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"...overall it would have to be Razer...a beautiful and distinctive design and technically very impressive..."
— Robot Wars judge Mat Irvine on the robot that most impressed him

Razer was a robot which competed in the British television game show Robot Wars. One of the most famous robots in the history of robotic combat, two-time World Champion Razer remains the most successful robot in the show's history, with forty battle victories and seven robot combat championships to its name. Razer was the second-longest appearing competitor in the show's history, competing in Series 2-6 of the original series, both series of Robot Wars Extreme and later Series 8, as well as appearing in foreign versions of the show.

Razer's early career was defined by its ability to excel in every area except the main competition; despite winning back-to-back Best Design Awards and a number of side tournaments (including The First World Championship), it was only able to achieve three combat victories in as many UK Championships, breaking down in the second round of Series 2 and 3 and losing in the Heat Final of Series 4 to Pussycat.

Razer had far greater success post-2000, finally escaping the Heats in Series 5 and defeating Firestorm 3 and Bigger Brother to win the UK Championship trophy. Returning to defend its title in Series 6, Razer once again won its heat and reached the Grand Final, but placed second after losing a close-fought and famous judges' decision with its main rival, Tornado. It continued to excel in side competitions, winning The Second World Championship and two All-Stars tournaments.

Like Hypno-Disc and Chaos 2, Razer's design was so popular and effective that it inspired a number of similar designs. Indeed, later robots armed with vertical crushers, such as Ming 3, the Series 5 version of Suicidal Tendencies, R.O.C.S., Pinser, and Tiberius 2 and 3, would often have their weapons described by Jonathan Pearce as 'Razer-esque', further emphasising its influence.


"Part beak, part bird, part reptile; the whole is deadly!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The original Razer in Series 2, without self-righting wings

Razer competing in the gauntlet in Series 2

In all iterations, Razer was a steel and aluminium wedge-shaped robot with four-wheel drive and a powerful hydraulic crushing claw that crushed opponents into its wedge with nine tonnes of pressure (three tonnes at the top). The beak was powered off a 3000PSI, 5-piston radial hydraulic pump powered by a 12V car starter motor. It gave Razer a "part bird, part reptile" look, and was capable of crushing deep into opponents' innards and even lifting them off the ground. Razer's beak was drilled full of holes quoted as 450 in Series 4 to meet the weight limit, but this did nothing to weaken the integrity of the powerful weapon.

Razer ahead of Series 3

Razer in the arena during the Third Wars

"From the very start, Razer was designed to be a machine of ultimate offensive capability. The question now was - what style of weapon could totally disable the opposition? It was fairly obvious - half-decent armour would sustain little more than scratches and dents from axes, hammers, disc grinders and drills. Lifting and flipping devices are very useful, but if your adversary has a "srimech" (self-righting mechanism) then they are going to be coming back at you. Bearing in mind that corrosives, explosives, lasers and the like are not permitted, Ian and Simon had to decide on a mechanical method to inflict destruction. The one they chose was based on the principle of the fly press, a factory device which is used to bend and fold metal into shape by progressive force. If they could harness enough power to use this as the weapon, then Razer would prove a MOST devastating opponent. Mechanical means only, however, wouldn't create enough sustainable force. Pneumatics, too, would be insufficient. Then hydraulics were proposed (just think about the capabilities of a trolley jack). This system is so effective that the power of a human arm could lift a car weighing two tonnes or more! And so the weapon was therefore based on this principle."
— The Razer website on designing Razer[1]

The original version of Razer that fought in Series 2 was powered by 2 12 volt batteries, and driven by 2 12 volt Golf Caddy motors. It was the only version of Razer not to feature a srimech.[2]

"The central part of the chassis and the crushing arm were constructed first. Once these were complete, the rest of the chassis and the drives were added. It took the best part of three months of evenings and weekends for Ian and Simon to complete the first version of Razer, and it was finished literally the night before Robot Wars UK Series 2 began filming."
— The Razer website on designing Razer[3]

Razer in the arena for Series 4

Razer as seen in the Robot Wars Magazine

Razer came back again for Series 3, having been improved over 3 months. Its wheels were better-protected with new wheelguards, sleeker and more lightweight hardened sheet steel armour was fitted, and most importantly, two "wings" were added to the side of the crushing arm to serve as a self-righting mechanism, should Razer ever be flipped over. The mechanism worked twofold; it fired the wings and locked the beak in the full upright position, so that when Razer rolled back over the tip of its scorpion tail would cushion the impact of hitting the floor, protecting the vulnerable underbelly from damage. Razer's wing expansion was so visually impressive that many began to refer to it as a "salute". The Series 3 version of Razer had new rear wheels and a Gyro, both added to improve control. The addition of a Gyro was suggested to Team Razer by George Francis of Team Chaos. During this series, Razer's tail was also briefly demonstrated to lift an opponent (Techno-Lease) off the arena floor, though this would be one of the rare occasions in which it would be used as an offensive weapon. In some later appearances, the 'tail' was bent sideways, effectively eliminating this capability.

In Series 4, Razer narrowly weighed over the pre-Extreme 1 Heavyweight Limit, weighing exactly 80.0kg while the weight limit was 79.4kg, although Razer was far from the only robot to go over this limit.

Official image of Razer in Series 5

Razer in the arena for Series 5

"The four-wheeled drive system on Razer means that it relies on skid steering to control the direction of the machine. It is biased to swing the back end around, thus keeping the crushing arm pointed at the opposition. This makes sense for offensive and defensive reasons. Solid rubber wheels are not really good enough for this system as it takes a lot of force to start the rear end turning, and once it does turn it keeps on going, making accurate steering tricky. Ian and Simon decided to custom build new wheels which incorporated rollers allowing sideward as well as forward motion. The wheel frames were originally made of aluminium but kept buckling from impacts. They have now been replaced with titanium (kindly supplied by Arthur Chilcott from Mortis - cheers, Arfa!!!). The rollers are made of polyurethane. This modification has greatly improved the control and has also significantly reduced the power consumption."
— The Razer website on designing Razer[4]

Official shot of Razer in Series 6

Razer in the arena for Series 6

During Extreme 1, the armour was upgraded, the transmission improved and a heavier wedge was added to the front of Razer to allow it to drive robots on to the immediate mercy of its claw (it used this to great effect against Firestorm, Dantomkia and Tornado) making it viciously nimble and accurate. In addition, Razer had an adjustable 'torsion bar' suspension that allowed very precise positioning of the front wedge 'snout', ultimately allowing it to lower or raise the wedge. It may have been remotely adjusted, but this is unclear.

"Razer cost approximately £1600 of our own money and about £2400 in sponsored parts - a total of £4000. It has taken around 2000 man-hours to achieve its current condition."
— The Razer website on the construction of Razer[5]

The most notable change for Series 6 was the addition of an optional upward-facing 'claw', which could be attached to the end of the beak and act as a small lifting device without extensively modifying the original weapon. This attachment was used solely in the Grand Final against Tornado, with the specific intent of allowing Razer to hook and lift Tornado by the frame for its 'anti-crusher weapon' (see 'Rivalries').

Razer in the European Championship, without the hook attachment

Razer in Extreme 2 with its anti-Tornado hook weaponry

In Extreme 2, Razer's internals were upgraded. Although this improved Razer's performance considerably, its motors were left untouched and struggled to support the power of the machine. This caused Razer to overheat and burn its motors out, which it did in the Extreme 2 All-Stars and the European Championship. The original wheels were also replaced with spiked ones, in order to give Razer extra grip and traction on the arena floor. The robot's weight was also reduced from 96kg to 91.5kg as a result, putting Razer under the weight limit by 8.5kg. Finally, a new attachment was designed with twin upward-facing hooks, again exclusively used against Tornado in the European Championship.

"Its about £1000 worth of new batteries and speed controllers, not including the wheels...added traction, added weaponry, added "whoosh" ability!"
— Simon Scott describes the upgrades to Razer for Extreme Series 2

Frontal view of Razer in Series 8

The internals of Razer in Series 8

In 2016, Razer received a number of upgrades to keep it up to date with the new rules and to maintain competitiveness against more modern opponents. Its speed increased to 12mph, while the robot was modified to feature contemporary internals including lithium polymer batteries, also reducing the robot's weight. Razer's blue and red wheels were refitted as the spiked wheels seen in Extreme 2 offered no advantage on the steel floor.

"One of the most memorable and successful original Robot Wars competitors, Razer returned for Series 8 featuring its hydraulic piercer weapon, which applies nine tonnes of pressure."
Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot on Razer in Series 8

Razer with its anti-spinner wedge

Razer also featured an unused wedge modification, providing a broad 19kg surface at the front of the robot, intended to defend the robot when fighting spinners such as Carbide, though Razer was eliminated before it had the chance to use it. The wedge itself was made of 2.5mm HARDOX with a 5mm shield, and when Razer was equipped with the unused scoop, the robot weighed 109kg in total.


The Razer logo

A misconception perpetuated by Jonathan Pearce in Series 2 was that Razer was named after Neil "Razor" Ruddock, a West Ham football player. Connections to household razors have also been drawn by fans, as the word is phonetically identical, and the name Razer was commonly misspelled as a result. In reality, the name Razer was simply an extension of the verb "raze", which means "to level to the ground (e.g. a building)", with the robot's weapon intending to 'level' other robots by crushing them.

The Team[]

Main article: Team Razer

Team Razer in Series 8

In its debut series, Razer was entered by co-captains Ian Lewis and Simon Scott, with both Dorset-based industrial engineers co-designing and building their machine, and were equally responsible for its maintenance and financing. In all of its appearances, Ian Lewis was the driver of Razer. From Series 3 until the end of Extreme 2, Team Razer was completed by Vinnie Blood, brother of Ian's fiance, who also wrote the Razer website. The team parted ways with Vinnie Blood at the end of Extreme 2, and upon Razer's return to Robot Wars in 2016 for Series 8, Ian Lewis invited his wife Gillian and daughter Darcie to complete the line-up. Gillian Lewis had previously competed on the show separately with Widow's Revenge.


Razer comfortably qualified for Series 2 and 3 through the auditioning process. Due to being seeded in Series 4, Razer automatically qualified and did not need to go through the qualifiers. However, it did appear at the Robot Mayhem event where the Series 4 qualifiers were held, for demonstrations but not fights.[6]

Razer (background) and Lightning before their fight at the Series 5 qualifiers

Changes to the seeding selection process (where only the 16 UK Semi-Finalists would be given automatic places) meant that Razer had to attend the qualifiers for a chance to enter Series 5 and potentially secure one of the last eight seeded places available. Initially, it took part in the London Arena stage of the live tour, facing Lightning in a one-on-one battle and puncturing it five times. Though unable to immobilise Lightning, Razer prevailed on a Judges' decision.[7]

Razer (foreground), attacks Shunt during one of its Series 5 qualifier battles

Both would later fight a six-way melee also involving Gravedigger, On Guard and Shunt, plus an as-yet unidentified robot. Aside from a few moments where Razer attacked Lightning and Shunt separately, little else is known about this battle or its outcome.[8]

"One robot went down the pit. We still survived, we had Razer attack us again, because Razer and Shunt were two of the six"
— Lawrie Calvert on the battle[9]

Regardless, Razer would be selected for Series 5 as the fourth seed alongside Gravedigger, while Lightning, On Guard and the unidentified sixth robot all failed to qualify.

Razer made further appearances at the Wembley Arena qualifiers, first competing in a head-to-head against the full-bodied drum spinner Barber-Ous. Though the exact outcome of this battle is unknown, it is known that Razer dodged Barber-Ous's weapon and dealt damage in return, with its opponent eventually going on to qualify as well.

"We were up against Razer (Why? It's seeded) - but still did us some damage, but you could see them avoiding the rotating drum."
— The Barber-Ous website[10]

Later on, Razer took part in a second melee, an exhibition match with Granny's Revenge, Purple Predator, Rattus Rattus, Roobarb and Shunt once again.

"We were all clearly briefed to burn the carpet and the old lady and have some fun. We had full control but was hampered slightly by the gearbox, but the flipper worked. As the fight went on we got into a bit of a battle with razor and shunt (don't ask why, we just did) so while the fire raged and the old lady was being ripped to bits we somehow managed to push shunt into the pit and within a minute we got razor as well, now by this time the pit was full, what with shunt in there and all that so razor didn't quite drop in and was able to get out, they also raised the pit so shunt got out as well. We then just went for it, we got done by razor a couple of times and have the holes to prove it, shunt had a few pops as well and we eventually ended up in the pit (they didn't raise it for us)."
— The Roobarb website[11]

Razer engaged in battle with Roobarb and Shunt during the fight, with Roobarb succeeding in pitting both. However, as it had not been fully pushed in, the double World Champion eventually escaped and responded by piercing Roobarb multiple times. Razer's place in Series 5 had already been assured, nevertheless, with only the badly-damaged Granny's Revenge also qualifying after this melee.

As the reigning champion, Razer automatically qualified for Series 6 as the first seed. In 2016, the producers reached out to Team Razer about entering Series 8 before the reboot had become public knowledge, and the team obliged, entering the series. When contacted in advance about entering Series 9, Team Razer declined the position.



Razer and Tornado duel for the first time

Razer's most famous rivalry was with the Tornado team. The two robots first met in the All-Stars final in Extreme Series 1, in which Razer immediately grabbed hold of Tornado and tried to pierce the tyres of its opponent. Tornado briefly escaped but Razer grabbed hold once again, doing more damage and leaving it immobilised. This left Razer able to easily push Tornado into the pit. Their next encounter was in the semi-finals of The Second World Championship, which ended with a similar outcome. Once again, Razer quickly grabbed hold of Tornado and pierced through its armour. Razer then picked Tornado up and held it over the pit, eventually dropping it in.

"Many people could not believe what we had built, and even Craig and Philippa came into the pits specially to see the weapon..."
— Tornado website[12]

Tornado wielding the controversial 'anti-crusher weapon'

Razer with its last hook attachment

Following these easy Razer victories, Team Tornado developed a special weapon for use in future battles between the two machines. Known as the 'anti-crusher weapon', this initially consisted of a large front horizontal flywheel supported by a metal frame surrounding Tornado's entire chassis. The first time this weapon was used against Razer was in Extreme Warriors Season 2, in the semi-final of the International Championship. Though initially 'dumbfounded', Team Razer praised Team Tornado for their innovative addition, which had already been approved as part of Tornado's interchangeable arsenal.[13][14]

In this battle, Tornado caused light damage to one of Razer's self-righting wings and with the frame was able to push it around easily. However, it would itself be subjected to several illegal attacks from the House Robots who caused damage to its frame. As well as damaging Tornado's frame itself, Razer responded by lifting its opponent by its disc and at one point ripping out its weapon motor. The Judges, however, gave the resulting split decision to Tornado[13], a decision which Team Razer disagreed strongly enough to directly discuss it with them afterwards.[14] Team Tornado were also unhappy with the level of House Robot interference, which the Judges were advised to ignore in making their decision.[13] However, it became clear afterwards that in addition to believing that the 'anti-crusher weapon' was sacrificial armour, the Judges had accidentally mistaken Tornado's weapon motor for one of Razer's wheels.[14] The decision stood, but Noel Sharkey later called this his 'most disastrous moment' as a Judge when referring to the battle in an interview for Computer Science for Fun magazine.[15]

The closing moments of the Series 6 Grand Final between Razer and Tornado

The two robots met again in the Grand Final of Series 6, with Tornado using a reworked 'anti-crusher weapon' with a bar spinner instead of the flywheel. In response, Team Razer developed a claw-like attachment to the end of its beak, but were largely unable to use it to great effect as the attachment got damaged early on and Tornado dominated with its spinner and ramming power. Razer was eventually able to hook Tornado by its main chassis and carry it to the pit, but could not secure a late knockout win partially due to the 'anti-crusher weapon's' size preventing Tornado from going down fully.

"OH, they can't get them down the pit! Look at that, it's an anti-pit device as well!"
— The anti-crusher web plays a pivotal role in the outcome of Series 6.

The Judges' decision ruled in favour of Tornado, a decision which proved highly controversial among supporters of both robots. Despite this, Team Razer agreed with the outcome and remained supportive of their opponents as well as the 'anti-crusher weapon'.

"Razer will be back, we are currently doing a few mods for Extreme (and don't ask what because you won't get an answer). Great final, good feeling to be part of such a fantastic fight - nearly got them with the ultimate sucker punch too! But well done to the Tornado boys, the decision was the right one but we should have tried to lift you earlier."
— Vincent Blood, praising Team Tornado's victory on a Robot Wars discussion forum (archived)[16]
"I've had a lot of fan mail on the subject of Tornado's anti-Razer device - most of which brands them as cheats. I'd just like to point out that their interchangeable weaponry was all declared at the weigh in. It was OK'd by the technical crew and so they can't be 'cheats'."
— Vincent Blood, responding to allegations of Team Tornado 'cheating' in the Series 6 final[17]
"Incredible controversy! I mean, all our fans have been emailing us and saying "You were cheated!", "You were robbed!", so we've got to get our revenge for the fans!"
— Vinnie Blood, interviewed in Extreme Series 2, speaking of the Sixth Wars Grand Final

Razer's "horn" in Extreme 2

Razer in Extreme 2, with new front wheels and a shot of the hook adaptation

The claw attachment nevertheless evolved into a pair of upward-facing hooks, which appeared in Extreme 2 during Razer's European Championship fight against Tornado. This time, Razer made better use of its new hooks by lifting Tornado by the rear of its 'anti-crusher' frame, only to burn out its drive motors while trying to carry Tornado to the pit once again. As before, Tornado's frame was too wide to fit into the pit conventionally, though Razer was subsequently given the Judges' decision based on its more dominant performance. Believing that their own machine had been immobilised for over 30 seconds as a result of its burnout, Team Razer later forfeited their position, allowing Tornado to advance to the final.

With Razer not returning until the show's revival in 2016, and Team Tornado not competing beyond Series 7, the European Championship would be the last time both would face each other on Robot Wars. The rivalry settled with three wins for Razer over Tornado's two.

Robot History[]

Series 2[]

"A lethal scorpion-tailed robot, and that tail can crush with the pressure of nine tons! It can turn in tight corners, it’s nippy. It’s driven by two golf caddy motors, and this can make a few “holes in one”!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Razer

Razer made its first appearance in Heat D of Series 2.

"This was Razer's debut event - Ian and Simon were up until midnight on the day before filming commenced finishing their creation. Razer went into battle with practically no testing so quite how it would fare was always going to be in the lap of the gods."
— The Razer website[18]

Razer collides with the saws

In the Gauntlet, Razer went for the right route, but whilst driving through the ramrig, it suffered from interference which caused it to briefly lose control, turning left and right and not moving forwards. As Razer struggled to move, the ramrig closed in. Razer started moving forwards as it did, but drove straight into a saw. Eventually, Razer got free and went past the ramrig, but drove straight into the wedge of Shunt. Razer reversed away, then rammed Shunt by its side and pushed it all the way to the end zone, crushing into Shunt's side as it did.

Razer pushes Shunt back

"Well it was a little bit tricky, I think we got a bit of radio bounce there because it was a bit unstable, but when we got through it, it was ok. Yeah, we pushed that wuss at the end there!"
— Ian Lewis after the Gauntlet

Razer completed the Gauntlet in the fastest time, so finished first in that stage.

"It was great to see the BBC roboteers come scurrying out afterwards to see what this new competitor had done to their beloved machine!"
— The Razer website

Razer was through to the Trial stage, which in this heat was Football.

"We’re preparing to liven it up a bit, because we think football’s wussy, so we’ll use a few of our opponents as the ball, I think!"
— Simon Scott before the Football

Dead Metal scores an own goal for Razer's benefit

The team attached a metal bar to Razer's crushing claw, which gave it much better ball control. Razer raced out, getting to the ball first and pushing it towards the goal at a great speed, but the ball went wide, hitting the fence on Dead Metals's left. Razer tried to knock the ball in from there, but Dead Metal grabbed Razer and pushed it back. However, as Dead Metal reversed back to the goal line, it accidentally pushed the ball into the goal. As Razer was last to touch it, it went through.

