The Razer Minibot was one of a series of minibots released as merchandise. It was one of the first minibots to be distributed.


This minibot was based on the Series 4 version of Razer.


Front view of the Razer minibot


Rear view of the Razer minibot

Like many of the other minibots, this toy does not feature any moving weaponry. It wasn't a very detailed replica, and its wedge has a very high ground clearance, and is quite stubby and steep, unlike the real thing. Like the pullback, the side guards do not connect to the front wedge.



Razer in its three-pack

Shunt and Razer

Razer in its two-pack

As one of the first minibots to be released, for a highly marketable machine, the Razer minibot saw numerous releases.

The Minibot was released in a three-pack with Refbot and Sgt. Bash, as well as in a two-pack with Shunt and a five-pack with Wheely Big Cheese, Sir Killalot, Hypno-Disc and again, Shunt.

Differences to the real robotEdit


The left-hand side of the Razer minibot


The real Razer in Series 4

The iconic claw lacks the detail of the drilled holes that helped reduce weight on the real robot. There is also a red "eye" on the claw, which isn't found on the real robot, giving the toy an almost cartoonish appearance. Not only this but as mentioned, the weapon and self-righting wings were completely static. The Razer logo on the sides is outlined in black on the real robot, however this is not the case on the minibot.


Razer three-pack

Razer in its three-pack, in updated packaging

  • The three-pack containing the Razer, Refbot and Sgt. Bash minibots would later be updated in 2002 to use more contemporary packaging.
  • Razer's release as part of a five-pack with Wheely Big Cheese and Hypno-Disc was the only time the Razer minibot was sold alongside fellow competitor robots, with the toy otherwise being packaged exclusively with House Robots.
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