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Reaper NP2 was a German robot that entered The Third World Championship that took place during the filming of Series 7 of Robot Wars. The successor to Not Perfect, Reaper NP2 lost its only battle in the World Championship Qualifiers to Ansgar 3.

The team captain, Bryan Cutler, was originally from the United States of America, but Reaper NP2 competed for Germany because he lived there. He was joined in the pits by Sniper captain Michael Hanser and together they also entered Tartarus in the Series 7 UK Championship as the robot's owner, Martin Scholten, was unavailable for filming.


Reaper NP2

Top view of Reaper NP2

Reaper NP2 was a uniquely shaped robot, which was invertible thanks to its large tyres, exposed at the back of the machine. It was armed with a lifter at the front which doubled up as a crusher to hold other robots when the robot was upside down. It featured a high ground clearance at all sides and intended to be near-symmetrical. The robot's armour was constructed from 2mm stainless steel, with 3mm aluminium available as replacement armour, while its frame was made from 2.5mm metal square tubing. The robot's wheels were chain driven, directly from the motors to the tyres.


The robot's name is a combination of 'reaper', and an acronym of 'Not Perfect 2', referencing the robot's predecessor Not Perfect, which competed in German Robot Wars.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 7Edit

Reaper NP2 made its sole appearance in the German World Championship qualifier, where it was placed up against Ansgar 3 and I Bot One Beta.

Reaper Ansgar 1

Reaper NP2 tussles with Ansgar 3 in the opening stages

Reaper Ansgar

Reaper NP2 is immobilised by Ansgar 3

Reaper NP2 started with a couple of drives at Ansgar 3, with Ansgar 3 clipping Reaper NP2 with its spinning weapon. Reaper NP2 then went on the retreat, driving over the flame pit in the process, before Ansgar 3 cut across its path and came in with another attack with its rotating blade, which completely immobilised Reaper NP2. Refbot then started his count, with Ansgar 3 attacking Reaper NP2 one last time before Refbot's count reached ten, which confirmed Reaper NP2 as the first machine to fall.

"For Reaper, it was grim in the end - and I'm not talking about a grim fairytale ending."
— Jonathan Pearce as Reaper NP2 is counted out by Refbot
Beaten Reaper NP2

Reaper NP2, after being thrown by the floor flipper


Reaper NP2 is pitted, along with I Bot one Beta

Shunt lined Reaper NP2 up on the floor flipper, where it was sent through the air before crashing back down on the arena floor. Shunt then carried out further punishment on the beaten machine as he axed Reaper NP2 multiple times, causing visible dents to its shell. Finally, the House Robot decided to finish of Reaper NP2, and pushed it into the pit, where it joined the recently pitted I Bot One Beta in defeat.


Series 7
The Third World Championship
Eliminated in Qualifiers
Qualifier vs. Ansgar 3, I Bot One Beta Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

  • Reaper NP2 CAD design
  • Reaper NP2 at the time of Series 7

German SeriesEdit

Main Series Reaper NP2 Series Record
German Robot Wars Entered with Not Perfect

UK SeriesEdit

Series Reaper NP2 Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Third World Championship, Qualifier
Entered with Tartarus
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

NOTE: Team member Michael Hanser also entered Dutch Series 1 with Sniper

Outside Robot WarsEdit


Reaper NP2 after Series 7

Reaper NP2 gained stronger armour after Robot Wars and appeared at live events before being retired. Its colour-scheme changed to a more basic silver, allowing the reaper mascot to be seen more prominently.


  • In Heat L of Series 7, Reaper NP2's battle directly followed the first-round melee featuring Tartarus, which was also driven by Reaper NP2's team.
  • Team member Michael Hansen was not credited on Reaper NP2's statistics board.

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