"Ian and Simon wanted to use the round as an excuse to inflict damage, but other competitors were so slow off the mark that Razer had the ball in the back of the net in the blink of an eye and qualified!"
— The Razer website

Having finished first in the Gauntlet and Trial, Razer went into the Arena stage as the favourite for the Heat.

Inquisitor is crushed by Razer, losing its flail

Razer continues to crumple the back of Inquisitor

At the Heat Semi-Final, Razer was drawn against Inquisitor. Here, both robots drove towards each other, but before Razer reached Inquisitor, Inquisitor turned around so its flail was facing Razer. Razer rammed Inquisitor into the arena wall, and with Inquisitor trapped, Razer began to crush the robot, breaking its flail mechanism. Shunt began to hammer at Inquisitor's armour, although it didn't cause much damage. By now the Inquisitor team had given up, but Razer kept on crushing the bodywork of Inquisitor, this time almost peeling a panel off. The other House Robots began to close in on Inquisitor, Matilda cutting into it with her chainsaw.

"Look at this! The favourite for tonight’s heat destroying Inquisitor straight away with that immense crushing arm! They’ve given up, I think, Inquisitor boys, Keith Milward and Gavin Hatton! Again, ominously curling down, bending, destroying! Even the Sir Killalot camera moves away, worried!"
— Jonathan Pearce

However, Inquisitor was still mobile and escaped, while Razer was suddenly unable to move, the first example of its infamous early unreliability.

"And Razer's in problems, I don't think Razer can move, I think they've broken down...Razer, can't move, and Razer is out, what a turn up!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The now immobile Razer is attacked by Matilda

Sgt. Bash torches the underbelly of Razer

The House Robots then proceeded to attack the immobile Razer, with Matilda turning it on its side with her tusks, Shunt axing the base and Sgt. Bash firing his flamethrower at Razer's underside, setting one of its inner sections on fire.

"...their opponents seemed all but vanquished. Then disaster struck! Ian manoeuvred to gain better purchase on Inquisitor, and in doing so caused Razer to jump in the air. As it landed, the force of the impact with the wheels turning sheared the drives and we were as good as dead."
— The Razer website explains the Series 2 defeat

Simon Scott later admitted, somewhat ironically, that the night before the fight he had advised that Inquisitor attack them rear on to give them more of a chance.

"The guys the night before were really worried, they were ever so nervous, and I foolishly recommended that they reverse into us with their flail going, and we broke down! If I hadn't had said that they would've driven at us head-on, we could've actually bitten something that would have done some damage and disabled them and we'd have gone through! So it's all my fault!"
— Simon Scott on the Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

However, Razer received the Best Design award at the end of the Series, on account of its power and unique weaponry.

Series 3[]

Philippa Forrester: "...and Razer, the stars of last year. Didn't get as far as you'd hoped last year, but this year, in between wars, have conquered; America and Kent! So how far are you going to get this time?"
Ian Lewis: "It's a bit unpredictable, but we're going to give it all we possibly can. Go flat out!"
— Interview with Philippa Forrester at the start of the Heat

Razer returned in Heat C of Series 3, and was drawn against newcomer Backstabber in Round 1.

Razer scratches the outside of Backstabber

Backstabber is pitted by Razer

Both robots drove at each other, but turned before they could meet, both trying to get into a good position to use their weapons. Razer got in at the side of Backstabber, but due to Backstabber's sloping armour, which had been designed to neutralise stabbing and piercing weapons, the weapon merely scratched down the side. Razer turned and tried to attack again, but Backstabber had stopped moving. Razer drove behind Backstabber and pushed them straight into the pit.

"It was our intention to cause some serious damage but unfortunately our prey simply drifted away from us and fell into the pit. Oh well, shouldn't complain about a 15-second victory I suppose..."
— The Razer website[19]

Razer gets into the face of Matilda

After cease was called, Razer tried to attack Matilda, ramming her front, but caused no damage before reversing.

Ian Lewis: "We'd like to pop Matilda's body, that'd be quite good!"
Philippa Forrester: "You can't just pop Matilda's body, that's not very nice!"
Simon Scott: "Yeah you can! We've got nine tonnes of squeeze on this, got to use it on something!"
— The Razer team state their plans after the battle

In the second round, Razer was drawn against Aggrobot. Another newcomer in Series 3.

"Bit of a grudge match here, Aggrobot and Razer. Aggrobot, first to rip the shell of Matilda, though Razer, and the team of Simon, Vincent and Ian, had wanted to get there first!"
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle. (Aggrobot had knocked Matilda's shell off in its first round battle)

The first contact between the pair

Razer continues to hunt down Aggrobot

The two robots drove towards the centre of the arena, and Razer drove at Aggrobot's side, getting under it and pushing it back. However, due to the tall, steep, sloping sides of Aggrobot, Razer could not get a grip on it. Aggrobot spun away off of Razer's ramp, and reversed in with the spike cannon, but the spike cannon was at the wrong angle, and Razer pushed back at Aggrobot. It reversed away, Aggrobot turned to face Razer, but Razer drove behind Aggrobot and slammed it into an arena wall. It tried to crush Aggrobot, this time finding a weak spot - the gap where the spike cannon was. Razer crushed this spot, causing a large hole to form at the back of Aggrobot. Razer let go and backed off, and Aggrobot escaped and turned to face Razer head on. The two robots kept trying to get into a good position to use their weapons, but each time Razer got close to getting a grip on Aggrobot, Aggrobot turned away, and each time Aggrobot got its spike cannon close enough to Razer to use it, Razer turned to avoid it. Razer eventually got Aggrobot by the side, and rammed it into the arena wall, but when Razer tried to pierce it, the crusher merely scratched the side. It turned to try and get into a better position, but this allowed Aggrobot to escape. After some more turning and trying to get into a good position to use their weapons, Razer got behind Aggrobot, pushed it into the arena wall by the spikes, and crushed into the back, again targeting the gap in the rear where the spike cannon was fitted.

"We've seen very little damage caused on Razer in the entire battle. But look at this, it's found a weak spot on Aggrobot! Crumpling, tearing, rending, ripping, shredding!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer crushes Aggrobot

Aggrobot tries to bring its spike weapon into play

Razer crumples Aggrobot

Razer ripped open an even larger hole on the rear of Aggrobot, but then backed off again, and Aggrobot reversed away from the wall, bumping into Razer. Razer got in on Aggrobot's side, trying to crush it, but could not pierce the armour due to the sloping sides, only scratching down the side. Razer tried to open the crusher more to get a grip, but the crusher malfunctioned, opening the whole way, and the rear spike lifted Razer's wheels off the ground. The team couldn't get the beak to lower, and Razer was therefore rendered immobile.

"Well Razer's gone up, in a pirouette of delight, and, I think, has immobilised itself! Were they celebrating too early? The wheels are spinning, and look at that back claw on the arena floor! It's stabbed itself into submission surely!"
— Johnathan Pearce as Razer is pinned on its rear spike

Razer, pinned on its arm

Razer is attacked by Dead Metal whilst Aggrobot also sustains damage

Dead Metal came in, and cut into Razer's wings, whilst Sir Killalot rammed from behind. Meanwhile, Aggrobot had driven into the CPZ, and was axed by Shunt. Razer was eliminated at the Heat Semi-Final stage again.

"The tiny valve which controls the direction of hydraulic fluid in the crushing arm jammed in 'up' mode. The arm travelled to its highest point and completely refused to budge, leaving us stranded on our tail. It is designed to do this when self righting to prevent damage to the drive as it takes the impact of rolling over, but this time our ingenuity had proved to be our undoing. ... The House Robots came in and gave us a pounding and that was it for another year as far as the UK title went. Even more disappointing, we still had not shown the audience just what a fantastic machine Razer can be in action."
— The Razer website on Razer's defeat

Razer is awarded the Best Design award again

However, Razer would go on to win the Best Design Award for the second year running.

"Razer, a big favourite. Razer is as flamboyant as its owners Simon Scott, Ian Lewis and Vince Blood, and with its phenomenally powerful crushing arm and srimech, it's a strong contender for this award. ...But the winner, for the second year running is: Razer! Congratulations to them again!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer was also nominated for the Best Engineered Robot Award, but lost out to Chaos 2.

"A second award nomination for Razer, with the engineering standards of this great robot an example to many a roboteer, young and old. Strong, powerful and evilly elegant, can they improve it any more?"
— Jonathan Pearce whilst reading the nominations for the Best Engineered Robot Award

In addition to the main UK Championship, Razer participated in several side competitions held as part of Series 3. Initially, it was planned to take part in Robotic Soccer, in a match against Miss Struts, but the match was cancelled when filming was rescheduled following a behind-the-scenes accident. As a result of these scheduling changes, Razer was subsequently entered into the Pinball competition at the producers' request.

"Prior to filming, we were asked to take part in one of the 'games' which would be separate from the Knockout competition. We thought it was a great chance to have some fun and show off Razer's versatility. Originally we were to take part in the Soccer event. Unfortunately, due to an accident in the studios, filming was rescheduled and the games suffered as a result. We had dressed up for the games and it was very disappointing to be told 'That's it, sorry'. However, towards the end of the filming of the Pinball, the production crew found there was still time for a few extra runs and we were asked to take part."
— The Razer website

Razer completes the car door on route to its Pinball victory

Razer was the penultimate robot to compete in the Pinball competition, with the team dressed up in costumes they originally intended to wear for its aborted Robotic Soccer match. Razer drove straight into the barrels on its right, knocking most of them over. As it moved out of the CPZ, Sir Killalot moved in, and Sgt. Bash was guarding its 50 point target. Razer drove at Sgt. Bash, and tried to get past Sgt. Bash, but Sgt. Bash reversed to block the target again. However, it drove forwards, allowing Razer to get in and hit the target. It then targeted the 75 point target, guarded by Dead Metal. Razer spun around just outside Dead Metal's area, before driving straight at the target, hitting it. Dead Metal closed its pincers in on Razer, but Razer grabbed hold of one of the pincers with its crusher, so Dead Metal pushed Razer out of its area. Razer drove towards Sgt. Bash, then reversed into the multi-ball release. Razer then went for the other set of barrels, knocking most of them over as well. The giant sphere had also fallen into a pit. It pushed one of the barrels into the pit, and knocked over the bricks, neither of which were worth any points, before opening the car door. Razer would then turn its attention to Sir Killalot as their run ended, however this was cut from the episode.[20]

"They've virtually completed the whole arena here! What a marvelous run by Razer, that's splendid! They loved it, so did the crowd! ... New leaders, 210 points, that's phenomenal in the Pinball challenge! Wonderful"
— Jonathan Pearce at the end of the run, then reviewing the scores

Razer had scored 210 points, putting it top of the leader board. The final challenger, Mortis, failed to better Razer's score, so Razer emerged as the Series 3 Pinball champion.

"Despite our treating the whole thing as fun, we somehow managed to hit two of the high scoring arena side targets, built up a score of 210...and took the lead! We had asked the House Roboteers to tip us over at the end of our run so we could show off our new self-righting mechanism. We positioned ourselves near Sir Killalot so he could flip us, but he'd become wedged on an arena hazard. Ian and Simon decided that we needed to do something silly to finish our run and attacked Sir K from the rear. Razer bit down on his behind and then lifted itself off the ground, clinging on like some mad robotic terrier. Unfortunately only about 5 seconds of this was ever televised for whatever reason. Mortis were last to go in the Pinball but failed to beat our score and we were declared winners!"
— The Razer website

International League Championship[]

Razer was brought in to represent England in the International League Championship of Series 3 as a substitute for Cassius 2, which withdrew prior to competing.

"Going into the competition we were riding on a high from our recent victory over Behemoth in the World Championship final. We took this as an opportunity to have a bit of fun."
— The Razer website[21]

Razer was drawn against Prometheus from the USA in its first battle, but Prometheus suffered internal damage in its own first battle, rendering it unable to battle Razer. Razer was awarded three points and went on to fight Techno-Lease.

"Now, let's see if it can withstand damage; the answer: no."
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer penetrates through the top of Techno-Lease

Razer punctures the shell of Techno-Lease

Razer started much faster than Techno-Lease could, charging into the Dutch machine side on before getting underneath it and crushing through the top armour. Razer backed away, before coming in again and forcing Techno-Lease towards Shunt's CPZ, where it crumpled Techno-Lease once more. Razer then lifted Techno-Lease, which caused it to over-balance and lift itself up as well. Still balanced, Razer reversed into Shunt, where it suffered an axe blow from the House Robot. Razer was caught on Shunt's scoop, who lifted Razer and pushed it into the centre of the arena in an attempt to get it off. Razer was still caught on the scoop by one wheel, so Shunt pushed it back towards its CPZ, where it managed to get Razer off, flipping it over in the process. Razer was able to self-right, so went back on the attack. Techno-Lease had barely moved whilst this was happening. Razer came in from behind at Techno-Lease and rammed it against the arena side wall, where it pierced through the top of Techno-Lease. Techno-Lease appeared to stop moving completely after this, and Razer briefly used the arm on the back of its crushing beak to lift it. After Techno-Lease had been immobilised, Razer attacked Matilda, pushing it into the CPZ. Matilda and Shunt fought back, and whilst Razer chased Matilda into a CPZ, Shunt came in, but Razer got under Shunt's bucket and crushed it, bending it to bend out of shape, before piercing a hole in it.

"Nipping about the arena floor; this is what we were talking about earlier on. Shunt comes in for retribution...Look at Razer! Shunt's bulldozer blade is almost buckled and bashed out of sight! This is unheard of! Razer is destroying one of the house robots!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Matilda separated the two by lifting Razer. Razer drove away, before chasing after Matilda, crushing the chainsaw, until Shunt came in and pinned it to the arena wall, lifting it with the scoop. Razer clung onto the arena wall with its claw. Cease was called, Razer was declared the winner, and the victorious robot in Group B.

Razer and Diotoir come together

In the Final, Razer faced the Irish Diotoir. According to Ciarán Byrne, the televised version of this battle was not the first attempt at filming the fight. In Byrne's own words, Diotoir had originally driven into Razer's grip but kept its tyres on the ground, and 'slammed Razer around the arena', before it was revealed that the camera equipment was faulty and the fight had to be abandoned. The teams then broke for lunch, and Byrne asserts that Razer's batteries were recharged whilst Diotoir's were not[22].

"Our last fight of the day, by now it was 9PM and both teams were exhausted. We had to put on a brave face, conduct FOUR sets of interviews (one for each TV company involved) and then get on with the fighting."
— The Razer website

Razer drags Diotoir across the arena

Razer pits Diotoir to win the International League

Razer made a quick start again, charging into Diotoir. However, Diotoir was able to hold Razer at an angle where it could not crush, using its flipping arm. The two robots spun around together, pushing against one another, and Diotoir tried to flip Razer, but its flipper was not in under Razer fully, so barely flicked it up. Razer reversed, then the two robots drove around each other, trying to find the right position to used their weapon properly. Eventually, Razer was able to grab hold of Diotoir, crushing into the hole where the springs were. This allowed Razer to drag Diotoir back across the arena towards the pit. It let got of Diotoir to line up a charge and knock it into the pit, and Diotoir had stopped moving due to one of its batteries coming loose, so Razer could easily knock it into the pit.

"Razer wins it for England! Always looked the more destructive of all the robots in this International League Championship."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer was then crowned the International League champion, with its trophy being awarded to Team Razer in the pits by the founder of Robot Wars, Marc Thorpe.

"I fell in love with Razer the first time I saw it and I've always thought of Robot Wars as an art sport and this clearly demonstrates how that's clearly true!"
— Robot Wars creator Marc Thorpe, presenting the trophy to Razer (This clip was also used at the end of the First World Championship)

The First World Championship[]

Razer also represented England in the First World Championship.

"We really needed to do well in this competition after the disappointment of the Series 3 UK event. Our minimum objective was to win two rounds and cause some serious damage on the way. The problem with the hydraulics had been fixed and we were ready to go."
— The Razer website[23]

Razer pierces into the top of All Torque

In the first round against Scottish representative All Torque, All Torque immediately darted past Razer, before driving side-on in attempt to ram it. Razer managed to get under All Torque, but All Torque drove off the ramp before the crusher could come down. The two robots spun around together, Razer trying to get under All Torque to crush it, and All Torque trying to get side-on at Razer to ram it. Razer was briefly flicked up by an arena spike, and stopped spinning with All Torque, which allowed it to drive in under All Torque and crush it, easily piercing the armour.

"Call it a beak, call it a claw... Call it horrible."
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer plunges into All Torque's armour once more

Razer's attack forces both robots' rear-ends into the air

Razer let go and All Torque reversed. All Torque charged at Razer, but drove at the wrong angle, so Razer caught it by one of the spikes, and tried to break the spike. All Torque reversed away again and charged at Razer, but drove straight up the ramp. All Torque reversed off before Razer could bring its crusher down. It drove at Razer again, this time getting the plough under Razer, but failed to push Razer back. Razer pushed All Torque towards Sgt. Bash's CPZ, then crushed the corner of All Torque by one of the front tyres, causing both robots to lift up into the air balanced on their front ends, before landing on their wheels again. Razer pushed All Torque to the arena wall and crushed into it again, but All Torque turned around to face Razer head-on. Razer reversed, followed by All Torque, but All Torque was showing signs of impaired movement, failing to drive in a straight line. Razer got in again and crushed the top again. It dropped All Torque, and All Torque reversed away, but was now moving very slowly, and could not charge at Razer. It reversed into Shunt's CPZ, and Razer crushed through All Torque again.

"That is a knife through hot butter!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer crushes All Torque

Razer and Sgt. Bash bite into All Torque

Sgt. Bash came over and set All Torque's mascot, Hamish, on fire. All Torque showed no sign of movement after this due to their drive motors partially burning out, with both Sgt. Bash and Razer grabbing All Torque with their claws, before Dead Metal came in and cut into the Scottish competitor with its circular saw. Razer went through.

"All credit to them, they're a tough little competitor, but we made Haggis meat out of them in the end!"
— Vinnie Blood after the fight

Although it was not shown in the show, the fight went to a Judges' decision, because All Torque was still not fully immobile, though Razer easily won.

"We won the fight on a judges' decision as both machines were mobile. Our greatest concern was the smoke seeping out from Razer at the end of the fight. It turned out that we were suffering from a short in the electronics which was causing the arm to crush even without us operating the controls. When we had thought our arm was simply stuck in All Torque, it was actually jammed on full power and burning the motor which runs the hydraulics. We couldn't trace the fault - it was Ben from the Mortis team who kindly came to our rescue. He rigged some LED lights on the arm so we had a visual aid to see whether it was active. Then we could at least hit fail-safe and reset Razer without incurring serious damage. Another thing we discovered after the fight was the reason All Torque proved so difficult to pierce - they had installed seven layers of armour on their machine. The mixture of Lexan, steel and plywood stopped even our mighty, fearsome crusher from destroying them"
— The Razer website[24]

In the Quarter Finals, Razer faced the new UK champion Chaos 2.

"We could hardly have picked a tougher opponent than Chaos 2: the newly-crowned Series 3 UK champion. We had met in battle during the Kent Challenge Trophy a month previously, and although we won, George Francis had worked us hard and knew he could flip us"
— The Razer website

Chaos 2 gets in with an early flip on Razer

Razer attacks Chaos 2

Both robots charged at each other at the start, but just before they met, Chaos 2 turned so Razer bumped into its side. Razer tried to get in a position to crush, so Chaos 2 reversed away. Razer came in again, but whilst trying to get in a position to crush, drove onto Chaos 2's flipper, allowing Chaos 2 to flip it. Razer landed on its wheels, and Chaos 2 drove past the pit. Chaos 2 dodged Razer for a short time, but reversed into the arena wall, before driving onto the flame pit and spinning, just outside Dead Metal's CPZ. Dead Metal came out to push Chaos 2, and Chaos 2 reversed straight into Razer, which took full advantage of this mistake, grabbing Chaos 2 by the rear and crushing into the rear compartment as it push Chaos 2 into the wall, puncturing Chaos 2's gas bottle in the process.

