Rat was a large competitor robot that fought in the first series of Dutch Robot Wars. It lost its first round battle to Bamm Bamm in its heat, then was eliminated in the Losers' Melee despite flipping The Lethal Swan over.

The team mascot was a toy rat, similar to 'Verminator' which sat on top of UK middleweight competitor Hard Cheese.



Rat without whiskers

Rat was a very long robot shaped like a rat hence its name, with two outside wheels at the rear and decorated with metal 'whiskers'. The robot's body also doubled as a pneumatic flipper, which while powerful left the robot's internals exposed. While aggressive and potent, Rat also suffered from poor turning and reliability problems that affected its performance in its only series.

Robot HistoryEdit

Dutch Series 1Edit

Rat's first round battle saw it fighting against Bamm Bamm.

Bamm Bamm vs Rat

Bamm Bamm and Rat up in flames

It started by driving round in circles and raising its flipper, which it used to lift and clamp Bamm Bamm by its club. Rat pushed Bamm Bamm against an angle grinder, with both robots appearing to be stuck close to the Flame Pit. Refbot came in to separate both robots, but Rat pushed Bamm Bamm over the Flame Pit, setting its club on fire and shoving it towards the pit release button as parts of the club dropped into Rat's exposed internals. Both robots continued burning as Refbot separated them, and Bamm Bamm hammered Rat with its now-exposed axe as Rat struggled to move. The battle went to a jury's decision, which despite Rat's aggression ruled in favour of Bamm Bamm.

In the Losers' Melee, Rat faced Lizzard and The Lethal Swan.

Lethal Swan Rat Lizzard 1

Rat duels with Lizzard and The Lethal Swan


Rat and Lizzard team up to overturn The Lethal Swan

It teamed up with Lizzard to attack and push The Lethal Swan around, before the three machines drove around each other for some time. Eventually, Rat used its flipper to turn The Lethal Swan onto its side as Lizzard pushed it, also causing both of Lizzard's eyes to fall off. While the House Robots attacked The Lethal Swan and dragged it to the Floor Flipper, however, Rat suddenly broke down, and was speared by Sir Killalot's lance while Refbot counted it out. Sir Killalot carried Rat over the Flame Pit and attempted to drop it on the Floor Flipper, but 'cease' was called before Rat could be flipped. This eliminated Rat from the first Dutch series.


Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Bamm Bamm Lost
Heat A, Losers Melee vs. Lizzard, The Lethal Swan Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Dutch Series Rat Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 1
Series 2 Did not enter


  • Rat was the only robot in Heat A of Dutch Series 1 whose team would not return for Series 2, and also the only robot in that heat that was never seen in any other series of Robot Wars.
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