"Let's meet the troops!"
— One of Rebecca Grant's main introductions

Rebecca Grant is an American actress and presenter who acted as the pit reporter for the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.

Robot WarsEdit

Rebecca Grant interview

Rebecca Grant interviews the Six Million Dollar Mouse team

As the pit reporter, Rebecca Grant would co-host the first season of Extreme Warriors alongside Mick Foley. It was Grant's responsibility to interview each team before their robot entered the arena. In the main US Championship, this required Grant to rapidly interview six teams in a row, down a straight line. In the spin-off episodes, Rebecca Grant would interview two teams together in the dedicated interviewing area of The Pits, and was willing to conduct these interviews within a very short distance of the teams she spoke to. Rebecca Grant would also present the trophy and belt to the winning teams of each event.

Grant wore a black V-necked shirt featuring the Robot Wars branding. For Season 2, Rebecca Grant was directly replaced by Carol Grow.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant, circa 2000's

She was born on 11th December 1968 in Buffalo, New York, graduating from the University of New York with a degree in psychology and communication in 1992.

She has had a sports presenting career that began with the Empire Sports Network, hosting the Buffalo Bills NFL Show. Soon she was working for ESPN and Fox, eventually presenting an NFL show for the latter. Outside of sports shows she has appeared in shows such as Apartment 23 and 3rd Rock from the Sun. She also modeled for the video game character Katarina from Dragon Siege III

Grant's filmography includes Brothers, Get Low, Double Tab, Strange Case of Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Sorority Party Massacre.

Rebecca Grant's career in the currently day largely revolves around her fashion brand, sold through her official website.

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