"Razer already puncturing once again! The CO2 gas canister in the main engine compartment has gone. And with it, has the power of the weapon gone also?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer then dragged Chaos 2 into the reach of Dead Metal, which used its saw to slice into Chaos 2's flipper, whilst Razer continued to crush the rear compartment. With the flipper left unable to work because of the earlier attack from Razer, Chaos 2 reversed into the pit as soon as Dead Metal let it go, avoiding any further damage.

"Favourite battle? Tough call but enjoyed taking out Chaos 2 in the First World Championships. At the time they'd just won the UK title and it was good to beat them convincingly."
— Vincent Blood

Razer faced 101 in the Semi-Finals. Before the battle, Team 101 were notably worried of the potential damage that their robot could sustain, going to the extent of writing messages on top of 101, pleading for mercy and pointing out the expensive components.

Razer crushes 101

When the battle began, Razer drove forwards, whilst 101 drove down the arena to avoid Razer, but drove into Dead Metal's CPZ whilst doing so. It became stuck under Dead Metal, allowing Razer to come in and pierce the top of 101.

"And that's what we thought would happen. In the beak of Razer..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer plunges into 101 from the off

Razer continued to pierce the shell of 101 and lifted it up, causing an armour panel to begin peeling off. Razer pushed 101 back into Dead Metal, puncturing it again and lifting it up. Razer reversed out of the CPZ, with 101 still in its grip. 101 fell off the claw, so Razer pushed it back into Dead Metal.

"This is going horribly, predictably to plan, for the Razer boys."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer hoists 101 up

Dead Metal grabbed 101's track, but did not use its saw, and Razer then backed out of the CPZ. 101 dropped out from Razer's grasp, but repeated its mistake from a few seconds previously as it drove up the front of Razer. This time, Razer's purchase was enough for it to lift 101 and carry it back towards the centre of the arena, before 101 dropped down again. Razer pushed 101 back towards Sir Killalot's CPZ, and 101 reversed into it, but got away from the House Robot. It managed to avoid Razer for a short time, driving into the centre of the arena, but Razer caught up with it. 101 drove up part of Razer and past its opponent, before Razer drove 101 into the arena wall and dished out further punishment. Razer lifted 101 into the air again, and spun around with it on the spot, until 101 crashed onto the arena surface.

"But it has the been the most decisive factor in these World Championships so far; the weapon of Razer, nothing else has compared to this."
— Jonathan Pearce

101 retreated for most of the remainder of the battle - narrowly avoiding another attack from Razer near Shunt's CPZ - before driving at Razer's side as time elapsed. Cease was called, and the decision went to the judges, who went for Razer.

The Grand Final was against another English representative, Behemoth.

"...Razer, with the beak, and Behemoth with the scoop. The two most dangerous weapons we've seen throughout these World Championships."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer is flipped over by Behemoth

Razer started quicker, as Behemoth held back, waiting to see what Razer would do. Razer then skirted past the front of Behemoth's scoop twice, with Behemoth missing in an attempted attack on the second occasion. Razer then attempted to attack the front scoop of Behemoth, but the scoop was raised and Razer moved away. Razer then drove straight at the front scoop and Behemoth toppled them over, keeping the scoop up and pinning Razer down, pushing it around the arena.

"Razer desperately trying to get some sort of claw hold on the arena floor, but this is good steering, and controlled aggression from the Pritchard boys and Kane Aston in that Behemoth team."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth pushes an ailing Razer back

Razer was rolled onto its other side near the arena floor flipper, but Behemoth continued to control the situation. Matilda came out to separate the two, which allowed Razer to attempt to self-right, but it wasn't at the right angle. Behemoth flicked Razer back onto its wheels, but toppled Razer back over a couple of seconds later.

"And worry, here, for Simon Scott and Vincent Blood and Ian Lewis in that Razer team. The Behemoth boys are on top."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer is moved onto the flame pit

Razer struggles to self-right on the flame pit

Razer tried to self-right, but Behemoth came in and held it at an angle, preventing it from doing so. Behemoth then slowly pushed Razer onto the flame pit, where it left Razer. Razer attempted to self-right again, but part of its self-righting wing got caught in the flame pit.

"That is rising phoenix-like from the flames ... or is it?! Can they get away from there? I don't think they can! I think that that wing isn't gaining sufficient purchase on the grid of the flame pit!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer struggles to self-right

Razer fights back, crushing Behemoth's frame

Razer and Behemoth drive next to Shunt's CPZ

Dead Metal pushed Razer off the flame pit, but Razer struggled to self-right, because Behemoth continued to push it, keeping it at the wrong angle and pushing it back on the flame pit. Behemoth backed off, and Razer self-righted. Razer then came onto the attack and slammed into the front of Behemoth, before plunging into its side-plate with the claw. Razer angled Behemoth over towards Shunt's CPZ, where it got flicked by an arena spike itself, before crumpling into Behemoth again.

"This is an epic final! Damage sustained by both, but it's Razer there, pinning Behemoth down."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer completes its comeback

Team Razer receive The First World Championship trophy

Both robots split, before Razer drove past Behemoth's front scoop - missing an attack in the process - and then crushing into the side of Behemoth again. Cease was called with both robots still mobile, and the judges decided, with a two to one split decision, that Razer was the winner. This victory made Razer both the World Champions and International Champions.

As well as these side events, Razer was also set to compete in a Tag Team event alongside former UK Champion Panic Attack. Initially, it was believed Razer would form a three-way team alongside Mortis and Killerhurtz according to Mortis' Arthur Chilcott, however once teams received clarity on how many robots would make up each team, Razer had been paired with Kim Davies' machine. Regardless, the event was abandoned due to a serious behind-the-scenes accident in The Pits.

Series 4[]

Despite their early exit in the main competition of the Third Wars, Razer was seeded number 3 in this wars due to its status as reigning World and International champion.

"They hold the International League title and just about everything else, except the grand title! Team Captain Ian Lewis swims with sharks for fun! The nine-ton hydraulic piercer on Razer can do as much damage as a Great White!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Razer in Heat B of Series 4

Razer fought in Heat B, and was drawn against newcomer Robochicken and former football competitor Velocirippa.

"Will this be Razer's championship at last?"
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of Razer's first round battle

Razer grips Velocirippa while Robochicken flips both

Razer pierces straight through Robochicken

The three met in the centre of the arena, Robochicken moved straight on to attack Razer, but its flipper did not have enough power to tip over the World Champion, who caught it in its claw. Velocirippa drove past and blocked Robochicken's escape, allowing Razer to easily pierce Robochicken's broad side.

"Immediately coming on the attack...and don't count your chickens before they're, um...shredded? Demolished?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer holds Robochicken aloft

Velocirippa drove around and rammed into Razer, shaking Robochicken free of the claw. Razer attempted to regain its purchase on Robochicken, but its claw merely scraped down the smooth surface. Velocirippa made a few more daring attacks on Razer, managing to dart free after one charge, but its second reckless attack allowed Razer to capture it under its claw. Robochicken made an attempt to flip Velocirippa, but with Razer's beak piercing Velocirippa's snout, the combined weight of both robots was too much for the flipper. The attack did however allow Velocirippa to escape Razer, who then resumed its attack on Robochicken. Again finding itself unable to pierce, Razer simply pushed Robochicken across the arena floor until it gained enough leverage to launch an attack. Velocirippa rammed Razer from behind, but this did not help Robochicken escape. Razer lifted Robochicken into the air, carrying it towards the flame pits, but Velocirippa rammed into the airborne Robochicken and knocked it from Razer's claw.

"Oh, I always fancy a bit of barbecue chicken - oh, its not on the menu yet!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Velocirippa knocks Robochicken free

Razer tips off balance

Razer resumed its attack on Robochicken. Robochicken tried to fight back with its axe, but the chicken's pecking weapon failed to damage Razer. Razer cut deep into Robochicken's body, but its beak cut in so deep that Razer almost overbalanced, but retracting the weapon allowed Razer to recover.

"Ooh, and the eyes, can they see glory ahead? No, only despair! But very nearly, Razer, overbalancing there! They were slightly overconfident in the last wars."
— Jonathan Pearce.

Razer holds Velocirippa over the flames

Robochicken briefly escaped, but ran into Dead Metal. Whilst Dead Metal attacked, Velocirippa darted in to attack Razer, who quickly turned its attention onto it. Razer pierced Velocirippa's side and held it over the flame pit. Once released, Velocirippa ran into the side wall, apparently unable to move in any other direction. Robochicken was still showing signs of movement, and attempted to flip Velocirippa, but was chased away by Razer. Sir Killalot and Sgt. Bash closed in on Velocirippa whilst Robochicken was still harassed by Dead Metal. Sir Killalot caught Velocirippa's front ramming weapon in its claw, tipped it on its side and carried it into the open pit, leaving Razer and - despite the damage - Robochicken to go through.

Razer fought Milly-Ann Bug in the second round.

"Our next task was to take out Milly-Ann, and considering the damage she had already taken from her first fight it was something of a foregone conclusion. What we wanted was to provide some memorable footage, but there was a limiting factor to be taken into account. The Milly-Ann Bug team are extremely nice people and had asked we try not to damage the expensive internals of their machine. The question was how to win the fight in style without incurring the opposing team a fortune in ruined components."
— The Razer website[25]

Razer drags Milly-Ann Bug across the flames

Milly-Ann Bug swerved broadside as the battle begun, but Razer quickly seized its rear dome beneath its claw. However, Razer could not pierce the shell as the dome fit beneath the claw. Moving in reverse and with the bottom of the dome on Razer's wedge, Razer was able to reposition itself so that the tip of the beak could slice into Milly-Ann Bug. Razer lifted the rear dome into the air, dragging the top dome with it, and reversed over the flames, setting Milly-Ann Bug's hair alight.

"Oh! And what do you require, sir? A number one cut? A number two cut? Or just burnt straight off? Oh, I think I'll have the burnt, thank-you."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer pierces Milly-Ann Bug

Razer dropped its opponent onto the flame pit, before herding it towards a corner. Razer tried to break the connection between the two domes. The coupling proved to be too tough, and Razer repositioned and pierced the front dome of Milly-Ann Bug. Razer attacked the connection between the two domes again, but after failing to break it, targeted Milly-Ann Bug's previously crippled wheel and breaking it off. With one wheel gone, the rear dome became dead weight and the front attempted to drag it, but to no avail; Razer captured Milly and sliced off its front right wheel, followed by the front left wheel.

"Has the bug been...bisected? Dissected? They obviously believe the weakness...lies there, in the wheels. What a horrible torture this is. Its like watching some maniacal, horrible schoolboy pull the legs off a spider."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer pulls more wheels from Milly-Ann Bug

Once the final wheel had been cut free, Razer pulled back and did its famous salute. Shunt and Razer bumped Milly-Ann Bug around, with Shunt's axe slamming down and ripping its hair free. Razer harassed Matilda, whilst Dead Metal clasped Milly-Ann Bug and pushed it around as cease was called.

"An easy victory, but not without a few problems in the shape of Milly-Ann's 'hair'. Kevlar fibres had been used to create a 'wig' for the Bug and these had insinuated their way into our wheels and axles - it took us a good half hour to clean it all off!"
— The Razer website

Razer went through to the Heat Final for the first time, where its opponent was the 19th seed Pussycat.

"You haven't broken down yet!"
— Craig Charles tempts fate

Razer tries to grab Pussycat

Razer crashes into the arena wall

However, in the Heat Final, the two robots shot forward, bouncing off each other upon collision. Pussycat was too fast and unusually shaped for Razer to gain easy purchase with its claw, but Pussycat managed to land a few minor blows with its blade on the rear and side of Razer. Pussycat became briefly wedged beneath the claw, and Razer shot towards the side wall.

"Pussycat's blade hit the front of our machine and the reverberation travelled through the chassis and caused a failure in the new cutoff switch installed prior to the competition. We were left with absolutely no control over Razer and it careered into the side of the arena with wheels spinning. It was all over and it was unbelievably frustrating and depressing to exit due to breakdown for the third series running. It was all too much for Ian."
— The Razer website

Razer takes damage from Pussycat after getting stuck in forward drive

Razer's wheel is cut by Pussycat

Once it slammed Pussycat against the wall, it spun in a circle and ran back into the wall. Pussycat pulled away but flipped onto its side. Whilst it floundered around, trying to land on its wheels, it became apparent that Razer was not able to move away from the wall.

"Whats happened here? Razer, I think, is stuck on the arena wall! Oh no, not again! This time it's not the arm which caused the problems in the last series."
— Jonathan Pearce

Shunt frees Razer from the wall

Razer is pitted by Dead Metal

Razer was stuck in forward gear, and it attempted to shimmy its front to one side so that it could drive sideways and steer away. However, it had driven right next to a spike, and this obstructed its escape. Pussycat, having righted itself, landed a blow on Razer's back, carving a gouge in Razer's rear armour. Before long, Razer was completely immobile, with the wheels destroyed by Pussycat's blade. Dead Metal fetched Razer's limp form and pushed it into the pit.

"It was very touching that as we were making our way from the arena, the audience were making comments of 'unlucky'. As we entered the pits the other roboteers who had seen the fight had gathered around and they applauded us, recognising that we had suffered such extreme misfortune. Examination of the switch found that a small copper rocking switch (only 7mm by 1mm) had fallen out of place causing the whole machine to lose control. Very annoying as the model shop that sold it to us had recommended it to us as 'the one used by model aviation enthusiasts as it is solid enough to take vibrations'."
— The Razer website

At the end of the episode Ian Lewis gave an interview to the camera heavily criticising Pussycat's tactics of assaulting Razer long after it had been immobilised, implying they had gone against an unspoken roboteers' code of going easy on immobilised robots. Lewis also used the previous battles from the heats of examples of them not using Razer to inflict further damage when they had ample opportunity to do so.

"Some of us are gentlemen. Some of us hold back. When you're out of control, you don't just go for it, do you? A Gentleman's Agreement...and around here we are kinda a bit...hold-back-ish. We've got three tonnes of pressure underneath there, and when we were against Milly-Ann Bug earlier, we held back, because we knew we were on top of those expensive pieces. But those guys {Pussycat}, for some reason, ran out of control after about ten seconds and they just laid into it."
— Ian Lewis after the battle

Razer attacks Sir Killalot during its Pinball Warrior run

Razer also took part in the Pinball Warrior and Sumo Basho tournaments of Series 4, performing poorly in both. It failed to defend its Pinball Warrior title, despite started promisingly by quickly scoring points from the barrels, Matilda's target and the car doors but suddenly abandoned its run to attack Sir Killalot, leading to a score of 95 points. It finished equal 10th with Inverterbrat.

Razer after being knocked off the Sumo Ring

In the Sumo, Razer turned its side towards Shunt immediately, as if tempting the House Robot to push it. The two spun around each other once until Shunt managed to get under Razer's side and push it out. Razer was able to self-right and drive around the arena floor around the plinth, but the result still counted. Razer had lasted just 4.87 seconds, so finished 14th.

Razer took part in the Southern Annihilator, aired as part of the 2000 Christmas Specials.

"...that's like the biggest mass bundle we've ever been in! We really got to show all the aspects of the machine, and we knew if we got through the final we could actually have a go at Matilda!"
— Simon Scott in Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

There, it fought Attila the Drum, Behemoth, Onslaught, Spawn of Scutter and Vercingetorix.

"There had been all kinds of furtive deals made in the pits amongst teams trying to gain one another's assistance in a bid to get through the early rounds. Most of the opposition had agreed to gang up on us from the very start but we were confident we could take one of them out."
— The Razer website[26]

Razer crushes Vercingetorix

In the first round, all six robots converge in the centre, with Razer getting there the fastest. As Behemoth, Onslaught and Attila the Drum fought, Razer grabbed Vercingetorix and crushed through its front.

"Our strategy? To bite anything close enough to us. In particular, Vercingetorix - as it has a powerful axe and if lucky could take us out with one good shot. We got them in our jaws very early on and easily punctured their armour. After the fight, we discovered that we had pierced straight through one of their batteries. They retaliated, bringing the axe down on Razer's rear, puncturing the armour and missing our drive motor by just a few millimetres. "
— The Razer website

Vercingetorix axes Razer

Vercingetorix's lifting arm and axe activated to no avail, and after being lifted slightly by Behemoth, Razer came in for another attack, puncturing deep into Vercingetorix. Vercingetorix hit Razer with its axe, but this caused little damage, so Razer punctured another hole in Vercingetorix.

"Razer taking on poor old Vercingetorix again. Well, they've picked on them right from the start."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth lifts Razer as it crushes Vercingetorix

Behemoth snuck in behind Razer and lifted it, but was unable to flip it. Onslaught then attempted to lift up Vercingetorix, but Razer was holding it. Behemoth and Onslaught continued to try and lift Razer as it attacked Vercingetorix, and in the melee, Spawn of Scutter got under Onslaught and flipped it, as Vercingetorix axed Attila the Drum. Spawn of Scutter rammed under Behemoth, whilst Razer abandoned Vercingetorix to try and attack Onslaught, but it quickly self-righted and escaped. The six robots drove around the arena for a little while before Vercingetorix was rammed by Behemoth, Onslaught and Spawn of Scutter simultaneously. Razer pushed Attila the Drum into Behemoth in an attempt to crush through it, but this failed.

Razer attempts to clamp around Attila the Drum's pickaxe

Spawn of Scutter overturned Onslaught using its wedge, but Onslaught self-righted as Razer and Behemoth had a small duel. Spawn of Scutter then turned its attention to Vercingetorix, which appeared to have broken down. Razer tried to pierce Attila the Drum's body again, this time using Onslaught as a block, but again it failed. Behemoth and Spawn of Scutter attacked the immobile Vercingetorix, then fought each other and Onslaught, whilst Razer continued its attack on Attila the Drum. Unable to grab the body, it grabbed Attila the Drum's pickaxe, but was unable to break it and Attila the Drum escaped just as "Cease" was called. Despite the fact that Vercingetorix was the only robot not moving, the battle went to a judges decision, but Vercingetorix was eliminated nevertheless.

Razer and Spawn of Scutter are simultaneously lifted by Onslaught

In Round 2, all five robots quickly converged in the centre, with Razer turning to attack Spawn of Scutter. Onslaught raced in from behind and pushed Razer up Spawn of Scutter's front wedge, before lifting Spawn of Scutter up slightly. Razer attempted to crush into Behemoth's scoop, but missed and turned on Spawn of Scutter, whilst Behemoth attacked Attila the Drum. Razer easily crushed through Spawn of Scutter's side, but Onslaught got underneath Razer and lifted both robots up. Behemoth abandoned Attila the Drum to lift up Spawn of Scutter, and together with Onslaught, forced Razer and Spawn of Scutter over the flame pit, nearly turning them over.

"...and Behemoth and Razer now against Spawn of Scutter, but that was the push from Onslaught, which shows tremendous power! Razer takes Spawn of Scutter in a grizzly grip, and Attila the Druuuuuuum.....keeps on trundling on"
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth pushes Razer and Spawn of Scutter onto the Flame Pit

Razer was eventually forced to let Spawn go, and Behemoth kept pushing, resulting in Razer falling onto its side with Spawn landing on top of its crusher. Refbot dislodged Spawn whilst Onslaught lifted it up, before Attila the Drum came in and rammed Razer's underside in an attempt to stop it self-righting. Onslaught then flipped Razer as its wings reached their highest degree, turning it onto its other side. Behemoth then intercepted, but the inverted Razer clung onto its scoop, even when Onslaught lifted it up. Spawn eventually separated Razer from Behemoth and pushed it back towards the flame pit, where it righted itself. It grabbed hold of Onslaught just underneath its scoop, but Behemoth broke the two apart. Razer turned its attention to Behemoth, but just missed crushing through its side armour.

"Razer trying to exact some sort of revenge on Behemoth..."
— Jonathan Pearce

An inverted Razer grabs Behemoth's scoop as Onslaught lifts the two together

Attila the Drum attempted to attack Behemoth whilst Razer turned its attention to Spawn of Scutter, who appeared to only be able to move in reverse. Onslaught overturned Razer whilst it was distracted, only for Behemoth to turn it over too. Onslaught was the first to right itself, but Razer landed on top of Spawn of Scutter's wedge and was overturned again by the Essex machine's spike.

