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Rattler is a heavyweight robot which attempted to enter Series 8-9 of Robot Wars. However, despite having previous combat experience through participating in live events, it was not selected to take part.


Rattler is armed with a rear-hinged full pressure flipper, which allows for powerful flips, and self-righting. The robot was built at a cost of £2000 and is designed to look like the head of a snake. The robot is easy to control, but runs out of gas comparatively quickly, according to its statistics at live events.


Following the announcement of the new series, Rattler's application was sent off to Mentorn. In February, it was revealed that Rattler had not been selected. The team's fortunes did not improve in Series 9.

Series Record[]

Series Rattler Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Not selected
Series 9 Not selected
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Rattler's first design, Disturbed

Rattler was originally built as Disturbed in early 2011 by the Steels family and was painted red and black. It made its debut in the 2011 UK Championships where it faced Scorpion, Beast & Toon Raider but lost when it was flipped by Beast and was unable to self-right. It was sold to its current team in early 2012 where it gained its new name and theme.

Rattler competed at the first Extreme Robots event, held at EventCity, Manchester, in April 2017. In a tag team match, it was able to defeat Meggamouse by pitting it, after each robot's teammates ACE and Iron Heart 88 were quickly immobilised.

As well as fighting with Rattler, Team Snakepit have also fought in the live event circuit with featherweights which were also snake-themed. They have fought with Yarara an octagonal-shaped 4-wheel driven rambot, and also Viper & Copperhead which were both made from "BattleRat" featherweight kits made by Roaming Robots.

Robot Wars Live Events[]

Rattler made irregular appearances at the Robot Wars live events, with limited success. Rattler's debut was at Barnsley in 2013, where it lost to Kronic in the first round of the main competition. It also fought at Portsmouth but fell in the first round against Behemoth and also participated in the fourth event, held in Widnes, where Rattler faced Turbulence, Big Nipper and Maelstrom.

In 2014, Rattler fought Ceros, Meggamouse and TR2 at Barnsley. It did very well in this fight managing to flip the other robots until it ended up with its own flipper stuck on the arena wall and was immobilised.

Rattler made its 2016 debut in a four-way melee at Manchester, where it was thrown out of the arena by Ripper. It then fought at Portsmouth where it kept losing drive on one wheel in most of its fights.