear spike.
  • Of the four Heat Finalists that lost to the eventual Series 4 Grand Finalists, only Raizer Blade did not reach the top eight in a subsequent series, as it did not return for Series 5 or any other series thereafter.


Raizer blade s3 official

Official Series 3 photo

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