"Those are the two impressive robots for me so far in this Annihilator, the most impressive."
— Jonathan Pearce picks early favourites

Razer closes in on Behemoth

Attila the Drum and Behemoth again attempted to block Razer's attempts at righting itself, but Spawn of Scutter pushed Razer back onto its wheels. Razer dodged away from the other robots as Spawn of Scutter pushed underneath Attila the Drum, before turning on Behemoth, who seemed to be lacking full mobility. It managed to grab Behemoth right behind its scoop, but only managed to crumple it a bit. Razer let Behemoth go, then attacked the side, cutting straight through its side panel. As the other three engaged in a minor shoving match, Razer let Behemoth go, but Behemoth could not escape due to its impaired mobility, so Razer crushed the side again. Razer continued to drag Behemoth around the arena and eventually let go after Onslaught and Spawn of Scutter rammed into the two robots. Behemoth had now stopped moving and Razer pushed it across the arena as the other three stayed out of the way, until Spawn of Scutter, still stuck in reverse, rammed into Razer, followed by Onslaught and Attila the Drum.

Razer crushes the side of Behemoth

Razer sinks its beak into Spawn of Scutter's rear wedge

Razer abandoned Behemoth and effortlessly crushed into Spawn of Scutter's rear wedge, pushing it back. As Razer released it, Behemoth gained a minimal amount of mobility, but Spawn of Scutter suddenly stopped moving after Razer let go of it. Onslaught rammed into Attila the Drum, narrowly missing a mace blow, whilst Sgt. Bash grappled hold of Behemoth just before Cease was called. The judges were called to make a decision and they declared that whilst Behemoth was still showing some signs of life, Spawn of Scutter was completely immobilised, and as a result eliminated from the competition.

Although Behemoth was able to fix most of the damage Razer had caused in the previous round, one of the gears inside its gearbox had slipped out of place. As the spare would take too long to swap over, Behemoth was forced to withdraw.

Attila the Drum rips off Razer's side wheel

Razer pursues Onslaught as the latter rams Attila the Drum

In Round 4, Razer chased after Onslaught. Attila the Drum ran into Razer, but missed a strike of its mace, before flailing away from the other two robots, who were dodging around each other, only coming into contact briefly. Razer continued targeting Onslaught, but Onslaught was able to avoid Razer as it was slightly faster. Attila the Drum then spun on the spot, forcing Razer to slow down to avoid it. This gave Onslaught the chance to lift up Razer slightly from the side, before the two robots began driving around the arena again, whilst Attila the Drum continued spinning. After some more dodging, the three met in the centre of the arena, Onslaught missed a flip and used its raised scoop to push Razer away, whilst Attila was still spinning. After pushing Razer back, Onslaught's scoop did not reset all the way down, so it reversed into Attila the Drum, knocking it away. Eventually, Razer managed to get Attila the Drum's mace in its claw, but didn't crush down. Onslaught's scoop had reset and it tried another flip, but missed and the scoop locked again. It then pushed Attila the Drum towards Sir Killalot's CPZ, rolling it over, but Attila the Drum managed to escape before Razer could launch an attack. Attila the Drum was forced over one of the flame jets by Razer, who raised its claw as high as possible to try and puncture the body, but Attila the Drum continued to spin, preventing Razer from attacking, until Onslaught pushed into both robots again. Razer attempted to attack Onslaught again, but couldn't catch its faster opponent, whilst Attila the Drum continued to strike at thin air. Eventually, Razer and Onslaught turned on Attila the Drum again, trying to control its movements, but once again Razer could not puncture its body. Despite being boxed in, Attila the Drum continued to spin, striking the World Champion and causing shards of metal to break off. Razer was forced to retreat once again before coming in for another attack, but Attila the Drum landed another hard blow on its side. Onslaught suffered a few blows itself attempting to stop Attila the Drum, although its scoop proved slightly more resilient, as it ran into the side of Razer but failed to lift it.

"Onslaught has been busy, Attila the Drum has been potentially destructive and Razer here is suddenly up against it and needs to work hard!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer receives a blow from Attila the Drum's mace

Razer clamps the side of an overturned Onslaught

Attila the Drum continued to spin on the spot and both Razer and Onslaught seemed hesitant to attack before Onslaught finally rammed into it. The two co-favourites turned on each other once again, leaving Attila the Drum to spin, but as soon as it slowed down, Attila the Drum was rammed simultaneously by both of its opponents and forced into Sir Killalot's CPZ. The house robot's jaws managed to puncture its body and lift it up, whilst Razer's claw snagged the fur on its wheel, ripping it. Eventually, Sir Killalot let Attila the Drum go, but it appeared to be slower than before. Onslaught rammed into Attila the Drum and it rolled straight back into Sir Killalot's CPZ, allowing him to grab hold of its weapon and lift it up again, whereupon it appeared only one of its wheels was working. Onslaught rammed into Sir Killalot as it and Razer tried to dodge each other. Attila the Drum was let go once again and it drove into Onslaught once more before slowly rolling backwards and coming to a halt just inside Sir Killalot's CPZ. During the scuffle, Razer finally managed to grab hold of the rear of Onslaught, whose rear tyre appeared to have been damaged. Onslaught managed to dodge away from Razer behind Matilda, but she managed to lift it onto its side with her tusks, allowing Razer to grab hold of it. Despite this, Onslaught took very little damage from Razer's crusher. "Cease" was called and Attila the Drum was declared immobilised, eliminating it from the competition.

"With Behemoth, Vercingetorix and Spawn of Scutter out of the frame, we perhaps relaxed a little too much. Tactically we got this round all wrong. We wasted too much time chasing Onslaught around the arena and in the end it was Attila that started to rack up the points on the judges' cards for damage. We were a little fortunate to join forces with Onslaught in a push on Attila that sent it into Sir Killalot's CPZ. The drum was hoisted up and was out. Right at the end of the fight we finally caught the nippy little Onslaught and gave it a squeeeeze which twisted their chassis. It was a good time to remind them of what would occur if we got hold of them again in the final."
— The Razer website

Razer pins Onslaught against the wall

In the final, Razer got off to the faster start, but as with the previous round, it was unable to catch hold of the quicker Onslaught. The two dodged around each other before making a small collision, but neither was able to capitalise. As Razer tried to close in, Onslaught drove into Matilda's CPZ and easily dodged behind her and out the other side before the House Robot could react. Onslaught tried to continue dodging, but Razer was able to slightly wedge under its side. With Onslaught not far enough up the wedge to use its crusher, Razer forced it back towards Matilda, who pushed Onslaught back and separated the two. Onslaught continued to drive around until it drove straight up Razer's wedge, allowing Razer to grab hold of it just behind the shovel.

"We decided on tactics and decided not to chase Onslaught as much as we had in the last round - just let them run around and pick the right moment to charge them. This worked well and within a minute or so we got them right in the centre of our arm and gave them a good squeeze."
— The Razer website

Razer grips Onslaught as it is pushed back along the entry gates

Razer was unable to damage Onslaught's tough scoop armour and forced it over one of the flame jets, before eventually letting it go, to Jonathan Pearce's confusion. However, before Onslaught could get away, Razer caught it from behind and forced it into the arena wall. Razer tried to grab hold of one of Onslaught's wheels, but it was too far back for the beak to connect, and Onslaught managed to escape and run away as Razer moved back. Onslaught tried to dodge again, but Razer was able to wedge slightly under it again briefly. Onslaught then made a run-up and charged head-on into Razer's crusher, forcing it back and nearly into Dead Metal's CPZ. The two engaged in a pushing match, but Razer was still unable to crush through Onslaught's armour.

"D'you know, I...I'm not too sure whether they've got full crushing ability, or whether they have done throughout."
— Jonathan Pearce, doubting Razer

Razer continues its tussle as Onslaught's left-rear tyre delaminates

However, as the two robots pushed, Onslaught's left rear tyre suddenly peeled off its wheel. This didn't seem to deter Onslaught as it continued to push back before Razer released it again. Another grab was quickly executed, but still with little damage, although this time it was Razer who managed to force Onslaught back. Onslaught was released and it reversed into Matilda before dodging away from Razer again. It once again drove into Matilda's CPZ in an attempt to evade Razer, but drove onto the House Robot's tusks. Matilda flipped it onto its side against the arena wall, which managed to dislodge a drive chain. Onslaught's srimech was unable to right it whilst it was on its side, rendering it stuck. Both Razer and Matilda nudged it slightly before the two met head on and Matilda pushed Razer back with her raised tusks.

" Before the fight we had agreed with the Onslaught team not to cause too much damage to their machine. It is a beautiful piece of engineering and we respect the amount of work it takes to create such a machine. So what could we attack after disabling them? Unfortunately for Matilda...she was the nearest target and so bore the brunt of Razer's aggression."
— The Razer website

As she turned to Onslaught, Razer retaliated by grabbing her from behind and crushing through her rear armour with ease. Sgt. Bash tried to nudge Razer in retaliation, but the undeterred World Champion dragged Matilda towards the flame jet and punctured another hole in her armour. Matilda promptly caught fire over the arena hazard.

"The rear of Matilda has never been seen quite like this before and I have to say, thank goodness-Matilda is on fire!!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer turns on Matilda

Razer destroys Matilda

Matilda shuffled back and forth slightly, and Razer clawed another hole in her side. Sir Killalot approached, but appeared to make no effort to stop the destruction, aside from briefly pushing Razer away. Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal began attacking the immobilised Onslaught, whilst Razer attempted to break Matilda's chainsaw. Unable to do so, Razer pushed Matilda away just as the pit was descended and punctured a hole in her head. Sir Killalot now appeared to have stopped taking on Razer and helped it push Matilda towards the flame pit. Sgt. Bash left Onslaught to join in, and all three managed to push Matilda onto the flame pit, where she caught fire again and finally broke down. After a moment, Sgt. Bash nudged Matilda off the flame pit, just as Onslaught was finally pushed into the pit by Dead Metal. With Matilda now immobilised, Sir Killalot attacked Razer and drove it into the arena wall. Sgt. Bash and Refbot pushed Matilda across the arena away from the hazards and the latter used his fire extinguisher to put out the flames, finally bringing an end to Matilda's destruction.

"Will this be the last we ever see of Matilda, I wonder? Razer, strong enough to be our Southern Survivors!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the annihilator concludes

Extreme 1[]

Razer had a successful Extreme, winning 7 out of 8 battles in 3 events. It competed in the All-Stars where, in the first round, it met the clusterbot Gemini.

Razer seizes one of the twins

As soon as the battle started, Razer intercepted Gemini as it split, catching hold of one of the twins and crushing into its lightweight armour.

"We crushed, let go and the machine span away still mobile. We reckon the 'fear factor' of Razer got to the drivers, as they seemed to lack the coordination which made them such formidable opponents in Series 4."
— The Razer website[27]

The other twin rammed into Razer to try and free it. Razer managed to drive the captured Gemini twin around the arena. It tried to use its flipper to free itself, but failed, so Razer crushed even deeper into the armour. The other half of Gemini tried to flip Razer over, but missed. The second attempt flipped Razer over, still clutching hold of its captured twin.

"They tumble together there! You ever seen fighting crabs on a beach? That's what they look like."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer is toppled while holding one of the Gemini twins.

Razer, whose beak had now actually penetrated out the other side of Gemini's armour, tried to right itself, but it failed to do so at first and in doing so let the captured twin go. Razer eventually self-righted and chased after Gemini. After a little bit of sizing-up each other, Razer grabbed hold of the other Gemini twin by the flipping arm. It couldn't crush through its opponent's flipper and both robots were overturned by the remaining Gemini twin. The fallen twin was the first to right itself, but the other was unable to prevent Razer from righting itself. Razer continued to pursue the Gemini twin it had been holding onto, but the twin was able to evade Razer with its superior speed. However, it ran straight into its other twin, performing a wheelie as it moved, allowing Razer to grab its wheel, crushing straight through its tyre.

"Oh, and there is the damage! Listen to the popping of the tyre there! Like a balloon popping there! That was an amazing attack by Razer, it's let Gemini go, but the damage there could be crucial if this goes to a judges' decision ... "
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer makes its mark on one half of Gemini

Razer then let the Gemini-half go, and tried to grab it front on again. After dragging it over a flame jet, it wedged under the twin, but it escaped. The other half drove at Razer, but Razer drove away before it could flip. Razer launched one last attack, but failed to clamp hold of either twin, and drove onto the flame pit.

The fight ended at this point on the televised version, but the actual outcome was very different. As Razer drove over the floor flipper, it activated, throwing the World Champion upwards and damaging its front wedge as it landed on the closing flipper panel. Its mobility now compromised, Razer was still about to grab hold of one half of Gemini by the flipping mechanism and attempted to crush it. However, the captured twin fired its flipper in an attempt to fend off the attack and, under the severe pressure, Razer's hydraulics burst, immobilising the entire robot. Because the flipper was only meant to be used on immobilised robots, the judges stopped the fight and judged it up until the flipper had been used, giving the win to Razer. The incident was edited out when the fight was shown on TV. Despite this damage, however, Razer was seen to perform its 'victory salute' with its wings after the Judges' decision was announced to have gone in its favour.

"We went to work on stripping Razer down and finding out why the hydraulics had burst. The answer was very surprising indeed - at one point in the fight we had hold of one half of Gemini on their flipper. The arm was too strong to crush and Simon had stopped crushing so as not to bend our arm. Gemini must have fired their flipper and the surge it sent through our hydraulics caused the seal in the pump to slip. We fixed the problem in about an hour and cleaned up the fluid which was all over the robot, the workbench and us!"
— The Razer website

In Round 2, Razer fought Behemoth for their second head-to-head battle, and the fifth time that both robots entered the arena together.

"We couldn't believe this one, Behemoth had come so perilously close to beating us in the final of the First World Championships and we'd battled them in the first 2 rounds of the Southern Annihilator."
— The Razer website

Razer crumples Behemoth's scoop

The battle started quickly, with Razer buffeting Behemoth up as the two collided. It pushed underneath Behemoth and drove it into the arena wall, but failed to utilise its crusher. After trying to get around their sides, both robots went for a head-on attack, but Razer's ground clearance won out. It then proceeded to buckle Behemoth's scoop with its claw, with the two engaging in a back-and-forth pushing match whilst doing so.

"We decided to let the winkler down and in a tactic which must have surprised them, we met their lifting scoop head on. We went straight under the scoop and crushed down, bending it out of shape."
— The Razer website

Razer is flipped by Behemoth

Behemoth pins Razer against an entry gate

Eventually, Behemoth forced Razer all the way back into Shunt's CPZ and Razer was forced to let go of its opponent. It attempted a side attack, but Behemoth dodged away just in time. A lot of dodging and driving around each other occurred, until Behemoth got to Razer's side and flipped it over, pinning it down with its scoop at the same time. Doing this prevented Razer from righting itself, and Behemoth drove Razer against the arena wall, still pinning it down. However, due to the "no-pinning" rule, Behemoth was forced to retreat. Instead, it attempted to flip Razer just as its "wings" stretched out to their furthest, preventing it from self-righting. The second attempt backfired and Razer landed on its wheels. It then charged at Behemoth from the side, buffeting it and forcing underneath, before crushing through the side armour. In the last five seconds, it was forced to let go, but Behemoth retaliated and managed to flip Razer just before Cease was called.

Razer recovers by piercing Behemoth's side

Razer is flipped over again as time runs out

"It took them an awfully long time to make their decision and while Ian and Simon thought we had lost, I had a feeling we may have just edged it - we had but by the narrowest of margins. We won by one point, this was unanimous amongst the 3 judges. The Behemoth team were understandably upset and we were extremely relieved. Noel Sharkey took time after the fight to explain the decision to both teams, it was all down to the damage we inflicted early on. Damage scores higher points than control, aggression or style and as we had no damage it went to us."
— The Razer website

Vinnie Blood noted that Behemoth's final flip had immobilised Razer, as it was no longer able to self-right[28]. However, this came too late into the battle for Razer to be counted out, and despite Behemoth's last spurt of aggression, a unanimous judges' decision gave Razer the win by a margin of only one point, a close victory which Craig Charles discussed with Team Razer, branding them fortunate. It was later revealed that during the battle, Razer's crushing arm had stopped working again.

"...the crushing arm went again! There was no sign of leaking fluid and it was up to Ian to keep out of trouble, which he did admirably as there was good 1 1/2 minutes of the fight left. ...we were faced with another problem to solve, why had the arm stopped again? To our puzzlement it started working again after we were back in the pits. We hypothesised interference but were not {sic} as Ian had found no problems with the handling of Razer. We checked everything over and recharged ready for the next round..."
— The Razer website

In the Semi-Final, Razer faced Firestorm 3, with the team ultimately making no repairs to their crusher.

Razer shows Firestorm 3 to the crowd

The two robots circled each other, before Firestorm drove at Razer. Razer's wedge got under Firestorm 3 and it crushed Firestorm 3 with its claw, piercing straight through Firestorm 3's flipper. Firestorm 3 fired its flipper in a bid to protect itself, then managed to push Razer around the arena, but was unable to stop Razer causing more damage. Razer then lifted Firestorm 3 into the air, but Firestorm 3 fell off, but landed on Razer's wedge again. Razer crushed through the flipper, then Firestorm 3's main body. After driving it around a little more, Razer raised its claw to its fullest height, with Firestorm 3 still firmly attached.

"Not only are we in it for winning battles, but we want to put on a spectacle, put on a great show! And when we picked Firestorm up, and their little flipper's waggling around in the air, and we're driving around, showing them to the crowd, for us, that is what Robot Wars is about!"
— Simon Scott in Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

Razer fills Firestorm 3 with holes

Firestorm 3's attempts to free itself proved futile, and Razer finally lowered it, letting its opponent go. Firestorm 3 drove at Razer, only to get caught on its wedge again, and received another hole in its front. Razer then pushed Firestorm 3 into Matilda's CPZ, and both Matilda and Shunt proceeded to attack Firestorm 3, Shunt hitting it several times with his axe.

"Considering the damage we were inflicting Firestorm did well to keep mobile and it was about 3 1/2 minutes into the fight that we encountered the same problem with the arm. Fortunately they had just about given up hope by then and we kept them pushed into the house robots and won the fight on a far easier judges decision."
— The Razer website

Despite this, Firestorm 3 managed to survive to a judges' decision, but Razer easily won the decision.

"OK, so the arm had gone again, and once more it was fine after the fight. We could still only come up with interference as the cause but were not 100% convinced. Nonetheless we added protection against interference to the area we thought might be causing the problem and prepared for the final..."
— The Razer website

Razer was through to the final, where it fought Tornado. This fight was the main event of Episode 15, the last episode of the series, and as such the climax of Robot Wars Extreme.

Razer crushes Tornado's tyre

Razer drove straight at Tornado and grabbed hold of it just behind its front-right wheel. It penetrated deeply, raising Tornado off the ground slightly, but not causing much actual damage.

"...if there is one shape Razer likes it is a low, flat box. We fully expected Tornado to try and outmanoeuvre us and ram us from the side but for some reason they ran straight up our wedge and we thought 'thank you very much' and brought the crushing arm down."
— The Razer website

Razer spun Tornado around and attempted again to penetrate, causing the tyre of Tornado to be pushed askew slightly, but not permanently. Eventually, Razer was forced to let go, but Tornado remained stuck on its wedge, allowing Razer to adjust its position and crush part of its actual bodywork. In trying to lift it, Razer dropped Tornado, who got around Razer's side and attacked, but despite sending sparks flying caused little damage. The two spun around each other, trying to gain an advantage, but as they met head-on, Razer won out, and crushed into the front-left wheel depression. Adjusting its aim, Razer tried to crush into the wheel, but was not able to get at the right angle.

Razer picks up Tornado

Razer let go of Tornado once more, but Tornado did not appear to be driving fully, and Razer wedged under it from the side again. Another attack on the front-left wheel did little damage, but as it backed away, Tornado appeared to have broken down. Razer came in from the side again, and finally managed to puncture the frame of Tornado, lifting it into the air. Shunt left his CPZ and knocked Tornado from Razer's beak using his axe. As the house robots investigated Tornado for any signs of movement, Razer pressed the pit release button. As it descended, Refbot counted out the immobile Tornado.

