Red Planet Rumble is the fifth and last playable arena which can be unlocked in the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is made available when the player beats the Gold level of Desert Storm in Bash 'N' Dash mode. As its name suggests, the arena is set on the surface of the planet Mars.

Appearance and HazardsEdit

The most notable feature of the arena is its low level of gravity. As a result, flippers are much more effective than in the other arenas, and robots armed with them are capable of throwing even the House Robots high into the air. The low gravity can also cause robots to flip themselves over and overshoot when attempting to self-right.

The Pit of Oblivion and Disc of Doom are featured, and are activated through touching buttons on the wall. The Floor Flipper and Drop Zone are also present, but due to these hazards only being used in the tournament mode, they do not function in this arena. Finally, four jets are positioned around the arena; two shooting streams of sand and the other two shooting CO2.


  • The game can crash if a robot is thrown high enough. This can be achieved through a robot using its flipping weapon repeatedly in midair to propel itself upwards. If the invulnerability cheat is activated (naming a custom robot 'Hard Case'), this glitch can be used by some robots (such as Razer and Propeller-Head) to win the round easily.
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