"I got the name Red Scorpion when I was in Vietnam and we had a fighting unit there, so I wanted to turn the name onto them."
— Ray Washburn

Red Scorpion was a robot that competed in the Heavyweight category at the 1996 US Robot Wars championship. Red Scorpion lost its first round battle in the main 1996 Championship against Punjar, however it found success in the grudge match against The Master in battles which were featured in the American Robot Wars 1996 VHS.

Design Edit

"It's basically got a lawnmower motor that goes at three horses, has a hydraulic pump underneath it, it has two hydraulic motors in each wheel, makes it very mobile."
— Ray Washburn
Red scorpion family

The Washburn family with red Scorpion

Red Scorpion was large wheeled cylindrical robot that was powered by lawnmower and hydraulic motors for each of the large wheels. The robot was designed to resemble a scorpion as the weapons were designed to be claws and a "stinging tail", with the weapons and wheel caps being the only parts of the robot painted bright red.


Red Scorpion was a tribute name to the squad that Ray Washburn was a part of during the Vietnam War.

Robot History Edit

1996 ChampionshipEdit

Red Scorpion fought Punjar in the first round of the Heavyweight championship. The battle started slowly, with Red Scorpion appearing to have drive problems. Red Scorpion only spun on the spot while Punjar tentatively moved forward.

"The betting was on the Red Scorpion to easily win this fight, but his tail wasn't operating as planned. And before he knew it, Pungar (sic) had him pinned."
— Paul Vallis
Punjar vs red scorpion

Red Scorpion is pressured by Punjar

Punjar circled around Red Scorpion before getting underneath it a few times, but Red Scorpion continued to slip away. Punjar then managed to slowly push Red Scorpion towards a mousetrap. Red Scorpion used its front claws to grab hold of Punjar as its main tail axe had problems. Punjar used its flail in response against Red Scorpion - smashing the wheels. Later on in the match, Punjar got underneath Red Scorpion again but this time Red Scorpion's tail was working and was able to smash down onto Punjar. However, Punjar got underneath and trapped Red Scorpion by a lowered mousetrap, immobilising it as the tail flailed away.

The master vs red scorpion

Red Scorpion grabs hold of The Master

Red Scorpion later fought in a Grudge Match against The Master, both of whom felt they wanted to show off their might after losing in the first round.

"The Master and the Red Scorpion had both been humiliated in the opening rounds, and both wanted to show they were made of tougher stuff!"
— Paul Vallis

At first Red Scorpion didn't move allowing for The Master to come smashing in with its saw blade. Eventually, Red Scorpion moved and dodged follow-up attacks from The Master. Red Scorpion then used its front red claws to grab hold of one of the wheels of The Master, pinning it and using its tail to rain down hits. Red Scorpion proceeded to push The Master towards the arena side wall, which completed its victory over The Master.

Red scorpion vs merrimac vs killbborg

Red Scorpion rolls over Merrimac who was pushing against Killbborg

Red scorpion vs tazz

Tazz knocks Red Scorpion out

Red Scorpion also fought in the Heavyweight Final melee against La Machine, South Bay Mauler, The Master, DooMore, Tazz, Punjar, Nemesis, Killbborg, Merrimac, Namreko 3000, Gutrip and Marvin. Red Scorpion stayed back at first, however, Tazz came in and attacked it, lifting away but in turn being grabbed by the claws of Red Scorpion. Red Scorpion eventually sped off and slammed into Merrimac who was tacking Killbborg before Nemesis slammed into Red Scorpion and Merrimac. Later on, Tazz then attacked Red Scorpion a second time, slamming against the wheel and managing to knock Red Scorpion out. Needless to say Red Scorpion lost the melee which was won by La Machine.

Outside Robot Wars Edit

  • Red Scorpion in 1997
  • Red Scorpion and team in Long Beach 1999
  • Red Scorpion in Season 2.0
  • Red Scorpion Minibot
  • Red Scorpion Bot 'N' Bash toy

Red Scorpion fought in the 1997 Robot Wars where it first fought and beaten Snake before losing in the second round to Rhino.

Red Scorpion would later be converted into a walkerbot for BattleBots, no longer a Heavyweight but a Middleweight. Red Scorpion first appeared in the 1999 Long Beach event. Red Scorpion did not have any success in BattleBots, losing every single battle it was in, yet despite this it was a crowd favourite and was popular enough to have merchandise made out of it.

In 2003 Ray Washburn and his family competed on British engineering game show Full Metal Challenge under the team name of The Washburn Family. Their vehicle, The Agrivator, featured a front-mounted hydraulic 'proboscis' and independent four-wheel steering. The Washburn Family made it through to the final of their heat, but lost to British team The Bodysnatchers on a judges' decision in the longest match of Sumo of the series.

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