"Razer, worthy winners of our All-Stars final, worthy champions of Robot Wars Extreme, as all that is left to do is snuff out the Tornado, dampen down the hurricane, quieten the whirlwind. "We have put the wind up you" said Razer, and in the end, lets be honest, it wasn't even a close shave"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado is pitted by Razer

Sgt. Bash and Shunt pushed Tornado around, before Shunt placed it on the floor flipper. After Tornado was thrown, Sgt. Bash pushed Tornado towards the pit, but Razer stole its beaten opponent away and shoved it in the pit itself.

"Razer has the last word, Tornado has the last rites!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer was therefore the All-Stars Champion.

"...we broke their drive chain and immobilised them. It was just as well, as the arm failed AGAIN!!! We opened the pit and nudged Tornado over to it and pushed them in. Razer's ninth trophy in 4 seasons and we were delighted! ... We finally isolated the cause of the arm problem - the solenoid which triggers the hydraulics was an old second-hand one and had become worn. With a few minutes of constant use it was overheating and ceasing to function. We replaced it with a new one and all we were all set for our next challenge - to defend our title in the the Robot Wars Second World Championship!"
— The Razer website

Razer took part in a Vengeance battle against Pussycat, which was held as the main event of the 4th show. The grudge dated back to Series 4, after Pussycat caused a lot of damage to Razer after it was immobilised. Ian Lewis was unhappy with the way that Pussycat had treated Razer, claiming that the team had broken a "Gentleman's Agreement" not to cause excessive damage. The Pussycat team argued that because Razer's wheels were still moving, they thought Razer was still mobile, which was why they continued to attack.

Razer crushes into Pussycat

"Although originally scheduled for filming at Earls Court, the fight was delayed and eventually took place after the filming of Series 5. Now, to set the record straight, the Razer team do admire Pussycat as a clever design with a weapon capable of inflicting real damage. We wanted to prove that their previous win over us was our harsh luck due to a tiny brass strip falling out of a cutoff switch. We just wanted a fair fight"
— The Razer website[29]

Both robots driving around each other, and Pussycat drove straight into Razer's claw, causing a few sparks, but neither robot was able to gain an advantage from there. As Pussycat tried to turn away, Razer suddenly got a side-on attack and sunk its claw into Pussycat's body.

"Ian Lewis is very unhappy, but...well, do you see Hypno-Disc's victims bleating and coming back? You don't! Ian, it's in the nature of Robot Wars, if you're beaten, you're beaten! Take it like a man! He is, look at this!"
— Jonathan Pearce's thoughts, right as Razer grabs Pussycat

Razer lifts Pussycat into the air

Razer lifted Pussycat up and carried it to the flame pit, but ended up dropping its foe. Pussycat fell onto its side on the flame pit, but escaped and quickly fought back, charging at Razer and hitting it side on, causing sparks to fly. It then hit Razer right on its front right wheel, causing even more sparks. Pussycat had broken Razer's front wheel, and although its wheels were spinning, it was unable to move at all.

"As they dropped off, their weapon was spinning and it hit our front wheel - the wheel broke and jammed up, leaving us pretty much immobile."
— The Razer website

Pussycat continued to push into Razer, but even though the claw was working, Razer still wouldn't move. After a few more nudges, it became clear that Razer wasn't going to be able to fight anymore.

Sparks fly from Razer after a charge from Pussycat

"I think it is going to be defeat, but Ian with a smile, and what's important is that he is smiling"
— Jonathan Pearce, noting that Ian is taking defeat better this time

Pussycat pressed the pit release button, then started attacking Razer, just like it had done in Series 4. This time, though, it was unable to cause any damage to Razer's thicker armour plating. After a few more attempted assaults, Razer was finally counted out by Refbot.

"...and it's ended just like before, with Pussycat the winners, and Razer grumbling and stumbling and out! They won't like it! They're gonna have to accept it! Pussycat is the better robot of the two when they come head-to-head"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer is pitted by Shunt

Pussycat attempted to pit Razer, but its shape made this difficult, so Shunt pitted Razer instead.

"We were a sitting target and were glad to see the Pussycat team had decided that beating the daylights out of an immobile opponent proves little and backed off... a disappointment in some ways, but we were happy to lose in a fair fight. Alan Gribble admitted they were lucky as we had missed their Vantec speed controllers by a fraction when we pierced Pussycat."
— The Razer website

The Razer team were much more gracious in defeat this time, but they still requested another re-match for the future.

"Will the score EVER be settled?"
— Craig Charles as Ian Lewis requests another battle

Razer was also due to take part in the People's Challenge event, where it would fight Hypno-Disc, as requested by readers of the Robot Wars Magazine. However, both teams withdrew, believing it would not be worth the damage to their robots, and the event never went ahead.

The Second World Championship[]

Razer fought to defend its World Champion title Second World Championship, representing the United Kingdom, the places allocated to the four semi-finalists of the All-Stars tournament. In the first round, it fought Diotoir from the Republic of Ireland once again, German robot Flensburger Power and US representative The Revolutionist.

Razer pierces The Revolutionist

Razer carries The Revolutionist to Matilda

At the start of the battle, Razer chased after The Revolutionist, and crushed through the robot's shell to immediately stop the spinning weapon, at the expense of damage to Razer's arm, whilst Diotoir pushed Flensburger Power around the arena. The Revolutionist was no longer spinning, so it drove straight up Razer's wedge, but the World Champion's claw did not cause much damage, and The Revolutionist escaped. It then managed to get up some speed and slammed into Razer's side, but caused no damage, whilst Diotoir pushed Flensburger Power into Sir Killalot's CPZ and left it there. Razer then crushed through the shell of The Revolutionist, before it fell off and was attacked by Matilda.

"The Revolutionist was still going so we attacked it when it was spinning at top speed. It was quite spectacular to see the arm of Razer close down and stop them but it did twist the arm to one side. However, we had stopped their ability to spin"
— The Razer website[30]

Razer bites into Flensburger Power

Razer is caught from behind by Diotoir

Meanwhile, Flensburger Power had stopped moving and was counted out. Diotoir then pushed Razer further into Matilda's CPZ, but Razer quickly retaliated and crushed effortlessly into the Irish machine's side.

"Razer now after Diotoir, and crumpling into the very heart of the Irish boys! Irish eyes are not smiling, in fact, there's only one left!"
— Jonathan Pearce noticing one of Diotoir's eyes is missing

Razer crushes Diotoir

Razer holds Diotoir over the flame pit

Razer then picked Diotoir up and held it over the flame pit, but surprisingly this had no effect on Diotoir's fur. Matilda then drove across the arena and struck Flensburger Power with her flywheel, knocking it over. Razer and Diotoir then toyed with the remains of the German machine in the last few seconds, whilst The Revolutionist appeared to have broken down on the closed pit. As The Revolutionist had not been counted out, it was still included in the decision, but the judges easily put Razer through.

In the second round, it faced fellow UK representative Tornado, in a rematch from the All-Stars Final.

Razer punctures the shell of Tornado

As the battle began, the two robots charged at each other, trying to get to each other's sides. After a while, they charged head-on and despite Tornado's scoop, Razer's ground clearance won out. It pushed Tornado against the arena wall, digging into the gap in the armour where the disc usually was, before letting Tornado go. It then managed to grab hold of Tornado just in front of the back-right wheel, penetrating deep into the gap.

"They do not mean to give up their title lightly here!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado is dropped into the pit

Razer let Tornado go, but Tornado drove into the arena wall, which allowed Razer to crush into its rear armour and pick it off the ground. Razer dropped Tornado and Tornado tried to get away, but no matter how hard it tried to attack, it could not gain an advantage. Again, Tornado tried a front-on attack, but Razer's wedge got under Tornado's scoop again, and the defending World Champion forced its opponent into the pit release. Razer crushed Tornado again and picked it up, holding it over the pit as it opened. However, it had penetrated Tornado so deeply that it was unable to remove it from the claw.

"What happened next made for some dramatic footage. Tornado stuck on our beak and we hovered them over the chasm of the pit but could not shake them off. Ian had to manoeuvre away from the pit and Simon had to lower the arm to try and loosen them off. Every time we did this they tried to escape and we were in danger of going in the pit ourselves. Eventually, after a minute of this they finally dropped in - to the delight of the huge audience."
— The Razer website

After numerous attempts, at one point nearly falling into the pit itself, Razer was finally able to pull free and Tornado fell into the pit.

"Now you can see why they're the reigning champions"
— Craig Charles to Team Tornado after the battle

Razer was through to the final, where it fought the American shufflebot Drillzilla.

"We made a game plan - don't let them push us sideways in their front jaws and try and get round the side of them and bite the legs. We entered the arena with a huge surge of adrenaline coursing through us. If we could do this we would not only have defended our title, we would also be $25000 richer! We also had our partners in the audience and wanted to give them a show to remember."
— The Razer website

Razer and Drillzilla circled each other, trying to get around each other's side. Razer grabbed onto Drillzilla's left-hand "banks" and clamped hold of the shuffling mechanism. It pushed Drillzilla into Sgt. Bash's CPZ, but the house robot's claw was unable to break the American's centimetre-thick armour. Instead, Razer dragged Drillzilla out to the centre of the arena.

"Razer there, trying to stop the rhythm of Drillzilla!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer and Sir Killalot crush Drillzilla

Eventually, Razer let Drillzilla go, but quickly clamped hold of it again, only to lose its grip. Drillzilla quickly drove away and tried to come in for another attack. It briefly got a good attack on the side, but Razer swiftly turned before any advantage could be taken and clamped down again. Unable to crush Drillzilla's armour, it forced the shufflebot into Sir Killalot's CPZ.

Razer traps the shuffling banks of Drillzilla

Razer and Sir Killalot tried to crush through Drillzilla's armour, but it still could not be broken, but Drillzilla was unable to escape Razer's clutches. Eventually, Razer let it go again and Drillzilla escaped to the centre of the arena to have another charge. Razer intercepted again, clamping hold of its right-hand banks. Despite its best attempts (even damaging the arena floor with the shuffling banks), Drillzilla could not escape Razer's clutches.

"For me, it HAS to be Razer!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle draws to a close

Refbot counts the seconds down on his counter

Razer continued to hold onto Drillzilla in the last ten seconds of the battle, with Refbot joining in the count.

"We gained a further hold of their legs and I (Vinny) went to work with the stopwatch - ensuring they were held for the maximum one minute before releasing. With around 30 seconds of the fight left we gained another hold and could not help but pound on the protective screens as we knew we were moments away from achieving the highest point in our career yet."
— The Razer website

The judges were called to make a decision and decided that Razer, having been on the offensive throughout the battle, won the battle.

"And still, the undisputed Champions of the World - Razer!"
— Craig Charles

This victory meant that Razer retained its title as Robot Wars World Champion.

"Cease was called and although it went to the judges we knew we had done enough. It is hard to describe the elation we felt after that fight. Drillzilla were great sports and told us we were just too quick for them. The UK production crew were delighted for us at having held onto the title for the UK. It was also fantastic to have our partners there to share in our victory."
— The Razer website

Series 5[]

"Painful, lethal, terrifying, need I say more?"
— Philippa Forrester praises Razer at the start of the Heat

Despite going out at the Heat Final stage of the Fourth Wars, Razer's pedigree in the side competitions saw it seeded fourth for the Fifth Wars. Before its first fight, Razer had a problem when its hydraulic fluid leaked.

"Razer had a scare within an hour of arriving at the studio. We were called up to do the usual pre-competition photoshoot and we were happy to display our shiny machine. However, we were asked to raise the wings for a more dramatic pose and after the pics were taken we found a huge puddle of hydraulic fluid on the floor - 'Here we go again', we thought, 'The UK championship and Razer starts playing up!'. The problem was the hydraulic fluid reservoir which had sprung a leak - easily fixed but a potential knock on our confidence. However, we are an experienced and determined team and knew Razer's abilities meant we could live with the very best and so we entered round one still undaunted."
— The Razer website[31]

The team were easily able to repair the leak, and it did not affect them again.

"Now, you may expect us not to be that nervous going into our first battle against Big Nipper; great machine, great big titanium teeth on this thing, could really work us over! I was nervous as hell, I tell you, I was outside, my guts were turning over, Vinnie had to come out and console me a bit."
— Ian Lewis in Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

One of Razer's wings snaps off on contact with Big Nipper

Razer fought in Heat K, and faced newcomer Big Nipper in the first round. At the start of the battle, both robots charged straight at each other. Big Nipper has its pincers raised as it charged, and when it collided with Razer, one of its wings was broken, and was left hanging useless.

"...something has been broken on that initial onslaught onto Big Nipper! It's part of the self-righting mechanism that has flown away from Razer!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer tried to crush Big Nipper, but Big Nipper reversed before the crusher could close, so Razer turned around for another attack. Big Nipper turned and escaped from Razer, one of it pincers having bent. Razer caught up to Big Nipper by the pit, and got under it. Big Nipper turned away to get off the ramp, but Razer quickly got under again, and crushed through Big Nipper, pushing it around the arena. Razer lifted its crusher to pierce another hole in Big Nipper, which allowed Big Nipper to reverse away. However, Razer caught up with it almost immediately, and grabbed it again. Razer tried to pierce the armour in the centre of Big Nipper's top, but that part proved too strong, so instead it attacked where it attacked before - the parts of the top by the sides, which it easily went through again.

"Big Nipper desperately trying to get away. Well, if you crush a beetle, it rains and rains and rains, and punishment raining down on Big Nipper now from Razer!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Big Nipper is hoisted by Razer

Razer then lifted Big Nipper, and carried it over to the flame pit, holding it there until it dropped off the crusher. Razer actually backed off, allowing Big Nipper to get away, but after briefly dodging Razer, Big Nipper drove head on at Razer, and Razer grabbed it by the gap between the pincers and the body, pushing it onto the flame pit. Big Nipper was able to break Razer's grip by pushing its pincers down, and actually managed to turn Razer onto the flames.

"This is a very good, and therefore very surprising first battle for Razer. I thought they'd stroll this against the new boys."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer retains its grip on Big Nipper

Razer pushed Big Nipper around into an angle grinder. Big Nipper pushed back, but despite getting itself away from the angle grinder, could only push Razer back a little. The two robots pushed each other back and forth by a CPZ, eventually driving into it, but the two robots drove out as Dead Metal went into the CPZ, before the House Robot could attack. Razer crushed Big Nipper's wheel, and pushed it across the arena into Shunt in one of the top CPZs. Big Nipper was caught between Shunt and Razer, and Shunt axed Big Nipper repeatedly, making four holes in the top. Big Nipper could not get away as it was immobile, and Refbot came in to count it out.

"...and Razer, despite the damage, and they'll need work in the pits, go through, but it wasn't with the flourish we expected"
— Jonathan Pearce as Big Nipper is counted out.

Cease was called, and Razer was through.

"Their tactic was to try and grab the arm of Razer, but when we collided they hit one side of the self-righting wings with such force it sheared the bolts on the hinge! We now had it all to do as the damage we had incurred was significant. Fortunately the arm was unhindered by the dangling wing and we set off after our quarry. Although they had titanium armour we were able to pierce them fairly easily and towards the end of the fight they had more damage than us. We capped it off by crushing their kill switch and winning by KO."
— The Razer website summarises the battle

The Robot Widows hold their insulting signs

In the second round, the Razer team faced the all-female team Widow's Revenge, which included Gillie Blood, the fianceé of Ian Lewis and the sister of Vinnie Blood, as well as Vinnie Blood's girlfriend Emily Cathcart. Before the battle, the Widow's Revenge team jokingly gave Team Razer an ultimatum, to persuade them to lose the battle. They also stood behind the team, parading signs reading "Bulb Boy" (referencing Vinnie Blood's bald head), "Weasel" (referencing Simon Scott's slim figure) and "Potato Features" (referencing (Ian Lewis' face).

Philippa Forrester: "Now's your chance, get it all out of your systems, what do you want to say to them?"
Gillie Blood: "If we win, we're brilliant and they leave the studios in shame. If they beat us, no more washing-up, no more hot dinners on the table, and I'm putting his bed in the shed!"
— The Robot Widows leave Team Razer an ultimatum

Razer crushes Widow's Revenge

In the battle, Widow's Revenge drove at Razer, but Razer was much faster and drove around it, leading it towards the bottom of the arena. Before long, Razer got side on at Widow's Revenge and crushed the top, causing a strip of metal to fly off, while the top armour of Widow's Revenge was crumpled. Widow's Revenge was forced from the floor as it was pierced, and another attack from Razer caused more strips of metal to fly away, and Widow's Revenge's other top panel was crushed.

"We did try to go easy on them and squeezed very gently - unfortunately the girls had forgotten to put the sponge over their batteries and the terminals hit the chassis and everything shorted. With them truly dead we laid into them in a manner most unsporting!"
— The Razer website

Widow's Revenge had already been immobilised, so Razer pressed the pit release button and crushed into Widow's Revenge again, before placing Widow's Revenge over the flame pit.

"Divorce lawyers are on the phone! Widow's Revenge are on the flames! The housekeeping money will be used now to repair Widow's Revenge for months ahead, or will it?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer and Matilda attack Widow's Revenge again

As Widow's Revenge was pushed towards the floor flipper, the Robot Widows held their insulting signs up in their control booth. Refbot counted out Widow's Revenge on the floor flipper, before Razer drove in to cause even more damage. Razer crumpled Widow's Revenge off the floor again, and the House Robots closed in, with Matilda using her flywheel to throw the beaten robot up, removing its top armour completely. Sgt. Bash placed Widow's Revenge back onto the floor flipper, where it was tossed directly upwards, and dropped a piece of metal under the flipper, wedging it open. Both Razer and Sgt. Bash used their crushers to attack what remained of Widow's Revenge and hold it in place for Matilda to tear up its front wedge.

"Oh Razer, there's nothing left of it! Be merciful!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer pits itself and Widow's Revenge

The combined attack of Matilda and Razer continued, causing further damage, and Razer drove Widow's Revenge towards the pit. When Razer attempted to push Widow's Revenge into the pit, Razer fell down itself, hanging from the chassis of Widow's Revenge by its claw. Regardless, Widow's Revenge had already lost the battle. Gillie Blood said after the battle that she would have lots of time to repair Widow's Revenge, claiming she would never make hot dinners for Team Razer again, and that she would put Ian Lewis' bed in the shed, while Emily Cathcart told Craig Charles that 'The war continues on a domestic level'.

"The ribbing they gave us in the pits was terrible, and their machine wasn't too hot either, so we decided that we would really make them suffer for those comments!"
— Vincent Blood in Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

Razer was through to the Heat Final, where if fought Rick.

"...Rick had had practice against Razer off-screen, so they were a little bit aware of how we work the machine."
— Simon Scott in Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

Razer fits its beak under the flipper of Rick

Razer prizes away Rick's top panel

The two robots cautiously drove towards each other, and when they made contact, Rick fired its flipper, which missed. Razer easily got in under Rick and crushed one of the tyres. Razer then attacked the other wheel on Rick, but crushed in the wrong spot, so the crusher did not pierce the tyre. It released the crusher to try again, but Rick turned away off the front of Razer. It turned away from Razer, but before it could escape, Razer got under it, ramming it into the arena wall, and crushing into it, pulling off a piece of armour as it raised the crusher. Razer backed off, and Rick slowly turned around, only for Razer to come in again, crushing the flipper. Razer lifted Rick up and reversed, still holding Rick, and Rick used its flipper to get free. However, this left the insides open for Razer to attack. Razer got its crusher under the flipper and pushed Rick back to the arena wall, but Rick turned away before Razer could damage the electronics.

Razer forces the flipper of Rick back down

Razer crushes through the side of Rick

Razer pushed Rick into Shunt's CPZ, and Shunt axed and lifted Rick, before pushing it out. Rick found itself caught between Shunt and Razer, with Shunt axing it from behind, and Razer crushing the flipper. Rick fired the flipper, which did manage to push Razer's crusher up, but Razer forced it down. Rick managed to push Razer's crusher up again with the flipper, only for Razer to force it down again, and then reversed. Razer pushed Rick to the other side of the arena, piercing into its side, lifting it briefly, then pushing it onto the flame pit. Rick had stopped moving, and was counted out. Razer dragged Rick onto the floor flipper, where it was thrown. Sir Killalot started to attack Rick, but Razer went behind the House Robot and attacked it.

