Rat Trap is a fictional robot in the game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a bullet shaped robot armed with a carbon cutting-disc and two hollow spikes. It is armoured in aluminium, and features two disco lights as extras. Rat Trap is relatively fast, and coupled with the carbon disc, has an effective weapon. It cannot self-right.


Using Rat TrapEdit

Rat Trap is fast and has a powerful cutting disc, so it has quite a high damage potential. Rat Trap isn't very good at pushing with either side of the robot, so it is unable to shove most robots into pits or the house robots. Rat Trap has the speed and manoeuvrability to escape flippers, but take extra precautions around them. Avoid flippers as well, as Rat Trap cannot self-right.

Against Rat TrapEdit

Keep away from the carbon cutting-disc around the back of Rat Trap, as it is quite damaging. A flipper is the best weapon to use against Rat Trap, as it, like quite a lot of the fictional robots in the game cannot self-right. Rat Trap has quite weak armour in aluminium, so most weapons can get through it without too much effort.

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