Razer was a competitor robot from the UK robot combat game show Robot Wars. It was hugely successful, competing in Series 2-6 and Series 8, and winning more battles and trophies than any other robot in the show's history. Razer notably won the UK Championship in Series 5, and the first two World Championships. Razer made an appearance in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, this being one of four appearances the robot would make in all Robot Wars video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Razer aod stats

Razer's statistics

In the game, Razer was based on its appearance from Series 3 onwards, with the side srimech arms mounted on the claw. In game, the robot assumes the same rough shape and size as it does in real life. The wheels are those seen in Series 4, the series on which the game is based. Unlike its appearances in other games, the claw doesn't retract automatically when fired.


Using RazerEdit

Razer gameplay aod

Razer "crushing" Coopertron

Using the claw to drag opponents towards arena obstacles is one of the best tactics you can use as Razer. Robots with greater pushing power will thwart this, but the crusher will cause damage anyway, so is still an effective tactic. Razer can self right but can only do so very slowly, so try to stay away from flippers.

Against RazerEdit

Stay away from the crushing beak at the front, but if Razer does get hold of you, you may be able to out-shove it anyway. Flipping it is a good tactic- Razer is slow to self-right, and cannot when flipped completely onto its back.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • If Razer gets flipped it can get stuck on its claw. This would be impossible in reality as the claw is rounded
  • The body is much narrower than in real life.
  • Razer turns a lot more slowly than in real life.
  • The claw makes Razer appear noticeably taller than in real life.
  • The wings aren't controlled, and enable Razer to self right instantly if it lands on its side.
  • In addition, Razer's wings are always in the open position, unlike in real life.
Razer AOD Stats

Razer's stats in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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