"They've beaten their wives and girlfriends and opponents, and now they're taking on the house robots, too!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer takes on Sir Killalot

Razer is pitted by Sir Killalot

Razer tried to crush the rear of Sir Killalot, then attacked the arm with its claw. Sir Killalot turned around and chased Razer across the arena, until Razer grappled onto one of its arms. Sir Killalot used this opportunity to turn Razer over and drag them into the descending pit. However, Razer was already through to the Semi-finals for the first time.

"We said at the start of this series, we don't care whether we win or lose this series, we're just going for maximum carnage, that's what we're giving"
— Vinnie Blood after the fight

In the first round of the Semi-Finals, Razer fought 13th seed Spawn Again.

"17 kilos heavier in this fight, that could be decisive!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Razer, before the fight

Razer crushes Spawn Again

Razer made the quicker start, trying to drive at Spawn Again's side, but Spawn Again turned to face Razer, so Razer charged at Team Scutterbots' machine head on, getting underneath and ramming it into the top arena wall, crushing the flipper as it did so. Razer did not do much damage to the flipper or the flipper plate when it tried crushing it, so it backed off and drove to attack the side of Spawn Again. Spawn Again had stopped moving, so Razer came in and crushed, first trying unsuccessfully to crush the flipper, then piercing through the side, creating two holes and pulling Spawn Again away from the wall. Razer let Spawn Again go, and it started moving again, turning away from Razer's front, but it failed to escape danger, instead spinning on the spot and driving into Shunt's CPZ. Spawn Again was pinned against the arena wall by Razer, whilst Shunt axed it. Razer continued crushing into it, and soon Sgt. Bash came in, gripping the flipper plate.

Razer pushes Spawn Again into the pit

Eventually, Razer backed off and Shunt pushed Spawn Again out of the CPZ, and Spawn Again drove away, reaching the other side of the arena before turning back to face Razer, only for the team to discover the flipper was not working. With no weapon, Spawn Again drove straight for the pit release, opened the pit and reversed towards the pit, only to stop moving right on the edge of the pit. Razer easily pushed the immobile robot into the pit, and went through.

"If you're gonna go out, go out to the double World Champions!"
— Darren Hayden-Ball of Team Scutterbots

For a place in the Grand Final, Razer defeated reinstated robot S3.

Philippa Forrester: "It's going to be a tactician's battle, I think, between these two. First time robot - very, very experienced robot. How do you feel about being up against Razer?"
Dave Barker: "Yeah, well when we managed eventually to qualify we had a chat in the pits, as you do, and we said "Yeah, what we really want to go up against that "beaky, pointy, spikey thing" over there"
The 1 Law Associates (together): "I don't think so!"
— The team being sarcastic in the pre-battle interview

Razer pierces into S3

Razer drove straight at S3, but when Razer got in close, S3 spun and drove away, driving onto the flame pit as it did so. It drove off the flame pit, and turned to face Razer, and Razer drove straight under them, pushing them into Shunt. Shunt axed S3 and lifted it with the scoop as Razer pierced the shell, before lifting it up and carrying it around the arena.

"The cylindrical body is held high. I've described this as a hammerhead shark - it is a mere minnow, gobbled up by the big fish that is Razer."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer carries S3 around arena

Smoke was clearly coming from S3 as it was carried around. Razer carried S3 over to the flame pit and held it over the flames, before taking it to Dead Metal. Dead Metal attacked it with its saw, but only caused a large scratch. Shunt came in to separate the two competitors with its axe, and S3 tried to fight back, but its disc was no longer working. It tried to avoid Razer, bumping into the arena wall as it did, but could not get away. Razer struggled to get a grip on S3, so instead pushed it into Dead Metal. S3 became caught under Dead Metal's claws, allowing Razer to get in and crush into it, lifting it up onto the arena side wall. Shunt, who had also come into the CPZ, axed S3 again, causing it to drop off Razer's beak, but it was still trapped on the arena side wall, as Razer, Dead Metal and Shunt were holding it there. Dead Metal turned on Razer, cutting into it with its saw, before the House Robots backed off, allowing Razer to push S3 out of the CPZ. The two drove into Dead Metal, and Razer let S3 go so that Dead Metal could drag it into the CPZ, pin it against the wall and cut into it. Dead Metal backed off, but Razer came in immediately and grabbed S3 again. The two competitors pushed back and forth, and Razer was pushed into Dead Metal, who grabbed it from behind and cut into it, and pushed both robots into the opposite corner with Shunt. Shunt axed S3 whilst Razer drove out. The two House Robots had S3 cornered, and when they reversed away, Razer came in again and crushed into S3, piercing another hole, then grabbing it and lifting it up, as Shunt axed S3 some more until "Cease" was called.

"What a battle! However, both robots are still mobile, so for what its worth, we're going to have to go to the judges. If they make the wrong decision, ooh, I'm resigning!"
— Craig Charles

The match was given to Razer on a straightforward Judges' decision, and Razer was through to the Grand Final for the first time.

"They haven't broken down, and they've fought their cause. And they've made the final, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

In the Grand Final Eliminator, Razer faced Firestorm 3, in a rematch from the Extreme 1 All-Stars.

"We were pretty happy with this draw, as we had beaten them fairly convincingly in the All-Stars competition earlier in the season. However, this match was to be no walkover."
— The Razer website

Razer crushes the interior of Firestorm 3

The two robots charged straight at each other, and Razer quickly got hold of Firestorm 3, crushing and piercing the armour. Razer tried to lift Firestorm 3 up, but Firestorm 3 fired its flipper to get free of the crusher. Firestorm 3 could not get away, so Razer crushed again, this time attacking one of the rams for the flipper. This bent the ram, and the flipper was left stuck open.

"Look at the front flipper, is that not wedged open or do my eyes deceive me, which means the very innards of Firestorm are now open for any Razer attack."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer continued trying to crush the insides of Firestorm 3, but Firestorm 3 spun off of Razer and drove away, driving across the arena, before turning to ram Razer, bumping into it, then driving away again.

"Once they were weaponless we thought it would be a stroll in the park, but it was not to be. The oil reservoir on our hydraulics was not as full as it should have been, and Firestorm had changed the grade of their armour since our last fight. This meant we were not able to pierce them and they really took the fight to us. We were pushed into CPZ's and nearly into the pit on 3 occasions"
— The Razer website

Firestorm 3 pins Razer by the angle grinder

Firestorm 3 turned around and charged at Razer again. It drove up Razer's ramp and Razer crushed the now useless flipper, closing it, but Firestorm 3 was still able to push Razer back, pushing it into the pit release button. Razer let Firestorm 3 go, and Firestorm 3 drove away again. The two met higher up in the arena, and Firestorm 3 got under Razer and pushed it into an angle grinder. Razer turned and got under Firestorm 3, crushing it some more, but as Firestorm 3 drove away, it became clear that Razer was stuck on the angle grinder.

"...the most controversial moment came when we were pushed against an arena grinder. The rear wheel of Razer became wedged under it and the House Robots intervened to free us. This seemed unfair to some people but Chris Reynolds (head House Roboteer) explained it thus:- "the grinders are not intended as an entrapment device, it is our fault that the construction of the arena allows this to happen and so we felt it only fair to free Razer"."
— The Razer website

Firestorm 3 pushes Razer across the Pit of Oblivion

Refbot freed Razer, and after avoiding Sgt. Bash, grabbed Firestorm 3 once more and pierced into it, but Firestorm 3 drove forward and crossed the corner of the pit, very nearly pushing Razer in.

"Oh! How did they survive that? I've heard of walking on water, but walking across the Pit of Oblivion? Never before have we seen that!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Cease is called

Firestorm 3 pushed Razer into the CPZ, but Razer dragged Firestorm 3 in as well. Sgt. Bash came in and attacked Firestorm 3, getting its pincer under it and turning it away, allowing Firestorm to escape. Razer found its escape blocked by Sgt. Bash, but soon escaped and the two met in the centre of the arena. Razer got under Firestorm 3 and crushed again, only for Firestorm 3 to push back against Razer again, pushing it back into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Razer pushed Firestorm 3 back into the pit release tire, but Firestorm 3 pushed back, nearly pushing Razer into the pit, then getting it back into Sgt. Bash's CPZ.

"...the times they pushed us across the pit, our hearts were missing beats!"
— Simon Scott in Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

Razer escaped, but Firestorm 3 drove the wrong way whilst trying to chase Razer, and found itself caught behind Sgt. Bash, who pinned it against the wall, before letting it go. Firestorm 3 caught up with Razer, whose beak had weakened significantly and was unable to pierce through the flipper. Shunt axed both machines as they drew close to its CPZ, and Razer pulled out, dragging Firestorm 3 with it. Cease was called as time ran out.

"And it looks as if we're going to go to the judges. This was an unbelievable contest! What a battle - one of the closest I've seen, nip and tick, no quarter was asked nor given. And I don't think we've seen its like before!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Martin Smith, Myra Wilson and Noel Sharkey examine Firestorm and confer with Derek Foxwell

In what is considered to be one of the closest battles in the entire history of Robot Wars, the judges decided to enter the arena themselves and personally examine each of the robots. Based on the amount of damage taken by Firestorm 3, they awarded the victory, by the barest of margins, to Razer.

"They want everybody to know that it is the closest fight they've ever marked on Robot Wars. Its the hardest decision they've ever had to make on Robot Wars. See, I think you won aggression - you pushed them around, nearly got them in pits twice. Razer's always going to win style. It came down to damage."
— Craig Charles to the Firestorm team

Razer was in the final battle, fighting Bigger Brother to become UK champion. Bigger Brother had taken major damage from Hypno-Disc in the other Grand Final Eliminator, but received help from every team, apart from Team Razer, to get it ready.

Razer pierces Bigger Brother

Razer started quickly and although Bigger Brother avoided it for a while, it eventually grabbed hold and pierced through the outer shell.

"Head-to-head Bigger Brother simply could not get under us and we were able to control the fight for long periods - Vinny was timing every hold to make sure we didn't break any rules."
— The Razer website

Bigger Brother fired its flipper, but this did nothing to deter Razer's beak. However, Bigger Brother's wedge was difficult for Razer to reach, and Razer could only pierce small holes in Bigger Brother's base.

"And Razer's feel has the touch of cold steel. Slicing into Bigger Brother - a slice is nice! Twice!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer lifts Bigger Brother

However, Razer soon caught a larger area of Bigger Brother and pierced in, lifting Bigger Brother up. Bigger Brother was able to free itself by firing the flipper. The two robots spun in circles, trying to get their weapon to reach the other. Bigger Brother's base was resting on Razer's wheel from when it had fallen off the beak, and the robots were stuck together. Bigger Brother fired its flipper to get free, before it drove back and turned around, but the frontal assault only allowed Razer to pierce into Bigger Brother.

"After piercing our opponent a good 6 times we eventually caused one of their drive chains to tighten. Ian Watts opened the pit and tried to lure us in but we were not going to fall for the same trick as Hypno-Disc."
— The Razer website

Razer bites in

Bigger Brother escaped and activated the pit, but Razer quickly caught it and pierced into it again, dragging Bigger Brother around, but intervention from Sgt. Bash caused Razer to release its opponent. Bigger Brother was showing significant signs of impaired movement, and Razer did not go in for the kill. Time ran out and the judges were consulted.

"We had caused enough damage to win the fight and it ended in a kind of standoff - Bigger Brother wouldn't leave the pit area to attack us, and we wouldn't go near it to attack them. Not particularly thrilling but then despite what some people think, the fights are not staged!"
— The Razer website

Razer won the Judges' decision over Bigger Brother, and was announced as the UK Champion, on its fourth attempt.

"We won the fight by decision and it was a great moment to finally get the UK championship. It meant we had won all 3 majors for the season in Robot Wars (the other 2 being the All-Stars and the World Champs). We had gone 18 fights undefeated since our match in Series 4 against Pussycat (our grudge match with them was filmed after Series 5). To cap it all we won a third Best Design award for Razer, taking our grand trophy total to 12. Not bad for an unreliable robot!"
— The Razer website

In addition to the UK Championship, Razer won its third Best Design Award. Razer was also nominated for the Best Engineered Robot Award, but lost out to Derek.

"Razer, as ever, nominated for beauty and power. ... and the winner is: Razer! Congratulations to them!"
— Jonathan Pearce

US Season 2[]

Razer represented the UK in the International Championship of the second season of the US Series Extreme Warriors. It was drawn against fellow British entry Kat 3 in the first round.

"They've got a good machine, but the axe they've got is no match for this [Razer's crusher]!"
— Confidence from Simon Scott before the battle

Razer pierces Kat 3's wheel hub

Razer went straight for Kat 3's wheel, but at first drove in at the wrong angle, so could not use its crusher to pierce the wheel. Kat 3 turned to face Razer, which gave Razer the opportunity to attack the other wheel. It grabbed the wheel guard and pushed Kat 3 back, but failed to puncture the tyre. Kat 3 was firing its axe, but missed each time. Razer let go of Kat 3's wheel guard, and grabbed the front. It crushed into Kat 3's axe mechanism, causing it to stop briefly. Razer drove away and got around the side, crushing the top, but not piercing it. Razer then attacked the wheel guard of Kat 3, this time damaging the tyre. Kat 3 continued to swing its axe, but could not move away.

"Once we were sure we had won the fight we pretty much left them alone - after all this was really a 'friendly'"
— The Razer website[14]

Razer drops the immobile Kat 3 in the pit

Razer pushed Kat 3 towards the corner of the arena, and Sgt. Bash opened the pit whilst Refbot counted Kat 3 out. Razer nudged Kat 3 into the pit, briefly overbalancing towards the pit, but still escaped unharmed.

Mick Foley: "It seemed to me guys, that almost you could have put them away a little sooner, maybe you were, in a sense playing a game of cat and mouse, with the cat being the mouse!"
Ian Lewis: "Yeah, well we like these guys so we were...gentle, if you can call it that!"
— Post-battle interview

In the second round, it faced Tornado, a machine Razer had defeated twice previously. For this battle however, Tornado was fitted with a large metal frame with a spinning blade at the front. Created especially for fighting Razer, the frame made it impossible for Razer to reach the inner parts of Tornado. Tornado's changes appeared to be highly controversial, but were deemed legal as the team had declared the creation of this weapon alongside all its other weapons before the series had begun.

"We were impressed with their ingenuity but felt confident of still causing them a great deal of damage."
— The Razer website

Razer lifts Tornado by the cage

The two robots charged at each other, and Razer got a grip of the frame and pushed Tornado into a CPZ. Tornado turned around, pulling Razer into the CPZ as well. The two robots pushed against each other, but neither could get an advantage. Sgt. Bash came in, but aside from bumping into Tornado's frame, causing a bend in it, he did nothing to either competitor. Eventually, Tornado won the pushing match, pushing Razer out of the CPZ and into the button for the arena disc. Razer tried to attack Tornado's side, but could only peel a bit of the plate on its side due to the frame. Tornado drove off, then came back to fight Razer head on, pushing it into Dead Metal's CPZ, but Dead Metal went after Tornado instead, grabbing onto its frame and cutting into the frame before letting it go. Razer held onto Tornado's frame the whole time. Razer attacked the front of Tornado, immobilising the spinning disc, getting hold of the frame and lifting Tornado up, causing itself to lift up as it did so. The motor for Tornado's weapon had fallen off.

"Tornado had the advantage of pushing power but we were causing damage with our crusher. We ripped the motor out of their weapon, bent the frame and also reached in far enough to take a bite out of their chassis. At one pint we lifted them up sideways but were unable to prop them up on the arena side which would have left them immobile."
— The Razer website[14]

Tornado pushes Razer into Sgt. Bash while Dead Metal comes to investigate

Tornado rammed Razer into the wall, then into Sgt. Bash, then the wall again, then into Sgt. Bash again. However, Tornado drove into the CPZ itself and Dead Metal came in, pushing Tornado back. This allowed Razer to escape Sgt. Bash and grab the front of Tornado's frame, pushing it back. Tornado pushed Razer into the wall, then into Dead Metal's CPZ. Dead Metal used its saw on Razer, but Sgt. Bash came from behind Tornado, pinched the frame and used its flamethrower as cease was called.

"In the last minute of the fight we started running low on battery power and were given quite a push around, but still kept on chewing away. Cease was called and it went to the judges."
— The Razer website

The match went to a Judges' decision and despite the damage done to Tornado, the judges controversially gave the decision to Tornado on a 2-to-1 split decision. This meant that Tornado would represent the UK in the Final, and Razer had lost to Tornado for the first time.

"We were quite shocked when the decision was given to Tornado, given the amount of damage we had inflicted. When we talked to the judges the next day a few things came to light. First of all they had classed the frame on Tornado as sacrificial armour - we felt this to be a totally wrong. Armour is armour, whether it be an extended frame or a sheet of metal. It is all sacrificial as it is there to stop components from being damaged and immobilising the machine. We asked the judges about the damage we had inflicted on Tornado's weapon, they replied, "What weapon?" - they didn't even realise that we had destroyed a potentially nasty spinning bar. They then started to become defensive and said, "well you lost a wheel so that would have made the damage about even". We replied "What wheel?". They had mistaken the motor from Tornado's weapon as one of Razer's wheels. The judges looked rather sheepish at hearing this. Ah well, we'd had a couple of close ones go our way in the past!"
— The Razer website[14]

Series 6[]

Returning as reigning champion and #1 seed, Razer began its defence of its title against newcomers Brutus Maximus and W.A.S.P., and Raging Reality, the new robot from veterans Team Knightmare.

"Listen to the reaction, they're back, the UK champions!"
— Jonathan Pearce, on hearing the huge cheer from the audience as Razer enters the arena

Razer crushes into Raging Reality

Razer went after Raging Reality, whilst Brutus Maximus attacked W.A.S.P., but when Razer got close to Raging Reality, Raging Reality backed off, so Razer went for Brutus Maximus. As Razer closed in on Brutus Maximus, Raging Reality got side-on at Razer. It did not get its flipper in to flip, and Razer turned to face Raging Reality, allowing Brutus Maximus to get away, pushing past Razer as it did so. W.A.S.P. was stuck in the corner with Sir Killalot, having been pushed in by Brutus Maximus. Razer chased after Brutus Maximus, eventually getting under it and pinning it against the arena wall by Sir Killalot's CPZ. As Razer began using its crusher, Raging Reality flipped W.A.S.P. onto it, but this had no effect, with W.A.S.P. merely sliding off. Razer crushed into the side of Brutus Maximus, between the wheels, easily crumpling its wooden construction, and leaving the bicycle wheels bent. Razer withdrew its crusher and Brutus Maximus drove away. Raging Reality flipped W.A.S.P. onto Sir Killalot, then found itself pursued by Razer, who backed it against the arena wall. However, before Razer could get in a position to crush, Brutus Maximus came in from behind, pushing Razer against the wall. Razer turned around through Sir Killalot's CPZ. Sir Killalot did not attack it as he was busy attacking W.A.S.P., although he did drop W.A.S.P. onto Razer as it drove past, doing no damage again. As it got out of the CPZ, it got front-on against Raging Reality and pushed it against Sgt. Bash, who had come in whilst all of the competitors were by the CPZ, and after a little struggle to get in a good position to crush, it crushed into Raging Reality's front, leaving a hole by the wheel. Razer pushed Raging Reality into the top arena wall, and tried to get unsuccessfully to get in a good position, before backing off and allowing Raging Reality to get away. Razer backed away to the other side of the arena, and Brutus Maximus, which was only running on three wheels, one of them having been bent by Razer's earlier attack, followed it. Razer grabbed it, crushed into it and pulled it into an empty CPZ.

"Razer's had a go at all of them, it seems to me!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer crushes Brutus Maximus

Razer picks on the beaten W.A.S.P.

Meanwhile, Raging Reality flipped W.A.S.P. into Sir Killalot, leaving it there as Sir Killalot drilled through its armour, before joining Razer in the arena centre to attack Brutus Maximus. It flipped Brutus Maximus over, then Razer turned on them, grabbing the front and pushing it into the arena release tyre. Razer let it go and went back after Brutus Maximus, pushing it against the arena wall and crushing into the side, peeling away the wooden armour and crushing into another wheel, literally pulling it out. Razer pulled Brutus Maximus away from the wall, and Raging Reality separated the two by flipping Brutus Maximus. Sgt. Bash was attacking W.A.S.P., so Razer came in to crush W.A.S.P., lifting it up. Raging Reality flipped Brutus Maximus out of the arena as W.A.S.P. was counted out, and "Cease" was called with Razer and Raging Reality advancing.

"What a way to start to the new war! Razer, the reigning UK champion, the reigning world champion, up to his old tricks!"
— Craig Charles at the end of the battle

In the second round, Razer fought Cyrax.

"I had a good look around it earlier, and I sussed out where all the bits were!"
— Ian Lewis

Razer pierces the front of Cyrax

Razer holds Cyrax over the Flame Pit

Cyrax axes Razer's armour

Razer drove towards Cyrax, whilst Cyrax tried to dodge, then turned to fight Razer. However, it drove at the wrong angle, driving up Razer's wedge diagonally, allowing Razer to easily grab the front. Razer put a dent in the front, but struggled to pierce it, so Cyrax got free and escaped. Cyrax drove away, and turned around to use its axe, but Razer got in before it could attack, getting side-on and piercing the top. Razer caused a large hole in the top of Cyrax, before letting it go. Cyrax retreated, and as Razer came in, it tried to attack using the axe, but Razer drove at the right angle so the axe missed and it could grab by the axe and push it backwards. Cyrax broke free, and went after it with the pickaxe, but the blows that hit Razer did no damage, and Razer was fast enough to avoid it as it reversed. Razer drove back at Cyrax and pushed it onto the flame pit.

Razer and Growler pressure Cyrax

Razer pushes Cyrax into Mr. Psycho

Whilst Cyrax was on the flames, Razer crushed again, but due to the sloping sides of Cyrax, only scratched the sides and caused a small dent. Razer got behind Cyrax and pushed it into new House Robot Growler's CPZ. Cyrax drove out before Growler could grip it, but reversed straight into Razer, who was waiting outside the CPZ. Razer forced Cyrax into Growler, and both machines grabbed Cyrax, Growler with its jaws on one side, Razer with its crusher on the other. Razer backed off as Growler pushed Cyrax back and forth, then came in again as Growler was letting it go. Razer tried to get in a good position to crush, but failed, so Cyrax escaped. Razer soon caught up with it, crushing into the side, and pushing it into the other new House Robot, Mr. Psycho, who hammered the top of Cyrax, breaking the light on top. Razer pushed Cyrax out of the CPZ, then drove around the other side.

"Can anything stop Razer? World champions, 2000 and 2001. UK Series 5 champions."
— Jonathan Pearce

Cyrax flips the reigning champions

Razer struggled to get in a good position to crush, then Cyrax turned around, got its flipper under Razer, and flipped them.

"They've won just about… everything we’ve thrown at them, Razer. And THEY COME BACK FOR MORE! THEY’VE BEEN TOPPLED, THOUGH, BY CYRAX! Is this the sting in the tail of this heat? Are we about to have one of the great Robot Wars upsets?! Let's look at this again. Razer, were they over-complacent, over-confident? They're over - toppled over!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer tried to self-right, but Cyrax used its flipper to knock Razer at the wrong angle, so it failed to self-right. Cyrax continued to pressure Razer as it tried to self-right, but backed off, and Razer successfully righted itself. Razer pursued Cyrax until the battle ended, crushing into the side as "Cease" was called. The fight went to the judges, who went for Razer.

"They had a tough machine, very hard, it kept running, got a good flip on use, nice axe."
— Praise for Cyrax from Cyrax after the battle

Razer was through to the Heat Final, where it was drawn against Raging Reality again.

"Well we had a good go at them in the melee earlier on anyway, and caused a bit of damage, so I think they've got the fear factor in them now, we'll see!"
— Vinnie Blood on Raging Reality

Razer pushes Raging Reality into Matilda's CPZ

Razer crushes a weary Raging Reality

The two robots charged at each other, missing on the first charge, then turning to face each other. Razer got under Raging Reality, and Raging Reality fired the flipper. Razer crushed Raging Reality by the armour next to its wheel and pushed it against the arena wall. Razer crushed a few holes and bent the armour, and when Razer backed off, Raging Reality struggled to move and could not get away. Razer got side-on at Raging Reality, crushing in again and lifting it up. Raging Reality fired the flipper to get down, but was still on Razer's ramp, so Razer slowly pushed them into Matilda's flywheel, which ripped a huge tear in the side of Raging Reality, and ripping off part of the top armour. Razer grabbed Raging Reality, dragging it to the pit. Raging Reality was immobile, so could only fire the flipper as Razer opened the pit, and Raging Reality went down.

Craig Charles: "Then you take Raging Reality, this is so cheeky, and you put it on top of the pit, and then you go off and release it, and it just went down like a sinking ship"
Simon Scott: "We thought it would be a new idea, we haven't done that one before."
— Post battle interview

Razer fought 9th seed Wild Thing 2 in the first round of the Semi-finals.

"What a fight! Two of my favourite all-time robots!"
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the fight

Razer pierces the side of Wild Thing

Razer went after Wild Thing, but Wild Thing darted past it. It evaded Razer, then turned to attack it head on, but bumped off on impact, and Razer got in at Wild Thing's side and crushed, peeling an armour panel away. The two robots spun together, before Razer crushed the top of Wild Thing. Razer struggled to pierce the top, lifted Wild Thing slightly, but Wild Thing dropped off and drove away, with Razer in close pursuit. Wild Thing turned to attack Razer, but drove up the ramp. The two robots spun together again, with Wild Thing's disc grinding against Razer. Wild Thing turned itself off Razer's ramp, but when the disc hit the crusher, it stopped. Razer got Wild Thing under its crusher and grabbed it, but Wild Thing spun and pushed back. Razer failed to pierce Wild Thing as its crusher was pinching into the gap for the disc, so it let Wild Thing go again. Wild Thing drove away and turned to face Razer again, driving up the ramp and falling off the side, but Razer turned it around and crushed into the wheel area. Wild Thing continued to push, and the two robots spun around together again.

"Who is the more aggressive robot here? Is Wild Thing pushing? Is Razer dragging?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer lifts Wild Thing

Eventually, Razer got its crusher on the top of Wild Thing and got hold, before it let go. With the two still spinning, Razer targeted one of Wild Thing's tyres. Wild Thing turned away, but Razer got side-on and crushed. However, Razer struggled to get through again before letting it go. Wild Thing escaped, closely followed by Razer, but drove onto the flame pit. It got off, but whilst trying to avoid Razer, drove over it again. Razer got at the front of Wild Thing and crushed. This time, Razer pierced Wild Thing, and got a good grip so it could lift the Adams Family's machine up. Razer reversed to the pit release, carrying Wild Thing, and opened the pit.

"It wasn't the most emphatic Razer performance we've seen, but it was steady enough."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer carried Wild Thing to the pit, and tried to shake it off, lifting its crusher in its "victory salute", before lowering it onto the ramp, and removing the crusher so Wild Thing fell in.

Razer pits Wild Thing

"Grizzly in determination, and almost inextricably, Wild Thing was pushed, shoved, clawed, beaked towards defeat and the pit of doom!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer was through to the second round of the Semi-Finals. After the battle, it was revealed that Razer did so much damage to Wild Thing, the Adams Family were in a real struggle to get it working for the loser's melee. Razer fought newcomers Dantomkia, who had to go through the loser's melee, in the Semi-Final second round.

"I know Mike Lambert quite well, because obviously us roboteers have to get practice in outside of Robot Wars, we don't just turn up at the event, we all get lots of driving practice, and Mike, despite being new to Robot Wars, is one of the most experienced roboteers there is! He's had tonnes, literally hundreds of fights, so he could well be a handful for us!"
— Vinnie Blood

Razer crushes Dantomkia

Razer quickly got under the side of Dantomkia, and crushed the front ramp. Dantomkia fired the flipper, but this did nothing to free Dantomkia, and Razer got its crusher in the gap, preventing the flipper closing fully. Razer released its grip on Dantomkia, but when it tried to crush the front, Dantomkia turned away. It turned to face Razer, and got the front prongs under Razer and pushed it back into the bottom arena wall. Dantomkia backed off and Razer went back after Dantomkia. The two robots missed on two charges, just glancing past each other, before Razer got under the front of Dantomkia, and crushed into it, this time piercing it. Razer withdrew the crusher and tried to crush again, but Dantomkia spun away. Dantomkia escaped, turning to face Razer, and Razer got under it again, but had the crusher at the wrong angle, so when it closed it went between the two prongs. However, Dantomkia had fired its flipper, and when it came down, it went down on top of Razer's crusher, so Razer still had a grip and pushed back, until Dantomkia was able to close its flipper properly. Dantomkia tried to get away, but Razer got in again and crushed the front, puncturing the front and pushing it by the flame pit.

"It is immensely powerful, the hydraulic piercer of Razer, and it's pushing Dantomkia slowly into submission."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer traps Dantomkia under Mr. Psycho

Dantomkia used its flipper to get free of Razer's grip, but when it turned to fight Razer, it drove up the ramp, and Razer crushed again. Dantomkia tried to use its flipper to get free, but although the flips prevented Razer from puncturing it, they did get Dantomkia free. Razer pushed Dantomkia into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, but drove in itself. Mr. Psycho hammered the front prong of Dantomkia, also hitting Razer's crusher, and as Dantomkia reversed away, the hammer flopped onto Razer. Razer was undamaged, and escaped. Dantomkia pushed back at Razer, but could not get its flipper under Razer's front scoop. Dantomkia pushed Razer into Sir Killalot's CPZ, but Razer reversed out before the House Robot could do any damage.

"This is intriguing stuff, because Razer are not through yet! Not by a long chalk! Dantomkia right back in the fight."
— Jonathan Pearce in the last few seconds

"Cease" was called, and the fight was sent to a Judges' decision, which was comfortably awarded to Razer. This put Razer through to its second consecutive Grand Final.

"In fairness to them, we were on their flipper at one point, and if they'd fired it, they would have got us end over end, and I was yelling to Ian "Off the flipper, off the flipper!" and he just got off in time!"
— Simon Scott after the battle

In the Grand Final Eliminator, Razer faced Terrorhurtz, which had defeated three seeded machines on the way to the final.

"I've seen all the bits, pick and choose, it's just like window shopping!"
— Ian Lewis on Terrorhurtz's transparent polycarbonate armour

Razer pierces Terrorhurtz

Razer immediately grabbed hold of Terrorhurtz, getting side-on so Terrorhurtz could not hit it with the axe. Razer pushed it into the arena wall and pierced through its outer shell, as Terrorhurtz continued to cleave thin air with its axe.

"And look at Razer, already crumpling, already ripping, and tearing through that polycarbonate armour, and straight into the heart of John Reid's machine!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer drops Terrorhurtz into the pit

Razer lifted its opponent, but Terrorhurtz brought itself down by swinging its axe, only for Razer to push it into Shunt. Razer drove into the CPZ in doing so, but reversed away without being attacked because Shunt was attacking Terrorhurtz. Shunt pushed Terrorhurtz out, and Terrorhurtz retreated. As Razer moved in, Terrorhurtz charged at it, only for Razer to get side-on again, piercing the side and pushing it back. Terrorhurtz continued to fire the axe, but it was just swinging at nothing. Razer dragged Terrorhurtz back to the bottom of the arena, reversing into the pit button, opening the pit, then manoeuvring Terrorhurtz into it.

"Terrorhurtz, unseeded, and the brilliant run comes to an end, and Razer march on. So close to another title now."
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer disposes of Terrorhurtz to secure its place in the final

Razer was through to the final battle again, with the only thing standing in its way from another title being Tornado. Tornado had fitted its anti-crusher frame again, so Razer fitted a "horn" to the crusher, allowing it to lift Tornado.

Tornado slams into Razer.

Tornado forces Razer into Dead Metal

Razer started quickly and went in on the attack, but the frame on Tornado meant that it was unable to grab hold of the main body of the robot, which meant that Tornado was in full control of the battle and repeatedly pushed Razer around the arena.

"What a final, for Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars! Intrigue, mystery, suspense!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado pushed Razer into the arena wall a few times, and Razer eventually became wedged onto the arena wall and stuck on the side of the arena. Tornado took this opportunity to smash into Razer again and again, before Razer finally broke free. Meanwhile, Tornado's relentless attacks had resulted in the frame suffering severe damage, becoming dented and misshapen in places, which in turn led to the large spinning disc severing its own drive chain, rendering it useless. Tornado then pushed Razer into the CPZ, but it was able to escape before Dead Metal could attack and cause any serious damage. Tornado continued to push Razer around the arena and back into Dead Metal and then into Shunt, who attacked Razer with his axe and caused a significant dent in the robot's left-hand side.

Razer is lifted up and axed by Shunt

Razer is unable to pit Tornado

The pit release button was then activated, but in the dying moments of the fight, Razer finally managed to grab hold of Tornado's frame and lifted it into the air. With barely 30 seconds left, Razer carried it toward the pit, but the massive frame of Tornado meant that it would not fit and was suspended above the pit, unable to drop down, but also unable to drive away. Razer held Tornado there for the last ten seconds of the battle and cease was called.

"They can't get them down the pit! Look at that, it's an anti-pit device as well!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer desperately tries to pit Tornado.

The judges inspected both robots for damage and after deliberating for reportedly over 40 minutes, they finally decided, in one of the most controversial decisions in the history of Robot Wars, that Tornado was the new UK Champion. As a result, Razer was resigned to second place, the first of only two occasions in which a defending champion was dethroned this way and would finish runner-up on its title defence.

"They join the sort of "elite club", you know; Chaos, Panic Attack, Razer, and all the other guys."
— Ian Lewis, gracious in defeat

Extreme 2[]

"Reigning world champions, and promising to shave opponents even closer!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Razer in the All-Stars

In the second series of Extreme, Razer entered two competitions, the first of these being the All-Stars Tournament. In Round One, it met Chaos 2 for the second time and Series 6 Semi-Finalist 13 Black.

Chaos 2 flips Razer and 13 Black at the same time

Chaos 2 flips Razer

13 Black controversially spun up their weapon before activate was called. The other two went for 13 Black, but 13 Black quickly drove away. Razer got to 13 Black first, driving in so the disc hit the side rather than the front. 13 Black's rear flywheel hit Razer, but got caught and stopped spinning. As Razer got its claw in a position to crush 13 Black, Chaos 2 came in and tried to flip Razer, but as it was locked to 13 Black, the flipper was not powerful enough to lift both robots. Razer then continued to crush 13 Black, but it escaped, and Razer was flipped by Chaos 2, doing a complete barrel roll in the air. Meanwhile, Chaos 2 was hit by 13 Black's flywheel, which buckled the flipper.

Razer's self-righting wing is broken by 13 Black

Razer returned to crushing 13 Black, but was once again intercepted by Chaos 2, this time 13 Black escaped long enough to mount an attack of its own, heavily damaging one of the self-righting wings of Razer.

"Now, will Razer be able to self-right? Are the world champions here, in real trouble?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Seemingly on its back foot and smoking, Razer was fortunate that a few glancing blows on Chaos 2 from 13 Black made the twice UK champion stop moving.

13 Black nudges Razer as the World Champions deal with the immobile Chaos 2

Razer came in and pierced the outer casing of Chaos 2, lifting the machine up before allowing it to be counted out by the Refbot. Mr. Psycho then pushed Chaos 2 to the flipper, hammered it, then picked it up and carried it around the arena in its claw before pitting it. Notably, Razer had also stopped moving. However, it was through to the second round anyway.

There, Razer met Spawn Again, the third time they had fought Team Scutterbots.

"If you see it smoking out there again, you know its going to get a swift kick!"
— Ian Lewis on the motors, which started smoking in the first round

Razer tries to crush the top of Spawn Again

At the start, Razer chased after Spawn Again as Spawn Again tried to dodge. In doing so, it drove into the arena wall, and reversed straight into Razer. Razer tried to crush the roll cage of Spawn Again, but couldn't keep up the pressure, and Spawn Again escaped. Razer caught up with Spawn Again, and tried to crush the roll cage again. Spawn Again spun around, but Razer took advantage and tried to crush the front. Although Razer failed to pierce the flipper, it did manage to hold it shut as Spawn Again tried to fire it. Razer let go, then rammed Spawn Again against the arena wall, and tried to crush the flipper again, but could only graze.

Spawn Again beaches itself over the pit

Razer pushed Spawn Again onto the flame pit, but Spawn Again escaped, and rushed for the pit release, before driving straight over the pit as it descended, beaching itself on the side. Before Razer could nudge it in, Spawn Again fired its flipper, knocking itself into the pit.

"Didn't go through them...was that titanium or something?...I think Razer's going to have to step up a bit."
— Ian Lewis on Razer's failure to pierce Spawn Again

Razer was through to the All-Stars Heat Final, where it fought 13 Black again.

Razer crushes 13 Black

13 Black began the battle by spinning wildly in an attempt to defend itself from Razer's crusher, which gave it time to get the discs up to full speed. 13 Black then ran away, before colliding again with Razer, knocking it sideways. 13 Black then got itself pegged on the arena side wall, leaving it a sitting duck for Razer to attack the main body shell, however it failed to pierce the shell on its first attempt. Shunt then arrived and stuck its axe into one of the spinning disc, stopping it permanently.

"Razer has a grip now, the inextricable grip of the world champions, former UK champion, current All-Star champions, one of the greatest robots ever conceived, designed and built and now horribly improved!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer suspends 13 Black over the pit

Razer celebrates, note the damage to the claw.

Razer, after attacking 13 Black once more, pressed the pit release and returned to its punishment of 13 Black. After putting one more hole in 13 Black, Razer carried it over to the pit, first suspending it, before finally pitting it. By the end of the battle, Razer was once again smoking and also seemed to have lost a significant amount of the end of its crusher.

"The thing with Razer is it can take the hits, and we knew that if we don't burn a motor out again, we would last the duration anyway, but they could get more hits than us, so we had to get a hold of them."
— Simon Scott after the battle

Razer then met Firestorm for the third time in the All-Stars Final.

"...Razer blew it in the Sixth War, but it was very controversial, because Tornado had adapted its robot so Razer couldn't get at it, I don't think Firestorm can do that, and the claw of Razer is mighty and they've come back, they want to prove themselves all over again, people think they're on the slid now, because they lost the Sixth War, but I think Razer have got a little bit too much, and I'm going to go for Razer myself."
— Craig Charles, agreeing with Jonathan Pearce's prediction that Razer would win

Dead Metal attacks Razer

Both robots circled in the centre of the arena, looking to find a gap in the other to exploit. Firestorm 4 eventually rode up the front of Razer and pushed it back towards Dead Metal, who sent sparks flying as it cut into Razer with its circular saw before Razer finally wriggled out of the House Robot's grip.

"Razer in trouble momentarily and away."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer finds its grip on Firestorm 4

Meanwhile, in attempting to keep up its pressure on Razer, Firestorm 4 got itself stuck under the angle grinder. Razer caused little damage when it came across, however, and instead, with the help of Dead Metal, unpinned Firestorm 4. Firestorm 4 instantly came back onto the attack by getting under the front of Razer but couldn't manage to fully throw it over with its flip. Firestorm 4 then drove onto Razer's wedge again, and although it managed to force Razer backwards again, the defending All-Stars champion crushed Firestorm 4's armour enough for it to be able to lift Firestorm 4 up into the air as the beak retracted.

"Out come the wings of victory which signal the wings of doom for the defeated."
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer hoists Firestorm 4 aloft

Razer crumples Firestorm 4

Razer secures its second All-Stars title

Finally, Firestorm 4 fell off and it tried to retreat, but Razer came straight in and brought its crushing arm down onto the top of Firestorm 4. Firestorm 4 edged its way towards the pit, clearly limited in its movement, before Razer came in and inflicted more punishment onto Firestorm 4. Firestorm 4 then opened the pit after a nudge from Razer, and was slowly pushed towards the pit before finally falling in to confirm Razer as the winner and the All-Stars champion for a second time.

"We had an offer of many thousands of dollars for it!"
— Simon Scott reveals a mystery bidder

Razer also entered the European Championship, qualifying as World Champion. This competition was also broadcast during German Robot Wars. In the first round, it faced PulverizeR, the Dutch Champion.

Philippa Forrester: "Razer is sleeping. But are they doing anything to awaken the passion?"
Vinnie Blood: "Passion? Funny you should mention that, we think that PulverizeR are actually sending us love letters at the moment..."
— Team Razer introduce their "love letter"

Prior to the match, Team Razer read a letter that PulverizeR's team had sent, reading "We're gonna cream your crank!!! With love, PulverizeR".

Razer grips hold of PulverizeR

Razer forced PulverizeR on the back foot, pushing it into the Disc of Doom release, but found it hard to grab hold of its opponent due to its shape, and PulverizeR was able to attack Razer with its spinning disc. PulverizeR then slammed into the arena wall, and it was attacked by Growler, and Razer took advantage, grabbing hold of it and piercing through its armour with ease.

"The Razer beak and the Growler jaw, and PulverizeR in between the two. Talk about a rock and a hard place."
— Jonathan Pearce

PulverizeR drives into the pit

Growler pulled PulverizeR from Razer's grip, separating the two machines, but Razer quickly grabbed hold of PulverizeR again and pushed it into the pit release button. PulverizeR managed to wriggle itself loose and moved away, but Razer continued to pursue its opponent. Razer grabbed hold of PulverizeR again, but only temporarily. After slamming into Refbot, PulverizeR finally made an impression on the battle itself by scoring a hit on Razer's beak, but due to damage sustained to its transmitter, it was still not fully in control, and drove into the open pit, awarding the win to the World Champion.

In the semi-final, it would prove to be an all-UK clash between the World Champion Razer, and its rival, the UK Champion Tornado, which had once again applied its 'anti-crusher frame'. Razer had a modification of its own in the form of a hook so it could lift Tornado by the cage.

"Our fans have been emailing us, saying 'you were cheated', 'you were robbed', so we've got to get our revenge for the fans!"
— Vincent Blood plans to break the 2-2 record between the two robots

Razer is pushed backwards into Sgt. Bash

Razer hoists Tornado up

Razer got side-on against Tornado, but Tornado was able to escape. Razer grabbed Tornado by the frame, but was pulled across the arena, over the flame pit, before Tornado reversed Razer into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Razer moved away from danger though, and then used its new hook to grab hold of Tornado by the frame, and lifted it up into the air.

"That's how you deal with the anti-crush web. You get a grip and lift it up."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer carried Tornado towards the flame pit, before dropping it. This allowed Razer to get behind Tornado, lifting the frame so all of Tornado's wheels were off the ground. Razer reversed into the pit release button and tried to carry Tornado towards the pit, but the motors burnt out at that point and it was unable to finish Tornado off.

"Look at the smoke from Razer; trying to get traction on the arena floor. Are they burning themselves out though?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer starts smoking

Razer proves unable to drop Tornado into the pit

Razer fought hard to let go of Tornado and drop it into the pit, but Tornado was too big to fit and cease was called. The battle went to a Judges' decision, which was awarded in favour of Razer, to the dismay and criticism of Team Tornado.

"They were trying to get our wheels over the pit, once all the wheels are over the pit then you're classed as in the pit, they didn't succeed though, all their motors burnt out, they weren't going anywhere!...We were still going at the end, they weren't!"
— Andrew Marchant to Craig Charles

It was later revealed that Simon Scott and Vinnie Blood of Team Razer agreed with Team Tornado's complaints.

"During our fight with Tornado we were immobile and had held on with the claw for far, far longer than the permitted one minute and should have been disqualified or counted out. We were then shockingly given a judges' decision which was never ours, and both myself and Simon immediately wanted to hand it back to Tornado. Ian, as team captain, refused and a long discussion was needed to resolve matters"
— Vincent Blood on the resulting judges' decision

A two-to-one split decision by Team Razer resulted in Razer forfeiting its place in the final, in favour of Tornado progressing. This ended Razer's career in the original run of Robot Wars on a win against its rival, but it also led to Team Razer splitting for years.

Series 8[]

"You guys have a lot of pedigree, we're dealing with a bit of a legend here!"
— Angela Scanlon to Team Razer before the battle

Razer competed in the first episode of Series 8. Prior to the battle, team member Gillian Lewis gave Angela Scanlon a sausage roll.

"I support the boys really by reminding to eat and drink...I've bought along a nice box of sausage rolls!"
— Gillian Lewis to Angela Scanlon

In the arena, it faced newcomer Nuts as well as Terrorhurtz for the second time and Kill-E-Crank-E. Because Kill-E-Crank-E did not share any team members with the Pussycat team that twice defeated Razer (Robin Herrick rejoining the team for the Series 4 finals, after Razer had been defeated), it was not strictly a grudge match, though many awaited it with anticipation anyway.

"...a lot of expectation for this very, very famous robot"
— Jonathan Pearce during his introduction of Razer

Razer chooses its target

Razer holds one of Nuts' minibots aloft

Sure enough, Razer targeted Kill-E-Crank-E from the outset. Kill-E-Crank-E proved to be an awkward shape, however, and despite Razer pushing it around, the claw could not gain a purchase. Razer took a brief break from battling Kill-E-Crank-E to focus on one of Nuts' minibots, which it pierced straight through the top, and held aloft. After letting go, Razer moved to Matilda's CPZ, where eventually Razer was able to grab a proper hold of Kill-E-Crank-E, by fitting the entire axle within its body shape. On a second grab, Razer drew Kill-E-Crank-E towards the pit, and held it above defeat. However, the extremely wide Kill-E-Crank-E pulled a last second upset, when its wheels touched the ground, intentionally spinning the robots around, and Razer was pulled into the pit alongside its target. Team Kill-E-Crank-E later described their actions as a "mutual death pact".

Razer grabs hold of Kill-E-Crank-E

Razer attempts to pit Kill-E-Crank-E

"Oh no! Look at this! Oh the mighty have fallen! They took Kill-E-Crank-E out and went themselves!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer and Kill-E-Crank-E fall into the pit

This was the first and only time Razer lost in the first round of any competition.

Razer remained in attendance for the filming of the Head-to-Head stage, as a destructive loss to Carbide could potentially have led to the withdrawal of Nuts, in which case Razer would have been reinstated, possibly to fight alongside the Nuts minibots. However, Nuts was repaired and ultimately completed the Head-to-Heads; Razer was then retired from combat.


UK Series
Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
Heat Semi-Final
Heat D, Gauntlet Completed (1st) Qualified
Heat D, Trial (Football) Scored First Goal (1st) Qualified
Heat D, Semi-Final vs. Inquisitor Lost
Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat C, Round 1 vs. Backstabber Won
Heat C, Round 2 vs. Aggrobot Lost
Pinball 210pts 1st
International League Championship
Representing England, Champion
Group B, Match 2 vs. Prometheus (USA) Won by default
NOTE: Prometheus broke down after the first battle against Techno-Lease, so it was unable to compete against Razer and the English robot was given the win by default.
Group B, Match 3 vs. Techno-Lease (NED) Won
Final vs. Diotoir (IRE) Won
The First World Championship
Representing England, Champion
Eliminator vs. All Torque (SCO) Won
Quarter Final vs. Chaos 2 (ENG) Won
Semi Final vs. 101 (ENG) Won
Final vs. Behemoth (ENG) Won
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
3rd Seed, Heat Final
Heat B, Eliminator vs. Robochicken, Velocirippa Qualified
Heat B, Semi-Final vs. Milly-Ann Bug Won
Heat B, Final vs. Pussycat (19) Lost
Pinball Warrior
Equal Tenth (with Inverterbrat)
Pinball 95pts 10th
Sumo Basho
Sumo Basho 4.87s 14th
Southern Annihilator
Round 1 vs. Attila the Drum, Behemoth, Onslaught,
Spawn of Scutter, Vercingetorix
Round 2 vs. Attila the Drum, Behemoth, Onslaught, Spawn of Scutter Qualified
Round 3 vs. Attila the Drum, Behemoth, Onslaught Qualified (by default)
Round 4 vs. Attila the Drum, Onslaught Qualified
Final vs. Onslaught Won
Extreme Series 1
The Second World Championship
Representing UK, Champion
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during US Season 1
Heat vs. Diotoir (IRE), Flensburger Power (GER)
The Revolutionist (USA)
Semi-Final vs. Tornado (UK) Won
Final vs. Drillzilla (USA) Won
Round 1 vs. Gemini Won
Quarter Final vs. Behemoth Won
Semi Final vs. Firestorm 3 Won
Final vs. Tornado Won
Single Battle Events
Vengeance vs. Pussycat Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
4th Seed, Champion
Heat K, Eliminator vs. Big Nipper Won
Heat K, Semi Final vs. Widow's Revenge Won
Heat K, Final vs. Rick Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Spawn Again (13) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. S3 Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Firestorm 3 (7) Won
Grand Final vs. Bigger Brother Won
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
1st Seed, Runner-up
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Brutus Maximus, Raging Reality, W.A.S.P. Qualified
Heat A, Round 2 vs. Cyrax Won
Heat A, Final vs. Raging Reality Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Wild Thing (9) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Dantomkia Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Terrorhurtz Won
Grand Final vs. Tornado (12) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Heat B, Round 1 vs. 13 Black, Chaos 2 Qualified
Heat B, Round 2 vs. Spawn Again Won
Heat B, Final vs. 13 Black Won
Grand Final vs. Firestorm 4 Won
European Championship
Representing UK as World Champion, Withdrew after Round 2
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during German Robot Wars
Round 1 vs. PulverizeR (NED) Won
Round 2 vs. Tornado (UK) Won
NOTE: The Razer team later handed the victory to Tornado as they believed that Razer had been immobilised during the battle.
Series 8
Series 8 - UK Championship
Round 1
Heat 1, Group Battle vs. Kill-E-Crank-E, Nuts, Terrorhurtz Eliminated
US Series
Season 1
NOTE: See Extreme Series 1 Results
Season 2
International Championship
Representing the UK, Round 2
Round 1 vs. Kat 3 (UK) Won
Round 2 vs. Tornado (UK) Lost


  • UK Wins: 39
  • UK Losses: 6
  • US Wins: 1
  • US Losses: 1
    • Razer's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs in Series 2, and its Pinball victory in Series 3, are omitted from the Wins tally.
    • The default victory over Prometheus in the International League Championship is omitted from the Wins tally.
    • The third round of The Fourth Wars Southern Annihilator, where Behemoth forfeited, is omitted from the Wins tally.
    • Razer's battles in The Second World Championship are included only within its UK wins, despite the tournament also being aired during Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.

Series Record[]

UK Series[]

Main Series Razer Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Heat, Arena Semi-Final
The Third Wars Heat, Round 2
The Fourth Wars Heat Final
The Fifth Wars Grand Champion
The Sixth Wars Runner-up
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Heat, Round 1
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Entered with Razzler
Series 2 Entered

US Series[]

US Series Razer Series Record
Season 1 The Second World Championship, Winner
Season 2 International Championship, Round 2
Nickelodeon Did not enter


Classic Series[]


Outside Robot Wars[]

Razer as it appeared in BattleBots Las Vegas 1999

Razer fighting Voltarc in the 1999 Long Beach event

Razer side by side with Warhead

In 1999, Team Razer also entered Razer in the two unnumbered BattleBots tournaments, in Long Beach and Las Vegas, with mixed results. In the former, a double elimination tournament, Razer won three battles, including a victory over future 2 time runner-up Voltarc. It was eliminated after losing to popular competitor Tazbot and Semi-Finalist Rhino. It also fought in the Heavyweight Rumble, and won due to the damage it inflicted on FrenZy among others.

In the Las Vegas tournament that same year, Razer received a bye only to lose against Voltronic, the successor to a machine Razer had previously beaten. Razer took part in the Heavyweight Rumble again, but did not end up winning. Razer never competed in a televised BattleBots tournament, with Team Razer instead entering Warhead into Season 5.0 and the reboot seasons.

Razer at Sevenoaks 1999

Razer competed at the Sevenoaks 1999 charity event and outright won the whole competition defeating Ally Gator, Behemoth, Chaos 2 and Centurion respectively on its way to the victory.[32]

In 2000 before the filming of The Fourth Wars, Razer fought at the Robots@War event on Wilson's Day. It defeated Wild Thing and Raizer Blade to advanced to the final in what was originally a three-way battle with Chaos 2 and Stinger, however Stinger pulled out due to an electrical fault, leaving Razer to fight Chaos 2 one-on-one. In a rematch from The First World Championship, Chaos 2 gained revenge on Razer, defeating it to win the event.[33]

Razer as it appeared on Techno Games 2003

Although Razer did not compete in the spin-off show Techno Games, it did make a cameo in the 2003 series. As part of the show's features about robotics, in episode 5, a demonstration of robots at The Learning Lightor in Liverpool was shown. Razer was one of the robots at the event, along with Infinity. Clips of Razer being driven and demonstrating its crusher were shown, along with an interview with Ian Lewis.

Razer on display at a live event in Derby in 2008

Razer and Hypno-Disc appear together at the Cosford Robot Crusade event in 2004

Razer was retired from Robot Wars after the second series of Extreme. However, Razer was still a regular attendee at live events, but was reserved for demonstration purposes only, often destroying appliances with other competitors like Hypno-Disc and Kan-Opener. Razer was brought back for its one-off appearance in Series 8. The robot still belongs to Ian Lewis, although the team stated in 2016 on Inside the Bot that they were considering donating the robot to a London museum, however, this has not happened yet.

Razer on display at Bournemouth University in October 2021

Venom and Predator, Team Robo Challenge's featherweight versions of Razer and Warhead respectively

In October 2021, Ian Lewis and Razer made an appearance at Bournemouth University as a special guest for a students' union event.[34]

Team Robo Challenge also built a featherweight version of Razer called Venom, alongside their Warhead replica Predator.

Appearances in Merchandise[]


The feature from the original Robot Wars Magazine on the making of Razer

  • During the construction of Razer, a cardboard mock-up was made to the exact dimensions, allowing the components to be fitted in.[35]
  • The making of Razer was shown in an article in issue 16 of the original Robot Wars Magazine.
  • Along with Tornado, PulverizeR and the middleweight Typhoon, Razer is the only robot to have fought and defeated both a clusterbot (Gemini) and a walkerbot (Drillzilla).
    • It was the only one of the three heavyweights not to fight either of them in the main competition.
  • Razer is the only robot to fight two reinstated robots.
  • Razer was the only UK Robot Wars Grand Champion to never lose a battle against an opponent armed with a flipping weapon at some point in its career, including Eruption's loss to Storm 2.
  • Due to its loss in Series 8, Razer is the only former UK Grand Champion to be eliminated in the first round of any main competition.
  • Excluding Terrorhurtz, Razer was one of only three robots to appear in a Grand Final and then not return for the following series, the others being T.R.A.C.I.E. and Typhoon 2.
  • Razer, along with Nemesis in Series 1 and Corporal Punishment in Series 2, was one of three robots to finish the Gauntlet and Trial in first place, but then lose in the Arena Semi-Final. Robot the Bruce, Demolition Demon and All Torque were the other three to achieve this double victory.
  • Razer is one of only seven robots to break two hundred points in a Pinball tournament. Others to have achieved this are King B3, Killerhurtz, Roadblock, Panic Attack, Spawn of Scutter and Gemini, although Razer was the only one of the seven to break 200 points in the Third Wars competition.
  • Razer was one of six robots to be a figurine for the Robot Wars Board Game.
  • During a live event in 2012, Razer's crusher was bent out of shape when attempting to crush a beer keg. Fortunately, it was later fixed.
  • While Razer's weapon was initially designed as a claw, it evolved to become more of an eagle-type design. Ian Lewis explained how the team changed the design to resemble an eagle, with the addition of the self-righting wings and the design of an "eye" to make it look more like a "bio-mechanical creature".
  • Razer is the only robot to win the same award three times. (Team Nemesis won the same award three times but with different robots.)
  • Razer holds the record for the most consecutive wins, at one point winning eighteen battles in succession.
  • Razer is one of only two robots to never be seeded outside the top four on multiple occasions, the other being Hypno-Disc.
  • Ironically, Razer didn't fight a single robot from outside the UK on the way to winning The First World Championship, fighting three English robots and one Scottish robot.
  • With its victory in The First World Championship, Razer became one of only two robots to win a Robot Wars competition by split judges' decision, alongside Slicer in Dutch Series 1, and was the only robot to do this in the UK series.
  • Both times Razer lost at the Heat Semi-Final stage, the robot which beat it lost its next battle.
  • Both times Razer reached the Grand Final, it only had two fights from its heat (out of three) featured in Jonathan Pearce's recaps.
    • In fact, Razer had two fights from its heat featured in all series recaps from Series 3-6.
  • During the Second World Championship, Razer used batteries lent to the team by Team Chaos.[36]
  • On both occasions that it reached the Semi-final, Razer fought the winner of the losers' melee in the second round: S3 in the Fifth Wars and Dantomkia in the Sixth Wars.
    • Both robots had knocked out the number 5 seed in the Heat C final of their respective series.
  • In Series 5-6 and both series of Extreme, a message on the side of Razer read "WORLD CHAMPIONS forever". When Razer returned in Series 8, this message was edited to read as "1st WORLD CHAMPIONS forever", due to Storm 2 winning the Third World Championship in 2003.
  • Of the fifty robots to return from Series 4 to compete in Series 5, Razer is one of only ten to perform better in its Series 5 appearance. The others are Bigger Brother, Firestorm, Diotoir, Prizephita Mach 2, Kat 3, Reactor 2, Rick, Destruct-A-Bubble and Clawed Hopper.
  • Razer and Typhoon 2 are the only UK Champions (and indeed, domestic champions of any kind) to lose their first televised battle.
  • Along with Krab-Bot, Tornado, 101, Storm 2, Behemoth, and Manta, Razer is one of only seven robots to finish in the top four of a World Championship and the top eight of a domestic championship.
  • Razer was the only one of Cyrax's opponents that was never thrown out of the arena at some point.
  • In 2003, Razer was inducted into The Combat Robot Hall of Fame as an inaugural member, for its tremendous success in Robot Wars and the innovations in both its appearance and design. It was the only UK robot to receive a unanimous selection.[37]
  • When asked what their favourite memory of Robot Wars was on the "Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer", Simon Scott chose attacking Matilda in the Southern Annihilator final, Vinnie Blood chose the Second World Championship final against Drillzilla, and Ian Lewis chose pulling the wheels off Milly-Ann Bug in Series 4.
    • When asked about his favourite Razer fights in Robonerd 2020, Ian Lewis named the Series 6 final against Tornado along with the Extreme 1 battles with Drillzilla and Gemini.[38]
  • Although the team chose not to fight Hypno-Disc in the People's Challenge event planned for Extreme 1, Ian Lewis claimed on the "Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer" that Hypno-Disc was the robot they most wanted to fight.
  • In Razer's first and last appearances in the UK Championship, it appeared in the same heat as Team Make Robotics and the Cold Fusion Team. All three of those teams also appeared in Episodes 4 and 10 of Extreme 1.
  • Razer was one of four robots in Series 3 to compete in a Trial event as well as the main competition. The others were Evil Weevil, Killerhurtz and Mortis.
  • Razer was one of only two robots to compete in both the Series 3 and Series 4 Pinball events, the other being Killerhurtz.
    • It and Team Hurtz also fought each other in Series 6 and 8.
  • Despite a long and successful career, Razer only defeated three seeded opponents in battle during the UK Championship; Spawn Again and Firestorm 3 in Series 5, and Wild Thing in Series 6. This is because the majority of Razer's senior opponents were unseeded - Terrorhurtz, S3, Dantomkia, Bigger Brother.
"The machine that we fear the most is probably Hypno-Disc actually, those guys are great, great friends of ours, and funnily enough it's the battle we would most like to have, so there's a bit of a flip side to that, because we know something really bad or really good or...just everything's going to happen, you know. I mean, they've got tremendous power, we've got tremendous power, what a battle that would be!"
— Ian Lewis

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Most wins in all UK competitions (40)



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